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Author Topic: Touch the Thorns (New & Improved Story Ideas)  (Read 15147 times)

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Touch the Thorns (New & Improved Story Ideas)
« on: May 03, 2011, 12:29:20 AM »
Here you will find some of my ideas.  This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of what I will play, but a signal as to what my interests are.  I hope it will tell you something about my likes, and the tone of games I enjoy.  In general most important to me are strong characters in an intriguing situation.  I prefer a type of psychological realism, especially in the character I will play.  Yet, the one thing I do not enjoy is vanilla romance, drab reality.  It needs to straddle the line between being fantastical enough to be interesting to my cold jaded heart, without being unbelievable.

I am generally happy playing either female or male characters, dom or sub tending characters.  If you're interested in a story, simply let me know what angle you'd like to approach it from.

What's Brand New!!!

I am not looking for anything in particular at the moment.  Take a look through my stories and see what inspires you.

What's Happening!

Current Storylines (needs to be updated)

Carnival of Sin with Geil
Confessions of a Callgirl with shengami
Sexual Re-Education with Zoarster
The Victorian Underground with The Glyphstone
Dangerous Investigations: The Nine Circles with Dirigible
An Implicit Desire with Katina Tarask

What's Not Happening (Anymore)

Hypnosis Gone Wild with Dario
Wild Child with Dario
The (Less-Than) Perfect Marriage with ps1998
If You Love Me ... with Azumi
Diary of an Amateur Porn Star with EuroLover
The Life of Silver with CP
Femme Fatale with EuroLover
The Babysitter's Club with rahatngt
A Not So Distant Voice with Chrystal
A Change of Pace with Ace Flyer
This Revolution Will Not Be Televised with Kalthus63
Winter's Touch with Elise Tyler
A New Life with GolGol
Wonderland with Elise Tyler
Bad Therapy with Hayato Combat Butler
(NonCon)ventional Therapy with Nathan Malreaux
The Member's Club with sensualpen
My Niece's Keeper with Seductivelips
While the City Sleeps with Alex Stone
Upper East Side Giggolo with seducer12, Sarah Morgan and Wolventears
Blame it On Rio with napanee
Good Enough To Share with Tree
Maid in LA with GreenGrass
Swinging Out of Control with rahatngt
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Offline lips and thornsTopic starter

Re: Touch the Thorns (New & Improved Story Ideas)
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2011, 12:39:43 AM »

Likes: Realistic characters, believable plotting, wild sex.  BDSM themes without the cliches (no slaves, no masters), bondage, rough sex, wild sex, multiple partners, multiple characters
Dislikes: Vanilla, straight romance


For some reason, foreign girls visiting the United States and getting involved with the father doesn't really ever do it for me, yet the idea of an American girl living with a foreign family and getting involved in all sorts of hijinx does work.  I imagine an American high schooler going to live with a European or Japanese family.  How things evolve exactly can be decided, but I like the idea of the entire family, mother, father and 17+ children, having sexual relations with the student.  She would generally not be the aggressor, but find herself seduced and coerced by this aggressive crowd of foreigners.


In this story I want to switch roles around and play the male character, preferably with a female writer playing the female.  The story is one of contrasts.  I would play an old man.  I mean truly old, perhaps in his 70s.  And not some Hollywood handsome hunk, but a virile, fit man who nonetheless truly shows the signs of his age.  He is strong in frame and personality.  A man who once was the alpha dog, who said what he wanted and got it.  His peers are dead and gone, life is fading away.  If anything, there's less reason not to call it like he sees it anymore.  He is not suave, but rough-hewn, lower to middle class. 

As you might suspect, he is a sexual dominant, the kind of man who once had women eating out of his hand, who knew how to make a submissive out of a woman.  And he still does.  Our story is created when we pair this aged, hard man with a young woman, one who through circumstances of our devising will come to be his submissive.  This is not a tale of love, really, and certainly not any daddy/daughter dynamic.  But it is the story of a man who knows how to use a woman and a girl who will learn to be used.  The sex would be hard, kinky, no-holds-barred.  Not how a man should treat a young girl (17-20), or so you would think.  The excitement to me is the contrast of their ages, and the taboo of a man so old treating a young girl to such deviant sex.  Would feature rough sex, breath play, slapping, spanking, toys, bondage, forced orgasm, pain play, oral, anal, possibly other men.


As a read through my ideas will show, I prefer the realistic side of things.  And so this is my version of a sort of mind control story, one rooted in only slightly outlandish ideas of psychological and physiological manipulation.  Suppose a researcher, given the opportunity to study physiological and psychological reactions in the volunteers to his study takes advantage of his subject, and his knowledge.  Suppose this study, involving viewing material while body and brain activity are monitored, stimuluses received, was warped to not monitor, but induce.  Suppose this researcher decided to take this college aged volunteer (aren't they all) and mold her.  Subliminal messages, biofeedback training, increasing amounts of stimuli and manipulation of neurotransmitters all slowly work to program her reactions.  He may make her crave sex or cum or physical contact.  He stimulates the reward centers of her brain at the feel of erotic pain or the thought of perverted acts.   He conditions her to think and react however he wishes.

And he sets her free.  Her continuing sessions, as part of his experiment,s lowly change her.  What does she do in her private life, what does she seek out to sate these new needs.  But that's only the start.  What does she do when the man behind all this follows her, and begins to ingratiate himself into her life.  What chance does she have to resist the seductions of this man who has programmed her very mind, who knows just how to produce such intense pleasure in her brain?  Not even she knew the way she would react to the command of his voice, to humiliating comments, to the pinch of her nipples, or the pain of a shock.  He treats her in a despicable, perverted fashion, yet he is the only one who makes her mind explode with passion.  She is subjected to deeper and deeper layers of perversion, yet it pleases her.  If he wishes to, he makes her enjoy being watched.  If he wishes to, he makes her grow aroused from being ashamed.  Whatever pleases him to see her do, will please her.

Would involve: cumplay, casual sex, rough sex, pain play, anal, breast play, bondage, toys!, fucking machines, anonymous sex, group sex, pubic display, lots more!  Lots of pseudo-science: devices, hormone patches, mind manipulation.


Here it is, the only time I've ever advertised an interest in father/daughter play.  Keep that in mind - I generally abhor this category of play, so I'm not looking for any of your typical incest scenes.  What attracts me to this is a particular character.  A daughter who is genuinely depraved.  Starting at 17 or 18, but the girl is well beyond her years in her sexual desires and kinks.  She is a nymphomaniac, but in a disturbing, scary and yet alluring way.  As with many of the truly disturbed, her mania is attractive to others, she draws them in.  Yet is sociopathic in how she uses them.  And this particular daughter has sexual appetites rivaling any in these forums.  Her father is just one who is consumed by her - she seduces him despite all his best intentions into scenes of depravity, involving not only him and her, but say a friend of hers as well, and much more.


A story centering around a university professor and a student (undergrad, grad, perhaps even junior professor).  The professor is himself a student of debauchery.  While maintaining a professional facade, he in fact is involved in a great deal of deviant practices, sexually.  And indeed he is perhaps a ringleader of several men, other professors perhaps, who enjoy sharing their 'finds'. 

What they enjoy finding is willing women, of all sorts, but the choicest price is of course an attractive student.  One he can mold into an exquisite slut, willing not only to perform all sorts of unseemly deeds, but to be shared and to perform. 

This is the basic concept: a somewhat cold, domineering pervert of a professor and a woman who is not unwilling but perhaps unschooled in these ways.  What I want to avoid is cliches, the professor/student is told ad nauseum, and I'm not looking for the girl who wants better grades, or for yet another "professor has sex with student in his office" scene.  And while I hope for this to be debauched and intense, I don't enjoy the more cartoony "slut" character.  I prefer something more realistic, psychological, while at the same time very kinky.

I'm willing to play either character in this.  This player taking on the professor will be required to play multiple characters over the course of the game, with both players taking some part in directing the others.


I have a few therapist-centered roles in mind.  One strong idea is that of a manipulative therapist and a nymphomaniac patient.  She perhaps has had sex addiction problems or nymphomania, or some other sexual issues that bring her to therapy.  The therapist seems to be trying to help her, but in fact uses his knowledge about her to further her sexual depravity instead of preventing it.  This would require a partner willing to play multiple characters, as the majority of the game would not involve the therapist actually taking an active role in the sex.  He would stay behind the scenes, but use his information to set up situations which he knows she will stumble into.  For example he may tell other men about her proclivities and arrange to have them "meet" her at a bar or online, at a club.  He would nudge and guide things outside of the office to cause her to stumble into situations where she can't resist her addictions.  This could involve all varieties of kink and sex.

There is possibility for other therapy roles as well.  A female therapist with an aggressive male patient who takes advantage of her.  Or a therapist similar to the above who takes a more direct approach to controlling his patient's sex life, "curing" her sex addiction by only allowing her to act it out under his touch or supervision. 

An additional theme - a hypnotherapist who has his patient live out scenes of wild depravity while under hynposis.  Afterwards she will remember them only as fantasies, but he puts great effort into allowing anything that comes to his perverted mind to come to life.


My take on some classic, if tired, themes of domination and teacher/student.  The characters are a 17+ high school girl--who, though she probably does not know it, as a natural submissive and a bit of a pain slut--and an older man, cool, confident, sensual, domineering and unrelenting.  Themes of control, bondage, pain, spanking, humiliation, breath play and just intense, intense sex.  Yet, it would not wander into classic BDSM, there will be no sirs or masters, slaves or pet.  I simply see a man who will take her to her edge mentally and sexually , and a girl who despite her age is ready for that.  I see a girl who cums from a spanking, and is ashamed of it.  I see a man who is willing to practice the most mature of sexual arts on this girl and now she can handle it.  The setting and exact relationship between the characters is up for grabs.


I see a vision of a mother caught up in a web of adultery, a woman who likes kinky things even if she thinks she shouldn't.  Part of the story is of this cheating woman, the lengths she'll go to for pleasure.  Another part is when perhaps things go a bit too far, she meets a man who pushes her and then pushes a bit further.  Her daughter is fully grown now, and one way or another she becomes a part of the game too.  Perhaps the mother likes it rough and her lover decides her daughter will too.  She's let things go so far with a dominant man she can't quite stop it now.  This is more likely to lean towards a non-con or coercive roleplay than to be the tale of two sluts.  It could include lesbian incest or not, depending on what we choose.


Really this could be set in any number of places.  A woman goes vacationing, perhaps backpacking through Europe, perhaps with others/with a boyfriend and gets separated, or alone.  But along the way she gets taken ... I don't want to say into white slavery, as I'm not interested in a slave angle.  But along the way she will find herself stripping, doing sex shows, prostituted, and starring in any number of amateur porn videos making their way to the Web.  If that's not enough for us we can follow the implications when she finally makes her way back to her regular life.  Obviously meant to be filled with kink, rough, dark stuff, but as I say not a cliched slave role.


A woman on travels for business or pleasure gives in to a secret interest in exhibitionism.  It begins perhaps with toying with those who watch her, revealing herself, on through public acts of masturbation and beyond.  Soon she finds herself allowing strangers in a foreign land to touch her, the public play, the dalliances with strangers all exhilarating to her.  She finds herself on a slippery slope with little willpower to stop as she perhaps begins to take money to allow herself to be used, to be watched, to entertain.  She winds up performing in videos, sure that none of this could ever get back to her real home.  Here she can be someone else.


This concept was inspired by this series of stories. The essence is a gang of women, headed by one particularly enthusiastic and dominant leader.  They're sex-obsessed sluts, but that doesn't mean they're going to get taken advantage of.  They use the power of their numbers, their reputation, and what they have to offer to call their own shots.  Sure, perhaps what they want is to get gangbanged in a biker bar, but that will be their choice, and they know the right guys to call, guys who aren't going to screw up what they've got with this crew by getting out of line.  A combination of aggressive, dominant women with girls getting used like true sluts, no submissive males need apply.  The male characters will vary from those who get taken advantage of by these hungry gals, or those who want to lay a true fucking on a slut.  Females will include members of the gang, who can range in any type and sexual interest, from complete subs to cruel dommes. 

The setting could vary greatly.  These could be punk young girls living in a city, they could be college students keeping up a very professional facade.


A particular version of my Liberated Girl Crew storyline ... this revolves around a female college professor and her crew of very sexually liberated students.  These girls know what they want, and what they want is sex, in all flavors.  As a group they are sexually aggressive and know what they want.  As individuals they run from true submissives to dommes and everything in between.  They use their sexuality and clout as a crew to get what they want.  If one of the girls wants to get fucked, they'll find the guy to fuck her.  If they want to arrange the new girl to get gangbanged, they'll find the place, and the guys.  There are power hierarchies within the group, so some of the group may be looking to get another one of them punished.  However, it's always the group that's in charge in the end, not whatever men or women they rope into their scheme.  In particular they're run by a professor who provides the behind the scenes string pulling they need, and finds the new members.  The story may start as she recruits the services of a new male professor.  Her girls need a man to fuck them after all.


A man or woman (could be you, could be me) is introduced somehow to a secret and anonymous sex club.  Throughout the city are small underground clubs where everything outside is forgotten and anything goes.  What he or she finds in there is alarming, alluring and addictive and quickly their life becomes centered around these visits, out of control.  Once into this world he or she finds it goes even deeper, a network of anonymous individuals who arrange encounters throughout the city for no-holds barred sex.  This would most likely center on the protagonist, who has had little exposure to this kind of behavior before, quickly becoming consumed by it, and multiple, multiple characters and scenarios on the other side.  Themes of dominance, submission, fetish, toys, groups, bondage, cumplay, voyeurism and exhibitionism, anything kinky or dangerous.


A story that would be long-running, and perhaps be told in alternating flashbacks and present time.  The story began when the girl was 17, still in high school. She begins a torrid affair with a friend of the family.  Some spark flies between them at gatherings at her house, and he takes her wild, raw sexuality and rides it.  Picture them at a family gathering, him cornering her in a dark hallway, his fingers inside of her, detached but his words driving her wild.  He becomes a challenging, demanding lover, she gives to him her fresh but shadowed innocence.

Several years the story unfolds as she is off at college.  Unknown to her parents, she has become the mistress of this friend, who of course lives in that city.  Under his tutelage she has become more than a horny young woman, but a sort of prodigy, and protege as well.  Perhaps having done too much too fast, she's bored by the affairs, and he begins to guide her into more elaborate, more depraved, more sexual situations.  She recruits a female school mate to join them in their games.  She performs for and services some of his peers.  They advertise for men or women or couples to join them.   Fetish, BDSM, whatever might touch their depraved hearts.  The story would flit between tales from the beginning of their affair, through the years to present.


I imagine a young woman who has unwittingly found herself becoming the neighborhoood / trailer park slut. She let one boy, and then another and now it seems the whole town thinks she'll put out if they insist on it. Frankly, she will, she doesn't seem to have the will to say no, and lets them do things she probably shouldn't.  (There are other origins that could get us to the same place - she has an older sister who was the town slut and it naturally spread to her, for instance).

That's where it stands, but from there perhaps an older man knows of her status and decides it's time to move her up to the big leagues. She thought the boys were bad, but the men are worse, using her like she's a mature slut, nasty and kinky and with no remorse. Parties, humiliation, sharing her out and more.


The concept here simply revolves about a woman, a woman who perhaps has needs and desires that are not considered proper.  She perhaps has a touch of nymphomania.  Whatever she has, it has to remain a secret.  Perhaps due to her job, her success in life, her celebrity, her social status.  She has to find a way to scratch this itch, but it can't be in her regular life.  From here this could go various ways depending on where she turns for her thrills.  Perhaps she becomes a high price call girl, no one realizing who she really is (or does someone?) but the customers understanding she is the one who won't say no.  Perhaps it's anonymous sex, dogging, secret clubs.  Perhaps someone far beneath her station understands what she needs and finds ways to provide it to her.  Perhaps she has a lover, reluctant to treat her the way she truly needs, but she has to find the way to bring it out in him or her.


A man and woman have been dating for a short while.  Things are going along well, well enough that he has to inform her of his living.  He runs an adult video store, quite an operation with sex toys, peep show booths and more for his VIP customers.  She is no virgin or prude, but this is definitely not something she's familiar with.  However, it doesn't scare her away.  She really likes him and decides to accept this part of his life.  In fact soon she is willing to volunteer, helping him out with the store.  This would progress though scenes such as some exhibitionism in the peep show areas, to things like glory holes, putting on a sex show, etc, probably culminating in her starring in increasingly lurid porn films for him.  The angle is that while she is not a slut to start off, she is willing, and is led step by step into an increasingly perverted world.


I was thinking of something alone the lines of those classic erotic thrillers, where some guy gets involved with the dangerous but alluring female.  He shouldn't be, but he gets sucked in, going deeper and deeper into her world, kinkier and kinkier and perhaps close and closer to danger.  Think Basic Instinct, Body of Evidence, that sort of thing.

Probably a twist on The Sex Underground above, a cop of some sort goes undercover to investigate a crime, discovering this underground which is related to it, perhaps a femme fatale at the center or not.  I picture the detective's role as very switch  While he would be manipulated perhaps by a rather powerfully seductive female, and would at times find himself on the bottom of affairs, he would also be forced to, and tempted to, be very dominant with various women in the club, and then leaking out of the club.  I see this as a whole underground, clubs in various spots, things going on behind closed doors.  A lot of the story would be about it drawing out his dominant, aggressive, sexual kinks until he finds himself doing the things the people in these clubs do, the line blurred between his personal life and the investigation.


A line based around a character, perhaps like the Sex and Candy character above, who is young and sex positive.  She has begun, or begins, working as a star in porns for Web sites.  The story line would follow her experimentations, and possibly aspects of her personal life, as she becomes a well known face on these sites.  The possibility is there to jump from one porn genre to another, with her filming for a Throat Fucker site one day, Exploited Babysitters the next, doing a Bound and Fucked shoot, Bangbus, whatever type of site interests us.  While she would do this willing, and enjoy sex, many of the experiences might still be overwhelming, startling or new to her.


A girl for whatever reason ends up raised by her stepfather and stepbrother(s).  She was abused from an early age, but not in any ordinary fashion.  Her stepfather casts her in any number of amateur porn as soon as she matures, and by the time she is a young woman she's had anything and everything done to her on film.  From the point the story could go many directions, with this young woman who has been raised in such a deviant fashion.  What will she do with her life from there?  Who might she get involved with?  Will she find herself back with her 'family'?


A younger woman and an older man have struck up an online erotic relationship.  They eventually decide to meet in real space, but it works differently than she had imagined.  He calls her on her cell at their meeting spot and begins directing her around.  They have never met, and she never knows who she might be passing that is the man on the phone.  He guides her through a series of more daring situations, culminating in sexual experiences with several men, some of which may or may not be him.


A youngish woman finds herself in a relationship with an older, dominant man.  This could be a stranger, friend of the family, perhaps even father (I don't normally do incest, but this situation allows for it).  Their relationship is highly sexual and controlling, but the man never touches her himself.  He directs her from one kinky situation into an even kinkier one, with themes of exhibition, voyeurism, groups, taboo, rough, degradation and bondage. 


A young women begins an online erotic relationship with a man. She thinks he's across the country, he's really across the street. She never finds this out, but submits to his directions, suggestions. He slowly alters her behavior, encouraging her to dress sexier, flirt with older men. He eventually steers her to do various kinky things with men, not knowing they are friends of his. He's always watching the effects of his influence on her from across the street, eventually steering her to him


This story starts from a rather far-fetched beginning but plays out realistically from there.  A woman has somehow come to be hypnotized, no longer remembering the commands that have been seated in her unconscious.  The instructions are simple, she believes that she needs a man's cum in order to stay alive, either in her or on her skin.  Accepting this wholly through hypnosis, the story follows this professional woman as she desperately tries to juggle her life and this desperate new need.  The theme is of increasingly desperate situations as the woman does not desire wanton sex, but must seek it to stay alive.  Perhaps also featuring the person who knows what hypnosis she is under.


1) I am a friend of your wife, cool, dominant and attractive.  You surprisingly find yourself holding submissive feelings towards me, either before or after I decide to toy with you.  I sense it as well and we begin an illicit relationship of me calling the shots and pushing you further than you think you would go.  This would involve multiple scenes of daring situations, me seeing how close I can get you to the edge.

2) You are a bicurious woman, probably with a boyfriend or husband.  You find yourself drawn to the idea of playing with a woman, you can't let it go in your mind.  When she finds you though you find yourself in a little bit over your head.  Find yourself led, no pushed, into a powerful relationship with a dominant woman.  Will you get more than you bargained for?


A young woman, on the surface a perfectly good girl.  Only she knows the dark desires that sometimes bubble in her, but she tries not to acknowledge.  On her way to school or work she often pauses to observe the display window of a store selling erotic wear and fetish gear.  Unbeknown to her, the owner of the store has observed her for months or years, sees her secret interest that no one else knows.  One day s/he will open the door and call her in.  As soon as she steps in they both know what is next, that she will submit to what she has always secretly wanted.  Themes of bondage, rough sex, S&M.


A female private detective gets caught up in the game of a domineering couple.  HIred by the wife to keep tabs on the husband, the detective finds he is wildly adulterous with a number of women.  Watching him to gather evidence she observes his powerful dominant presence in sex.  She not only finds herself strangely aroused, she finds herself caught by him in the act of catching him.  Overpowered by his dominant presence she finds herself caught up in a secondary web of submissive sex with him while she continues to watch him for his wife.

The story continues when the wife "discovers" what the private eye is up to.  She in turn demands that the detective take part in submissive sex games with her as well.  Little does she know both are playing her, with this purpose in mind all along.  She thinks she is caught between the two of them, trapped in secrets.  Themes of domineering sex, bondage, control, sex toys, degradation.


A young woman, just turned college age, but very sexually forward, progressive and aggressive.  She goes to her uncle, by marriage, who is a tattoo artist on the side.  She has him tattoo her, without her mom knowing, in a most delicate spot above her pubic mound.  She is clearly aroused by the process, he is too and they embark on a sordid and taboo affair.  This is not one of romance though.  He is struck and excited by her sexual energy, her seeming lack of limits.  Rather than begin a romance they begin something else.  Will involve him guiding her and pushing her into new fields of depravity.  Sharing her with friends of his, or strangers, exhibition, BDSM, etc, etc.


I've seen this one making the rounds, and I believe there was a movie based on this concept as well.  The idea is a town where a group of girls, 17+ high school and/or college age, decide to start making some money by selling their services.  It starts with a front of a babysitting service.  Men call the girls to hire a babysitter, knowing that on the ride home they're going to get something extra.  As time goes on things grow, men start asking for more, the girls come out to babysit non-existent kids, etc.  The story could feature several girls of different types, temperament and appearance, and of course a variety of men as well.  Simple one-shot scenes, or something more complex.  How do these girls react individually to their new life?  How do the men?


Sometimes the other woman works the other way.   This is the story of a married (or at least generally committed) woman who becomes tempted by another woman.  The wife is at least a bit bicurious, and this strong, forceful, seductive woman is something she can't say no to.  She pulls the wife away into a series of torrid encounters, an intense affair that grows out of control.  I would play the other woman, and if you're looking for your dose of a dominant, intense, sexual but realistic woman in a F/F role this is it.  The other woman would not necessarily be submissive, simply overwhelmed by the spell this woman casts.  this isn't something she's ever considered, but it's too amazing to resist.  Kinks can include elements of D/s, bondage, toys, hot sex, rough sex, oral, anal, group, etc.

This is the main scenario I have for this kind of character and dynamic, but the same could apply to a different set up.  A young, unusually dominant girl of 17 -20 who takes the reins from an older woman, or a fellow school mate.  Torrid meetups in the high school bathroom or taking control of a grown woman and introducing her to the pleasures of lesbian sex.


Stolen straight from some of my favorite hentai ... a mashup.  In particular I'm thinking of a series I think called Immoral Sisters, and another, I believe called Stepmother's Sin.  There is no particular need to know these anime, but for anyone whose seen them it may help to explain.

The themes I enjoy from the first is a large cast of characters, themes of coercion, blackmail, dark seduction.  Characters are pulled into a seductive web and then brought down.  The plot would entail a family, a mother with two daughters of her own, of age, a stepson to her, a stepfather to the daughters.  Outside of the family there is a powerful man, the kind you see in hentai with his glasses glinting as he uses his power and money to take advantage of the innocent.  He has a female assistant, nearly as ruthless as he.

The powerful man wishes, for some reason we will determine, to bring this family down.  He uses the stepson to get to the mother, ensnaring her in a web of debauchery, first seducing her or blackmailing her, then taking advantage of her, leaving her a woman who has no limits, and craves everything.  At the same time the man wishes to see the daughters defiled as well, plotting to pull each of them into the web, to leave the family a horrid mess. 

I could play the men or the women, either side really.  Each of us would take multiple characters.  The story would consist of many scenes, interlocking but often independent, following several threads at once.  Very wild kink would be welcome here, and it would embrace the hentai themes where people never protest enough, and deviant sex is highly addictive.
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Re: Touch the Thorns (New & Improved Story Ideas)
« Reply #2 on: May 03, 2011, 12:40:19 AM »


I would like a game set in Ancient Egypt, or a setting having that essential feel but not necessarily sticking strongly to historical accuracy.  It would be a game of intrigue - a perhaps foreign bride brought to the Egyptian courts to marry into power.  However, it is not just her future husband she must deal with there.  There would of course be the sadistic eunuch. There would be jars of oils for your body, and drugged potions she must imbibe.  There would be cults, groups holding decadent orgies behind secret doors.  She would be a pawn, and a sport, for others of power at court.  She would be at the mercy of servants, or use them in her own games as she schemed for a place in this society.  This would be a setting and character rich story then, with lots of intrigue and dialogue, yet seeped in this sort of decadent lust.


I was rather struck by an article making the rounds of the blogosphere lately regarding the sex life of Vivien Leigh.  It seems the famous actress was perhaps bipolar, and among other symptoms seemed to suffer from nymphomania.  She not only wore her husband down to the bone, but went out to seek anonymous sex from strangers, including a particular spot in LA where she could find men willing to service her without flapping their mouths.  Later in her life she suffered intense electroshock therapy to deal with her problem.  However, earlier the Hollywood lifestyle catered to her, plenty of parties, drugs and willing sexual partners.

I'd love to play a RP based around a Hollywood starlet, if not Ms. Leigh herself, from that time period.  It would include these issues of mental illness, nymphomania, decadent Hollywood parties and characters.  It might include as well the milieu of the mental hospital of the day if that interests you.


You don't have to have read the book, but I'm inspired by this classic noir detective story to play a seedier, sexier version of that type of tale.  In the book you have the classic private investigator who gets involved in a case, the two daughters one a femme fatale involved with the mob, another a crazed sexual beast involved in pornography through a secret adult bookstore and its network of johns.  It's got all that you expect from a noir story, and I think could be quite fun cranked to 11.  Probably set in a sort of '40s/'50s genre though that's not to say you couldn't transplant it possibly to a modern setting.  Hot, dangerous dames, a dark kinky underworld, these are the keys.


I would enjoy playing a story set in a darkened version of the late 1940s.  An America where men wore suits and hats, and women dressed from ankle to hat, but where under the surface things were not so staid.  A man coming home from the war with new dark desires and experiences.  A mother whose husband is gone, forced to rely on others for help, behind closed doors.  Men gather in lodge meetings or sectarian churches for secret rites.  A cocktail waitress or a voluptuous dancer desired by all, including the mob.  A hard man freshly immigrated from Russia with Old World values and cravings.  A newspaper reporter looking for a scoop on the bizarre happenings in the city.  Neighborhoods grouped by ethnicity, with minority groups forced in upon each other.  A girl posing for photographs but soon performing in stag films.  A woman who can't get enough sex from her husband, seeking out anonymous sex at the abandoned gas station; only electroshock treatment makes the cravings go away.  I'm not exactly what the storyline would be in this sprawling setting, but I bet there's one, or three, in there. As always plenty of setting, plenty of character, plenty of smut for me.  I particularly like the idea of combining extreme kink, that seems so modern, into a historical setting.
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Re: Touch the Thorns (New & Improved Story Ideas)
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Likes: original but gritty and dark takes on these tropes.  Dark fae, succubi, demons, goddesses.


I don't normally do superhero stories, as I'm not all that interested in writing out the comic action, though I enjoy the allure of the characters.  However, it seems to me that taking up a Loki/Black Widow story after the events of The Avengers movie is custom-made for a sexy story.  Black Widow is seductive but deadly, using her allure to pull men into her reach, but always having the upper hand in truth.  Or so it's always been.  But when Loki escapes confinement and returns to earth, he decides to exact revenge on the superspy who tricked and defeated him.  It won't be difficult, he is of course a god and a trickster, able to create illusion and change appearance.  She won't know it's him until it's too late.  Natasha is no natural submissive, she's never met a man she can't defeat.  But Loki is no man.  He is too strong, too invulnerable, and with his magic it seems he's always there, somewhere.  This would be a smutty story where Loki plays the part of a powerful dom, introducing Black Widow to the world of submissive sex.  He can appear any time, in any shape, so that she never knows when she will be forced to submit once again.  Can you picture a more perfect dom than Loki, with his slender dark looks, but his unstoppable strength, power to create illusion, and of course the power to control minds.  Natasha has no choice but to break, and perhaps she finds that there is some pleasure in finally having the tables turned on her.


This is the story of the carnival, the freaks, and what happens after the spotlights go off.  In a sort of magical realist setting, a stage performing hypnotist has powers that are all too real.  He uses them of course on his lovely assistant, those he brings up on stage, and more.  It would play with the wielding of mind control, particularly over his assistant, but others as well, as well as sexual takes on many more of the cliches and props of stage magic.  He could be a member of a traveling carnival.  The magic would be real, and perhaps stray even beyond hypnotism, but it would have the feel of surreal stage magic, not arcane things. 

The carnival would consist of many other twisted delights.  The lizard man, the contortionists, creepy clowns and the strong man.  The central character would be a female acrobat, also the hypnotist's assistant.  This is a stylistic story, the setting and mood is much of what I am going for, and a smutty one.  Who doesn't watch the acrobats suspended with ribbons twisted around their limbs and think of deviant things.  This is the story of what happens in the carnival after the customers leave, or back stage, or behind the tents.


A dark seductive female sits at the center of the web.  She is a supernatural - we could decide she is a dark fae, a demon, a goddess of lust, some other creature not of this world.  However, she sits in a very prosaic world, she is the woman who lives in that gorgeous house on the hill, whispered about but not understood.  Perhaps she has just been summoned here, perhaps she has lingered her a long time.  The setting would be perhaps the '40s or '50s, this dark being lurking in the cracks of what appears to be such a flawless society.

The story might center around one young woman, or man, who comes under the spell of this being.  For whatever reason, the being decides to influence this one, to alter her to be more lustful, uninhibited, perhaps even subtly transforming her physically.  Is it a challenge, or eons-old revenge, to take one of society's best and turn her into a creature of lust?  Or is this the one that has summoned her here, and so will in turn spread the creature's influence outward.  The story might also center simply on this beings influence on the town around her, the threads of lust and depravity that spread out into the townspeople.  Some may come to worship her, others may simply be unknowingly affected by her presence. 


The protagonist is an earnest young pastor, devout and devoted.  The antagonist, a succubus, who shows up in his congregation one day.  He finds that under her supernatural influence his will is next to meaningless, just sitting there in the congregation his eyes are glued to her, thoughts bubbling to the surface. She hardly has to make an effort, coming to him after the sermon, to make him succumb to her.  The theme would be his reluctant submission to the arousal she causes, his eventual embracing of it despite himself.  She would not "take" him, she would cause him to take her.

The story could continue with the succubus's effect on him not being limited to her.  His sexual passions fanned, he can't help himself, and finds himself pulling other parishioners into romanceless sexual affairs with him.  He finds himself taking the wife of a valued parishioner, the 17 year old daughter of a parishioner, his conscience unable to stop him.  In the end, for those who enjoy multiple characters, the effect of the succubus is contagious, so that he passes it to each whom he takes, causing their needs to grow out of control as well.


A magician, male or female, attempts an ancient summoning.  The summoning goes several ways depending on our desires:

1) The magician calls a demon or ancient goddess of lust, thinking he can control this minor being.  He has underestimated the power of such a being, who can produce lust in any mortal, drive him or her to do anything to quench their passions.  She takes utter control of the summoner's life.  From there she may venture out to spread her influence in the mortal world.  This may involve breeding, group/cult activity or simply multiple characters.

2) The summoner correctly binds her, but underestimates the power of a succubus.  While she is bound to his word and his will, she still produces the same supernatural lust in him from her very presence.  She must do what he says, but there is only one thing on his mind while she is near.


So, read the Summoning prompt above.  I enjoy playing a creature of lust, demoness or goddess, something which we'll nail down (hah).  The creature is summoned to this plane but underestimated.  She has the power to warp the needs and desires of mortals, her summoner finding their sexual nature increased a thousandfold and warped in deliciously deviant ways.  The story would be that, as well as the summoner now setting out in teh world touched by this taint of lust.  The succubus herself would be doing the same, perhaps creating a sort of cult, somehow spreading her web of lust out into the populous.

The twist here is that while I find this sense of decadence often falls flat in the modern world I think it would work wonderfully in a less decadent time.  I'm thinking of perhaps the '40s, a time when a secret cabal of deviant sex would be much more scandalous.  Perhaps turn of the century, or Victorian times, a time when dabblers in magic seem much more in place.  I"d love to play with the arcane magic angle too, with a Victorian vibe or maybe in a '40s setting with a sort of Cthulhu type vibe to it.  Other historical settings perhaps too, somewhere where that sort of modern decadence seems even more shocking.


The concept would be that there are people among us now who have the spirits of gods or demons from long past.  They do not know it, only vaguely feel the stirrings of the power and needs in them.  But it drives them in certain directions, their actions slowly opening that part of themselves.

In effect, the story would be about a young woman who feels herself compelled to deviant things.  She finds herself lustful, submissive, wanting things and allowing things that she should not.  She does not realize that this is due to her nature, that within her core is the spirit of a goddess or demon of lust.  But she feels somehow that there is power in her submission.  She finds herself dragged into this underworld of fetish sex and porn or sex clubs.  Perhaps she meets another who is like her ...


This is a modern magic realist take on Alice and Wonderland.  Alice is a real, normal young woman.  She follows someone one day down some steps into a sublevel door in the city.  Once inside she finds herself somewhere strange where anything seems to go.  The adventure is one of surreal sexual perversion and much else.  Characters she finds there may resemble characters from the book, but in a translated fashion, that seem to exist somehow in this modern urban environment.  Drugs, bondage, fetish, surrealism.  Can involve males and females, group sex.  I even can see some sort of anthro working in this though I don't normally do that.


Parts of this are blatantly cribbed from an idea I saw elsewhere on E.  But I love the concept of a sordid and semi-supernatural tale.  It's of a girl who saw too much, who has been touched by something ... else.  She disappears or spends some time in an asylum.  She returns changed, not quite there, becoming a plaything of the college boys and older men who find there's nothing they can do to shake her up.  It seems she attracts negative sexual energy, and more.  The game could continue with her returning to the asylum, or going elsewhere.  But it would play with horror concepts, the idea that she doesn't really know what's real - it seems there are dark forces toying with her, yet she can never really be sure - is that just that man or is there something behind his eyes.  Asylum play could have all the usual kinks of bondage, torture and rough sex, with the addition of subtle supernatural elements, as well as flashbacks to her past.


This would be a tale of the Greek gods, reborn through the ages, fated to play out their eternal tales.  They live among humanity, but are not quite ordinary.  The world sways around them in a different way.  They may not be entirely aware of their true nature, but they are bound to find each other again in each lifetime, and to live out their essence and their tales in a thoroughly new and modern way.  Hades runs an underground club for the wealthy, for instance, and who should stumble into it but Persephone, under her new name.  Reality bends for them in ways it does not for ordinary people, but they do not wield godlike power.  Or maybe they do the more they come to understand who they are.  I am looking only for very creative, kinky writers who are on the same wavelength as me here.
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Re: Touch the Thorns (New & Improved Story Ideas)
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Who doesn't want to play against a sexy set of identical twins?


Possibly in some of the scenarios above, or something else, I'd enjoy playing a couple who seduce and use, at the least, another woman.  The two would both be rather dominant psychologically, and sexually, and introduce this other woman, who is somewhat reluctant, into all depths of kink.  There would be a lot of mindfuckery and seduction out of these two, as well as toys, kinky sex, bondage, etc.


I'd like to play with a character who is not a slut, but more of an actual nymphomaniac, a sex addict.  She has large urges that she just cannot rein in.  Not in an unrealistically compulsive way, but not in an oversized personality way.  This could be paired with a character who is mentally unstable in more than one way.


On the other hand, I would like to play a woman who has no interest in rough sex or being a slut, being dominated or bound or used.  Yet it's the sad truth that it gets her off like nothing else.  This would most likely involve a story of being dominated by another who realizes her nature, and despite all her protests to the contrary uses her the way her body desires.


A man or woman is investigating a dangerous person.  Perhaps it's a suspect, or perhaps it's someone already captured, and the protagonist is a therapist or lawyer or investigator having to deal with them.  What I want to capture is the idea of this dark influence rubbing off on the man or woman, bleeding out into their life.  Dark sexual themes, with the protagonist finding themselves engaging in harder sex, rougher, wilder stuff, turned on by the things the subject of her investigation says and did.  What will the subject drive the therapist/lawyer to?


This is a character concept I normally avoid with a ten foot pole, it being the seeming wet dream of every man out there - it's the willing, eager teen.  It normally feels far too cliched for me, but I have a vision of this character now that interests me.  This would be a 17-21 year old girl.  She, despite her age and seeming innocence (she is not a slutty looking type), is a very sexual creature.  She wants sex, she enjoys sex, all for its own sake.  She has little interest in romance, or at least the intersection of the two, and she has a zest for new, more exciting, dangerous or forbidden sexual experiences.  This character could be encountered in a number of scenes.  She could start as the 17 year old high school student looking for sex, riding in the backseat of her parents' car still, yet fully sexually mature.  We could play her experiences in her hometown, in her school, with her friends' parents, neighbors, strangers, etc.  We could then move on to her heading off to college, the lusty freshman who does not have to be tricked or drugged or blackmailed, she's more than willing to experience the wild frat parties, the deviant professors or Craigslist encounters.  The core here is playing up the youth with an outsized sexual appetite.


This character is a lot more close to home than what I normally play.  She is a single, 24-34 year old free spirit.  She's an artist, through and through, a bit of a bohemian, doesn't play by any rules, let herself be attached.  The sort of wild and sensual woman who attracts people, especially those less free.  She is very sexual and fully embraces it.  She's a confident, direct, strong woman who is willing to step right up to the plate, but she's not a dominatrix.  She enjoys bringing out the lusts and kink in her partners, and is just as likely to find herself in the submissive position in bed, though it may be something she pushed her partner into.  She is bisexual, polyamorous.  Indeed she's amoral, she doesn't really care what happens to those around her as she pursues her passions, and doesn't really think other people should as well.  We could encounter her in many lines, whether it's sparking an affair in an otherwise straight and narrow guy, tempting a woman into a femme affair, unleashing the rough and abusive animal in a man who didn't think he had it in him, etc, etc.


Sasha Grey.  Not my favorite pornstar, but the only one that makes me say, "I've got to play her."  I would be interested in playing a realistic RP based on her.  So yes, it would be a sort of 'life of a pornstar' play, but very particularly about Sasha, or at least how I conceive of her and would play her. To my mind that means a sort of non-silicone based, filthy, realistic theme to the play.  She strikes me as someone who really enjoys hot, dirty sex, yet has a very sharp business mind about her.  Play would involve a fictious version of both her personal and professional life with multiple characters on your end.

ALSO... - Taken

What if ... What if Sasha never became a porn star.  But what if that same clever, perverted girl was someone else.  A girl in class, the neighbor, some regular Jane that you wouldn't expect could be so, well, dirty.  I think Sasha Grey could lend herself to various more fictitious scenarios, building on that personality and look. 


Sharon Stone's character in Basic Instinct is a well known model of one type of character I'd like to see in a game.  The self-possessed sexual dynamo, sensual and forbidden and dangerous.  She not only has the ability to pull people to her games despite their best intentions, but she unleashes something in them.  Consider how the detective in Basic Instinct (or the therapist in that sequel) even as they resist her temptations find their sexuality exploding in their private lives, using their girlfriends in ways they normally would not, indulging in affairs, all from the effect of simply having her in their lives, their thoughts.  They eventually give in, though they know it means danger, sexual and otherwise.


I would love to play a line that has something of the feel of these stories that I love:

They chronicle a very sexually confident, aggressive woman who goes out and gets what she wants.  Not really in a dominant way, but an aggressively seductive one, taking often what should be a submissive position but telling the men what it is they will get.  She occasionally gets the tables turned a bit as well.  I'm not sure exactly what story this would tell, but the character concept appeals to me.


This might simply be an add-on to one of the other story ideas, but I am attracted to the idea of a coupling between an older man and a young woman.  The older the better really, and I find this isn't something that crops up in play much.  Despite the title this would not likely be a family role, and would not be romantic.
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Re: Touch the Thorns (New & Improved Story Ideas)
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This is more of a one shot, or series of one shots.  I love the idea of a sex club, particularly if not done in a terribly cliched way.  I love the concept of a place people go where all pretenses are dropped.  Casual sex is expected.  This could be a simple club where people can go, knowing they can find what they're looking for in the dark corners, no questions asked.  Or it could be a more explicit sex club with the devices and rooms one would expect.  The one shot would simply be exploring what one or two characters would do in such an environment.


I have the vague idea of a hotel where perversions are more the norm than usual.  Run by a staff who allow or encourage such things, you may find exhibitionists orgies or more in its various rooms.  I'm looking for a certain mood here - not an over the top Sex Hotel, but an Old World place with creaking floorboards, formal staff, and a veneer of respectability and something darker underneath.


I like this video from some movie with 50 Cent.  I don't know the context of the characters, but get a "mob girl / gangster" feel from it.  Good inspiration for something hot.


Twisted fairytale roles.  Either a darker, grittier version of the tale, or some sort of modern retelling.

Church based perversions.  Catholic school gone wrong, the twisted convent, that sort of thing.

Trailer park perversions.

Medical scenes.  A doctor whose diagnostic tests are rather more intimate than normal. Controlling doctors, a perverted clinic, that sort of thing.
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Re: Touch the Thorns (New & Improved Story Ideas)
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Added two more ideas to the first post.

Please PM if you have interest.

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Re: Touch the Thorns (New & Improved Story Ideas)
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Added one character.

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Re: Touch the Thorns (New & Improved Story Ideas)
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I added a handful of new scenarios to the top post.  Feel free to send original ideas based on my themes as well.

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Re: Touch the Thorns (New & Improved Story Ideas)
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Added another scene on the top, and a character concept to the Characters section.

Still very much craving Bad Therapist.

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Re: Touch the Thorns (New & Improved Story Ideas)
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Added one scene to the top post.

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Re: Touch the Thorns (New & Improved Story Ideas)
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I am looking for someone to help me create a particular kind of story.  It doesn't quite fit in my one-shot, character, or actual plot ideas.  It could connect with some of the plots or characters above, but has more to do with the style of smut involved in the story than the story itself.

The sex in this story would involve a lot of heavy bondage, devices and machines, hardcore domination.  Basically I'm looking for much of what you see at sights like Device Bondage, Sex and Submission, Public Disgrace, etc.  All bets are off, and the goal is kind of a total transformation into sex itself, driving a woman to complete utter shameless ecstasy. It's completely controlling, but it is for her pleasure, not as punishment.  I would most likely play the submitting one in this role for the right writer, though i could see playing a dominant role instead, again for the right writer. 

In particular I'm thinking of the bondage, the toys and machines, the hard sex, possibly being displayed, fondled and used by groups, punished to some extent.  I enjoy some slapping, spanking, pain, but pain would not be the focus of the scenes.  Despite the smutty nature of this request I still imagine it working into a believable scenario with characters and plot.

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Re: Touch the Thorns (New & Improved Story Ideas)
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I've added several new plots to the top.  I'm particularly looking for some prostitute/escort play at the moment, as well as others that I've listed.

I'm also looking for something Sasha Grey inspired.  Using her as a model, but also using her work as a model ... I'm not quite clear on what it is I envision, so I'm open to hearing ideas.  But watching her action on film almost always makes me think, "I want to RP this somehow."
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Re: Touch the Thorns (New & Improved Story Ideas)
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This makes me think of an extremely sexual young woman dominating two other women, not lesbians, maybe not even bicurious, until she gets a hold of them.

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Re: Touch the Thorns (New & Improved Story Ideas)
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It seems I have so many variations on prostitution play that they warrant their own section:


Sure, it's an old chestnut, but I'd enjoy doing something with the theme of a high end prostitute.  This could mean an expensive escort service for the wealthy and powerful, girls being whisked on limousines and jets to resorts or hotels, clandestine meetings with those with powerful lusts.  Or it could be a woman entering the field on her own, following a series of connections to serve traveling businessmen or the wealthy by word of mouth.  The story would most likely be a woman new to the business.  Perhaps she enters it for the money or the thrill, or maybe she has needs, an itch that gets scratched best by selling herself.  Perhaps she gets the strangest customers because she does things the others won't, or maybe she finds herself doing more than she expected an expensive whore to have to do.

Taking an entirely different track, I'm also interested in a tale of human trafficking.  Immigrant women brought to a new country and forced to prostitute themselves, in massage parlors or truck stops, street corners or brothels.  Girls the mob will drive out to a client, waiting in the car while they take care of a john.  What sort of unsavory men do these girls have to serve?

Lastly, on this theme is the younger independent callgirl.  Here I'm thinking a college-aged woman who starts advertising herself on Craigslist, etc.  She wants the money, she's good at sex, why not.  The story would cover some of the situations she finds herself in, the men who contact her.  Imagine the college girl making her way up to a stranger's apartment.  What is it he wants to pay her for.  Alternately, a 17+ high school girl who begins selling her body.  Who comes over to the house after school while her family is out and what do they pay for?


The story of a young, attractive woman who decides to take a step into the world of a high class prostitute.  She begins, perhaps, as an escort.  She enjoys dressing sexily, teasing with her clothing and her words, basking in the attention and attraction of wealthy men.  For them she is an object beyond their reach, so young and perfect.  But a combination of money and arousal puts her in their grasp as she begins to submit to step further and further into this world.  Being whisked to wonderful restaurants in a limousine, not the normal life for a 19 year old.  But the further she goes, the more that will be expected of her.  This storyline goes from the public, where this young seductive girl can drive these grown men crazy while she is wined and dined, to the private where the tables are turned.  Could go as extreme as we wish in developing the story.


In a more extreme version of the Perfect Escort below, or some of my other prostitute prompts, a young down on her luck streetwalker gets the promotion of a life time.  Things aren't looking good for her when she gets picked up by a john in a limo.  He (or possibly she) is taken by the hooker, and gives her an offer.  Become the wealthy patron's escort, and enter a world of extravagance, fashion, fine restaurants, fine living.  In public she will get attention, clothing, the life of trophy girlfriend.  In return, in private she will be expected to do anything and everything the patron wishes.  This would be extreme play, with the patron expecting every sort of sexual use out of the prostitute.  Moreover, among his or her private circle, the prostitute would be shared, displayed, used the same way.  The play would include everything from bondage to gangbangs to bestiality possibly, no limits allowed for the escort.  Not if she wants to continue living the high life.  I'm more interested in playing the patron in this one, but would consider the escort role if I felt my writing partner was on the same wavelength in terms of scenes to play.


The story of a college girl who decides to help pay her way through school by prostitution.  She cautiously begins advertising online, choosing clients carefully.  At first she doesn't offer much, companionship, just trying it out.  But as it goes along she is tempted by the money they offer her for other things.  She finds herself being asked to perform all the things these men can't find otherwise, asked to fulfill their fantasies or their dirty urges.  Those with the money to truly tempt her have the most lurid desires.


This would be the story of a hooker.  It's a very long-term plot, a bit of an odyssey for the character.  To begin, a woman starting out on her own, picking up johns through Craigslist and feeling independent, in charge.  She's good at what she does, chooses her customers carefully, makes good money.  Perhaps she's saving for college or just trying to make ends meet a way she knows how.  We would progress through a number of scenes living out this lifestyle, meeting various johns, carefully selected, and playing out those interesting dynamics of a hooker who's not desperate.

Then, things change.  Perhaps a john steals her phone and money, leaving her unable to continue, forcing her to hit the street instead of the Web.  She's forced to try selling her wares in bars and casinos, on street corners.  When she can't find enough tricks, she's forced to strip instead.  She's kicked out of bars, forced to service guys in the alley, deals with pimps and madams, nasty depraved clients, obsessed ones, johns taking advantage of her.  This is a long sort of phase two.

Lastly as she gets her handle on this side of the business she gets her feet under her, gets some territory and some clothes, and starts picking up a different clientele. Rich gamblers in the casinos.  Wealthy men infatuated with her who want to whisk her away to be their escort for the week.  Well dressed, ball rooms, hotel rooms, casinos and limos.  Coke off a celebrity's cock, being offered $10,000 to do something depraved.

Perhaps moving into a last phase of one particular rich client.  Maybe he wants to set her up as his permanent escort, a girlfriend as far as anyone knows, living the lifestyles of the rich & famous.  But at the cost of saying no to nothing, for him and whoever else he wishes to entertain.  Perhaps he has other plans.  This part is a long way ahead. 

This storyline obviously requires someone willing to play many, many characters and work together with me on a long line of interesting scenes, as well as developing the overall plot arc.  I'm really interested in the details of each scene though, experiencing the whole gamut of what this girl would go through, while not getting bogged down in minute by minute action. 
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Re: Touch the Thorns (New & Improved Story Ideas)
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A story of a young star, just turning 18 perhaps, but already heading full steam into the wilder side of Hollywood life.  She's had fame for a number of years for some wholesome TV show or singing career.  Now, however, there's rumors that she's into drugs, is seen drunk, has some inappropriate cell photos released.  Basically inspired by our real teen starlets like Demi Lovato.  I would like to play the life of this starlet out, with the various partygoers, drug dealers, "friends" and associates, producers, many of whom are perfectly happy to encourage this wild life.  If it means sharing in her lifestyle, getting some kinky stuff from one of America's sweethearts, maybe making some money releasing the tape later, why not.


A woman used to a glamorous lifestyle, in the end she didn't have the means to maintain it.  Her career, whatever it may have been, did not last.  The Hollywood invitations, the dresses, the drugs, the partying, they're all beyond her now.  Perhaps she's incurred great debts, perhaps she just wants back on the C-list.  There's one man who can help.  He's willing to have her on his arm, to get her back into the society she misses so much.  There are just things she'll need to do.  These include making private films for a very exclusive, very elite crowd, who will pay grandly to see such a famous face doing such very, very bad things.  All is very discreet among this crowd, but she will have to become an escort, a whore, do sex shows, porno and more for her new sugar daddy.


A teen celeb of legal age, the kind with a kids' TV show or albums of sugary pop made for tweens, is starting to hit it big.  Her family has put her career and daily life in the hands of a manager, a harmless man who really looks out for her as she works in Hollywood, in the studio or on the set.  At least that's what they think is happening. In reality the manager has begun secretly supplying the girl with a powerful aphrodisiac in all her water.  The net effect is sliding her into a state where her body is constantly sexually aroused, to such an extent that she has trouble concentrating, finds herself rubbing against objects.  She feels she needs something but isn't really clear what that is, due to her innocence.

Enter the manager, who of course does not explain what he has done to the celeb.  Instead he leads her to believe that it is just her body, chastises her for interrupting her work.  He teaches her to get herself off, all the while humiliating her for being so vulgar as to need this.  Imagine her straddling his thigh, humping aginast it in a desperate attempt to cut the edge of this drug-induced arousal.  She has a monster of an orgasm, finally, all while he derides her for having such filthy needs, for requiring such vulgar attention.  An orgasm helps, but it's never quite enough and of course the drugging continues. 

The play would follow down this path, with the manager creating more and more humiliating, and intimate, scenarios to sate her need and her desperation growing as it seems to never go away.  She would be convinced that in fact there is something wrong with her, that this is the kind of girl she is, despite her true innocence.  But the arousal is so intense she will do anything it takes and anything he directs to try to satisfy it.  In addition to what he does or has done to her behind the scenes, the manager also pushes her career in a more and more sexual direction, transforming her from the innocent teen starlet to an adult star who emphasizes her sexuality. 


I like the idea of a young female singer who is just inherently sensual and loves to fuck.  When she's on stage doing a duet with someone you feel like she's making love to them with her eyes and voice.  In reality, she probably is.  She likes nothing better than fucking a star.  Rock legends, producers, she'll fuck them for a thrill or for a better record deal.  Plenty of hot intense sex and just some fun with celeb play.


 Could be anything, perhaps using one of my other story prompts.  I'd like to do a celeb line as Christina Aguilera.  It actually wouldn't have to be a celeb line, could be just using her as the PB.  Just browsing through some of her unabashedly slutty outfits.  We would have to work something up, but it would involve her as a wanton, kinky woman who relishes dirty sex.  Groups, bondage, fetish gear, anal, cumplay, exhibitionism and costume play.  Many other celebs could be fun as well.
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Re: Touch the Thorns (New & Improved Story Ideas)
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I have updated the taken/not taken stories and active story list.  I am being rather picky about new stories at the moment, but always love talking over ideas.  In particular, I'm interested in playing  a male character at the moment, either one of these stories, one of your own, or something new we invent.  Please contact me by private message.

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Re: Touch the Thorns (New & Improved Story Ideas)
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New Story added at the top.  Take all these as inspirations, not required blueprints.

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Re: Touch the Thorns (New & Improved Story Ideas)
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Updated with Taken stories and a new story prompt.  I'm open to your ideas - you should be able to get a good sense of what I like.

Right now I think I am craving something involving an aggressive and sexual young woman, not a victim but a seeker.

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Re: Touch the Thorns (New & Improved Story Ideas)
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-pokes thorn and kisses the cut-

I would be interested in playing out the "SCIENTIFICALLY PROGRAMMED FOR PLEASURE" plot. It seems fun and I love the idea of messing with someone's psychology.

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Re: Touch the Thorns (New & Improved Story Ideas)
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Added two more tales to the top.

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Re: Touch the Thorns (New & Improved Story Ideas)
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Her parents made millions, and together they were worth a billion.  A family name that has had clout for centuries joins with a business empire that spans the globe. Charlotte had it made from the moment of conception.  Great genes, the finest schools, any path in life she chose already paved with gold. 

But it turns out there can be too much of a good thing.  And when you have this much, the too much is even more.  Charlotte is only 22 years old and already sick of life.  She could do anything she wanted, but why then do anything?  She's seen more, and more extravagant, parties at her age than most people in a life.  She's gone wild, and then gone wilder.  She's packed it all in and now there's a big yawning abyss ahead of her.

It is an understatement to say that Charlotte is jaded.  But she's too determined to simply settle into ennui.  No, she needs something new, she needs adrenaline, she needs the jolt of an experience that shocks her out of her rut.  She is an adrenaline junkie with the world at her fingertips.  And when you've already used up all the luxuries and pleasures that wealth gives, you have to dig deeper.

This is a story of a beautiful, rich young woman who will do anything.  Who has to do anything, to keep herself alive.  If it's debauchery she's probably already done it, and now she's looking deeper.  Orgies, experimental drugs, hardcore BDSM, star fucking, hobo fucking.  She might be found fucking the most recently banned rap star, or getting strapped up to a fuck machine by a pervert in San Francisco.  She has access to everything the wealthy have to offer, from fashion shows to big events to private sex clubs.  But she has a need that takes her as far as she has to go, whether it's a back alley or around the globe.


She's not your ordinary young lady.  First of all, she does not care about you -- whoever you may be.  She's not conceited, but she's very capable and very confident, and it shows.  She's mature beyond her years, the kind of young women that makes middle-aged men doubt themselves. She dresses as she wants, does as she wants, gets what she wants.  When she wants to be, she's very charming, very manipulative, and has any number of people wrapped around her finger.  When she doesn't want to be, you get the rough side of the devil's tongue, or a knife.

You'd probably never see anything more of her but her walking on by, earbuds in and eyes straight ahead ... if it wasn't for her cravings.  She seems cool and confident, but there are fires inside of her.  She lusts.  And just as she does nothing else in the ordinary fashion, she doesn't sate her lusts like you or I.  She likes to be fucked, and to fuck, one night stands and strange hookups.  Ugly men, twisted perverts, fawning young ladies, cruel doms.  She'll take it in the public restroom, or the limousine of a hungry sugar daddy.  Whipped up on stage at a fetish club, or whipping a sub for money.  The truth is she has a craving, a compulsion for sex, and it can't be ordinary.  She might be used or dominated, if that's what she craves today, but she' never submissive, and rarely vulnerable.  She'll take the cocks of half a dozen truckers twice her size, but in the end she's always in control of herself.  She's just not in control of her cravings.  She needs the rush of always something more, always something new.

Picture her a little bit like Belladonna, but without the smiles.  A little bit like Sasha Grey, but without all the yapping.  A little bit like Lisbeth Salander, but with a dirtier mind.  She will put herself in degrading situations, but not be degraded, become submissive but never really submit, get used but uses the user.  She tops from the bottom but really doesn't care about top and bottom.  She just wants to scratch an itch.

This is a story of this young woman, and the many people she comes across.  What story will we tell?  Well, we'll have to figure that part out.  But needless to say, there's many people who cross her path who find themselves quite interested.  You will play some of her many partners.  Perhaps you also play someone more central - the therapist she cooly relates her stories to, driving him or her crazy -- or the onlooker who becomes more and more obsessed with her life.
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Re: Touch the Thorns (New & Improved Story Ideas)
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The stories in this section hinge on a particular form of BDSM play that I am looking for.  Let me state up front what it doesn't involve is the general lifestyle of BDSM - I don't enjoy playing out a master/slave relationship, being a pet, wearing a collar, calling you "sir".  I am interested in the sexual side.  Domination, submission, toys, equipment, machines, bondage, pain.   The psychological angle of the domination and submission is of great interest to me, but not the lifestyle aspects.  For the stories below I'm looking for hardcore BDSM sex, along the lines of what you might see at or similar sites, moving in the spectrum of hardcore sex, fetish wear and play, to the things you might see in a Sex and Submission video, Public Disgrace, Bound Gangbangs, Fuck Machines, or the Upper Floor.

In all of these stories I'm open to playing either the sub or the dom position.  Basically wahtever pitch I get that clicks the most with what I have in mind, that's what I'm giong to play.


Think back to the days of the 1970s, when free love was in the air but heading toward the ground, when the idealism of the '60s was grappling with the reality of the '70s.  Think about a woman, married and with two young children.  She hears about free love, about feminism, about sexual liberation, but she spends her days watching kids and living a life not that different to her mother's.

Then the new neighbors move in.  They are very friendly, maybe too friendly her husband thinks, who has heard enough about swinging to piece together what's going on at those parties they invite them to.  He's not interested, but she is entranced.  She finds a taste of that promised freedom there in the form of this couple who willingly bring her into their world.  At first it's just her and them.  Then it's swingers parties, and a taste of the wild Bacchalian world she had only imagined.  Then it goes deeper.

This is a story of a woman being consumed.  She finds something in this world of free sex that she can't find in her life.  Her kids and her husband seem less and less in her mind, and her regular life begins to crumble in the face of her new obsession.  Soon they are gone yet she can't bring herself to care, her freedom is all.

But these are the days before safe words, before codes of ethics, before open sexuality had rules.  She's drawn into a world of BDSM clubs and hardcore sex, casual hookups.  In these days the club is a meat market, and a single woman with no boundaries is a prime cut.  And in her newfound obsession with her sexuality, she finds she can't say no.  At the clubs she becomes an attraction.  Outside of it too.  There are no limits in this untried frontier, so will anything stop her from sliding down all the way?


Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

We know there are men and women who crave the world of BDSM, who want to be bound, cropped, used, even hurt.  They exist in all walks of life, wearing their predilections on their sleeves, or keeping them well hid.

But what do you do if you're so well known that your sleeves are constantly photographed, your dates documented by the paparazzi, the details of your love life bought for the tabloids?  We all gossip and talk about the one night stand of our favorite celebrity.  What would we do if we knew that it had involved electrical tape and a dildo in every hole?  We would go wild, and they would fall to pieces.

This is the story of a celebrity, living in the limelight, but living with a secret.  She is not ashamed of her interest in the world of BDSM, fetish and hardcore sex.  She just has a bit of difficulty accessing it.  How she goes about scratching this itch is up to us to decide, but I am looking for something fairly simple, not outrageous, and believable. The story will focus mostly on the actual encounters, the experience of a willing and interested celeb sub.  She relishes the moments of abandon she can have even more because they're so much more difficult to arrange, and so much more fraught with risk.  Can she have all those forbidden fantasies fulfilled and keep a career?  This is more of a smut line than an intricate plot, just a fun juxtaposition of wild sex, equipment and encounters with the idea of celebrity, and a potentially interesting dynamic between the one who can provide it for her and herself.


The story of a young woman just making her way in the world, a stage actress in love with the drama world, and ready to be a part of it.  Her life changes however when she falls under the spell of an experienced, debauched couple.  They are her mentors, but more, they become her masters, introducing her to a world of sex and BDSM.  Through them she encounters fetish balls and sex clubs, swinger parties and BDSM rooms.  She is a willing and eager, if inexperienced and fresh, participant, attacking it with the same enthusiasm as she does her stage work.

Like the other stories here, this would feature all the wild world of bondage and strap-ons, fetish gear and fuck machines.  She would be exhibited, shared, used and loved.  Intimate encounter with just the three of them, or one-on-one, interspersed with groups and others they introduce her to or who find her as she steps out into this world herself.  Imagine the couple as James Deen and Princess Donna of, caring and kind, but with no mercy or limits when it comes to sex.  She is a sex object for this kinky couple, but she loves the world they thrust her into.


This is a character, not a story, but it belongs right in the middle of the world of these stories, so I will post it here.  I am looking to play a strong, composed, utterly depraved and absolutely expert dominant man.  Frankly, it's a role I'm quite good at.  The storyline here will be created, depending on what your character is and what we want to tell.  But it would be a story of taking a woman and introducing her into this world of submissive sex.  We will decide the extent of what lays in wait for her, but it would most likely include all the things mentioned above and more.  It would not be comfortable, and it would not be what she wants, but it would explosively powerful.  He might be the erudite older man in a perfectly tailored suit who can bring her to the brink of orgasm and not let her over, while never unbuttoning his cuffs.  Or he might be the tattooed fellow who soon has that executive suspended from his loft ceiling.  What's for sure is that he is cooly commanding, and perfectly capable of bringing her pleasure and experiences she's never felt before.
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Re: Touch the Thorns (New & Improved Story Ideas)
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Added some new stories right above in the previous two posts.  These are my interests right now, particularly the set of BDSM stories.  However my plate is full, and these stories are dear to me, so I will be very picky.  As I said above, I could potentially play either side of the storylines, depending on your pitch.

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Re: Touch the Thorns (New & Improved Story Ideas)
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I have updated the wanted stories, taken stories, and added a few more prompts.  Slots are few and hard to get, I'm mostly looking for the stories listed in the first post.