Demon rps F seeking someone to play M

Started by Tink, May 30, 2010, 04:40:09 PM

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I'm looking for long term Rps.

Really love demon rps and I'm open to ideas.

Secret love
Two demon tribes have been at war for years. Unexpectedly two warriors find love on the battle field, but will be killed if any one where to ever know. So they meet in secret on the night of the full moon every month in a secret location. The war grows more than they can imagine and they are unable to meet for several months. In this time my character discovers she is pregnant with his child and has little time before shes discovered.

Don't want to put in much detail so it can grow and develop with other players ideas too.

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Ons and Offs


Hi never done a demon rp before, but your idea sounds really interested, and id love to do it with you


I love the demon RPs, just PM me with any idea and I'll help.