Harry Potter Role Play

Started by xxbutterfiywings, May 23, 2010, 07:40:09 PM

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I am absolutely praying that I can find someone to fill this role for me :)

So i am interested in finding someone who is interested in playing Sirius Black. I would like this story line to revolve around Lily and Sirius in an alternative universe (most likely just modern with no magic).

So basically what will happen is Lily and James get into a fight and she goes to Sirius to talk to him about knocking some sense into James. Lily and Sirius end up kissing and get a little passionate and she/he stops what they're doing. Lily runs away and the actual post will start with them meeting a few days after the event to talk over what had happened.

I would like this role play to have a lot of romance and passion and of course be long term. Please please please PM me if you're interested. Also, i'm looking for a detail oriented RP.


Also, I am up for any other HP pairings so please send me a PM if you have another idea or pairing in mind :)