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Author Topic: Semi-plot oriented cooperative story-telling  (Read 678 times)

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Online ThorneTopic starter

Semi-plot oriented cooperative story-telling
« on: August 15, 2006, 04:07:31 AM »
Group-based or otherwisedly suitable stories - I'm just going to hijack and repurpose my own thread, to cut down on clutter. Or at least, that's the theory.
My usual ons and offs apply.

Systems for rules-based groups: I am most familiar with 3.5e, Pathfinder, WW and Shadowrun. Anything I don't know well (Traveler, 2e, SAGA), I have books for and can pick up fairly quickly. I don't like 4e or GURPS, but if you can sell your story well enough, or are willing to literally handle all the rules-crunchy stuff, I'm good with that.
I get the impression that a lot of others who might not otherwise be interested in system RP might also be interested in such a game.

Non-system: ... I've played rules-light and freeform, but I prefer something with some structure, so people don't suddenly go, 'well, I'ma *cue Marysue concept*, so nyah!'.

Idea the first: To borrow a Firefly quote, nothin' ever goes smooth. Battletech setting, RP-heavy.
Take one unsuspecting mercenary command, stranded. Add: One band of pirates, equally stranded, one batch of random clanners and all hell breaking loose. Mix well, and stand back.
While the 'Mechs are all sorts of fun, I'm much, much, much more interested in the people of Battletech, and I am especially fascinated by the culture-shock and clash of the Invasion Era. The stories and the books focus very hard on the Big Names, but what about all the little guys caught in the middle?
I'm looking for a story involving some of those little guys. Maybe three or four other people are also interested, and would like to also play?
I've got concepts for either a very talented mechanic/technician, or a jack of all trades mechwarrior/tanker rolling around in my skull.

Idea the Second: Of Wolf and Man ...
I've long held my own opinions about why Afflicted werewolves are.. well .. afflicted. Being bitten is only the start. Having the wolf-soul awakened, hearing it speak - I can understand how that might drive someone mad. But how does one learn to live with it? How does one learn to be both?
Being hunted just complicates matters. Being alone - wolves /and/ humans are pack animals by nature - just adds insult to injury.
I have the werewolf.
Settings vary. I mentally set this someplace like Faerun, Eberron or Golarion, but if you have an original setting that you can sell me and two or three others on, that would work too. Freeform would want some work - what people are, what they can do should be very carefully laid out.

A 'Way of the Wicked' style campaign, with a small group (three to five, not counting the GM). Put 'em on an auction block, shanghai 'em onto a pirate ship, throw 'em in jail (for a crime they actually committed!) - whatever it takes to form ties that will stick, then back those ties up with something hard-core enough to keep 'em working together over the long haul.
Undermine Cormyr? Please. Level Silverymoon? Sure! Paste Palanthas? Ohmygod, yes. Wipe out a Silver Flame-held city? Good times!
Under no circumstances should there be inter-party PvP, backstabbing or major cohesion-threatening drama.

Second post will have snippets, descriptions or pictures, as suits whatever set my muse off that time.
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Online ThorneTopic starter

Re: Semi-plot oriented cooperative story-telling
« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2006, 07:24:03 AM »
I'll drop snippets and descriptions here.

Of Wolf and Man:
   Sedya had her share of luck - bitten, yes. Nearly killed, yes. But the full moon triggered her change, and she woke the next morning with little memory of what had gone before. On silent paws, she walked away, confused... but alive.
   As a human, she'd been lithe, olive-skinned and dark haired, with the sharp-strong features of the Shoanti. Not unattractive, if unsually tall, clearing six feet in her bare feet. Now, she walked on all fours, a huge black-furred wolf with amber eyes and a white patch under its chin. It would be some months before she remembered herself again - and by then, she would have covered many miles before human mind overtook wolfish instinct and allowed her to return to her natural form, with memory intact.
   Voices led her to the village - voices raised in song. She fell back to all fours, listening. So strange, to hear so many different songs - and see the work being done at the same time. Sedya tilted her head. The wolf said 'run', but the human said 'wait' - and Sedya waited, lured by the promise of companionship. For many days, she lurked around the outskirts, leaving to hunt, returning to bask in the sounds of other human voices.
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