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Author Topic: Ty's Picture Plots[M looking for F]  (Read 1250 times)

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Ty's Picture Plots[M looking for F]
« on: May 20, 2010, 03:06:11 PM »
Alright, here are just some pictures that I found intriguing and sparked some of my current cravings, pairings, and ideas.  Some of the ideas below can definitely be tweaked and changed, just let me know.  Also be sure to check my Ons/Offs to make sure we are compatible, I do not require that you are open to explore and exploit all the kinks and sexual elements that I like, but at least a fair amount of them.  I try to be as literate as possible and put some detail and description into my role plays, so please be able to do the same and invest a few paragraphs into every post.  Note that I do prefer more fantasy and supernatural type of role plays, but I also enjoy more realistic ones with a twist.  Feel free to PM me and ideas, questions, or suggestions.  I am always upon for discussion.

Some of the links below make contain images with some nudity and sexual themes, and are NSFW:

Mistress of the Kingdom - Taken
She is the Queen of the Kingdom, the Mistress of the large Castle right in the middle of the Kingdom behind the large brick wall.  This is a time of war and the King has fallen in battle, leaving this powerful and dominate woman in control.  Some are concerned, however, on the lack of a male leader, not knowing if this new queen has what it takes to lead their kingdom and to handle their enemies.

So basically my character would be a strong and powerful Knight, in the spin off of a fantasy role play he could be a Dragon Rider even.  He shows up as the kingdom is under attack, taking command and control as his power and skills lead them to victory and to drive the evil forces away.  The Queen would be thankful, allowing him to stay the night in a luxurious room in the castle.  Though she also has her eye on him, getting what she usually wants, she enters his room in a provocative getup in the hopes to seduce him and dominate him, claim him for her desires and needs and establish superiority over him after he showed her up in command during the battle.  However, it flips as he wakes up to see her standing above him, so sexy and beautiful...yes she seduces him, but with his strength and lust he turns the tables and starts to dominate her, making her switch and submit to his desires.

It would sort of first be like a love/hate relationship involved around lust and sex between the two of them.  She is made because his very presence questions her authority and power, and he aims to teach her a few lessons and to scold her for her silly actions as the queen...maybe down the line she takes him in as the new King.

To be a Hero...
This could be supernatural, in her being a human with 'superhuman' abilities, or she could even be the assistant to a hero who would be the equivalent to batman/ironman.

If we go with the supernaturals, either she would be, or my character would be the 'bad' guy and the other has to try and stop them.  If the male is the bad one, then he would use his powers and strategies to gain power and dominance over her, taking her by 'forceful' seduction even though she starts to love every minute of it.  There is also the possibility of the bad becoming the good, for example...if she is the bad one then my character would be after her, catching her, and perhaps teaching her a 'lesson' in which case over time she slowly starts to submit to him and joins his side.  Or it could be two heroes who are basically on the same side, working solo who cross paths and start a sexual relationship that blooms into romance and a partnership.

Another idea would be these two were fated to be together and have lived for thousands of years, immortals who are only mortal to each other as they are each others weakness.  The idea would be that one of them suffers a head injury, the centuries of their relationship suddenly disappearing leaving the other one to care for them, train them to use their abilities once again, and show them what a strong love and romance they once had.

On the not so supernatural side, you have the woman who is the assistant to the man behind the mask, a guy who would be like Batman or Ironman.  His identity would be hidden to the world, only she would know as his personal assistant in his mansion.  She would also be his outlet for sexual release, passion, romance, and love.

Incest Study Time
The 16 year old, innocent sister has come home from school and walks into the room to find her brother quickly changing the television channel and starts to act rather nervous and usual.  Naive, she thinks he is just being weird like always and approaches him, setting her books and homework down on the table before them she asks him to help her with her homework.  After all he is a couple years older and she figures he knows this stuff.  Though as she playfully settles down into his lap like she had done when she was older, she finds herself sitting on a thick, hard shaft.  She's not so innocent that she doesn't realize what it is, but she finds herself rather aroused and curious as she turns around with blushing red cheeks to look at him...finding herself aroused as she starts to tease him by pulling the skirt of her school uniform up and starts to rub the petite cheeks caught within her panties against his erection.  Where does it go from there?

Lurking Lust
A nun stumbles upon an injured soldier, which could be a demon in disguise.  She takes him in to care for him, cleaning his wounds and wrapping him up, bathing him, clothing him, putting him to bed and all that good stuff.  The more she cares for him, the more attached she becomes, his charms working her over as he teases her here and there perhaps with a tender kiss or a gentle grope.  Finally she finds herself giving in, stripping for him and climbing on top to allow him to claim her and her virgin body.  If we took the demon path, perhaps he uses other methods to also seduce and corrupt her.  Where does the story go from there?

Night-shift Nurse
A new nurse is hired by a doctor, both of them are to handle a wing of the hospital during the night shift.  Just them, alone, unless of course there is an emergency then they would have to call in others.  During these long and boring nights, the doctor notices just how curvy, sexy, and beautiful this nurse is and decides to make the nights more exciting by taking her to satisfy his lust.  She could be reluctant at first or not, maybe he even blackmails her.  It is open for discussion, some bondage play could be included as well.
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Re: Ty's Picture Plots[M looking for F]
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2010, 10:42:10 AM »
Updated, all image links should work now

Offline Carlissa

Re: Ty's Picture Plots[M looking for F]
« Reply #2 on: May 23, 2010, 02:20:42 PM »
The "Incest Study Time" picture is a loli picture... I'm not sure if your allowed to post loli pics on this site...

Offline DrayTopic starter

Re: Ty's Picture Plots[M looking for F]
« Reply #3 on: May 23, 2010, 04:17:23 PM »
Definition of Loli:  In the marketing of legal pornography, lolita is used to refer to a neotenic female, frequently one who has only recently reached the age of consent, or appears to be younger than the age of consent. Usually overlaps with 'barely legal'.

That being said, there is not nudity in that picture either, and it is anime as well rather than an actually human being as a model.  I also stated the character as being the age of 16, site minimum.  All in all, it is an opinion.  I myself could say your avatar is rather offensive, being nude and pregnant and her face makes her look 12.  Though it is they tend to do that, give the woman the cutest face possible so that even a 300 year old demon can look like she is a human child.

Online Haibane

Re: Ty's Picture Plots[M looking for F]
« Reply #4 on: May 23, 2010, 07:43:55 PM »
I'd say it was definitely Loli, an image portraying what would appear to be an underage person in a sexual situation, cartoon or not. From the image the viewer cannot know the person's age, she just 'appears' to be a minor.

Ty, I'd suggest removing it. I recently spoke with an Admin and was denied permission to even put a link on this forum to a doujin I planned to use as the inspiration for a game - the game would have 16+ chars in but the doujin had loli images.

Offline DrayTopic starter

Re: Ty's Picture Plots[M looking for F]
« Reply #5 on: May 23, 2010, 07:48:33 PM »
The girl in your avatar appears to be a minor as well though.