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June 26, 2022, 07:19:47 pm

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Author Topic: Charming a Prince: Seeking [M]  (Read 711 times)

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Charming a Prince: Seeking [M]
« on: May 13, 2010, 07:54:22 am »
I'm a sucker for plot (And romance) in almost all my roleplays, though my preferences are just as important. I was hoping to start it off like this, I hope y'all don't mind. If you have any more ideas, please im me, reply or toss a pill my way. I tend to catch those without any problem. >_>

I'm a laid-back partner, you won't find a grammar and spelling Nazi here since English isn't my first language to begin with. But I am hoping for descriptive posts, it doesn't have to be ten pages long, but know. I'm also silly as a player, and I think it sometimes bleed in to my character, if your sensibilities are offended, I apologize.


Historical comedy/romance
Sexual content


Your typical Cinderella story with a side stitch.

The French have lost, and the English knight finally returns home victorious only to face a different war in his own home. Blessed with both the fact and reputation of being virile, he never quite expected for karma to come back with a vengeance. For his once peaceful home was now robbed of his second wife, stolen by Death, who by some sick and twisted humor deposit a dozen little imps to torture him day in and day out. What does he know about being a father when he hardly know how it was to be a husband? He was a knight, a killer, a lover. Not a... piggy-back-ride nor "I-want-a-fruit-pie-now-daddy". What he needed was a wife. A quiet, caring and bovine creature he would have absolutely no desire nor love for save to foist the little devils on. So what can a man do?

Ask his trusted friend and fellow knight for help to find a fitting bride of course!

The problem? Neither man has a clue. Not to mention both now wants a wife of their own for differing reasons: One to get rid of children, the other to have them. So when his champion comes back with a sooty, lithe little nymph with a sharp tongue and curves that made him want to do with all the things he WASN'T supposed to even think about! One didn't dream of such fantasies if one is trying not to add to his brood. And at the nightmare now presented, only one other thought came to mind:

He was going to have to strangle someone.

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Re: Charming a Prince: Seeking [M]
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2010, 09:03:08 pm »

   None has stepped forward for this task you have laid before them good lady.. thought I will freely admit this might not have been what I was looking for when my fingers did guide me to this blessed place *smiles* in truth I must say I am intrigued with the idea behind such an undertaking and .. if truth be told the challenge you has set sounds like it would be one that I think I would find much mirth in undertaking.

   So having written thus I leave it to you to say if you still wish to undertake this merry little thread and if so write to me on introduction of the brood that our good Knight has sired and we can then set out on the task of finding a 'woman' for his home and bed... I am fairly certain it will take many many moons but one never knows what chance might bring and of course being a Knight and having some coin could he not hire some common woman from the local town to assist with the task of taking care of the children and his home while he searches near and far and further for someone to fill the void....

... and a void it would be for no man who truely loved a woman and the two share gods greatest gift and bring into this world children can ever not morn the loss.. it is especially hard for a man when he comes back doing the work of god only to find that his reason for living is gone.. and save for the miracles the two did bring into the sun he would follow her...

Friends consul him and tell for the good memory of his wife and the sake of his children he needs to find them a 'Mother'

is this what you are seeking good lady? am I such a man who you would wish to write with?

Rog the Rake