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Author Topic: [EX] The Parasite! (Sci-Fi Or Modern, NC possible)  (Read 989 times)

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Offline SanaiTopic starter

[EX] The Parasite! (Sci-Fi Or Modern, NC possible)
« on: May 07, 2010, 05:11:59 am »
So, I have been thinking of a roleplay idea, based around the following creature concept I have:

Parasitic Alien Organism (Unsure of how to name this creature)
Planet of Origin- Unknown
Life Cycle:
Egg Stage- This strange parasitic creature starts life in a sort of egg or cocoon, which is incredibly durable for an organic form, and can survive in hibernation for thousands of years. The eggs are seeded wherever possible, whether in a nest or burrow, inside an organism or even within a meteorite or asteroid. The egg can survive extreme cold, and even the vacuum of space. If the egg is touched by something with some kind of pulse and warmth, usually an organism of some kind, the organism inside the egg will awaken, and begin moving around, feeding on the nutrients inside and preparing for the outside world.

Larval Stage- When the Larva leaves the egg, it is about one and a half foot long. It jas a wormlike shape, with no limbs except for four small limbs on the front of the Larva. These small limbs, about the size of a persons pinky finger, have no digits, and their shape is for the purpose of reaching its next stage. The body of the larva is somewhat slimy, from the nutrient rich sludge of the egg, and from its own secretions. The "head" or the larva is ridged and nodule with a relatively soft, chitinous carapace, which also runs down the length of its back. The larva is incredibly flexible.

Impregnation- The Larva cannot survive for long outside of its egg, and so must find a host. It does this by sensing warmth, pulse and chemicals in the air, to try and find a host with a warm, nutrient rich environment in which it can gestate and grow into its next form. When it finds a suitable host, the Larva's four front limbs will feel across the body of the host, searching for an appropiate opening, one that will lead to a part of the body suitable for gestation. This is usuall the reproductive system of the host. When it finds this opening, the larva will slither up to it, placing its limbs, or "palps" inside this opening, and spreading it enough for its ridged and noduled head to enter. It will then slowly beging to drag itself into the opening, using its palps. As it enters the body, the palps maintain their position, being shed and left behind, as the parasite "unsheathes" them, in which manner it enters the orifice. The larva secretes chemicals which make the experience highly pleasurable for the host, stopping it from resisting or trying to pull out the parasite.

Gestation- Once inside a suitable part of the hosts reproductive system, the parasite will start to feed of the nutrient rich environment inside, and will also gather genetic information from the host. It will grow to a decent size, often causing a pregnant appearance to the host.

Exodus and Infestation- Once it has grown to its next stage, the parasite will leave the body the same way it entered. When it leaves the body, it is now somewhat longer, and has a spiderlike appearance, with several limbs of varying length, and a series of large eyes. This form is fast, tough and intelligent, and will seek out its second host. When it finds a host, it will leap upon its back, or wherever its spine is located, digging its sharp limbs in between the ribs of its host. It will then envenomate the host, placing the host into a comatose state while it infests the host properly. It will then slowly wind small tendrils into the hosts spine, until the entire parasite is grafted onto the spine, and hooked into the central nervous system. The host itself will not actually wake up, as the parasite has now turned the hosts nervous system into an extension of its own, gaining complete control of its new body.

Maturation- The parasite now uses the genetic data of its first host, combining it with its own and that of its new host, and slowly changes its new body into a powerful form. While the general shape of the host is maintained, the skin becomes tough, and chitinous armour forms across its body. The mouth becomes a predatorial, fanged maw, and excess fat is consumed, leaving the form lithe and powerful. The muscle mass increases, and the efficiency of the organs is trippled. Spines and terrible claws form. This final, mature form is a dangerous predatory creature, with highly attuned senses, and much of the intelligence and cunning of its hosts is retained, if they have any. This creature will devour most other organisms on site, except its own kind, and its first host, which it often retains an affinity with.

Reproduction- The creature, once it has fed enough in its final form, can now seed its eggs, to begin the entire cycle again. It will seed random segments of genetic data from its hosts into each egg, to ensure bio-diversity, and to ensure further evolution.

So, I am thinking that the above parasite can be used in either a modern setting, or a sci-fi setting. I would play a parasite, and other players could play civilians, military personel, scientists, an alien of some kind, whatever they like depending on the setting. One of course would play the first host (a female), who would be consentually or non consentually impregnated. That character would probably gain some extra ability from having the parasite inside it.

Anyone interested? Any ideas? Thoughts? Any one as turned on by this idea as I am?

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Re: [EX] The Parasite! (Sci-Fi Or Modern, NC possible)
« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2010, 12:06:58 pm »
I think it's kind of wierd... I take it you want to be the victim in such an encounter

Offline Haibane

Re: [EX] The Parasite! (Sci-Fi Or Modern, NC possible)
« Reply #2 on: May 08, 2010, 12:42:36 pm »
Nice idea... I'm investigating some alien parasite-host-birthing ideas of my own at the moment, though mine tend to be more inspired by tentacle rape doujinshi and usually involve high school girls ;) I might be interested in playing the first female host if the RP was set in a contemporary earth setting; I don't feel inspired by sci-fi settings unfortunately and don't RP in them.

EDIT: Haha, says she having just joined an AvP group game. Well, I guess I must be broadening my horizons. Sci-fi is good if it's logical and believable, not too fantastical.
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Offline SanaiTopic starter

Re: [EX] The Parasite! (Sci-Fi Or Modern, NC possible)
« Reply #3 on: May 15, 2010, 06:58:04 am »
Okay, so it looks like it will be a contempory earth setting. By the way, I am playing the parasite itself in this roleplay (if there are enough people interested)

Offline elfguy

Re: [EX] The Parasite! (Sci-Fi Or Modern, NC possible)
« Reply #4 on: May 15, 2010, 11:24:46 am »
I'm not fond of pregnancy. However I'd be willing to play, say,  a female special ops, who was sent out to investigate the strange parasites, but then your parasite would infect her. She would fight as much as she can, but the parasite would give her constant sexual pleasure on top of new super abilities, so she would learn to like having it inside me. Sounds about right?

Offline Biles

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Re: [EX] The Parasite! (Sci-Fi Or Modern, NC possible)
« Reply #5 on: May 19, 2010, 12:42:34 am »
I don't suppose there's room for a futa victim is there? I'm willing to play one though.