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Author Topic: Illestra - Interest Check - Extreme group  (Read 7007 times)

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Offline Sasha

Re: Illestra - Interest Check - Extreme group
« Reply #50 on: April 27, 2010, 03:29:18 PM »
Sasha your character is accepted you only need to make the adjustments I mentioned then post character here and on accepted char sheet.

 Character posted ....look forward to the game . 

Name: Natalia Vodinova
Age: 26
Race: Werewolf

Appearance: Human form a a beautiful blonde maiden of pale skin standing about 5ft 7 weighing approximately 135lbs athletic build with a slate blue eye color ...changes into a very large silver gray wolf that is swift and mighty hailing from the Tribe named Silver Fangs the girl is the last of her kind .

Orientation: Bi-sexual /Switch ....very free spirited enjoying the art of foreplay and teasing both men and women alike.

Station: Healer ..the woman has the ability to draw out sickness taking on the infliction unto herself briefly and then heals though this drains her life force . The use of herbs to make medicines and other poisons,  ointments and potions to build strength  endurance , stamina ..even love potions and sexual aides .

Weapons/Abilities: Excellent archer ...very agile in movement ...her sight almost eagle like and her aim deadly. The arrows welded have been dipped in a poison that paralyzes the enemy and drops him to the ground within a few moments time. The withdrawals of which tend to give a human the symptoms of cold chills and an agony of spasms . Other were creatures can ward off the effect by changing into their given creature as the morphism of the change cancels out the poison though it does weaken them a bit . Used mainly for protection.  She can use a dagger ..and is quite stealthy with the ability to hide in the shadows ..very patient which is rare amongst her kind.

The only other ability is the visions that come and go ..of which it is hard to determine if it is of past events or those yet to come . Waking in the night covered in a sweaty sheen as the loneliness creeps into her very soul . The image of dragons and mystical place and of a warrior that seems to be searching for something .

Current Status :  Lost and Wondering ...been that way for several years living alone in the forest away from human contact and those of her own kind . Rumored are the woman's whereabouts in the Dark Forest from a few travelers that have been healed by the woman. Her true nature hidden and most human's think her a medicine woman.

History : Natalia was the daughter of a great warrior ...her mother a healer and she was given the gift of healing from the ancestors. It was first thought the girl would not become a changeling ..though she just was late in receiving the gift. They had lived on the outskirts of the human realm in peace for many years till the tide changed ..she was off gathering elderberries when the humans attacked the village over running it and killing off the majority of her entire tribe. Taking what they could the few that remained moved farther into the dark woods . Set on vengeance many took up arms and raided the villages killing back an eye for an eye . This only slowly took out their numbers ...till the next wave moved in and once again wiped them out . Narrowly escaping Natalia moved deeper into the Dark Woods to an enchanted place the humans feared and there she has resided in fear for the last two years. The war rages all around her as the visions speak out showing the woman the images of the war at hand. Also of a place a utopia and she longs to find it but fear keeps the woman hidden.

Personality: A loner for the most part ..keeping to herself . She loves the beauty of the earth ..planting and growing things ..working with her hands . Simple things give her pleasure as she is quiet and a bit timid at least that is how she acts now with the fear that has gripped the woman's heart . Sometimes she can be found singing or playing a flute like instrument but that is rare these days as the loneliness has crept in and a depression of thinking she is the last of her kind . Mistrusting all even the visions that try to give her solace that somewhere there is a sanctuary that is calling out to her.
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Offline AkasmaTopic starter

Re: Illestra - Interest Check - Extreme group
« Reply #51 on: April 27, 2010, 03:33:31 PM »
Wow I have a lot of reading to catch up on. My niece was born today! Wooot! So it has been a tad hectic but here in a few hours I will catch up and maybe even post my own characters. What I had a chance to read is looking fantastic! =D

Offline Odin

Re: Illestra - Interest Check - Extreme group
« Reply #52 on: April 27, 2010, 03:41:17 PM »
Well I was thinking of joining but I'm not sure anymore. You do seem to have alot of other people already and I'm learning that large games just don't seem to workout with me around. I'm apparently bad luck or something. Still I'll think on it. *Sighs*
Everyone I've been in so far has done so.

I Feel this group will be more of an open community. People coming and going. Easier to keep active and such!

Join in and try it out, I'm sure no one will object.

Offline Nim

Re: Illestra - Interest Check - Extreme group
« Reply #53 on: April 27, 2010, 03:44:39 PM »
Blue Kumako looks really good go ahead and add her to the accepted characters please.

Thank you for Posting your character Sasha and like I said in the PM very nice job indeed.

Offline Orochimaru

Re: Illestra - Interest Check - Extreme group
« Reply #54 on: April 27, 2010, 04:09:52 PM »
Name: Poisa [Name given to him by a mysterious wizard]
Age: 201
Race: Naga
- Body length: 20 feet when staning like a human. He stands a good 6 feet tall.
Orientation: Straight
Station: Former leader
-Twin short swords that he stores within his own body. IE: pulling them out of his mouth trick.
-Poison Fangs
-Strong Tail
-Glare: Should anything other then a naga meet his eyes will be entranced. Only if his eyes are glowing gold.
-Camo: Can only be used in swamps. The flesh of his body becomes covered in scales and these scales turn the color of the swamp water.

Biography/history:He was born of a rare species of naga that lived in the poison swamplands of Negato. His father was the group leader. They were different because they found it easier to survive in small groups. However, when he just hatched, he was captured by a pwerful wizard and his small clan killed. He was raised by this wizard to be a servant...However, he was biding his time untill he was 20 years old and then ate the wizard. He then begun to slaughter the village. After that, he escaped into underground tunnels. Loving that way for years. Eating what he had to to stay alive. He eventually stole a pair of shortswords and learned how to use them. Because of how he grew up. He does not trust anyone with a savage nature...or anything. He rarely trusts himself. pun intended. Mean and in it for himself. He still can learn to trust, love and be happy. However, he is always alert and dangerous. He is normally violent.

Offline Nim

Re: Illestra - Interest Check - Extreme group
« Reply #55 on: April 27, 2010, 04:17:21 PM »
 Orochimaru your character is very well thought out.  Please go ahead and post in character sheet.  Thanks

Offline sinoraa

Re: Illestra - Interest Check - Extreme group
« Reply #56 on: April 27, 2010, 04:22:17 PM »
Name: Turel Azunai
Age: 73
Race: Cursed armor

Orientation: None
Station: Knight of the realm
Weapons/Abilities: Bound to a extremely powerful armor, Turel have reached a point of immortality. He is armed with the massive claymore "Wolves bane", which no mortal creature could ever hope to survive.

Biography/history: Turel was the pride of the kingdom, as the oldest and amongst the noblest, of the kings knights, he was respected and loved by the people. During the great, Were beast purge, Turel had ben charged with guarding the kings oldest son, as they rode to battle. They both fought many battles together, fighting side by side, killing countless, were beasts... Tough one unfortunate day, the chief of a pack of werewolves, charged the prince. Rushing to the prince's aid, Turel quickly fell in battle, as the chief's rage over the slaughter of his people, fueled him with incredible strength. As he laid dying on the ground, the last thing he heard, was the princes dying screams... But the tale did not end there, outraged by, Turel's failure to slay "a single wolf", the king ordered the circle of magi, to bind, Turel's soul into a demonic armor, in the form of a wolf, to forever serve as a reminder of his failure that day."Go forth, and slay those who robbed me of my son! Only then will you be given the mercy, of release!" The king said looking down at, Turel with disgust. And so he set forth, on his mission of purging the world of every last were beast, so he may rest in peace.

Personality: Turel has grown extremely cold and wrathful the last couple of years. His entire existence, being a constant reminder of his failure, he sets out all frustration out on the were animals, slaying them without any mercy.
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Offline Nim

Re: Illestra - Interest Check - Extreme group
« Reply #57 on: April 27, 2010, 04:28:12 PM »
Approved Sinoraa, Please put both of your characters in the Character thread.

Offline Akumamika

Re: Illestra - Interest Check - Extreme group
« Reply #58 on: April 27, 2010, 04:34:46 PM »
sounds amazing, I'll post a character next time im online

Offline Nim

Re: Illestra - Interest Check - Extreme group
« Reply #59 on: April 27, 2010, 05:45:53 PM »
Sounds good  Akumamika I look forward to seeing it.

Offline sinoraa

Re: Illestra - Interest Check - Extreme group
« Reply #60 on: April 27, 2010, 06:22:50 PM »
Age: 28
Race: Werecat
Orientation: Straight
Station: Second in command, of the Black legion
-Enchanted Halberd
-Enchanted Armor: Increase the strength and speed of the wearer.
-Skilled in hand to hand combat
-Heightened senses

Biography/history: Gallen, was always the outcast in his pack. He'd always been overly aggressive, and loved violence. So when the opportunity to make a living, of slaughter came to him, he took it. His pack had been hiding away, where no one would find them. That was until, Gallen betrayed them. Seeking out the kings army, he offered his services, in exchange for him being allowed to live in "The glorious kingdom of man". Though he faced high criticism, his loyalty was soon proven, as he partook in slaughtering his entire pack. Tough he was offered a neat little job in the capital, he requested to join the black legion, hearing tales of their merciless crusades, lead by, Turel Azunai. Tough, Turel was reluctant to have, Gallen along with him, they soon learned to respect one and another as fellow warriors.

Personality: Gallen has a very sick, sadistic personality. Finding no higher pleasure in life, then to kill and murder at any given opportunity. Despite this, he does have a certain code of honor, as he never kills defenseless victims for pleasure.
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Re: Illestra - Interest Check - Extreme group
« Reply #61 on: April 27, 2010, 06:32:34 PM »
Name: Franklin Shagoth
Age: appears late 20's, but is actually well into his 200's
Race: Werebear
Appearance: human form:
Hybrid form:
Station: Shaman
Weapons/Abilities: Human Form: Enchanted Axe: Franklin's main weapon in human form is his ancestral axe.
Nature Magic: Being a shaman, Franklin can commune with nature spirits and can cast low power nature magic in human form.

Hybrid form: Claws
Nature Magic: In hybrid form, Franklin's magic is enhanced.

Both: Enhanced strength and durability

Biography/history: Franklin was born to a strange clan of Werebears, the son of the Shaman of the tribe. Early in his life, he was exiled from his home in a test. He spent many years in the forset around his home, learning to commune with his inner bear and with nature itself. Returning to his tribe on his 28th birthday, he was named successor to his father as the leader of the tribe. Living back with the tribe since then, he learned the ways of a shaman from his father, including the use of natural magic. Still only a novice when the humans attacked his village, Franklin was one of only a handful to survive.

Personality: Aggressive, wise, calm. As the leader of his former clan, Franklin is prone to think things out, although the bear in him is prone to rash behavior.

Offline Nim

Re: Illestra - Interest Check - Extreme group
« Reply #62 on: April 27, 2010, 06:45:23 PM »
 sinoraa 3rd character is approved you may move it to the character sheet thread.

Kiric nicely done my friend go ahead and add yours to the character thread as well. 

Offline swordwind

Re: Illestra - Interest Check - Extreme group
« Reply #63 on: April 27, 2010, 07:31:28 PM »

Name: Blaze
Age: 522
Race: Dragoon
Appearance: Before you stands a golden scaled statue seven and a half feet tall, with wings folded up upon his back, and covered in loose fitted human plate armor. Within his hand is a halberd, covered in the artistic runes of the Dragoon language. Golden orbs resting in a milky pool are his eyes, showing signs of intelligence as they dart about the area. His body, is shaped in such a way that every gesture he makes seems to show the signs of a physically fit individual.   
Orientation: Straight
Station: Representative of the Dragoon Council
Armored Skin- Scales as strong as chainmail
Fire Breath- Must I explain?
Dragoon Strength- Easily twice the strength of a normal human
Dragoon Vision- Can easily see in the darkness, even in total darkness, see's twice as far in normal light
Dragoon Claws- Sharp blunt claws on the end of his finger tips
Armor: Plate Armor
Halberd- Finely crafted
Biography/history: Born within the valley of the Dragoon's, within the noble caste, Blaze learned about the races around him. He learned to respect the differences between each race and showed compassion to the one's that attacked his lands in the past. But even thou Blaze learned to like the were's he never could learn to like humans. Blaze detested the human's for their cold hearted hatred of the were's and their attack's upon them. It was without reason save to gain a coin or two from the lands they annexed into their own. It was maddening to watch and when the were's started to flood into the Dragoon lands he was elected to oversee a part of the process. Glad to take his mind off the human's he gathered his things and flew to the valley to bring about a sense of peace to the area.

:Calm, orderly, slow to anger, patience, kind, wrathful to his enemies.

Offline Nim

Re: Illestra - Interest Check - Extreme group
« Reply #64 on: April 27, 2010, 07:41:34 PM »
Very good swordwind.  Approved please move copy approved character to the character sheet.  Thanks.

Offline Demik

Re: Illestra - Interest Check - Extreme group
« Reply #65 on: April 27, 2010, 10:18:19 PM »
Okay here is my first one and after we're all through with making our characters I'll play something else if it's needed ;)

Name: Raysuki Tanavan

Age: 150

Race: Dragoon

This is what her dragoon form looks like but there are some differences in her coloring. Her scales are black with swirling silver patterns. Her wings are silver with black swirls. She has the same braided, long silver hair that she has in her Human form. In her Human form she stands at 5'5" and in her Dragoon form 6'. (Here is a larger version of her Dragoon picture if you want a closer look. Just too big for on here ;))


Station: A Seeker. She is one of those that travels outside of the valley to seek out weres and offer them safety. If they accept she leads them to the valley and if they do not she does everything in her power to make sure they will be alright where they are

Weapons/Abilities: Human form: As in the above picture a curving, wicked longsword and a dagger. Also knows hand-to-hand. Dragoon form: Can still use her blades but prefers to use her claws and tail.
In both forms she can use a unique combination of both light and shadow magic to create believable visual illusions, conceal herself and others from all senses, and form mild lasers which can burn badly but cannot truly cut. Her powers are stronger in her Dragoon form. She is also very quick and agile in both of her forms. She is able to perform impressive acrobatics and depending upon her opponent she will do so in combat to throw them off.

Biography/history: Raysuki grew up happily in the valley but she always wanted to see the outside world. She trained hard in the hopes that one day she might be allowed to leave and explore. Everyone was always telling her she shouldn't want to go out there and how dangerous it was but she wasn't swayed. She would stubbornly smile sweetly and say she just wanted to see it for herself. The Elders were just as stubborn in not allowing her to leave though. That is until it was decided to bring the other hunted creatures of the world to their safe haven. Because of her training, skills, and charisma Raysuki was chosen as a Seeker. She gladly took the job and has been helping to bring people to their haven.

Personality: Charming, stubborn, curious, patient, compassionate, honorable, reasonable, occasionally mischievous.

Offline AkasmaTopic starter

Re: Illestra - Interest Check - Extreme group
« Reply #66 on: April 27, 2010, 10:40:39 PM »
here is my main character, thanks! =D

Name: Catherine Elizabeth
Age: 437
Race: Werepanther

Human form decription:
Height:  6’2
Weight: 165 lbs
Eyes: large, Dark brown
Hair: Slightly past shoulder length, brown(changes frequently)
Body:  curvaceous, well muscled, several tribal tattoos, dark well tanned skin.

Her pure feline form is that of an excessively large black panther with golden tinged green eyes.
Her hybrid form reaches almost 10 feet in height though is similarly covered in black fur with those tell tale feline eyes.
Orientation: She had never found anyone she has truly connected with enough to know her orientation but if she did find someone, she would not let a little thing like gender get in her way.
Station: Clan Shaman, medicine woman. She also enjoys participating in the hunts when she has time.
Weapons:  Dual wielded chain whips similar to this:
The knives on the ends are made of silver, she also keeps a silver dagger on her for close quarters fighting.
Special abilities: she continually finds herself to be capable of new and exciting things but she also does not test this. She knows that being a shaman gives her a deep connection with nature and power from nature as well but she feels it unwise to use these abilities when not direly needed as she does not like wasting natures energy.

Description:  Catherine is exceptionally tall and always seems to dress in tight clothes that won’t impede her movement she has little or no regard for her physical appearance so often her outfits seem odd or mismatched. Being a shaman with such a ferocious underlying nature she is a bit rough around the edges, her patients will tell you that her bedside manner is atrocious, she always says what she thinks and feels if she says anything at all. Her temper is near legendary; those most liable to set her off are those she cares for most putting themselves in danger. Her body is sturdy and though curvaceous, still perfect for battle and well muscled, she uses her physical training to aid in controlling her inner beast. She spends much of her time communing with nature to keep her wild side under control, when her medical services are not needed.

Personality: First, she is kind and loving to her pack mates, this is often hard to tell though because of all the grumbling and complaining she does, she couldn’t let people get the wrong idea and have them think she is actually nice, so though she will do whatever she can to help she will grumble about it the entire time. She tends her pack mates when they are wounded or in need of any medical attention and she also tends them spiritually. She has a whimsical sense of humor and thrives on life always comfortable with herself and her surroundings, though her love is a tough love, expect to be smacked around a bit if you are close to her. Things have changed considerably here in the last few days but she is ready to care for the other clans medically to the best of her knowledge, and she could never turn away healing someone’s spiritual side (even if they do not think of it in that way) what interaction she has had with those outside of her pack is usually to learn more about how to care for them medically. She can most easily treat the humans as what schooling she has had has been to treat them though she shuns many of the human medical practices, such as bleeding and leeching. To those hostile to her pack or friends she is a lethal weapon of death, diplomacy not really her strong point, she is learning to hold her tongue and tries not to let her temper get the better of her, if she cannot say what she thinks she tries not to say anything at all.

Biography: Catherine was born to Elana, a hard working tavern girl, famous for her dancing and Jeremiah, an amazing wood crafter. Of course it is easy for the were’s to be amazing in comparison to humans. They lived in a small village until the wars broke out and they were going to send her father Jeremiah to fight, which of course he could not do, it would expose his secret and endanger his wife and daughter. So they packed up Catherine and went back to live with the clan, her father Jeremiah had to formally apologize to his father. Though life was good Catherine never really got along with the other kids, she was still socially awkward. Her mother tried to channel Catherine’s energy into dance and though she took to dancing as a fish takes to water it did nothing to help her temper.
This awkwardness only increased as she got older and her temper started becoming evident. Not knowing what to do with her they eagerly accepted the weapon masters suggestion to have her train under him as some of the other kids were doing. Catherine found that focusing her energies into her training helped, being stubborn she picked the weapon her master told her was the hardest to conquer. It was the injuries she sustained training with her chain whips that lead to her medical studies. A normal blade does not leave a cut for long on a were but a cut from a silver blade took a long time to heal and often would benefit from stitches. She applied her growing medical knowledge to her fighting style to make it more lethal. She coated the blades of her chain whips in silver to help herself better learn from her mistakes.  She also sought more medical knowledge from the humans, there were those in the clan that lead a double life, living amongst people and they helped her by bringing her medical tomes to study. The current clan shaman, Anek took notice of her studies and went to talk with the weapons master. It was from this conversation that her tutelage transferred to the path of a shaman though she never stopped her weapons training entirely. Thanks to Anek she bonded with nature as she had never been able to with any were and it calmed her. She learned how to perform surgery on weres using silver implements in the rare cases it was needed and how to use many plants to heal. As well as how to guide and heal people mentally, many maladies of the mind can be caused by the rough times we live in. She continued training in this way until she was three hundred years old. It was then that Anek went to tend to a pack that had lost their Shaman. Though she was not certain she was ready she threw herself fully into her new role, determined to be everything her pack needed of her.
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Offline AkasmaTopic starter

Re: Illestra - Interest Check - Extreme group
« Reply #67 on: April 27, 2010, 10:45:33 PM »
Excellent character Demik, approved, and please post her in the character section =)

Offline AkasmaTopic starter

Re: Illestra - Interest Check - Extreme group
« Reply #68 on: April 28, 2010, 02:15:54 AM »
IC thread is up =D Yay!!! So excited to be getting started, all these awesome character you guys are posting.

Offline Nim

Re: Illestra - Interest Check - Extreme group
« Reply #69 on: April 28, 2010, 02:40:51 AM »
Huggles Akasma!!  Very good my dear!!!

Offline Nim

Re: Illestra - Interest Check - Extreme group
« Reply #70 on: April 28, 2010, 05:03:51 AM »
Name:  Dirk Hakon

Age: 285

Race: WereBear  (Grizzly)

Appearance: Bear Form


Appearance:  WearBear

Appearance:  Human

Orientation: Straight

Station: WearBear Warrior/Seeker
Weapons/Abilities: Human two short swords, In both Grizzly form teeth claws and strength,  WereBear even greater strength and speed

Biography/history: Dirk had an unremarkable childhood.  But his parents did teach him everything he would need to know to survive on his own in the wild. As soon as he was old enough he set off on his own and remained that way living mostly off the land and staying away from people.  Dirk met a woman who became his  mate but she was killed by a human hunting party after they had been together for only a couple of years.  For this reason he has developed a miss trust of humans on a whole while he does realize that not all of them are necessarily evil. After is arrival in the Oasis he earned himself a solid reputation as being dependable, because of his eagerness and willingness to go and look for other WereBears. Dirk is a Warrior and seeker for the WereBears who goes in search of others. 
Personality:Warm and caring towards his own kind and other Wares.  Except for being very grumpy in the mornings.
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Offline AkasmaTopic starter

Re: Illestra - Interest Check - Extreme group
« Reply #71 on: April 28, 2010, 05:51:56 AM »
Very nice character Nim, make sure to post him in the approved character section =D Here is my second character, a dragon.

Name: StarDancer Yintainia

Age: Unknown, she has been alive for several millennia.

Race: Dragon


Human form:

Height: 5’7
Skin color: pale white
Eyes: Blackest of black
Hair: Long, straight, and white cascading to her knees
Body: She has a slender form and often her face does not show emotion well, this gives her a rather alien quality as she never appears to be emotional or even interested about anything.

Dragon Form:

In her natural form she is a metallic silver dragon, her scales are nearly impenetrable except on her wing membranes where the skin is much softer. As she ages her scales harden and grow tighter knit.
Height: 45ft tall standing on all fours, 165 ft from nose to tail in length
Skin color: Small tight overlapping scales or bright metallic silver
Eyes: Large deep black eyes that give off the feeling that your innermost secrets are known
Body: European style dragon of the beardless variety, there are ridges along her back and they are quite sharp but with protective clothing and her consent she could carry numerous passengers.

Orientation: Straight

Station:  Dragons have no need of stations really.

Weapons/Abilities:  She has no weapons in human form, in dragon form she prefers not to fight but she does have claws, fangs, and her breath weapon. She has a very strong affinity for magic and often performs strong spells on a whim, without thinking about the when or why, without preparing spells or rituals as many wizards and sorcerers do. However it is not something she would think of to use offensively.

Biography/history:  Yintainia has lived so long that the years have become a blur, she watched the rise of humankind with interest. She and her mate Errand lived happily and they had together a mighty son they named Kevine and raised him well. Though they are gigantic creatures they enjoy nature and the wonders it has to share and they taught Kevine to respect it. As is their nature he built a nest of his own after a few centuries and got a mate of his own. Yintainia and Errand were coming to visit when they saw below them the unthinkable, their son was fighting against swarms of men. Not just a few but thousands. They dove into the fight to help, not wanting to kill the humans but wanting to protect their son. When they landed they realized that underneath their son lay his mate, slaughtered and they had even started pulling her to pieces. They tried in vain to pull their son away but he refused to leave his mates body. They had no choice but to fight and they did, the humans fell in droves but they had large weapons that hurled rocks the size of the dragons fists at them and when finally the last human was slain their injuries were great. Kevine and Yintainia survived but her mate Errand died soon after the battle. Thrown deep into mourning no one saw yintainia for several centuries. Then one day she returned to her nest, a large cave in the mountains surrounding Aislin Haven. Rarely song can be heard coming from the forest, a voice sweet and pure as she laments for her lost mate.

Personality: Generally kind hearted and overly proud she for the most part avoids the new droves of weres in the valley. She gives advice to the dragoons to help guide them when she sees fit. She is wise and will on occasion share this wisdom if approached right. Like many dragons she finds brilliantly shiny things irresistible and is likely to favor someone who layers on the compliments. She enjoys talking to people telepathically, watching people’s surprised reactions, since it is an ability that most all dragons have but is uncommon among the weres. It is not common for her to take human form, she can hold the form for a long time but not indefinitely, after a day or so she would find it taking more and more energy to maintain. It is difficult to make friends with her since often she will simply tell visitors to go away unless it is important.
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Offline Kate

Re: Illestra - Interest Check - Extreme group
« Reply #72 on: April 28, 2010, 08:30:40 AM »
Race: Were-Dragon
Gender: Female
Age: 34

Lyila is one infamous Dragoon that to many is partly the reason why humans did rise up against the weres in the first place. She has been accused of countless things she has not done but her dismissive nature of not caring to correct matters let distrust grow to mob-mentality.

Since Lylia can recall she was always fascinated with stories speaking of permanent changes to other creatures and having the power to change life was often the only thing she could talk of for weeks at a time.

for better or for worse More to silence her incessant questions she was taught the basics of doing so at an early age by family members with an aptitude with sorcery and once Lyila managed to produce reliable effects the interest soon became an obsession.

Bodily changes to people or creatures wasnt a common teaching of  sorcery had few masters existed mainly due to the fact success needed the use of valuable gemstones used up in the process when permanency was sort, and although excellent at it, Lylia was never satisfied with.

Lilya read every book or scroll on the subject and even found one that allowed her abilities in the field to increase at a sacrifice to other powers she had.

Immediately she conducted it and sure enough abilities in doing so improved dramatically. However the sacrifice was real also. She was stuck in the form halfway between human and Dragon, human but with a tail and wings that could not be hidden. Although the wings still provided the gift of flight it was more exhausting than if she were in true form, and impractical for long distances, worse being recognized at a distance was all but assured. Lyila didn't care, her powers of changing people became second to none known but along with it a perversion grew.

Her interest in humans became intertwined with both and soon she moved from town to town offering promises to help in health and sexual issues at the cost of gemstones needed to perform the rituals. Soon people came and solving their issues on the whole Lyilia did. Healing diseases and permanent ailments, re-sculpting normal bodies into beauty or simply the removal of aging effects gave her the gems she needed to do what she really wanted - to indulge in perversions of changing the sexual organs of others comically.

Those that asked for it or offended her soon found themselves with a very different body from multiple sets of breasts or privates, some with a different gender all together. This was something that never went unnoticed and after conducting some dramatic changes she would leave the area before the town linched her for overt witchery.

One time Lylia was greatly offended by one noble woman almost running her off the road and later tracked her to her camp  site where she was resting nearby the stallion she was riding. An hour later the ritual was done and both woke in the morning with each other's genitals in place of their own. The noble's family was influential and so outraged their daughters embarrassment couldn't suppress rumor any longer and wind of Lylia's perverted nature spread quickly to other towns.

Most other weres think poorly of her conduct and blame her for much of the distrust humans have attributed to weres and its only with tension and more than the occasional glare Lylia resides in the sanctuary. Other weres have done worse, but Lylias behavior was at a time tensions were already high.

Her medical skills are welcomed, grudgingly however, as many hope new weres will soon arrive in the sanctuary with skills such that hers will no longer be needed.
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