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January 23, 2021, 04:56:05 AM

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Author Topic: Street Walking [M/M...looking for a cop/serial killer/anyone really...]  (Read 676 times)

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There's a certain side to big cities that most people don't get to see; seedier, darker, and even in the richer parts, filthy. Prostitutes hawk their waress - or rather, themselves - and people die every day from overdoses or brushing up against the wrong person. There's a certain danger that attracts some, and annonymity attracts others. My character would be a prostitute in one of the nicer neighborhoods, the East District. The West District is where the cheaper whores work, where the younger ones with no training go. My character would have worked his way up, become a well-known presence that is both feared and hated, yet admired, having come from the West District and how being one of the top whores in the East District.

A serial killer has been wandering the streets, picking off whores in the West District, the easier targets. Now he's gotten bolder, though, moved up onto the East District. He's slaughtering young men without any care, brutally raping and torturing them before killing them, keeping them alive until they lose the will to live after the agony he puts them through. The police are baffled; the man leaves no traces at his crime scenes and he seems to be as meticulous as an officer himself.

What they don't realize is that the killer is indeed a police officer, on the very force investigating him, so he knows exactly what to hide in order to satisfy his urges.

The killer will have grown bored of the cheaper whores who lose their will to fight within a few minutes of being captured, becoming sodden, sobbing creatures. He wants someone with a bit of fight in them, someone who will stand up to him, someone who is worth hurting. That's when he sees my character, starts following him - my character will have grown up fighting, and he'll know he's being watched, but not know by who. The game of cat and mouse will only intensify when my character accidentally befriends a cop who is investigating the serial murders, interviewing my character after a boy is taken from a corner my character had been seen at.

The killer would grow intrigued and yet more angry as my character started up a relationship with the cop, since both the killer at the cop are on the same force and the killer doesn't want to share what he considers his with a fellow officer/detecive/CSI analyst (whatever the killer is).

I'm looking for someone to play the cop in particular, or a fellow prostitute, or someone who frequents/owns the club mine goes to, or a client...anyone, really, that you'd like to play.
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Any takers? Particularly for the cop, but I'm taking offers for the other roles as well. :)