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Author Topic: Complete List of GnothiSeauton's Game Ideas  (Read 2199 times)

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Complete List of GnothiSeauton's Game Ideas
« on: April 13, 2010, 09:05:57 pm »
~ The Complete List of Original Game Ideas ~

A Father's Love
(Inspiration:  An idea from Prefect Mos)
Bondage OR Extreme
Incest, Father - Daughter Pairing, Modern, Bondage, Slave Training, Sex Trafficking

Due to inactivity, and previous permission, I've decided to try and look for someone to play this story that I absolutely loved.  Her father is a sexual deviant, its why mom fell in love in the first place, though with the kids her wanting the darker side of sex had waned considerably, she never stopped him from playing darker and darker games with others however. He got involved with several circles; a few actively bought and sold girls on the slave market. He had kidnapped a few and sold them on the market and claimed the money as a bonus, putting most of it back into the family... The middle daughter however was a rebellious hellion, secretly his favorite. The other kids did well in school, strove to excel, the middle one was trouble... and he loved it and her for it. It was after she was arrested on a drug charge that he knew he had to do something... she ran away before... That's when he installed the cameras. He watched every time she had sex, listened to her discussions with her partners, watched and laughed as she tried to get a boy to spank her, fell out of his chair when the pussy left crying because he wouldn't do it. He decide to kidnap his own daughter, to begin to teacher her how to be a sex slave, than sell her... everyone would just assume she ran away to Hollywood.

The Apprentice
Inspiration:  Batman Begins
Light, Bondage, or Extreme
MxF, FxF (MxF Preferred)

Modern, Realistic, Vigilante and Apprentice, Possible Romance, Gritty

This is somewhat loosely based off part of Batman Begins.  I had something like this before posted here, but I feel this is more refined and worked out.  It is something of a Vigilante story suchas Batman, and I would like to keep it something like the Dark Knight trilogy, for instance more of a modern realistic feel rather than something cartoonish or something that's more like a comic.

It centers around a young woman.  I envisioned her to be something of a battered young girl.  Came to the big city with hopes and dreams, only to end up selling herself on the streets just to survive.  One night she is beaten to a bloody pulp, battered and bruised before being raped in some dark alley way.  This is where the masked vigilante comes in...  He disperses with the men in a way only he could with his brutal and quick hand to hand combat, but coming upon the girl, he can't help but to feel sorry for her.  Instead of letting her wait there in the alley for an ambulance or the police, he takes her away, back to his hideout to care for her.

But what he gets is something far more...  She's inspired by him.  She wants to follow in his steps.  She wants to become his sidekick, so to speak.  Reluctantly he takes her in under his wing, training her, preparing her for the real world.

Bondage OR Extreme

She had always wanted to go there.  Every single day she drove passed the Black Rose Club on her way to work, her mind always filled with thoughts of just went on there.  She had always been curious about it, from the very first time she looked it up online.  It took one night, one night of just wanting to let go, of wanting to experience something different, of wanting to get away from her husband and kids, for her to just let loose and go out to the club she had always wanted to experience first hand.

Her husband just wouldn't understand.  Nor would her friends.  She knew what they would say if she wanted to go to a BDSM Club.  She decided to go alone, to a place where no one knew her, to just get away from it all.

But nothing could have prepared her for what was going to happen.  How was she supposed to know that her brother-in-law was going to be there?  How the hell was she supposed to know he was going to be one of the marquee performers?

This is a rough sketch to say the least, something I've been somewhat craving for a little bit of time now.  I've been wanting to do a sort of betrayal story, a story of a person betraying their family just for a little bit of pleasure and happiness.  Originally I had a Wife X Brother-in-Law pairing, but it could be changed to Brother X Sister or something like that.  It's totally and completely up for debate and discussion.

Blessed:  The Tale of Megacock
Inspiration:  A Porn Site I Discovered and Love
Male X Female

Something of a character chronicle I thought up of.  Deep down, he's always knew that he was different, perhaps even gifted.  At school was when he really started noticing it, standing in the showers after gym with the other boys.  He was just different.  However, growing up with a religious family robbed him of really understanding the power of the gift he had.  Sex was just something not really talked about, nor tolerated until marriage.  It wasn't until that one night, that one night on the road all alone, when the Devil tempted him with Sin.  On a lonely night, with a beat up truck full of Bibles he was supposed to deliver, he couldn't help but to feel a little hungry and thirsty, and so he stopped at a roadside bar, and that forever changed his life.  It was the night he lost his virginity, and the night he became corrupted.

This is a story of a young man who is anatomically gifted with a huge cock.  Yeah, kinda cheesy, I know, but hey, it's different from the other female porn star chronicles, right?  I saw it as starting off with his corruption by some woman in a bar, and how his life changes from a good, upstanding religious man into the hottest male porn star on the face of the earth.

Blind Date
Inspiration:  An episode of 30 Rock
Light, Bondage

Modern, Lesbian Romance, Reluctance of Sexuality, Questions of Sexuality, Light (Possibility of Bondage dependent upon preference)

I was watching an episode of 30 Rock, with the storyline of the episode being Liz getting set up on a blind date with a Lesbian.  Instantly the idea stuck in my mind for a role play and still, after a few days, has not left.

I had envisioned something along the lines of perhaps a woman who constantly is single.  Just has not had the best of luck with finding Mr. Right.  Reluctantly she agrees to a blind date set up by a friend, not knowing it was a joke by said friend to set her up on a date with a Lesbian.  Somewhat embarrassed, the two decide to make a night out of it and have some fun like two friends just hanging out.

From there, there are a few routes the story could go.  Perhaps a drunken night leads to an embarrassing morning...  Maybe they just have a good time with one another, to the point where they become friends, and allow a relationship of sorts to slowly develop.

The Bounty Hunter and the Outlaw
Inspiration:  Red Dead Redemption and 3:10 to Yuma
Light or Extreme
MxF or FxF

The Old West.  A time and place where cowboys, vigilantes, outlaws, and Native Americans roamed the frontier.  It was a place of opportunity and risk, where outlaws roamed the towns and railroads.

I would like to do a story like 3:10 to Yuma, in which an outlaw (in this case a female outlaw) is captured by a bounty hunter in Mexico or somewhere like that.  In order to collect the bounty, the Bounty Hunter must get the female outlaw back across the border to collect the money, doing whatever it takes to ward off wild animals, hostile Natives, and other opportunistic vigilantes aiming to collect on the bounty.

It's not much, but it's a start, something that's up for discussion.     

Corrupting the Good Kid
Light, Bondage, Non-Con OR Extreme
Male or Female

All it took was an arson charge to put her step-brother away behind bars in Juvenal Hall.  Having never met him before, she had no idea what to expect, nor how she would react to him.  She always had a little bit of an attraction for the bad boys, they were always something she wasn't:  bad.  Growing up, she was always the perfect angel, with great grades, never drinking, never over indulging in anything.  That was all until he came home, however.  Will he be her first?
***Can make this an F/F pairing with sisters, or an actual blood-relation siblings pairing.

Inspiration:  Random thoughts in the middle of the night
Light, Bondage, or Extreme (Depending on Preferences)
MxF, or FxF, MxF Preferred
Seeking Male or Female Characters

Modern, Romance, Slow-Building Relationship, Sexually Driven Plot, Casual Encounters

This is more of a shell of a plot idea.  It's the general set up, but missing the heart of the story that we can work on and discuss later through PMs.

For the sake of the story, I envisioned this starting off quickly with a random casual encounter set up through Craigslist.  Two lonely people who just happen to be looking for a no-strings-attached type thing.  When I thought of the story and toyed with it in my mind, I thought of perhaps the guy calling her up a day or two later, asking if she'd like to meet up again sometime for drinks or something like that.  I saw it as more of a slow building romance, with a generous amount of sex and the like put throughout the story.

Strangers turning into a friends with benefits type thing slowly turning into something more than that.

(Inspiration:  A song from Sons of Anarchy)
Light OR Extreme Exotic
MxF, Searching For Either Role

There is a house in Charming town,
they call the Rising Sun.
And it’s been the ruin of many a poor girl.
And me, o God I’m one.

If I’d listen to my momma,
Lord I’d be home today.
But I was young and foolish,
handsome rider led me astray.

Based off this song, I would like to do a sort of biker love story.  What I had envisioned was something along the lines of a straight-laced good girl, fresh from college coming home where one night she meets this handsome biker.  One things leads to another, and slowly she begins the decay from a good girl into his woman.  Later in the relationship (with the aide of fast-forwarding) he could get into trouble with the law, and as a result, make her choose whether to stay there, or go away with him on the run.

It's a rough sketch of an idea.  I'd be open to either role, and am totally open to discussing it further and polishing it up a little bit.

Inspiration:  AI, Bicentenial Man
Exotic(?) Light, Extreme, Bondage, OR Non-Con

MxF, FxF
Soldier/Veteran X Female Android

Science Fiction, Futuristic, Robots/Androids, Romance, Discovery

Set in the Future, Post-War Technologically Advanced Society.

Coming home from the war was an experience that was almost as painful as the war itself.  Things were different, far too different than the battlefields stained with the blood of men and women who gave their lives to their causes.  For too many of the returning veterans, it was too much, too overwhelming, too difficult to cope with...

But the people of United Robotics want to change that.  Every veteran returning home is eligible for a free, top of the line Dream Machine...  What is a Dream Machine?  The perfect person for you.  Hair color, eye color, personality, intelligence, social abilities, skill sets, even memories, whatever you want, United Robotics will make just for you, free of charge to every veteran.  They look like a human, they think like a human, they believe they are human.  The perfect person just for you.

For this story, I want to sort of explore the possibility of one of these androids, who is given to a returning veteran, slowly becoming aware of herself, and what she truly is under the layers of skin and synthetic muscle.  It would begin slowly, with having trouble remembering memories that had been programmed into her, and slowly remembering the truth.  When the company finds out, they will do anything to have her back, to fix the problem before more become defective.

But will he give her back?  What if he actually has a connection to her?  What if he actually loves her?

Domestic Servitude
Small Group, Bondage or Extreme (depending upon kinks)
Male or Female Characters Wanted

Modern, Cash for Services, Couple, BDSM, Questioning of Morality, Servitude, Fracturing of a Relationship

This is a little bit of a variation upon my one-on-one story entitled "A Little Extra Cash".  Instead of it being a single male and the arrangement with a young woman, I thought of this as being a couple and the young woman they have brought in.

What I had thought of was the two of them, the husband and wife (middle aged, successful, kinky, etc) bringing in a young woman they had met through some sort of fetish personals site or something such as that as (possibly a live-in?) maid/servant to help the young woman be trained and further her experience in the lifestyle.  Perhaps it starts off as a non-sexual thing, but slowly evolves into that with rules.  Perhaps eventually the rules are broken and cast away.  For a story, I thought of this young woman slowly breaking apart the couple, through no fault of her own.  Maybe the young dominant couple start to divide, both becoming jealous and wanting her for their selves?  Perhaps the tension between them (demanding jobs, unsuccessful pregnancy attempts, etc) have created the fractures, and this young woman is unknowingly the spark that breaks it apart?

I'm posting this here, rather than on the Group Game section (for now at least), to see what interest it garners.  All roles are up and open.

Don't Let Me Down
Inspiration:  "Don't Let Me Down" by The Beatles
Light or Extreme
FxF Characters
Seeking F Character for Either Role

The house was quiet after he left.  It was always quiet when he left her there alone.  Same shit, different day.  It was just another day of living with him, the abusive, domineering monster of a man.  He knew no bounds, knew no limits when it came to disciplining his wife.  The bruises all over her body, from her face where his fist laid into her, to the bottoms of her feet where he caned her.  She couldn't take it anymore.  As she laid upon the tiled floor of the bathroom, laying in blood from her mouth, she just couldn't take it anymore.  Out of desperation, she called the one number that stuck out in her mind, the one person that would help her.

It was during college when the two of them met, one a seemingly straight-laced good girl, the other a free-spirited young woman that was free with herself.  The attraction between them was unexplainable, neither sure why, but it just happened.  Together the two came, experimenting and exploring with each other the different layers and feelings to each other's sexuality.  For the two of them, things became closer, more intimate by the day.  It was only a matter of time before the two of them moved in together in a small apartment on campus, perfect for just the two of them.

However, things weren't meant to be.  As college came to an end, the two girls went their separate ways, despite what each wanted.  For one, it was a career, a job that seemed perfect.  For the other, she despised the thought of living in the city, surrounded by people she didn't know, living a life and a lie that would force her to hide their relationship together.  And so the two went, on with their separate lives.

Until that night, the night that would change both of their lives.  One needed an out, a way to escape her abusive and frightening husband, and the other was more than eager to help her friend, her former lover.

This is a lesbian story about an abused and battered wife looking for a way out of her life of being abused.  After ten years without a single word, she finally calls her college lover, hoping and praying for a way out.  This could go either way.  We could have the abused wife murdering her abusive husband in a crazed rage, needing a place to hide, or go with her running away from her abusive husband, taking what money and valuables she could find, and running away to be with the only person that loved her.

Looking for the Abused or the Old Lover.

Down The Rabbit Hole
Non-Con/Reluctance, Bondage, or Extreme/i]
MxF Characters

All his life, all he wanted was to be a teacher.  Ever since he was younger, it was all that he wanted.  He loved to teach when the opportunity arose.  Whether it was simple substitute teaching, or the occasional taking over job, he was always there and ready.  When he finally got his chance to be an actual, full time teacher, to follow his own lesson plan rather than someone else's, to actually be the teacher of his own class, he jumped at the opportunity.  Of course, there were sacrifices to be made.  A new town meant a big move for him and his family, but it was the beginning of a new life, a chance to live out his dream and provide for his family.  There was nothing that was going to ruin that for him...

Except for her...

The moment he saw her he knew she was trouble.  Beautiful.  Seductive eyes.  A body to kill for.  Oh yes, she was trouble.  It didn't help make matters better when she began to tease and flirt with him, slowly wearing down the man that thought he was resilient to the temptation of a woman like her.

The Empire Business
Inspiration:  Breaking Bad
Light, Bondage OR Extreme
FxF, Possibly FxM
Male or Female Characters Wanted

Modern, Breaking Down of Morals, Sacrificing for Family, Adult Industry, Teacher X Ex-Student

As off the wall as this story idea may sound, I would like to play it in a serious light.  It seems like it could be one of those porn parody films, but I don't want it to be.

It is essentially the story of a female teacher who suddenly finds herself in a rough situation.  Bank close to taking away the house.  Money lenders, credit card companies, repossession people, all calling up and closing in around her and her family.  The walls are closing in, and with a job that pays so very little, with a family needing her so very much, she grudgingly turns to one of the only ways out, and soon finds herself spiralling out of control thanks to the help of an ex-student-turned-cam-model.

Again, I know it sounds off the wall, but I think it could be a really interesting story.  The Walter White character is the teacher, the Jessie Pinkman character is the ex-student turned cam model.  Maybe the ex-student's cam show is so trashy and whatnot, and when the teacher comes and changes a few things, it becomes bigger and bigger.  Perhaps it attracts the attention of a porn kingpin.

Yeah.  I can't stop but to laugh at this, but I honestly thinks it could have a lot of potential with the right person.

The Gladiator's Prize
Inspiration:  Gladiator
Historic:  Ancient Rome

Non-Con or Extreme
Male Characters only

He was known as the best Gladiator in all of Rome, if not the vast Empire.  The way he could carve his opponents with his sword was unparalleled by any man or woman.  It was through this particular Gladiator that his owner made a fortune in betting and using him in games.  The Gladiator is far too valuable to him, and as a sign of just how valuable he was, the Gladiator Owner decided to reward his prized possession with a toy, a fresh, young slave from Gaul.  However, as time slowly wears on, the Gladiator devises a plan for her, a special and intricate plan for his eventual escape from this servitude to rise up and rebel against Rome.

Personal Demon
(Inspiration:  [/color]A Piece Of Art by Jason Chan and a little bit of Drop Dead Fred)
MxF OR MxF but MxF prefered

A lot of things have happened in her life.  It all started when she was a little girl, being abused and roughed up by her father and brother.  As she grew older, the troubles didn't stop for her.  It was only a matter of time before he came to her.  Is he real?  Is he all in her head?  She has no idea.  But whatever he asks of her she does.

The Princess and the Pirate
Inspiration:  Loosely based and inspired by A Song of Ice and Fire (The Targaryen Civil War "The Dance of the Dragons")
Light, Bondage, or Extreme (Depending on Subject Matter and Kinks)
MxF or FxF Characters
Seeking Male or Female Characters

Medieval / Low Fantasy, Piracy, Warfare, Seduction, Possible Lesbian Romance (Depending Upon Pairing), Queen X Pirate Lord

This is loosely inspired by the A Song of Ice and Fire series and world, namely the event in Westrosi history entitled The Dance of the Dragons, a civil war between Targaryen Half Brother and Half Sister over the Iron Throne.

Stuck in a kingdom with war on the horizon as her father lays dying, slipped into a deep coma, a Princess, the first born from her father the King, faces an uphill battle against the laws of the kingdom and her younger, half-brother, the Prince.  Although she was the first born, with many Lords and Ladies having sworn their allegiance to her at a young age, the birth of her younger brother had changed many allegiances.  As law decrees that the firstborn son precedes any and all claim to the throne by siblings, including firstborn daughters, she knows it will be a struggle to claim, in her mind, what is her natural birthright.  As her father lays dying in his coma, as her brother, having grown into a fearless, brutal man, begins to plot against her, she begins to seek out help from outside the kingdom.  With hardly any soldiers, with few houses remaining loyal to her cause, she looks to sellswords and pirates for help.  If she can not beat her brother with superior numbers, she will crush him at sea.

And for her, there is only one person with the ships she doesn't have, with the experience on the seas and battles.  The Pirate Lord.

I envisioned this as a sort of reluctant romance between a proper Queen and a more rugged, relaxed Pirate commander.  She goes to him/her seeking help, and perhaps ends up with more than she bargained for.

Also willing to do this as a Prince X Female Pirate

The Rise and Fall of the Dark Lord
Inspiration:  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Book)
Bondage, Non-Con, or Extreme
Male or Female Characters Wanted

Harry Potter Universe (Book 7 Era), Death Eater X Muggle, Magic, BDSM, Slow Decay of Beliefs, Fleeing Authorities

This is roughly inspired by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, particularly the relationship between Snape and... (Can be obvious if you've read or watched the book/movie, will not spoil it for those who haven't read or watched).

Set in the era of the seventh book, I had thought of a romance between a Death Eater and a Muggle Born woman or Squib.  It could be the daughter of a Muggle-born Wizard who had wanted a life for his children away from magic.  Perhaps a Death Eater takes the daughter/woman captive, perhaps to ensure the cooperation of a loved one, or just for fun against muggles.  With it being set during a time where the Death Eaters and the Dark Lord are in power, there wouldn't be much backlash for it.

I saw it eventually turning into something more than a dark, twisted thing of torture and fun.  I thought perhaps it becomes something more intense and meaningful.  It could get to the point where he begins to question some of his beliefs and allegiances.  Maybe with the fall of the Dark Lord and his regime he becomes hunted by aurors and the like, taking her into hiding with him.

Royally Fucked
Non-Con, Bondage, OR Extreme

This one is a medieval storyline.  Not really into the whole fantasy world (i.e. elves, goblins, etc).  The royal family has just been overthrown, and a new warrior King has ascended the throne.  Killing off the former king, he decides to keep his young, beautiful daughter alive to be his fuck toy, to send a message to all those who dare question his rule and to further humiliate the former royal family and their followers.  All along he's heard stories of the young Princess's beauty, but he never imagined them being so true.  He decides to keep her for himself, and only himself.  It's not like he can give into his advisers' wishes and kill her.  She's too far valuable to the stability of the kingdom, and the only person he really likes and cares for.  After some events that take place, the Princess comes to realize she needs him more than he needs her.  His protection is something she must have and need.

The Savior Who Was Promised
Inspiration:  A Song of Ice and Fire
Exotic Light, Exotic Bondage, or Exotic Extreme?
MxF Characters
Seeking Male or Female Characters

Light Magic, Medieval Light Fantasy Setting, Warrior X Priestess, Worship

This story is based on, largely, the relationship between Stanis Baratheon and Melisandre in the A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones series.  I am NOT asking for a role play between Stanis and Melisandre, but rather a story that's similar to their relationship.

She had been a priestess, one of legion in the far East.  The Worshippers of the Almighty Baelian.  Once feared, time had eroded away that fear, replacing it with nothing but suspicion and caution.  Nothing more than a raggedy group of mummers, they had been called, by more than a few in the distant lands of the East.  Tricks.  Slight of hand.  Their magic was nothing more than tricks and gimmicks, illusions.  It wasn't uncommon at all for there to be "visions" from their God professed by the priests and priestesses upon the streets, professing their visions which almost never came true.

But for her, it was different.  It was unlike any of the other visions the others received.  Powerful, intense, and all too real.  She had seen Him, in all of his glory the Almighty Baelian, commanding her to find the Savior, the man who would conquer the world.  His face had been burned into her mind, his name and city repeated over and over again.

It was real.  It had to be real.  Baelian had chosen HER to find the Savior, to guide him, to aid him, to conquer the world and rid it of the evil and false Gods.

That's a pretty rough idea of her.  It's still a little foggy in my mind, but I had envisioned her being "gifted" with at least some magic as a result of her vision.  She travels across the lands and seas, across the world, to find him.  He's not a King, not a Lord or Chieftain, but a lowly mercenary, a sellsword, or something such as that where he wouldn't have much influence.  Immediately she would take to him, proving herself with the display of her gifts from Baelian, worshipping the Savior as if he were her King and God on Earth.

But is it truly a prophetic vision, or a delusion?

Slave to Work
Inspiration:  Past Story, Character for Now-Defunct Group Story
Bondage, or Extreme (Dependent Upon Kinks, Story Direction, Etc.)
MxF Characters
Seeking Male or Female Characters (Female Characters Preferred)

Modern, Boss X Secretary, Blackmail, BDSM, Total Power Exchange

He's always been an asshole.  Ask anyone who's come across him, from his collegues at work, to the occasional woman in his life, and they will all almost certainly tell you that He is nothing more than an ass.  Domineering.  Arrogant.  Cut-throat.  Driven.  He is a man who is not afraid to take what he wants, whether in the office negotiating deals, or out picking up a woman to fill the emptiness. 

It's a story of blackmail and domination.  One night he goes out looking for fun, a woman to fuck at some bar in the city until he finally succeeds in finding the perfect one.  But never did he imagine that the woman he picked up, the woman he was going to fuck the night away with, would be coming in for a job interview the next morning.  She has everything to lose, a decent job to put money on the table, and a boyfriend she loves, soon to come face to face with the asshole who threatens to ruin everything for her.

Originally this was a story between myself and a fellow writer on here, but ended due to the story seeming having run it's course.  It's been resparked, so to speak, in my mind due to rereading old stories I have been involved with and a character for a group story I had created, only to see the game seemingly end.  I would prefer to write the male character, but would not mind writing the female character.

Spoils of War
Inspiration:  Vikings and Troy
Non-Con, Bondage, or  Extreme
MxF Characters
Seeking Male or Female
Historical or AU Medieval Setting, Slavery, Warrior X Enslaved Woman, Bondage

This is a little bit of a rough idea.  After falling in love with the new show Vikings and watching the movie Troy, I would like to do something similar to both of those.

It's set in either a historical or AU Medieval-style setting.  Personally I am leaning towards the AU (i.e. Westeros in Game of Thrones/ASOIAF).  It's a pairing between a notorious, savage warrior on a campaign or conquest against a foreign land who takes up a slave from one of the captured townsfolk of some village or town they come across.  Ideally I would like it dark, exploring themes of reluctance in finding romance, etc.  Story can be worked out between interested parties.

Inspiration:  A Previous Story Attempt
Light, Bondage, or  Extreme
MxF Characters
Seeking Male or Female
Modern, Romance, Prostitution, Adultery, Sugar Daddy X Prostitute, Possible Bondage, Blackmail, Forced

This story is based off of a previous story I attempted with someone some time ago, with it ending very early in the story.  Still, after all this time, it's been on my mind and has been something I've been wanting to do again, but different with a certain amount of changes I'd like to add to it to make it different from the original.

It was only for the money.  When she first started doing it, she had no idea what she was doing.  Prostitution.  There was no way to sugar coat it.  She hated it.  Deep down, she loathed what she was doing.  Trading her body for a college education in the city.  Even after a year of doing it under her belt, she hated it.  If it weren't for the money, she would have given it up from the very beginning. 

But then she came across him.  At first, she pegged him as just another rich douche.  A businessman in town looking for a night of pleasure and fun with a girl more than half his age.  Yet, as the night wore on, there was something different about him.  He seemed genuinely interested in her, a much welcomed change from the usual pace of men who wanted nothing more than to fuck and fuck and fuck. More and more she looked forward to their dates, anxious, and a little excited, even if she didn't know much of anything about him.

So when he offered to pay for everything, from putting her up in a decent apartment in the city just blocks away from the college, to paying for her tuition and getting her a new job, she couldn't refuse.  The only thing she had to do was give up her then-current line of work, to focus her attentions solely upon him, to be his and only his.  There was a certain sense of freedom that came with that.  With him gone, she was her own person, free and independent.  But what would happen when she wanted out of it? What would happen if she tried to back out, to be friends, and keep their arrangement going?  What if she found someone she truly liked?

No.  He wouldn't let her go so easily.  He'd make her choose, to be his and reap the benefits, or go back to the life she left behind?

Step-Mommy Dearest
(Inspiration:  A Random Porn Video)
NonCon OR Extreme (Depending on you)

This is a variation of my previous Welcome Home, Big Brother! story idea, with major changes.  She's a woman with a dark past.  Twenty six years old, and she already has skeletons in her closet that would make a person cringe.  It all started years ago, down on her luck and needing money, she turned to porn.  She was a legend, talented and stunning at a young age.  Then, it all came down with one prostitution charge.  Changing her name and her life, she moved away from the big city to suburbia, and eventually met an older man and married him for the money and security he could provide her.  That's when her new husband's son came home from his tour of duty overseas.  Battered and injured from the fighting, he's been sent home for rehab and rest.  It doesn't take him long to figure out his new, gorgeous, and definitely young step mother is up to no good.  After a little snooping with Google, he finds out her dark, deep secret.  Yet, there's something about her that draws him closer to her, like a deep, dark attraction.  Blackmail, and threats of humiliation make her more complacent to his demands, and soon her days with her step son are filled with humiliating and degrading tasks, all until he becomes strong and healed enough to really give it to his step mother.

Inspiration:  Unbreakable and Monsters VS. Aliens
Light, Bondage, Non-Con, OR Extreme
Male x Female OR Female x Female

She was just a normal girl.  Quiet.  Smart.  At first glance, there seemed to be nothing abnormal about her.  By far she wasn't the most popular girl in school.  Where everyone talked and gossiped, she was quiet in the back of the class room, studying and reviewing her subjects.  She looked and seemed like just another girl, another face in the crowd. 

And then it happened.

It was just another day in her life until things started changing, until she started to change.  Things were becoming different for her.  There were voices within her mind, however they weren't nonsense at all.  Could she really be hearing the thoughts of her friends and those around her?  Her body began to change.  No longer did she look like some kind of book-worm, but over night her body changed, transforming into a beautiful, bombshell with abilities common for comic books.

This is something a little different than what I'm used to.  I want to do a super hero story of a woman that transforms into something different.  She could have the ability to hear other's thoughts, have super-human strengths, etc.  This story could go a number of ways, but I had an idea of perhaps another character helping her out, whether it be a friend or a sort of "fan", in which they help  save her from something.  Or we could go the Monsters Vs. Aliens thing with her being kidnapped by some branch of the military and government for testing and to lock her up with the other "dangerous individuals with special abilities".  My character could meet another character with special abilities, and together the two of them try and break out and break free of their captivity.

The Bitch
Non-con OR Extreme
Female Characters ONLY

This idea I can't take full credit for.  Due to inactivity on the original game thread, I've decided to see if anyone would like to play a new version of it.  This is one of the few stories that are no-negotiations when it comes to the pairings.  It has to be FxF, and I will only accept F characters for the story (gender of the writer isn't important, as usual).  The submissive of the story is a young, innocent woman, sent to jail for something petty, like theft, or framed for arson, whatever.  She's sent to a state of the art woman's prison, under unknown circumstances.  Little does she know the Warden herself had pulled strings to get her there, all to put her in the same cell as one of the most dangerous prisoners in the prison (Dominant character).  She's been sent there and placed in the cell by the warden to just find out information, all in an attempt to get rich on hidden gold and money the Dominant character had hidden before going away.

The Prince's Pet
Inspiration:  Some Girl:  Life In A Harem
Light, Bondage, OR Extreme
MxF OR FxF, MxF Preferred

She was just an ordinary college girl.  She had the looks and certainly the brains.  Brains were a must to get into one of the best schools in the U.S.  On academic merit alone she got into one of the top schools on scholarship.  Life was seemingly at her feet, until an opportunity came knocking at her door.

This is a story of a girl hand-picked to be a part of a harem.  The setting would be modern day Europe in some made up country with a made up royal family.  Easier that way, right?  There would be competition, conniving, back-stabbing between some of the girls and the main character, friendship with some of the girls in the harem, and ultimately, love between the Prince/King/Princess/Monarch/Whatever.  It's a very loose plot, of course.  Everything is totally up for discussion and debate.

The Prison Whore
Inspiration:  A Piece of Erotica I'm Writing
MxF or FxF
Bondage, Light, or Extreme

The warden of one of the largest, most efficient prisons in the country is one corrupt bastard.  For years their reputation has been built around his ability to do and get anything.  Ever an opportunistic man, he devised a cleaver way of getting what he wants and what he needs:  prostitutes.  By catering to the most ruthless of people behind bars, the men with actual power and muscle on the outside that could and would do anything their leader tells them, the warden offers the prisoners a choice of whore for a few hours, privacy in a small, furnished trailer in the prison grounds.  For this, I would be playing one of the whores, a young girl that got caught up in the wrong crowd, whereas you would be playing one of the ruthless, cut throat gang leaders in the prison.  After a while, with your charm, I'm virtually powerless to resist you, helping you do anything you wanted...  Even escape.

The Slave Trainer
Inspiration:  A Dream of Mine
Non-Con or Extreme
Male or Female

Sometimes, kidnapped slaves can be a bitch to handle.  They just never let up with their fighting, resilient spirit.  So feisty and rebellious, they can sometimes be too much to handle for some people, especially for the lonely old men with tons of money.  That's why they call up the Professional, someone that knows just how to handle slaves like that.  After a few weeks, they go from rebellious and downright dangerous, to frightened, completely submissive women that seek the comfort and protection just to avoid the threat of being sent back to them.  This story could go either way, but I am thinking of perhaps a romance story.  Perhaps the slave and the Trainer develop some sort of bond together, a deep romantic relationship that makes the Trainer consider buying her for himself.

Sudden Death
Based on an idea inspired by Death Race and “The Gladiator’s Prize” Idea
Near-Future Setting
Non-Con OR Extreme
MxF preferred

Set in the near future…

It was only a matter of time before the world’s economic institutions began to falter.  One by one countries began to crumble away to the effects of the global melt down.  Some panicked, some drove their economies into the ground out of fear.  Others, on the other hand, began to sell off it’s institutions in the hopes of pulling free from the economic gloom overcoming the nation.

In the United States, it was no different.  The very first thing to go were the nation’s prison systems, sold one by one to various corporations and companies that could afford to.  But what to do with these prisons?  The answer was simple.  Right there within their hand was the perfect opportunity to cash in on what America loves most:  violence.

“Sudden Death” became an instant hit amongst the nation’s population, and soon the world.  Twenty First Century Gladiator Games as it was billed, pitted the most dangerous, violent criminals against one another in a fight to the death.  It was more violent than UFC.  It was more entertaining than the NFL.  Where else could you watch two men beat each other senseless until one died in battle?  In no time at all Sudden Death had become the nation’s new national sensation, the year-round event with no offseason or holdouts.  It was either fight, or face execution.  There was no way around it.

But what to give a top prisoner after so many victories?  Food was fleeting.  Entertainment wouldn’t last.  But a woman, now that was something worth fighting for.

This is an idea based off of a combination of some Jason Statham movie and a story idea I had entitled The Gladiator’s Prize.  It would be one of the best, if not the best, fighter within the system receiving a gift of a personal female slave, whether it’s just some poor runaway, some prostitute, or female inmate.  For twenty four hours a day on non-fight-days, she would be chained to him, helpless to escape in a prison full of dangerous men and criminals.  I had envisoned this to be a sexually charged, action packed story or a prisoner/gladiator trying to escape, using his slave as a tool in his quest to finally be free.

Untitled Incestuous Story
Bondage OR Extreme
Seeking Male or Female Characters
Incestuous Brother on Sister Story

They called him The Modern Day Adonis.  From the way his muscled physique gleamed, all oiled up in the bright lights of the stage, to the thick, hung cock he sported, it was easy to see why he was The Black Rose's main attraction on Ladies Night.  He was massive, broad shoulders, muscles, oiled up in the bright lights, with only a mask upon his face to conceal his identity.  Every few nights he would come out on stage, willing to give the audience a show as one of the most desirable Dominants around.

Little did he know that on one night, his unsuspecting little sister was in the audience, fresh from college/military/whatever and out with friends to celebrate her home coming.  What will she do when she realize that the man on stage is actually her brother?

It's a rough sketch.  Basically, what I had in mind, was for the sister to discover that it's her brother on stage.  Whether it's that night or a few days earlier at a family get together.  Maybe some sort of family cookout where she spots the familiar and unique tattoo the masked Adonis had? 

Definitely craving this one.  Looking for either the brother or sister.

Welcome Home Big Brother
Light, Bondage, Non-Con, or Extreme
Seeking Male or Female Characters

Modern, Military, Rehabilitation, Medical, Incest, Brother X Sister, Patient X Caretaker

I had this idea of a veteran returning home from combat.  He's been pretty significantly injured.  Multiple surgeries.  Stuff like that.  He's brought back stateside for treatments and rest, and part of his recovery takes place with his sister, since she lives pretty close to the military hospital, and is different than the hospitals he'd be accustomed to.  More like home than anything.  I was thinking that she'd have to take care of him a lot.  Change his dressings and bandages.  Wash him.  Take care of him.  Stuff like that.

I had this thought about it a while ago, where she, in the middle of the night when she cant sleep, comes out of her room to hear the sounds of a porn going on in the living room, where he's been sleeping and staying since it's more convenient for him.  He'd be struggling, the wounds making his movements difficult to relieve himself, and, feeling sorry for him, knowing all of the troubles he's had, she reluctantly offers to give him a hand, so to speak.  It could go from there, but I saw their relationship deepening as she takes care of him.  They haven't really seen one another for a while, and his treatment and care has brought them closer than any of them could have imagined.

The Wrong Time
Inspiration:  The Time Machine, Cabin in the Woods, and Red Riding Hood
Extreme, Bondage, OR Non-Con

Time Traveler/"Feared Demon"  X Puritan Sacrafice

Time Travel, Colonial America Era, Transformation, Light Science Fiction

It was called The Genesis Project.

Born in the depths of a research facility underground, it was supposed to be the greatest technological achievement ever, and perhaps that ever would be, in the history of mankind.  Only a select few knew of it’s existence, and even in that small circle, doubts were raised about the ethicality of the machine.  Should man be able to go back in time?  Should a person go back, and risk destroying the world?

When it was finally decided that the project would be mothballed, buried and erased from any and a
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