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Author Topic: Shadow of Neonopolis: Tales from a destroyed city.  (Read 6027 times)

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Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Shadow of Neonopolis: Tales from a destroyed city.
« on: March 22, 2010, 04:49:45 AM »

The year is 2265. And the world is a different place. The governments of the past have faded away, in their place independant city states have risen. One such place is the city state of Neonopolis, the largest city in human history. Run by an elected council. To those on the outside, and in the upper levels it is a shining symbol of mankind’s greatness, his mastery of science and nature, a utopia built upon a once mighty river. But this image is little more than a mask, for as one travels deeper into the city, down to the lower levels. It becomes apparent that all the old problems of the world’s former great cities have not disappeared, they have simply grown to match the city they are a part of. The lower levels of Neonopolis are a hotbed for civil unrest, street gangs, counter government movements, and even military weapons testing.

All of these threats are just barely held in check by the combined effort  of the police force, and the military. But…nothing can last forever. And the time of reckoning has begun. Deep in the bowls of Neonopolis, something has gone wrong. An experiment has gone out of control, the safeties in place to protect the city have failed, and now a cataclysm has been unleashed.

In the blink of an eye…everything changed. A single man, born with a gift, taken from his family as a child, experimented on as a teen, and trained as an adult. Has been pushed too far, he has died. And his death scream has destroyed a city. In the aftermath all that is left of the once great Neonopolis is wreckage, death, and survivors. 

It is these survivors who must now eke out an existence. There is no real hope of help from other city states, each one too preoccupied with its own survival; they must make do on their own, they must survive any way that they can. Proving themselves to either be the leaders of their fellows, or the subjects of those who have the will to seize power.


Ok so this is my idea for a post-disaster role play. So I'll get to the meat and potatoes of how this will ideally work out. The role play will start four days after the ‘event.’ Enough time for leaders to arise but not enough time for any one person/group of people to really become more powerful than another. There would be two ‘classes’ of characters. Leaders/warlords/tyrants (ect.), and followers/victims/subjects(ect). I’ll go into each type in depth below.

These would be people who for whatever reason have gained control of another group of people. They could be religious cult leaders, military survivors, street gangs, anti-government groups, forces from another citystate trying to grab some land, whatever. Anyone playing a leader would be responsible for creating their main character, as well as fleshing out their group. (i.e. explaining who they are,  about how many of them there are, what their goals are, and so on and so forth) obviously this would fit in better for those players who enjoy being the ‘dominant’

These would be those who have chosen to follow others(or not been given the choice) they would most likely could be people who have joined the group for food/protection, been captured, are yet to be captured. As such they can really be anyone, and would most likely work for players who enjoy being the ‘submissive’

There will obviously be some conflict between the different groups ect. All of this will be freeform, with victors being decided OOC. Any disagreements as to who should ‘win’ a fight that can’t be settled in a friendly/compromising way will be settled by me(with a simple roll of the dice so as to remain fair/impartial).

Interactions between the leader characters would obviously be as equals (at least at first), where as those between leaders and followers would not. Ideally I'd be looking for at most 4 leader characters (including mine). And at least 4 followers if not more with no real limit (within reasion) to follower characters.

The City will be divided into 4 territories. numbered 1-4 as follows


everything else will be no man's land.

If you're interested the character sheets are as follows:


Leader/Follower(Pick one)



Looks: (Picture/drawing/ect preferred)

Short Bio: (at least a paragraph explaining who they were before the event and how they got into power after)

Their Group’s Name: 

Group’s Description: (who they mostly are,what their goals are, ect.)

Weapons: (what the average member has/uses as a weaopon, as well as any special/uncommon weapons that they have in smaller numbers ect)

Numbers: (a rough idea of how many their are in the group. Small, Medium, or Large.)

Preferred territory: (out of those available)

Player preferences: ( Things you do/DO NOT want to encounter/have happen to your character. For  example: Into M/F, Bondage, NC. Not into M/M. )


Leader/Follower(Pick one)



Looks: (Picture/drawing/ect preferred)

Status: (captured by(group name), part of (group name), not yet captured)

Short Bio: (at least a paragraph explaining who they were before the event and how they got where they are now)

Player preferences: ( Things you do/DO NOT want to encounter/have happen to your character. For  example: Into M/F, Bondage, NC. Not into M/M. )

Hopefully this catches some interest.

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Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Re: Shadow of Neonopolis: Tales from a destroyed city.
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2010, 12:42:50 PM »
Just a note on the technology level. (realized I'd forgotten to mention it. I'm seeing it as being futureistic, as far as exact style goes I'm open to anything, so feel free to post up all maner of weapons ect. for your charcters :D if it dosn't fit I'll simply say so

Leader/Follower: Leader

Name: Joe ‘Kan’ Kaneda

Age: 17


Short Bio: Born in the lower levels of Neonopolis Joe’s mother was of Japanese heritage, while his father was of Latin origins. They were both hard working people, seeking to make a living any which way they could. Joe, was trouble from the start. He always had a distaste for anyone trying to tell him what to do, and was not afraid to stand up against it…even if it meant he was going to get beaten. Over the years this problem got worse and worse, Joe got more and more out of control, until finally at age 15 he crossed the line too far and was sent to a reform school.

Rather than actually becoming reformed Joe just made friends with the other boys there and together they, started a gang(the dancers), stole some bikes, and escaped. From then on they had lived day by day, making money off of running anything from drugs to guns for anyone who would pay. Counting on their riding skills to escape the police after a year of this, growing stronger every day The Dancers made a move against several of the other gangs in their area. Sparking off a gang war that lasted for another year, by the time the war ended The Dancers had become the strongest gang on their streets, anyone who rode wore their colors or didn’t wear colors at all.

On the day of the disaster Kaneda, or Kan as his friends called him, had gathered all of the original Dancers at one of the local bars, he wanted to celebrate their victory and have a good time. The bar itself was underground…that fact alone is most likely what saved their lives. Once the bar stopped shaking Kan opened the door to the outside, and he and everyone else in the bar saw the wreckage that was left.

That very day Kan sent his men out to search the ruins for four things. Rides, guns, food, and more gang members, he could see that this was his chance to really make it big…and he would be damned if he let it slip by.

By the end of second day Kan had amassed a small ‘army’ of bikers armed with anything that could be salvaged and riding anything that still ran. He had made sure that they knew he was the boss by fighting and nearly killing anyone who challenged his right to lead.  On the third day he took his mega-gang onto what remained of the highway. Since then they have been raiding, and pillaging any one and anywhere that they pass by, as they constantly move up and down the highway.

Group Name: The Dancers

Group Description: The Dancers were originally one of the many bike gangs throughout Neonopolis, focused on riding, avoiding the authorities, and fighting with every other bike gang in the city. In the last days before the disaster they had managed to become the dominant bike gang in their area of the city by mercilessly attacking any of the other gangs that tried to stand against them. After the disaster they once again found themselves on top after absorbing the other gangs in the area. Their goals are to survive, have some fun while doing it, and not let anyone try to stop them from doing it.   

Weapons/Equipment: One of the first stops The Dancers made was to a government warehouse on their turf. Their they armed themselves with whatever weapons and vehicles they could scavenge, some experiment, The Dancers are nowhere near having a ‘uniform’ weapon, that having been said the vast majority of them carry some sort of firearm. Weather be a pistol or an assult rifle . In addition to this every member of The Dancers is a rider, and either has a bike, or  some   other  vehicle  that they have taken from wreckage, repaired and claimed as their own.

In addition to this, Several of The Dancers have gotten their hands on anti-armor weapons in the form of ant-armor rifles and  rpgs. The Dancers also uncovered a number of experimental vehicles and weapons when they broke into the government warehouse, granted they could never figure out how to drive or use some of them, but the ones they did figure out have since been ‘liberated’ and are as follows:

Ten experimental hover platforms: Given to anyone crazy enough to ride them.
Twelve prototype assault rifles. Given to Kaneda’s most trusted men
One prototype sniper rifle:  Given to the best shot in the gang.
One experimental laser weapon: Which Kaneda has claimed for himself.

Numbers: Medium

Preferred territory: 2

Player Preferences: On:M/F, F/F, Non-con, bondage. Offs: honestly none

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Offline PeacethatPowerbrings

Re: Shadow of Neonopolis: Tales from a destroyed city.
« Reply #2 on: March 22, 2010, 06:12:25 PM »
I'm interested, and my profile is forthcoming.

Offline Olufemi

Re: Shadow of Neonopolis: Tales from a destroyed city.
« Reply #3 on: March 22, 2010, 11:30:12 PM »
Work in Progress


Name: Emmilyn Connor

Age: 23


Short Bio: Medical student, parents were both professionals and had instilled a sense of empowerment and am bision in their daughter.  Emmilyn, also had a respect for people, life and dignity. A natural at getting along with most anyone, she was a problem solver and a thinker.  But more important she took action upon those thoughts.  Working hard she began to help with the rescue, pulling people from rubble, providing medical attention and organizing a triage, the gathering of supplies.  Also the watch and guard of their group from those that might come in violently. Emmilyn would work long hard hours along side of those with her.

Their Group's Name: Who has time to think up a name when you're just 'doing' what needs to be done?

Group's Description: Survivors, families and elderly, perhaps a few military, medical etc..  they worked to save lives and preserve their own. Gather supplies and protect one another from the gangs and looters. Their center being the hospital, in bad shape the building it but it is the sturdiest of the buildings in the area, and seemed to be holding up.  Supplies gathered and people to  began to set up  shelter and some of the stronger, men with what weapons they might have found watched for looters and gangs.  Others were the searchers, of survivors and supplies, food, medical, weapons anything of use.  Their numbers may be greater, but they were just people trying to survive after such a catastrophe.  Being in the Central district of the city they have a high number of resources, grocery shops, hospitals, shopping centers and other such buildings, though much are in ruins, with time and work much can be scavenged for the survival of the group. Though their numbers are large, many are simple nonmilitary types. Doctors, Trades people and the remaining Police and military members in the area.

Weapons: Average Weapons, firearms or blunt object, blades. perhaps an ingenious member with an art for homemade explosives or booby traps.  Whatever they might scavenge.  Being int eh central district of the city they have access to police equipment and weapons. Some mechanical  protective machines.  Protective gear, Smoke and other defensive and offensive explosives.

Numbers: Large

Preferred territory: Green

Player preferences:  Into Good Roleplay more then any of the following though they don't hurt at all. M/F, Bondage, NC. Not into M/M F/F

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Offline Ravyn

Re: Shadow of Neonopolis: Tales from a destroyed city.
« Reply #4 on: March 22, 2010, 11:45:49 PM »
I'm interested and would like to join as a follower, but I think I'll wait until a couple more leaders sign up before churning out a chary sheet

Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Re: Shadow of Neonopolis: Tales from a destroyed city.
« Reply #5 on: March 22, 2010, 11:46:57 PM »
Glad to have your interest.

Offline Odin

Re: Shadow of Neonopolis: Tales from a destroyed city.
« Reply #6 on: March 23, 2010, 06:10:59 AM »
Interested as playing 'muscle'. Probably going to be an ex-soldier or something.

Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Re: Shadow of Neonopolis: Tales from a destroyed city.
« Reply #7 on: March 23, 2010, 01:07:11 PM »
sounds good/glad to have you

Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Re: Shadow of Neonopolis: Tales from a destroyed city.
« Reply #8 on: March 23, 2010, 05:25:09 PM »
Well, first off glad to see some interest!

Second off I realized that I didn't go into much detail at all about the tech level. SO in an effort to rectify that(and due to the fact that my muse is currently obsessed with this story line) I'm going to post up a few examples of the tech level. These are obviously not something anyone NEEDS to incorporate, nor are they necessarily the 'look' that you need to adopt. Just examples/suggestions/musings

So that being said I'll start off with the levle of tech that would be common/everyday things it should also be mentioned that the exact look/capablities will be up to the players with me only stepping in if something seems unballanced. (I.E. if your side has alot of tech, they should have lower numbers)


They still roll on wheels, that having been said everything else is up in the air/open for creative interperataion.


Still fire bullets, though the bullets they fire may be more advanced/the way they fire them may be different ect.

Now for some of the less common things. Like police gear, standard issue military gear, ect

Riot gear/body armor

Obviously having gone through many advances.

Now more advanced things i.e. expiermental stuff, special opps gear, tanks, mechsuits ect. These would be quite rare/powerful.


On the question of Mechsuits I say yes! That having been said they'd need to be VERY limited in number per side (or very limited in ability) and not much taller than an average human (so no GIANT ones plz)


Yes, though no self-thinking/intelegent ones. In essance they'd be like UAV's ect except no longer needing someone to remote control them, though they'd still need to be given orders, and would not think or act for themselves. So to sum it up they'd be tools not characters. Also, once again most likely in lesser numbers


Bigger meaner, cooler, obviously in low numbers as well

Hovering/flying/floating anything

Hovering tech would still be consider experimental and therefore anything that hovers would also have low numbers.

Offline Jarod1

Re: Shadow of Neonopolis: Tales from a destroyed city.
« Reply #9 on: March 23, 2010, 10:04:19 PM »
I'm interested in this and will work up a character bio though I probably won't finish till tommorow.

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Re: Shadow of Neonopolis: Tales from a destroyed city.
« Reply #10 on: March 23, 2010, 10:31:09 PM »
Leader/Follower(Pick one): Follower

Name: Deirdre Montgomery

Age: 24


Status: Not Yet Captured (waiting to see what kind of groups are out there, if you need some followers and think Deidre will fit into your bunch send me a message! Profile still somewhat under construction.)

Short Bio: Her family never understood why she felt the need to work in the small under city clinic rather than take the over glorified secretary job offered by her father.  Years of schooling for a thankless job as far away as humanly possible from the glittering complex of buildings on the waterfront which housed her uncle the councilman's office and her father's growing biotech company.  Perhaps the only rebellious choice she'd ever made ended up saving her life.  Granted the hospital she was working in was virtually destroyed, collapsing under the weight of concrete and steel raining down upon it from the buildings above.  But she'd survived to claw her way out of the debris with only minor abrasions and bruises.  Most weren't nearly so lucky.  Though she searched the area for other survivors she was unable to reach most of those still buried in the rubble and soon their cries faded to nothing. 
She scavenged as much as she could from the area, some basic diagnostic equipment, pain killers, antibiotics all carefully packed into the bags slung over her shoulders, but soon it became apparent she would never make it on her own.  Hunger growing she was forced to move out into the destroyed streets above ill prepared for the brutal and chaotic forces dividing the once glorious city...

Player preferences: I definitely would like to see some non-consent in her storyline, gratuitous gore and torture don't do it for me.

Offline Jarod1

Re: Shadow of Neonopolis: Tales from a destroyed city.
« Reply #11 on: March 23, 2010, 10:56:05 PM »

Name: Jarod Nedney

Age: 25

In armor                                Out of armor

Status: Protector of Emmilyn Connor’s group

Short Bio: Jarod grew up an orphan on the streets of Neonopolis, which has taught him how to survive on very little.  The only friend he had growing up was a kind police officer who gave him food, water and a warm place to stay when he wanted it.  Though the officer had offered many times to let him stay Jarod didn’t want to impose.  One day after leaving the officers house Jarod was covertly taken off the street by the military along with many other children most orphans that nobody would miss anyway.  The group Jarod was part of consisted of nearly 200 children ages 8 to 12. They we’re to be part of a great experiment to create genetically enhanced human beings.  The purpose of these experiments was two fold.  First to create an advance army that could help maintain the peace on the lower levels.  Second the potential medical advances to come from the experiments. 

In phase one  the experiments consisted of basic military training building the young soldiers into a strong unit and naturally develop the bodies and mind of each recruit through physical exercise and extensive education.  (Think Boot Camp only ten times more tougher.)  Those not physically or mentally strong enough to withstand the training died or we’re removed from the program by other mean.  By the time phase two came along nearly 5 years after it had begun Jarod was one of a hundred who had survived the initial phase and had become a leader in amongst his fellow recruits.  Though he wasn’t the strongest, fastest, or even the smartest of the recruits he was tough and an exceptional leader that the other recruits looked to him.  In phase 2 the recruits where injected with a compound designed to enhance the human body to the peak of it potential both mentally and physically.  The compound was not without risk however as the initial reaction was tremendous sickness and muscle spasms as the body adjusted to it knew state. Nearly a quarter of the subjects died leaving about seventy five successes.  Jarod was one of them.  He had always been good at survival.  He was one of the quickest to adjust to serum.  For the next 6 months or so Jarod and his fellow super soldiers for lack of a better term trained to control their new speed, strength, and reflexes.  The third and final phase of the project involved merging man with an advanced suit of armor that further enhances the strength, speed, and reflexes of the user.  To cap it off the only ones capable of wearing efficiently wearing this suit of armor are those who have taken the super soldier serum. Finally after nearly 10 years of training Jarod and the seventy five remaining first generation super soldiers finally took to the street to handle situations that regular police and military forces can’t.

During the cataclysm that destroyed a significant portion of Neonopolis and killed many Jarod was out on a solo assignment on what turned out to be the edge of the blast radius.  In the hours that followed Jarod began searching for and helping survivors and searching for other members of his unit, he has yet to meet any though he still has hope.  About a week after the explosion Jarod met a woman named Emmilyn Connor, the leader of a group doing the same kinds of things he has been doing on his own.  Seeing that they both had similar goals of helping and protecting the weak and injured Jarod pledged his loyalty and his strength to protecting her and the people she leads.

Arms and Armor specs:  Armor spec: The Colossus Armor Mark II is an advanced suit of armor built in conjunction with the super soldier program.  Aside from offering tremendous protection from small arms fire the Colossus Mark II also enhances the speed, strength, reflexes and agility 2 to 3 times beyond the wearers natural ability thanks to an advanced nueral link that connects the suit with the mind of the person inside.

Among special feature the suits helmet which encloses the wearers entire head provide several modes of vision beyond normal the regular spectrum, including night vision, heat vision, and others.  Also attached to the helmet are flashlights attached on the either side of the helmet.  The armor itself possesses a kinetic energy shield that absorbs energy, and projectiles alike (however it should be noted that the shield will not protect the wearer well from explosives like grenades, rockets and other weapons of the kind.  As the shield absorbs damage it weakens and if enough damage is dealt it will collapse completely.  The shield will regenerate after a time if given the chance.  Another special feature of the armor is a short term tactical cloak that can be used in about 5 minute intervals before needing thirty minutes to recharge

With normal use the power of the suit lasts about 48 hours before needing to be placed in recharge mode which takes about a day to fully recharge on its own.    When the suit is put through its paces in combat and features like the cloak and shield are used the power consumption is far greater often lasting half that time.  At the base where he was station they had equipment that allowed for rapid recharge, but he has yet to return the lab where he was raise though it is on his list of things to do.

Weapons:  The Firestorm assault rifle is standard issue assault rifle with the minor difference that it takes regular 60 clip projectile ammo and blaster bolts energy packs each pack providing about a hundred shots though more energy can be used to fire off a powerful shot.

Longshot Sniper rifle.  With incredible range a skilled marksman can accurately hit a target 3,000 meters away.  Uses conventional projectile ammo.  Each clip holds 12 rounds

Pistols: He carries two .44 caliber pistols.  Each clip holds 10 bullets.

Combat knives: At just under 2 feet long from the tip of the blade to the pommel of the hilt the two knives he carries are almost short swords

Player preferences:  Into M/F, Bondage, NC. Not into M/M, F/F
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Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Re: Shadow of Neonopolis: Tales from a destroyed city.
« Reply #12 on: March 24, 2010, 12:23:00 AM »
Glad to have the both of you aboard.

Offline Shihong

Re: Shadow of Neonopolis: Tales from a destroyed city.
« Reply #13 on: March 24, 2010, 02:54:39 PM »
I'd be interested in filling one of the Leadership positions.  My concept involves a great deal of the more advanced technologies listed (Humanoid mecha, tanks, fortifications, etc.), so in the interest of balance I think I wish to do something a little more unconventional.  Namely, my group would be the smallest in order to make up for the technological advantage.  That isn't the unconventional part.  What is is the total number of people in the group.  Presumably the other Leaders would have organizations of varying sizes, from the dozens to over one hundred (counting survivors that pledge their loyalty within each dedicated territory).  I only plan to have four, total.  Four people with enough firepower and raw skill to make up for the severe disadvantage they've set upon themselves by remaining as such a small group. 

As for how they've come upon all this technology; perhaps they worked for some underground agency before the cataclysm or are military in origin.  Whatever the source (which would likely be one major reason for other groups to try and capture their land), they've used these resources to turn the zone of their choice into a No Man's Land.  Automated turrets, traps everywhere (from the primitive to the high tech), heavy fortifications; you name it, they've thought of it and then some.  These four would have basically rolled in immediately after the catastrophe and set up shop.  Obviously since it's only been four days these defenses are not yet complete, but they've done a surprising amount of work amidst all the confusion.  Survivors would have been herded into "Safe Zones" on the edges of the territory, the Four having taken an extreme Isolationist stance following the Event.

Would something like this work?  I'm still sketching things out, but I thought it might be an intriguing idea for this kind of roleplay.

Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Re: Shadow of Neonopolis: Tales from a destroyed city.
« Reply #14 on: March 24, 2010, 03:25:18 PM »
I like the sound of it so far, welcome aboard!

Offline Pretty in Pink

Re: Shadow of Neonopolis: Tales from a destroyed city.
« Reply #15 on: March 25, 2010, 01:07:32 AM »
OY!  I call dibs on black, AKA, area 4.  MINE!

Offline Shihong

Re: Shadow of Neonopolis: Tales from a destroyed city.
« Reply #16 on: March 25, 2010, 01:11:52 AM »
Actually Doreados, I had already claimed that through private messages.  Sorry!  But if I remember correctly, the area in the southwest (the blue area) is still available for a Leader to take control of.  I think that's the last one, actually!

Also, I'll have my Leader Profile in soon, Urbanzorro.

Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Re: Shadow of Neonopolis: Tales from a destroyed city.
« Reply #17 on: March 25, 2010, 01:12:52 AM »
glad to hear it!

Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Re: Shadow of Neonopolis: Tales from a destroyed city.
« Reply #18 on: March 25, 2010, 01:23:43 AM »
Alright in light of recent interest and a near mix up here's a bit of a status update.

We now have 4 people expressing interest in leader postions with territory's dibbed up as follows


So with that in mind the leader postions are now full, and closed. In addtion to our four leaders we have 2 finished followers and 3 people having expressed interest in being a follower. As soon as the leaders are up I'll do another count and then see if we are ready to start up.

Offline Olufemi

Re: Shadow of Neonopolis: Tales from a destroyed city.
« Reply #19 on: March 25, 2010, 01:26:40 AM »

*Does a lil' dance.*

Offline Shihong

Re: Shadow of Neonopolis: Tales from a destroyed city.
« Reply #20 on: March 25, 2010, 05:18:17 AM »

Name: Host



Host (Leader; Heavy Weapons)

The Triumvirate:

Top Left: Dust (Close Range)

Top Right: Closer (Mid-Range)

Bottom: REM (Far Range)


Their Group’s Name: The Brothers Black

Group’s Description:

The Brothers Black consists of four highly trained specialists of unknown origin with enough armaments at their disposal to supply a small army.  It is probable that they hail from some sort of classified government facility within or beneath Neonopolis, though they do not seem eager to clarify these rumors.  Whether they were actually part of some military organization or the product of some experiment is equally unknown, but given their almost superhuman capabilities and extensive synthetic modification, it would seem that the latter is exceedingly likely.  They are extremely reclusive individuals, but will generally communicate with those who make a non-hostile request of them.  Very few survivors have actually seen any of the four in person, as they prefer to send out small probes with video feeds instead of venturing beyond their territory.

Within the first day of the incident, District 4 (Now known as the "Warzone") had been claimed by The Brothers Black.  Acting as government officials they herded all survivors out of the area and across the bridge to the Mainland, sending along a generous amount of supplies (food, water, tents, medicine, etcetera).  This alone was more than enough incentive for everyone to clear out, and over the past few days the former residents of the Island have built up a sizable refugee camp on the Mainland portion of District 4. 

Over the next four days The Brothers Black have systematically sealed off the Island using government protocols.  If the rumors of an underground facility were true, it would make sense for the government to have prepare adequate defenses in the event of an attack.  Heavily fortified walls, much like the ones scattered throughout the other Districts, were raised in order to defend against a possible aquatic assault, turning the bridge the sole entrance into that part of the city; a convenient choking point.  The bridge was the first to be weaponized, with gun installations, mines, and drones scattered amongst the hundreds of abandoned vehicles.

Much of the Island has been demolished following the disaster, with most buildings shattered or completely toppled over.  This wreckage has made navigating the terrain a difficult affair, effectively transforming District 4 into a labyrinth of high concrete walls and crumbling skyscrapers.  With each day the Brothers Black increase their defenses, setting up layers upon layers of perimeters, traps, weapons platforms, and minefields.  They seem completely dedicated to entrenching themselves completely within District 4, and have shown absolutely no hostile intent towards the other groups of survivors.  Nor have they expressed any wishes to expand beyond the Island that they have captured.  Every day they send out several Cargo Drones with more supplies for the refugees at the opposite end of the bridge.  This generosity has led many unaffiliated (uncaptured) survivors to set up shop within this camp, as it seems to be the only place in the entire city where food and medication are in guaranteed supply.  Some of the refugees have since gotten their hands on weapons, but not nearly enough to keep them from being a rather juicy target.  It is unclear whether or not The Brothers Black would continue to send out food and medicine if another group were to take the Refugee Camp by force.

Weapons: The Brothers Black have access to an alarmingly wide range of potent experimental weaponry, no doubt pilfered from whatever government facility that they were stationed at before the Disaster.  What they lack in numbers they make up for with sheer technological superiority and a system of remote-controlled and automated defenses that allow them to defend and keep control of their territory.  Most technology is set to auto-terminate when disabled; likely a fail-safe installed by the government to keep such tech from falling into enemy hands.

Automated Defenses:

Stationary Gun Installations (Installed in large numbers on the exterior and interiors of most buildings.  Capable of switching from railgun mode at far range, to a highly destructive laser or plasma burst at close range)
Stationary (Numerous, but once the target has moved past them they are incapable of turning around)
Mobile Gun Installations (Most commonly found with Mobile Landmines, the two are capable of constantly transforming the battlefield and setting up dangerous killzones)
Mobile Landmines (Capable of burying themselves into the ground, and detonating when they sense an organic target)
Air-to-Ground Combat Drones (Size Comparison:  Motorcycle) (Fairly weak, but extremely fast and lethal in large numbers)
Anti-Personnel Drones (Size Comparison: Stove) (Heavily Armored, Heavily Armed, and Dangerous)
Anti-Vehicle Drones (Size Comparison: Refrigerator) (One shot, one kill is their motto.  Capable of attacking from far ranges, but mostly only dangerous in tandem with other drones)
Swarmers Swarmers are primitive child-sized synthetic constructs.  They are lightly armored and unarmed, but possess the strength of an average adult male and can move swiftly over most surfaces.  Dangerous in larger numbers.  Limited intelligence allows them to discern friends from foes according to targeting perimeters, set up ambushes, and make tactical retreats.  Only deployed at night.

Tanks: Due to limited numbers, only four tanks are capable of remaining active at any given time.  Tanks may be remotely or manually controlled, or set to automated.  However, both tanks and Armed Suits suffer from decreased efficiency when automated.

Roller Tank
Quadrapedal Tank
Spider Tank
Rail Tank

Gunships: Must be piloted manually.  Only two may be operational at any given time, as two people are required to operate.

Jigabachi Attack Chopper
"Hornet" Gunship

Armed Suits: Each brother operates a distinct Armed Suit, each about the size of a Humvee.  Only used in extreme scenarios as a final defensive measure.  Powerful, fast, and durable.

Personal Weaponry: Each member has access to state of the art experimental weapons, most of which would be immediately outlawed if they were ever subjected to scrutiny of the World's governments.  Either possessing more punch than their legal counterparts or possessing alternate firing modes that are meant to obliterate targets in an excruciatingly inhumane manner, it is quite clear that whatever facility they hail from was not interested in abiding by government restrictions.

Dust uses an assortment of close range weaponry, from massive retracting vibroblades to Ballistic Knives, and a prototype "Pulse Trident" capable of vaporizing objects upon contact.
Closer uses various light arms, such as submachine guns, swords at close range, and tripwire mines or sticky grenades.  Additionally, Closer wields a "Flechette Cannon", a weapon designed to tear targets to shreds beneath a cloud of nearly microscopic blades.
REM utilizes a massive rail gun (the sort normally found on a full-sized tank) for both human and vehicle targets, but should a target get close enough he will switch to an assault rifle or explosive crossbow.
Host gets the big guns, from mortar cannons to gatling guns, and is the best when it comes to using the various tanks.

Numbers: Four.  No more, no less.

Territory: Black/Four/"The Island"

Player preferences: No restrictions at this time.
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Name: Sarah J. Halcyon

Age: 24


Status: Specialist with The Dancers

Short Bio: Sarah was a military test pilot, working on a experimental powered armor suit. Graduating as a prodigy, she was offered a place in a military research program, and became a test pilot for armored vehicles and aircraft. Proficient in learning new control systems, and willing to undergo more radical procedures, she volunteered for a hazardous testing assignment. As the result of the event, both she, and the experimental armored suit she was piloting at the time were nearly destroyed.

Her attachment to The Dancers is relatively recent. As the blast originated in the facility from which her project section was operated, her command chain was broken. During the blast she suffered severe trauma, and is still recovering with the assistance of the pilot life-support system of her suit.

Player preferences: Ons: M/F, F/F, Bondage Offs: None.

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sounds interesting, still looking for players?

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I think at this point we're still looking for Followers, if you're interested.

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