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Werewolf rp of somekind

Started by Eferhilda, February 25, 2010, 02:05:05 AM

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Well I figure I would try here to get my werewolf fix and hope that it will last longer then it does on other sites. I am looking to rp as a werewolf female with hopefully a male werewolf. It does not have to be a werewolf but I would prefer if that was the case. I have a plot worked up where it is set in a future scfi world and there will be some hunting and chasing of the werewolves by humans.

So any takers with this?

Edit: Don't let my lack of style or finesse with this thread deter you. It is late here and my brain is not really running on full power but I can assure you that my actual roleplaying is far better then this thread.


*Woof* :) I'm intrested in this idea. Could you tell me more?
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I have sent you a pm with more information on what I had in mind for this rp.


At the moment I have enough partners for this, though I am open to anything else if someone wishes to contact me about another kind of rp.