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Author Topic: The wolf is on the prowl (looking for F)  (Read 3065 times)

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The wolf is on the prowl (looking for F)
« on: January 28, 2013, 10:49:22 AM »
I'm in a search for a few new games. Currently really looking for plots which contains orcs.

Please PM me if intrested any of these, and also please check my on/off thread

Green gladiator

The ideas were inspired by this picture. I've came up with a backstory for him, which I would like to use all for the various ideas.

The story of Rogash

He was a chief of a small orc tribe. They lived deep in the orc territory, so they didn't have trouble with the humans. However that wasn't true for the other tribes how lived near human lands. They attacked each other regularly, but in small numbers. They raid each other.

Not long after Rogash became the chief, a messenger arrived. His tribe were call to arms, against the humans. He gathered his warriors and complied for the summoning. All the tribe leaders met to discuss the human problem. The orcs needed more land to live, and they could take only from the humans. They agreed that the orc territory must be expand. After some trials and fights one orc emerged from the chief as the leader of the campaign.

Once they had their leader they attacked swiftly. They crushed the human resistance and took a good deal of land from the humans. Rogash was happy, they did what they wanted. However most of the orcs became greedy. They've wanted more. Rogash protested against it. He tried to reason with them. Most of the other chief didn't listen to him, and the few how thought he was right, didn't want to ally themselves with a young and seemingly weak chief from a small tribe. So the orc army pushed on.

Weeks later they reached the human capital city. It was a great city with many fortifications. Most of the times the orcs could overwhelm the defenders, and achieve quick victory. In this case they had lay siege. But the leader of the army was bloodthirsty, and he wanted the head of the human king. The siege went on for weeks, and slowly the orc army started to decrease in numbers. Also other human armies cut supply lines, and in the end the orcs were surrounded.

The humans won. The orcs refused to surrender, so in a day long bloody battle the human army destroyed the orc army. Most of the orcs were killed but a few of them were captured. Rogash was captured as well, as the last one from his tribe. All the other warriors have died. Then the prisoners were sold to slavery. Most of them were moved to mines, quarries and building sites, so they could help rebuild what they destroyed.

However Rogash was too wild to made him work. They were about to execute him, when an arena master bought him. He liked his wild nature, and he also knew that was what he needed in the arena. Just like the others he tired to break Rogash will, but failed. However his other route was more successful. He offered him a deal. If fight and wins a thousand fight, he will take him to the orc human border and set him free. Since he didn't have an option he agreed.

He trained and fought hard, for years after the deal. He became somewhat famous, because most gladiators were prisoners, and there was a few, who was a free man, but they fight in the arena for a price. However most gladiators were human, and Rogash as an orc stand out. After the long years of fighting his agreed number of fights were closing...

Plot ideas

1) In the arena an orc/half-orc works as a guard. She was raised by humans, and she was looked down by them. However she was as strong as a human male, so she ended up as an arena guard. It wasn't the best job, but certainly it was the best job for her. Rogash is the first real orc she meets. The story could go from here. Maybe they befriend each other, then it turns out, after his thousandth victory, his owner not letting him free. So he had to escape, and he try to make her help.
Inspiration for the guard

2) She is an elf/halfelf/human slave. She was once proud and strong, but when she became a slave they had broken her. Since then she is used as a whore in the arena. Sometimes she had to entertain guests, sometimes she is a reward for the best gladiators. One they she messes up something, and as a punishment they give her to Rogash. She knows him, and how bloodthirsty he is in the arena. Sometimes he kills with his bare hands. She had been raped before, but she is terrified of the orc.

However when they lock her in his cell, he just ask her why is she there, and when she explains, Rogash just snorts and don't really care about her after that. In his eyes she is just an unlucky woman, and he would gain nothing raping her. Slowly they start to talk, and get to know each other. In the end Rogash starts to enjoy her company, so in the morning he tells the guards, that he likes her and want her back.

This plot would be also end up in an escape attempt.

3) I have a few basic idea which would require my partner to play a dominant role. This would mean she try to control the orc, and also enjoy him sexually no matter what he wants. Usually it is hard to find a partner for that, but if you curious about it, just ask.

4) Your idea here :) (I'm also intrested in short term ideas.)


She is an orc/half-orc. She was raised by humans. Despite that she remained wild at heart. She learned how to fight and tried to fit in as a warrior or scout. She has got good skills, but because she was an orc, no one really trusted her, or let her to prove herself. Because of the man who raised her, the knights and soldiers tolerated her, but whenever they could made her life hell.

He was a half-elf wizard. Young but powerful, because he thirst the knowledge. Among mages and wizards he was accepted, until a real elf didn't show up. In the elves eyes he was a degeneration. When he wasn't with other wizards, people gave him suspicious looks. They didn't understand him, and they feared him. Many see mages nothing but trouble.

The wizard's master gave him a quest. He reached the town where the orc lived. He needed someone to show a path through the surrounding wilderness. The orc had been chosen for the task. So everyone could get rid of the orc, and keep away the wizard.

This is what I have so far. This would be a longer story, an adventure for both characters. At first they don't really like each other but after a while they got along. The world around them also needs some work. I'm searching for a female partner to write as the orc, I would be play the hal-elf.

Update: Some background stories and a possible plot:
Her story
She was raised by a human noble man.Maybe he killed her parents while she was just a baby, or maybe he wanted to see if an orc can be tamed if she grew up with humans. Either way as she grew older she became violent, because her orc blood. Her adopted family couldn't handle her any more.

She was taken to a city. His adopted father used his influence to train her as a soldier of the city/kingdom. Her trainers had to beat her in shape, but slowly she learned control her anger. She's got plenty of opportunities, because the others always tricked her into situation which always followed by a punishment. Also the mentors punished her without having a second thought, even if she was innocent.

However they didn't send her away, because despite she was a women she became a fierce fighter. It was the easiest way to relive her frustration. Bur as she grew older she started to feel an itch. She was surrounded with males, toned, muscular males, and even they treated her badly, she felt physical affection for a few of them.

After training they used to go into an inn, where they drink, and many warrior picked up a girl for a night. Most of the time she went with them, but usually she ended up alone at a side table, because her fellow soldiers didn't want to drink with her.

One night she spotted a new face in the inn. It was a recently hired stable boy. He was a young man, but still they called him boy. Beside tending to the horses, he often helped in the inn, when there was a lot of guest. She noticed he often watched her. At first it was annoying. She got that glare quite often from the towns folk, she really didn't need that in the inn. But she noticed, he looked at her different. In fact his gaze was mostly on her bosom. Naturally she liked that, and how he turned away with a red face when she looked back at him smiling.

In the following weeks the soldiers moved out, because a noble man rebelled against the king, and they have to put him and his band of soldiers down. It was her first battle, and she killed many enemy, and got her first scars as well. When they returned they celebrated in the inn. During the fight the others almost treated her like an equal, but here she ended up the same corner. After a few drinks she saw the stable boy again. Then she thought it was time to have a little fun herself.

She went after him into the stable. She didn't force him she just lead things firmly, and he didn't resisted. Despite that he didn't have the looks of her dream man, he was rather skinny, she really enjoyed the hour they spend together rolling in the hay. And how he moaned and how he cuddled to her afterwards, he enjoyed himself too.

But it was a wild lovemaking, which left quite a mark on the stable boy. Next morning she was accused that she raped him. They showed the frightened young man and his injuries to the crowd and the judge, and her word worth nothing. Her lover was too afraid to say anything. Even worse someone might threatened him.

They wanted to execute her, but because she had fought well in the previous battle the sentence was eased to public whipping. She was tied to a pole half naked, and was whipped until her back was covered in blood. Then she was left there for public display. Of course she was thrown out from the soldiers.

During the night a local whore come to her and freed her. She knew that she was innocent, because she saw her and the young man. She was sorry, but she couldn't help her sooner, because who would believe a whore. She tended her wounds, and both of them left the town.

They ended up in another town where the orc became a guard forthe local brothel. A few months later the city was attacked, and she help defend it. After that she became part of the guards, but she got the same treatment as before. They let her in, because a lot of warrior died, and they needed everyone. At least they have a bit of more respect for her.

His story
His elf mother was raped by a human. After the terrible event she wanted to keep the baby, because she believed every life should be speared. In his family only her mother was kind to him, his half brothers and sister didn't like him, not the other elves. Among them he looked like a crippled elf.

During his teenage years he showed talent for magic. He was sent away to learn magic to a wizard circle. Most of the wizards of course were elves, so his treatment didn't change. However he got a very unusual mentor, a dwaren wizard. Most of the wizards were elves, because they practiced the magic art even before humans walked the land. There was of course a couple of human wizard, but dwaren wizard were very rare.

His mentor have a very different approach to magic. While other wizards learned mostly spells, magic words and such, he crafted magic items. Of course he let his student learn what the others, but he also taught him about how to use and craft magic items. However he showed more talent in spell casting.

At least he liked to learn magic. However his dwaren mentor made him do physical exercises. Magic could affect and drain the body, and if he kept himself fit, he could cast more spells. Of course he didn't became as strong as a warrior, but he was fitter than most spell caster.

After several years of training he was send on missions. Simple ones, because the elves didn't trust him much. Nor the people of the world. He was a wizard, and they don't trusted him. Knights and warriors openly disdain him, because only cowards would use spells and tricks. For a while he tried to fight against them, but the society always backed up them. So he learned to shrug of.

He was a curious person, and during his journeys he often made bypasses. He went to libraries to learn, and he showed intrest in a forbidden magical art. Necromancy. Anyone would say because he was power hungry, but he had other reasons. He thought if they don't know it, when someone use that power, how could they stop it? So he learned. His mentor warned him, not to dwell into that knowledge. He understand his reasons, but he considered the half-elf too young and inexperienced to dwell into the dark magic. He warned him, but didn't stop him.

Years later he traveled to a noble man, to translate a codex. The noble man had a beautiful daughter, and slowly they became fond of each other. One night they met in the garden to take a walk in the moonlight. At that night they shared they first and last kiss. The mansion was attacked by a group of soldiers and a man wearing a black robe, and holding a black bone staff.

As the nobleman's bodyguards killed the attackers the blacked robed man resurrect them as zombies. They were too much for the guards to handle, and the zombies tore them apart. At that time the half-elf wizard arrived. He casted a few attack spells, but zombies didn't feel pain, and the spells just slowed them down.

It was time to put use his secred knowledge. He used the dark magic to control the undead. And it worked. However it left a black mark on his soul. He could feel the cold of Death moving through his body, as he took control of the zombies and turned against the necromancer. The necromancer fought for control, but he lost. However the wizard also passed out.

When he woke up he saw knights around him. They arrived from the city, to aid the nobleman. But they have come late. The nobleman, the guards, the servants and his daughter was dead. He saw her body, it was chewed by the zombies. After he passed out, the zombies killed every living expect their new master. Then the knights defeated them.
(However the necromancer or his staff wasn't found)

He learned the consequence what his master warned him. He became very gloomy after the case, and took a few months before he became himself again. Then he accepted new mission, real mission because he proved his worth. The elves still not welcomed him, but at least acknowledge his skills. He and his master kept secret what really happened that night, and how he really stopped the necromancer.

He remained friendly to people even towards who hated him. But he was carefully not to let them too close. Some nights he still see his beloved one body as the zombies bite into her flesh. In those dreams he reach out to her. Then he realizes he don't want to save her. He want to resurrect her, to became an undead. One arm stretched toward her, the other holding the black bone staff.

She could be assigned to him as guide or guard. At first she hates him like everyone else. The reason behind this, that maybe if she act like the others she will be accepted.

At some point they will have to face some enemies, where she saw him the first time use his powers. Even he saves her life. Despite he is still not the big muscled man that she wants, at least he looks very powerful in her eyes afterwards, and of course she make a move on him.

Despite being nice to her earlier he strictly refuse her every time she approaches him. In his point of view she is an orc, he highly doubting that he would let her close, or she want anything romantic. However his only experience with women is one kiss.

Maybe one night in an inn, after a couple of drinks he could confess this to her. It would be sooner than telling her about how he lost a loved woman.

Some character pictures I would like to use:

Third time the charm

This idea is based on the 2011 Thundercats series. This story takes place after the show's last episode. City of Avista have fallen from the sky and crashed. They need to rebuild their city on the surface now, but that takes a lot of work and resources. Because the whole city was based on the Tech Stone the birds can't do this on their own. So the Thundercats move out to get help.

They found a nearby city. It is a large city which could clearly help. After Lion-O introduce himself the guards quickly take him and his friends to the king. The king hears out his request, and he agrees to help under one condition. Lion-O has to marry one of his daughters. Since there is no other way to help the birds Lion-O agrees. The only problem that the princess also don't want to marry him.

This is just the basic idea we can work out the details.

Strange couple

This game would be include the two anthros on the picture. The panda is a mma fighter the sabertooth is his girlfriend. They are in a very strange relationship. The girl could have any man she wants. Also his boyfriend usually watches the whole act, and he is not jealous rather turned on by this. Still his girlfriend loves him, she just have fun with the others.

Also she teases him a lot, but rarely allow him an orgasm. He use this sexual frustration to train harder and fight harder. After a victory his girlfriend always waits for him in the locker room to grant him a well deserved release.

For plot there could be a tournament going on, and the panda wants to win it, so his girlfriend supports him the best she could. Another idea that she could also be his coach.

More details can be discussed.

I would play the mma fighter as a main character and searching for someone to play his girlfriend. I would also play the various guys she encounter.


An unusual prisoner

There is a war between humans and orcs. It is just the beginning, only a few battle have been fought. A knight is leading a smaller army, to repel orc raids. In one of his fights he encounter a female orc warrior. He defeats her, and since she lives after the encounter, he take her as prisoner. He is hoping to get information from her.

The orc woman of course refuse to talk. However that the knight managed to defeat her means a lot for her. She see him as a worthy mate, and she does everything to seduce him. Not in a very sophistacted way, she is an orc after all. Despite that it affects the knight more than he wants to admit. He is married. It was an arrange marriage, but his wife kind and understanding. But she don't enjoy sex at all, and it is almost a year the knight never spend a night with his wife intimately.

The story could start with their duel, then how she tries to seduce the knight, who in the end will fall.

Inspiration picture

Egyptian nights

This ides were inspired a picture. The actual picture is NSFW so I put a link here, which will lead you to the picture and the plots. Just to save you some time I tell beforehand that a female anubian jackal is on the picture, and I searching for a partner to play her. If anthro/furry stuff not your cup of tea, then you shouldn't bother follow the link.

Link to the plots and pictures


A young wizard tries to summon a familiar for himself. He need some help to learn magic, so he can join to a group of wizards. However he choose the wrong spell, and instead of an imp, a succubus appear. She is rather irritated that he summoned her, and she intended to punish the wizard. Since she has more power than him, and also thew wizard wasn't prepared for a succubus, she can easily defeat him. Then as a final lesson she rapes him over and over again.

I see two ways to continue from here. Thefirst that she kills the wizard, but decide she would like to explore the mortal realm, so she starts to wander in the world. The second that she sees something in the young wizard which she likes. It can be how he fights with her, or he could somehow impress her during sex. Either way she calms down, and offer a deal to him.

This is a rough idea, it needs to be fleshed out.

Jabba's new slave

I had this idea in my mind for quite a time. It will be set in the Star Wars universe. The plot is very simple. A girl is captured by slavers and they sell her to Jabba the hutt. She will be his new dance girl and an entertainment for his guests.

This is a very basic idea, I would like to work out the details with my partner. It could be that she was a smuggler who owed Jabba and he enslaved her. She could be a rich man's daughter and cruelly his father didn't paid for her, or he sent mercenaries who failed to rescure her.

A few things I would like to include this game:
- She will be used by Jabba's staff. Gamorrean guards and weequay guards.
- When she disobeys or try to escape, she would be punished by EV-9D9.
- A trandosan slave trainer would be hired to train her.
- She will be forced to sexual acts in front of a crowd.

The story could go in two ways. The first one that she will slowly surrender and accepts her new role. The other way that she always try to make a plan to escape. Once again it's up for discussion.

I also have an idea for a small group game. It would require two players. One of them would be the new slave girl, and the other one who already spent some time in Jabba's palace. In this case the old salve could give advice to the new one how to survive and the new one could give her hope that they could escape together. So the game would be about their relationship.
In this case it would mean FF contact as well.

Please PM me if you intrested, and also write me, if your up to a small group game or just a one on one?

Not searching forthis right now
It's not a genie

An Arabic princess got a wonderful gift (could be the usual lamp, but I would preffer a stunningly beautiful necklance) to her birthday. However the jewelry holds a demon inside. Accidentally the princess release the demon from the jewel and she mistook him as a genie.
Indeed the demon have great power, but he couldn't fulfill wishes. However he feeds on sexual pleasure, especially the pleasure of the jewel's owner. So they could bargin. She wish for something the demon gets it, then the demon make her to orgasm.
It would be simple but the demon have other plans. He want to twist her, that sex became her basic need. This way she give him energy, but he don't have to use his. Especially if she make love others and not him.

From this point the story could go two ways.
1. The princess is really ashmed her changing behaviour but she couldn't really fight against her desires which fueled by the demon. She had to have sex almost everyone and after the pleasure she always feel herself horrible.
2. It is start like the other, however one night when she out in the streets three robber attack him. The demon of course protect her very effectively. The princess quickly figure it out, if the demon is with her, she could wield great power. The princess and the demon could make a dark pact. She feeds him with her or others pleasure, and the demon gave a part of his powers to her. (This would require a partner who can play dominant characters)

Things that could happen in both games:
- Once she really enjoy having sex, to torment her the demon stole her ability to orgasm and locks it in a prisoner who have a death sentence. The princess have to please this man, to take it back.
- The demon changes her appearances for a night, and she wander around on the city at night, and offer herself various people.
- She had to gave special rewards to her bodyguard(s).
- She may forced to please her younger (not younger than 16!) brother.

Note: I like the girl on the picture very much, so I would be very glad if the princess would look that way. But this is not a requirement.

Teach me brother

This is my first attempt to an incest game. A brother and a sister is enjoying the summer at their house. The brother is come back from college, and the sister is about to go in college. Their parents went on a month long trip, and left the house to the kids.

One day the sisters catches the brother masturbating. She watches him for a while, but her brother notice her. This leads to an awkward moment, but after the first shock the sister confess something. Despite she had boyfriends, she don't really know how to please a man. So she ask his brother to teach her. Her brother agrees.

From here we can go many ways. They enjoy themselves and after she know what to do, they agree they can fool around as long none of them in a relationship. Or maybe one of them start became more dominant and start use the other for his own pleasure.

I would like to include a lot of teasing in this one,and I would prefer that they agree that no vaginal sex. At least at the beginning, until one of them wants more.

The harem girl

This is just a basic idea. The ruler of the land keeps a harem for himself. However he is either old, or have sexual problems, and he keeps the girls just to show them off. However they are still forbidden to everyone else. However the harem girls would appreciate some attention and they would seek out elsewhere.

You would be playing one (or more) of the girls, and I can play a guard, a naive servant who she lures in. I don't want a serious story here, I just like the setting and to experiment with some forbidden relationship.
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Re: The wolf is on the prowl (looking for F)
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2013, 04:16:37 AM »
Two plots removed.
Added plots:
Jabba's new slave
The wolf, the Evil and the Innocent
The sacrifice

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Re: The wolf is on the prowl (looking for F)
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In the Dark Lord's dungeon plot added.

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Re: The wolf is on the prowl (looking for F)
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Re: The wolf is on the prowl (looking for F)
« Reply #4 on: March 27, 2014, 10:25:11 AM »

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Re: The wolf is on the prowl (looking for F)
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Re: The wolf is on the prowl (looking for F)
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Removed old plots, added these new ones:
The harem girl
Teach me brother
Strange couple

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Re: The wolf is on the prowl (looking for F)
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Added An unusual prisoner plot

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Re: The wolf is on the prowl (looking for F)
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Added Outcastes plot.

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Re: The wolf is on the prowl (looking for F)
« Reply #9 on: July 13, 2016, 12:13:11 PM »
Details added to the Outcastes plot.
Added Egyptian nights plot.

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Re: The wolf is on the prowl (looking for F)
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Added Summoning plot.

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Re: The wolf is on the prowl (looking for F)
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Re: The wolf is on the prowl (looking for F)
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Re: The wolf is on the prowl (looking for F)
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Re: The wolf is on the prowl (looking for F)
« Reply #14 on: January 20, 2017, 04:26:59 PM »
Added Green gladiator.

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Re: The wolf is on the prowl (looking for F)
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Re: The wolf is on the prowl (looking for F)
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Added Third time the charm idea.
Jabba's new slave idea reopened.

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Re: The wolf is on the prowl (looking for F)
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Hello there! I like the idea of you orc. But I have a twist for you. I have a very unusual drowess who prefers the unusual. She works for the Cirque of Helias, which is basically a carnival that serves the desires of it's clientele. Be it just getting laid, seeing a 'sex show' or outright paying really high prices for the best in Helias' stable. My drowess is in that top niche. Perhaps she saw Rogash in the arena and decided that his performance was worthy of a special treat and pays her way down to the dungeon to 'give' him said treat.

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Re: The wolf is on the prowl (looking for F)
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