Roxy is entirely too bored.

Started by Roxy, February 21, 2010, 09:05:15 PM

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Honestly, I'm looking for a simple little roleplay. I can't do plot very well, so I don't have any. I've been mostly an allsmut kinda gal. x: :[ But if one of you has one they think I might be able to keep up with, I might consider.

It could be sexual, I suppose, but at the moment I just want one with lots of growing sexual tension, and just that.

Males, preferred. Although a female might be interesting, too.. 

I've been kinda craving a cat/dog kind of relationship. Without the actual cat/dog. An "I don't like you, but do want." kinda thing.

I feel very rusty, so please don't expect this marvelous, amazing three-paragraph reply. I'll most like give a one-er, maybe two if I have enough to work with.

Anyway, so, yes! PM me, please. I probably won't reply here. And we'll see if maybe there's something we can do. :3


Oh, oh! To the cat/dog thing. It also might not be a bad idea to be.. cat/dog. Maybe. I'm not sure. Worth a shot, anyway.

Edit: Jeez, I keep adding stuff on. I didn't know where do put this thread, since it could also go into AIM. Not long-term, as well. Just for funsies.


i will love to play out something with you.
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Slip me a PM and we'll see what we can do. :]