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Author Topic: ThePrince's Magic Roleplay Bag  (Read 433 times)

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ThePrince's Magic Roleplay Bag
« on: February 12, 2010, 10:09:35 PM »
Hello I am ThePrince and this is my Magic Roleplay Bag.

Remember to check my Ons and Offs but the short list is I am looking for females for sub and NC roles.

Please note that the listed description is not the only story I am willing to play with these scenes, if you have a better idea I am always open.

He is the CEO of The Generic Draconian Company, a strict powerful workaholic, accustom to being the last person out at night. She is his dutiful secretary who usually works just as long as he does. One night she dares enter his office and ask about a possible promotion for her years of loyal service. Will her attractive business attire light desires and hungers long sense dormant. Will she be able to "Go the extra mile" for that new promotion? Is the extra money really worth the terrible things he has planned for her?

The Coach for the Varsity Softball/Swim team/Volleyball (or whatever sport you wish) has been looking over the stats and has found one of the girls falling behind. If they are going to make State finals he is going to have to cut her from the team. But this sport is her life, she cant take the social sigma of being kicked off a sports team. Perhaps if she worked harder or the Coach's special one on one practice. But getting back on the team might cost her more then some extra sweat.

Its her first night in prison for a crime she claimed she did not commit. But prison life isn't like what she expected, she and the other prisoners are forced to wear white tank tops and short shorts, instead of the orange prison jumpsuits she has seen on TV dramas. She also didn't know how corrupt this facility really is, as midnight approaches the male guards come out to use and abuse the female population. Screams and moans fill the cold steel cells. One of the bigger, meaner guards is in search of the new meat that came in that morning. How will she be able to coup in a world where she has absolutely no power, at the mercy of these power abusing monsters?

He is the evil, tyrannical warlord who has conquered his peaceful neighbouring kingdom. After defeating there armies, slaying there king and sacking there castle; he sets his sights on there fair princess. She will become his slave-queen, an example to the newly conquered people of what there lives will be. She will learn to her new place in life, either by the sound of his voice, the crack of his whip, or the bottom of his boot.

New idea, Border Patrol Officer/illegal immigrant*Taken
This is a new idea that I came up with and I would like to try it out, I've got most of the details down but I could use someone to throw around some ideas. Have you ever seen the movie Cool Hand Luke? If you haven't you should probably stop what your doing and watch it. Remember the boss with the reflective sunglasses, and how he seemed to have no eyes, just an empty blackness under his skin, and how if he stared at someone it was if there soul were laid bare. Well picture that character in modern times as a Border patrol officer. He is one of the best officers on the force, with a impressive arrest and drug confiscation record. The Coyotes and drug smugglers live in fear of him, worse then the helicopters and the dogs is the man with no eyes. He is a strong believer in the US stance on illegal immigration, and when not at his job, he spends time speaking to local political groups on this issue. He is not a racist man, he just believes in the word of the law and finds that he is very good at his job. But this man has a secret, something so terrible that he could very well loose everything if it got out. He works long hours patrolling the desert, but when he comes home there is a woman waiting for him, an illegal alien. They have a deal, he gives her a safe place, decent pay and protection from the authorities and anyone else, she gives him a clean house, good food and a warm body at night. But what if something grows from this secret? Could he risk his life for this, could he throwaway his principles? How could she love such a man? Could she live with there love a secret? I don't necessarily see this as NC roleplay, but I would like it to be more of a Dom/sub role.

More ideas to come once I have thought up a good plot or a explosion of fear and loathing.
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Re: ThePrince's Magic Roleplay Bag
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2010, 01:52:34 PM »
Currently I am not taken on any new roles. Once my schedule clears up, I'll update my list.