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Author Topic: Hello I am ThePrince and this is my magic roleplay bag.  (Read 1504 times)

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Hello I am ThePrince and this is my magic roleplay bag.
« on: May 01, 2013, 07:29:43 PM »
Hello everyone, take a seat, get comfortable.

Have a look at my O's and O's first. Take your time I'll wait.

Back yet? Still interested? Good, lets boogie.

Places where I like to Roleplay.
Forum, PM or by eMail are my favorites, I can also do IM rps now, but I don’t have a real set schedule for when I will be on.

IMPORTANT! I have a set time I can post.
Due to my job, I can only post updates on Thursday nights through Sunday. I can still talk through PMs, but I will be unable to give you a RP post until that time.

These are the RPs that I really want to put a detailed plot and story behind. Most of these plots have detailed background and character depth (or they will at some point.) I would like someone to help me flesh out the details as well.

A Gor RP!
I have a distinct idea for a Gor rp, it would require someone with a working knowledge of what it means to be a Gorean slave and the positions that they are required to learn. If interested PM and I'll explain a bit more.

Concept: a non dominate and a Slave
A totally submissive woman (not necessarily a slave) encounters a non-dominate male. I use the term non-dominate as this person would not be submissive, someone naive of the dominate/submissive lifestyle. But when he encounters and interacts with this submissive woman, she draws out his inner dominance and it turns into a proper Master/slave relationship. Now what I am having trouble with this is that it starts out like acting a lot like topping from the bottom, which I think a lot of people (including me) do not like to play. Which is not the intent as the character just doesn't understand why she would be acting that way and is trying to find his own dominance. But once the change happens, he is fully capable dominate. I don't have a story full prepared for this yet, but if someone is interested I think we could work something out.

Border Patrol Officer/illegal immigrant
Have you ever seen the movie Cool Hand Luke? If you haven't you should probably watch it. (Its got like ten times more bare chested hunky (and cooler) guys then Teen Wolf, seriously.) There is a character, Boss Godfrey, a man with reflective sunglasses so thick it seemed he had no eyes, just an empty blackness under his skin, and if he stared at someone it was if there soul were laid bare. Well picture that character in modern times as a Border patrol officer. He is one of the best officers on the force, with a impressive arrest and drug confiscation record. The Coyotes and drug smugglers live in fear of him, worse than the helicopters and the dogs is the man with no eyes. He is a strong believer in the US stance on illegal immigration, and when not at his job, he spends time speaking to local political groups on this issue. He is not a racist man, he just believes in the word of the law and finds that he is excellent at his job. But this man has a secret, something so terrible that he could very well lose everything if it got out. He works long hours patrolling the desert, but when he comes home there is a woman waiting for him, an illegal immigrant woman. They have a deal, he gives her a safe place, decent pay and protection from the authorities and anyone else, she gives him a clean house, good food and a warm body at night. But what if something grows from this secret? Could he risk his life for this, could he throw away his principles? How could she love such a man? Could she live with there love a secret? A Dom/sub role with romance.

Forbidden Love, Human male/different species girl
This story is to take place in the not too distant future. Where mankind has discovered a new intelligent species and has to coexist with them. As you can expect, Humankind has not exactly embraced the idea of equality, tolerance and acceptance. So this is a world of prejudice and social discomfort. This roleplay will be a tale of two lovers trying to get by in a world that rejects their relationship. I will be playing the part of a human male possibly a police officer or detective and I am looking for a female who will play a girl who can not be seen socially with him. She could be a anthro girl, android, elf, alien or something else, (not really interested in a vampire or a werewolf, I think that's kind of played and in the shade if you will). I have left the set up a little vague so that we can work out the details, more fun that way I think. Some of you younger people might not know this. but there was a time when mix couple dating was strictly taboo. A black girl couldn't give her phone number to a white man, and a black man risked death if he was seen holding the hand of a white woman. This story is to reflect that kind of atmosphere. I also see this is a D/s relationship.

Something to do with Summer camp.
I don’t have a plot but I have an image. A place somewhere deep in the woods, There is a crystal clear lake surrounded by slopes of green trees. At the bank of this lake is a clearing, the only sign of civilization. There are plywood cabins, lodges, empty fire pits, sand has been brought in to make the lakeside experience more enjoyable. All is quiet and not a soul can be found, this is a summer camp without the campers. When everyone goes home at the end of summer the camp remains surrounded in peaceful solitude. These is mostly just a setting, but I picture two counselors enjoying the solitude after the campers have gone home, a work in progress.

Island Insanity.
I really enjoyed Far Cry 3 and its play on masculinity and dominance. I’d like to play a story set on an island kind of like Far Cry 3, but more so on the islands psychology and society then the actual Far Cry 3 story. This would include polygamy with a lot of dominance and submission play. I’d like to build a world with someone then just go right to sex.

Dystopian Society.
I have this fantasy of a world where all women are forced into sexual slavery and servitude. Specifically right as society is changing in a violent overthrow. This could take place in a future earth or a world populated only by women that is overthrown by an invading male alien race. Maybe it's silly, but I think the details can be really really hot and it would be fun to world build this.

Sword Art Online.
This could be the anime or a video game similar to it. Our characters have just broken up, it was a really really bad fall out. She practically hates him now and he is too dense to know what he did wrong. Then they become trapped in the game with everyone else and they can no longer afford to ignore each other.

Something to do with a mysterious Gypsy girl or girls! Someone with bells on her ankles and a colorful skirt, mmmhmmm. Thinking maybe modern day fantasy or medieval fantasy, could have something to do with a circus. Something fun. I don't know show me what you've got!

Buying a slavegirl
I have several settings and ideas that revolve around the idea of a man buying a slavegirl. This would be someone trained to be obedient and finds fulfillment in service. The reasons for the male lead buying a slavegirl varies but usually the them is that he needs someone like her in his life. This could be very romantic or dark. The male lead doesn't have to be a gentleman all the time.

These are more roles than plots, I have done these plots to almost an excess, but for someone reason people love these roles.

The Coach for the Varsity Softball/Swim team/Volleyball (or whatever sport you wish) has been looking over the stats and has found one of the girls falling behind. If they are going to make State finals he is going to have to cut her from the team. But this sport is her life, she can't take the social stigma of being kicked off a sports team. Perhaps if she worked harder or the Coach's special one on one practice. But getting back on the team might cost her more then some extra sweat.

Its her first night in prison for a crime she claimed she did not commit. But prison life isn't like what she expected, she and the other prisoners are forced to wear white tank tops and short shorts, instead of the orange prison jumpsuits she has seen on TV dramas. She also didn't know how corrupt this facility really is, as midnight approaches the male guards come out to use and abuse the female population. Screams and moans fill the cold steel cells. One of the bigger, meaner guards is in search of the new meat that came in that morning. How will she be able to cope in a world where she has absolutely no power, at the mercy of these power abusing monsters?

He is the evil, tyrannical warlord who has conquered his peaceful neighboring kingdom. After defeating there armies, slaying there king and sacking there castle; he sets his sights on their fair princess. She will become his slave-queen, an example to the newly conquered people of what their lives will be. She will learn to her new place in life, either by the sound of his voice, the crack of his whip, or the bottom of his boot.
(Sorry Ladies, I know everyone loves this one.)

Just generic pairings that I don’t have a plot for yet.
Club Owner/stripper
Land Lord/tenant
Super Villain/super heroine
Gundam Wing/Sailor Moon (I know, but I like it!)
Sailor Moon

That's what I've got so far, if you see anything you are interested in please send me a PM and we can work something out.
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Re: Hello I am ThePrince and this is my magic roleplay bag.
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2013, 12:08:16 PM »
I got laid off two months ago and posting on E was something I could no longer maintain. But I have a new job now so the wayward pervert has returned!

But my posting schedule has changed, I can only post from Thursday night through Sunday. I can still be reached by PM through out the week.

Edit: Added this to my main post.
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Re: Hello I am ThePrince and this is my magic roleplay bag.
« Reply #2 on: July 14, 2013, 11:47:33 PM »
Added three new stories that have been on my mind.

Offline animationprincessofOoo

Re: Hello I am ThePrince and this is my magic roleplay bag.
« Reply #3 on: July 18, 2013, 12:59:50 PM »
I would be willing to discuss some form of a possible roleplay. Please do respond if interested.

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Re: Hello I am ThePrince and this is my magic roleplay bag.
« Reply #4 on: July 30, 2013, 07:59:25 PM »
I can take on maybe one or two more roles, also I've updated my O/O's to the point that its probably worth mentioning. Its my first real rewrite and I'am fairly proud of it.

Online Neysha

Re: Hello I am ThePrince and this is my magic roleplay bag.
« Reply #5 on: July 31, 2013, 09:27:21 AM »
So many good ideas. I'm thinking I might want to try Island Insanity or Dystopian Future though. We both seem to have a lot of ons in common if your still available.

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Re: Hello I am ThePrince and this is my magic roleplay bag.
« Reply #6 on: May 04, 2016, 11:29:43 AM »
Coming back from oblivion. Updated the main post a bit.