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Author Topic: Steampunk Fantasy Updated  (Read 743 times)

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Offline The Emperor ZelosTopic starter

Steampunk Fantasy Updated
« on: February 10, 2010, 01:00:32 pm »
Adding fantasy to steampunk is kind of unneccisery eh?

To the subject in question.

Due to this being a bit unknown to most I shall explain what steampunk is and give a light introduction to my world

Steampunk is a fantasy science fiction setting that takes place in a world most typicly in victorian era but may go as far into the "future" as to the first world war. Steampunk can often be mixed with magic and more but what makes it more unique is that the tech of the era in question (victorian to WW1) is capable to perform things modern or future machines can (sometimes even what they cant do). Example is walking machines, gear machines with artificial intelligence and more. The tech of the future done with the tech of the past.

The World:
The setting is on a world in a binary planetary system

  • Continents float in the air
  • Most detailed
  • Inhabitated by multiple sapient species
  • Most worked on species: Umbra
  • Magical Poles
Earth Culture Reference List:
  • Norse
  • Victorian
  • Roman
  • Egyptian

  • Umbra
  • Formican

Umbrean Confederacy:
The goverment is a technocracy/Meritocracy where a person must have specific knowledge or qualifications to even be considered into the main goverment which is composed of 7 members that togather rules it all. Individual parts are goverened by local parts and is selected by those who already have qualifications though if they missuse the power there are means which the population can get them off the power.

Their culture is very open to other species and people, supporters of freedom of all kinds and attempts being non-judgemental but as all societies this cannot be held true for every single individual.


Umbras are carnivores, got shark like teeth, tail that may differ in appearence, pupilless eyes where the eyes takes 1 colour all over, 1 main fur colour and a secondary "marking" colour which gives some pattern on the body. Hands and feet have claws

Formican Empire:
The formican goverment is the emperor is at the top and with unquestionable power. and below it is a council that control things unless it goes against the emperors wishes. Both are composed of the formican Caste "Leaders"
Formican species are made from 6 real physicly different biological castes
As the name suggests are the leaders of the society, very smart, highly enlarged brain that extends along their back, though very weak. Very tall topping around 2 meters +
Considerbly tall, slightly taller than avarage human being, have magic crystal growing at their neck, as name suggests they are good with magic
Very short, roughly 1 meter, hightened senses and memory to be able to sense the world in ways the other castes cant
Roughly human size, strong with avarage intelligence, working force of the empire
These are increadibly strong, immense regeneration capabilities, four arms (unlike the others which only have 2) but lack brain power and initiative capabilitiy, always do exacly as told by their assigned leader no matter whom it is

  • Solid surface
  • One giant continent
  • Large desert
Earth Culture Reference List:
  • Western
  • Egyptian

More info to come, questions just ask
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Offline The Emperor ZelosTopic starter

Re: Steampunk Fantasy Updated
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2010, 11:27:12 am »
Have updated it considerbly, thought it might be interesting to see again then =/ correct me if its wrong

Offline Watari

Re: Steampunk Fantasy Updated
« Reply #2 on: February 15, 2010, 10:01:18 pm »
Do you have any plots that go with this world? I <3 Steampunk! So, I'd love to give anything that you might have in mind a try. PM me?