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Author Topic: Steampunk Adventures awaits you! (M or F wanted)  (Read 2218 times)

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Steampunk Adventures awaits you! (M or F wanted)
« on: March 13, 2012, 03:44:24 pm »
Come hither ye whom seek adventure! Romance! Action!

Come hither and see a world beyond our own. A world unlike anything ye have seen with your eyes.

I welcome ye to a world of wonder and marvel! Here the concept of solid land is a highly relative term for there is none! This is a gasgiant of epic proportions and the land people stand on are like balloons floating in the giant sea of air and acting as the sole solid points where civilizations are born, live and die. Evolution has on this world run amok and humanity isn't alone in this grandure world. Humanity isn't even dominant but a mere part of all sapient species that are roaming this world.

This is a world where magic and science are not different but inseperable. Magic and technology are closely tied and the forces of nature are both the source of magic and source of technology and they are not opposites but united.

In this world people set sail, not in ships floating in the seas of water but afloat in the air itself. Ships as big as aircarriers sailing through the skies and heavens to reach their destinations. While these monstrous constructions of technological achivement rules the heavens the land is governed by the walking machines. Walking machines with the size of giants traversing across the lands from edge to edge. Steam trains going along the rail roads to make movement quick and safe!

The information age has come aswell, yes! here the computer is already existing! Unlike ours it is not electrical but mechanical! The Analytical Machine
 has come and is already causing changes to societies yet again! When one revolution seem to be stagnating the next lurks just around the corner to keep the pace going!

Yes here the ingenuity have reached new hights, levels and is going wild! The industrial revolution didn't only come but it took off with unimaginable force and lead to innovations beyond imagination! The utilization of magic and technology have brought forth beast of machines roaming the lands and air space of nations that not only last one continent but last over several of them and populations are near uncountable.

Nations stretching across dozens of continents inhabits this world.
The Eternal Empire of Formicas seek to conquer all inferior species under its own iron fist controll.
The Umbrean Confederacy of Setting Moons is a nation that seek improvements for all creatures in this world and all their worth!
The Hirudin Kingdom of Vita Dominion is a introverted nation whom uses all forms of life to create the ultimate form of life!
The Wosret Sultanate of the eternal flame, a nation where social tension and conflicts are everyday! Caste life from ancient times starting to crack and new ideas making people want more.

There are many more nations! But which on these do you belong to?

New lands found in the horizons and everyone want a piece of the new lands resources and lands and yet the inhabitants already there want their own lives to live!

This is indeed a crazy world where everything can happen so jump onboard and join this adventure of a life time! Are you up for the challange?

:P I decieded to be humerous in the presentation of my world and make it like an ad of some sort.

I seek partners to roleplay a long term RP with at a steady rate of about 1 post per day on avarage.

It can be a male or female entering in I can play either gender and any role works here.

Conspiracy of conspiracies:
You are a human (Or just a different species) who live in the Confederacy and have since young age. You have never known your real parents but was taken in by a big man, a man wanted by many including the military. One night a fire had started where the adoptive father had died and alot was destroyed, you and people blame the military. One day one of the higher ups shows up wanting you. What would they want you and what lurks in the shadow of its machinery?

A new future in the horizon:
The tension between the great forces in the world is growing ever greater and a war is lurking around the corner. In the mist of this political play of power struggling, political dancing and such the humans have grown tired of being small and insignificant to the point of almost being second class to most other species. You work for the humans and is seeing its state growing ever more desperate to enter the political playfield of giants and morals and ethics are being sacrified, can you and your friends stop this before it catches too much momentum or is too late and only other powers can stop it?

A slaves loyalty:
Born as a slave since birth your sole purpose in life has always been to serve other men. Your body is perfect without a single imperfection and absolutely pure. You await the inevitable time when you are sold to your master to be and serve him. But luck shines upon you and an unusual man buys you, not to serve him but to be free. How do you handle this new concept of freedom? How do you deal with it when the only man whom you belong to says you are free to walk? Having no concept of what freedom is?

Stealing a heart or two:
The heavens are not a safe place, wherever business and oppertunities go so do the pirates! A life of a pirate is not an easy one and what will happen when her life suddenly comes in conflict with military personale?

Long since forgotten:
Modern civilizations aren't the only ones that has existed through time. Over the course of countless eon civilizations and sapient species have risen and then disappeared. Ruins from forgotten times hide on the lands that are seen but they are merely the tip of the iceberg. Below the clouds of no return, deep within the abyss lays ruins far grander hidden awaiting to be discovered yet again. Who knows what lurks within these? Are you what is lurking there? A living memory of forgotten times? A guardian sworn to protect the last reminants of your people or perhaps your creators? Or are you the one who discover this forgotten land?

Morales gone, is the soul too?:
The tension between the great powers are growing, the gunpowder barrel is filled to the rim and each one is trying to get the upper hand in what will be the inevitable great war. In the mist of this some are caving under the pressure and sacrifices their morality and soul to create a new living weapon. The fiddeling with the thread of life and infussion of technology has created you. Those working on you see you as nothing more than a pet to controll, but were you meant to have feelings of your own? Nothing they tell you seem right to you, but they speak of you being soulless. Using your abilities you set out on an adventure to find one for yourself, if they cannot give you one then you shall find one on your own. Because if they can have a soul, why shouldn't you? Set out on an adventure to discover where souls come from in this world and claim your own.

Civilized Savage:
New lands has opened up near one of the magic poles, near the life pole where life forms of all sorts are thriving. Every great nation wants a piece of this new land and its great sources and they forget about the natives and their claims to the lands. Their inability to match the new ones techno-magical power caused them to lose their lands and live on the whim of the foreigners. You are one of the natives whom is being taken back to the home nation, hoping to understand these new people and their ways. Hoping to find a common ground so you both can live in peace.

Highclass Illness:
You are a high class woman of the wosret species. Living in a town near an oasis, the water brings the region life in an otherwise hostile desert region. People comming from far and wide there to trade granting the town riches. You are a young woman, grown up as the upper class species, the segregation of the town have given you a lief in luxury sourrundedb y it. Though it is getting dull, monotonous, boring, you want out, you want to see what is outside those walsl! how people are at other palces! what does life offer beyond the empty luxury?

Alot of fun, but not for everyone:
The revolutions have brought wealth and luxury to the world, machines doing the work of men and women. But not everyone is getting their share of this cake. People are still poor, kids are without parents and on the street. Luxury is for them just having food for the day secured. You, a young woman, have struggled for the food for as long as you can imagen. But now, the stars are shining upon you as there is a soul willing to help you in your life.

Deep space(Several versions):
From the depth of space an asteroid has been journeying for eons. From the most secluded parts of the heavens it come without warning, without foretelling its arrival the asteroid enters the celestial body of our home in its endless journey around the mother star. Plunging into the atmosphere at an astronomical velocity. The passage through the upper layers brief but memorable for all those who saw the burning object heading toward them and then past. But one continent hold no such luck but is in the path of the asteroid as it hits the continent, igniting the forests into an endless sea of flames. Sending a shockwave along the surface leveling the vicinity of the creation of the crater. The shockwave so powerful it passes through the entire continent causing cracks in the continents threatening to make it shatter.
Version 1: Alien Interaction
Deep within the asteroid protected by unknown material lays a female figure in a slumber. She is awakened by the approching people. Days had passed since the impact and the survivors are establishing their lives as best as they can but those from outside are curious about what has arrived from the heavens they cannot reach. Can she live on this world? Can she survive? Can she understand them? Does she remember even her origin?
Version 2: Alien Plague
Within the asteroid lurks a plague unbeknown to this world. Within a closed nation it grows in strength and years later it hits the entire planet in full force. Can it be survived?

Duty before pain:
A princess is rarely left alone to live her life, neither was she. Being born of the king she was destined to rule and with that she had many enemies. He was choosen since birth to become her body guard when he was of the right age. He was trained all his life in the art of fightning, using guns and melee weapons. His mind was trimmed to perfection. But eventually he did the hardest choice in his life, sacrificing his limbs for automail.

An Experiment gone wrong:
A lonely sixteen year old orphan wanders the streets in continious attempts to survive the day. Having long since lost her parents she was left by society to fend for herself. She is found by the military whom is looking for test subjects for their new devices and experiments. Shes promised food and shelter in exchange for her cooperation, in desperation she agrees unaware of what awaits her around the corner of time.  She is subjected to horrifying experiments that mutilates her body. Her body becomes that of a weapon and her mind is being broken down to make her a mindless creature under their control. But in the midst of the horrors there is one man there, unaware at first that he has been indirectly responsible for what she has been subjected to. He realises what is going on with her, what she is enduring and his own responsibility in it. Unable to bear this with the knowledge at hand he makes an attempt to save her. He gets her out of the facility and away where they cannot trace her. Now awaits the long journey of him restoring her to the best of his abilities and to live with himself for the horrors he is responsible for.

A revolutionary Revolution:
It is 1800 years into the past. The industrial revolution and its marvel has yet to come, but there is another revolution lurking around the corner. Over two and a half millenia has passed since the old golden days of the old empire had crumbled into the new empire. The first few centerius had been glorious in this new empire where resources had earlier been thin it had then been in great quantities but it had now turned into stagnation. The emperors and empress no longer cared about the empire and how it was doing. They only cared about filling their own stomachs and being in controll. Peoples patiens is wearing thin and soon the boiler will go off.Which side do you stand on? Is your loyalty to those with the money? To the people? Or to your own heart and what you know is right?

Ye olde times:
It is over 7000 years into the past, The great Empire of the setting moons is at its peak. Spanning hundreds of continents nad species it has conquered. While most species have just barely crawled out of the caves and formed simple societies the Umbras have now reached the iron age, having huge armies and a grand fleet as they rule the heavens soley with an iron-fist. The emperess words are law and all subjigated species are labour forces for the umbras to span their empire.

The son of the empress is becoming of age where he gets interested in women, She looks to find a suitible concubine, mistress for him to have. Having a taste for the exotic he looks for something beyond his own species, looking for you.

World War(Several versions):
The war is here, diplomacy isn't working anymore. Decades of tip-toeing around and building arsenals to prevent the gun-powder keg from exploding has failed. The keg has exploded and it is to arms. Each nation mobilizing its armies, redirecting resources into military productions. Walkers traveling across the heavens carried by the massive military ships. Dreadnaughts of massive sizes traveling toward the enemies to lay ruins to their armadas.
Sparks within the mist of war:
A continent at the fronter of the war, the ships above are firing against each other. Walkers are crossing the continent as they fight one another. Machines of titanic proportions are wrecking havoc upon this continent. Cities are hit by shells and bombs when they least expect it, harvests are destroyed by the passing walkers. It is slowly becoming a hell in this world. But in the mist of exploding shells and epic battling between the titanic warmachines two souls find each other, a war is tearing both people asunder and apart from each other, but at the same time bringing two souls togather where a spark is ignited.
The end of wars:
The war as endured for years, resources are stretched thing, famine are plaguing the nations. The economy is in dispair, but still none is surrendering. The war has turned into a Attrition war, each side is desperately trying to outlast its enemies. But in the midst of this some are noticing something isn't right, something or someone is ensuring this war will endure for as long as it can. Can they find out who or what is so interested in this war?

Souls taken:
Two people from two nations, a man and a woman, meeting togather for a job, for a mission. They are from different nations, different cultures but they have one thing in common, the enemy of their home nations is about to do the unforgivable, sacrificing people to accomplish a tool of mass destructoin potensial. Can they stop it before its too late?

Time Tree:
Time, a wonderous thing. Events happens as it moves on in what seems to be a line with no begining and no end. Does it truly stretch from an infintiely distant past to an infinitely distant future? Or is it  perhaps more like a tree where time lines split apart from one another. Universes next to each other, unseen, untouchable, yet there lurking right infront of our eyes?

A young boy and young girl, both from the same world but different time lines, come to meet each other and travel across not only space but the very fabric of time itself. There is something that is causing the progress of time to not work properly. Can they discover the cause of these problems or will the fabric of cosmos fall apart as they try?

Enemy of Gaia:
Long ago in a time long since forgotten, a time when creatures of epic proportions roamed the earth claiming it theirs, A time when the planet was dominated by the dinosaurs and mammals was an insignificant group something unimaginable happened. From the deepest and darkest corners of the cosmos a creature came. It was no ordinary creature and its arrival was no accident. It targeted this world, seeing its potensial this creature, a giant among the giants, came from the heavens. It plunged deep into the planet, sending shockwaves that traveled around the planet. Wrecking havoc on the planet and its continents as a mass extinction occured. The creature marked the end of one era and begining of another, but deep within it laid dormant lurking, absorbing the energy of the planet, its life force and all creatures for innumerable years awaiting the right time for it to finally devour this world. But the soul of the planet, the soul almost as ancient as the planet itself, has other plans than to let its demise simply come. But can it be stopped? Can the inevitable demise of civilizations by this creature be prevented? What plans is it that Gaia has in store?

Orphan help: New
Missfortune strikes everyone and some more so. A poor orphan gets help from a well meaning rich person.

Helping Friction: New
Not every species get along well, philosophies clashes and appearences can repulse. Though these clashes, while making both species scarce among each other, makes them attractive social status symbol servants. What happens when these servants and their masters/mistresses develop relations beyond the professional?

I am willing to switch around roles .
Any questions or suggestions feel free to contact!
I am interested in M/F relations but I can play either gender myself and dont mind the other playing either even fi they arent of that gender =)

A few rules of mine, nothing major.
1: I am open for suggestions/discussion, everything is always negotiable
2: If you lose your mojo, motivation or whatnot, have the fucking balls, stones, guts, kahoonee, or whatever you want to call it, to acctually contact me and say it. If you are having issues with something I will gladly discuss how to fix it with you and if you just need time I will accept that aswell. I just want you to have the balls to contact me like a polite human being does to another human being.
3: Don't contact if you have no intent on acctualyl finishing it which might be a loooong time (Intent doesn't neccisery equal what really happens, life can be a bitch as we all know)
4: Don't ignore, I loath being ignored.
5: Honesty is a must, I prefer having it slapped in my face you are displeased so we can work on it than you him and humming around some issue where I will ultimately miss the point because you didn't have balls and common sense enough to say "X, Y and Z is wrong and needs to be fixed". Keep in mind, "Asking a question is a moment of embaressment, silence is an eternal embaressment", same applies to issues here. I am very flexibile and willing to work things out so don't hasetate to contact me!
6: Summerise of the previous points, be open, be communicating, be honest, and we'll get along well =)
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Re: Steampunk Adventures awaits you! (M or F wanted)
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2012, 01:43:18 pm »
Update, added a few stories

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Re: Steampunk Adventures awaits you! (M or F wanted)
« Reply #2 on: March 15, 2012, 02:42:50 am »
Updated: Added 2 new stories

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Re: Steampunk Adventures awaits you! (M or F wanted)
« Reply #3 on: March 15, 2012, 10:15:26 am »
Wow, I am impressed at the detail that youve put into this, very impressed. Out of all of them, I like long since forgotten, and a slaves loyalty.

If we did Long since forgotten, i would play as a guardian, a sentinel guarding the chambers and other ones that once housed a great empires leaders. Human in appearance, I would be a blend of magic and technology, perhaps I was human, but was put into the body to preserve my mind, only my human body died, leaving me trapped in the new body.

I am curious to know what you had in mind for A slaves loyalty, how far it can go.

They do seem similar in ways to the world of Retibution Falls and the Black Lung Captain, two books that I found by accident, and loved.

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Re: Steampunk Adventures awaits you! (M or F wanted)
« Reply #4 on: March 16, 2012, 01:35:23 am »
Thank you :3

Updated with another story

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Re: Steampunk Adventures awaits you! (M or F wanted)
« Reply #5 on: March 17, 2012, 04:58:31 am »
More stories!

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Re: Steampunk Adventures awaits you! (M or F wanted)
« Reply #6 on: March 29, 2012, 01:11:25 pm »
Updated with new stories!

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Re: Steampunk Adventures awaits you! (M or F wanted)
« Reply #7 on: April 01, 2012, 05:12:25 am »
Stories are multiplying! =3

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Re: Steampunk Adventures awaits you! (M or F wanted)
« Reply #8 on: April 05, 2012, 06:43:48 am »
Ba bump bump :3

Another story added

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Re: Steampunk Adventures awaits you! (M or F wanted)
« Reply #9 on: April 13, 2012, 11:08:30 am »

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Re: Steampunk Adventures awaits you! (M or F wanted)
« Reply #10 on: April 14, 2012, 01:50:37 pm »
Updated :3

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Re: Steampunk Adventures awaits you! (M or F wanted)
« Reply #11 on: April 18, 2012, 05:11:06 pm »
Few minor updates =)

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Re: Steampunk Adventures awaits you! (M or F wanted)
« Reply #12 on: April 23, 2012, 07:07:11 am »
Update-o :3

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Re: Steampunk Adventures awaits you! (M or F wanted)
« Reply #13 on: May 01, 2012, 11:43:27 pm »
Stories make the world go around like a record! :P

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Re: Steampunk Adventures awaits you! (M or F wanted)
« Reply #14 on: May 02, 2012, 01:04:31 am »
I have a steampunk / fantasy world of my own, though things are a bit different. (There is only rudimentary electricity and no computers, but there are more races)

I was wondering whether you would be willing to allow in an outsider in your world for one of your games? A race in my world - the Sekassiret (spiderlike humanoids with minor biological abilities) hold the technology to travel through time and space - effectively teleporting to other worlds.

I would really be interested in being able to bring over one of my Seks to your world - particularly Afanassii, though if you'd rather play opposite a female, I could oblige. I think it would be a lot of fun to have them explore a world so close to their own yet so different.

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Re: Steampunk Adventures awaits you! (M or F wanted)
« Reply #15 on: June 22, 2012, 07:40:52 am »
New story =3

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Re: Steampunk Adventures awaits you! (M or F wanted)
« Reply #16 on: January 05, 2013, 02:26:35 pm »
New Stories! =D