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Author Topic: Kinks of Caehlim M/M and M/F [mul][NC-H and NC-E]  (Read 807 times)

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Kinks of Caehlim M/M and M/F [mul][NC-H and NC-E]
« on: December 12, 2009, 07:33:28 am »
Hi, I'm back from a long break and looking to do some stories again. I've got some ideas listed below or take a look at my On/Offs if you've got an idea of your own to suggest.

I'm playing a dominant role in a lot of my roleplays at the moment, so I've got a preference for some more submissive roles to broaden my horizons a little. Anyone seeking to break in a new sub, I'm ready to be your victim, no need to be gentle.

Barracks Slave [NC-H or NC-E] - I'd be submissive - Preferably M/M

In a not too distant future, a military dictatorship enforces conscription harshly. Draft-dodgers are subjected to punishments and/or menial labour. One punishment is to be assigned to an army barracks as a communal slave expected to perform sexual and non-sexual servitude for the enlisted men.

My character, a pacifist, tries to avoid the draft, gets caught and ends up assigned as a barracks slave. I'd like this to include multiple partners, military uniforms and some non-sexual servitude.

Stow-away [NC-H or NC-E] - I could play either sub(M/F) or dom(M) - M/M or M/F

In the far future, a ticket on a starship is expensive. For those on backwater colony worlds it's often impossible to afford a flight to a civilized world and the opportunities they provide. Stowing away is always a possibility, but those who try may face deportation or imprisonment. 

A desperate citizen from the poor New Sydney colony sneaks onto a ship bound for a better place and is caught by the captain. They're offered a chance to earn their passage or face being thrown out an airlock. Many lightyears from anywhere, what choice do they have but to submit.

This may involve serving the captain personally, the crew or perhaps being forced into prostitution for the paying passengers who want a little extra company on the long trip between the stars.

Enduring the Wolf [NC-E] - I could play either sub(M/F) or dom(M) - M/M or M/F

Werewolves are creatures of unbridled energy, in all things primal. If you can't kill a werewolf, there's only one hope to survive, distract their primal energy from violence into sex. Keep them aroused until dawn and they'll turn back into their vulnerable human form.

An experienced werewolf hunter is caught in the wilds by a werewolf and manages to lose their gun of silver bullets. In desperation they try to arouse the werewolf and keep it from losing interest. There's only one problem, the moon only just rose and it's a long time before dawn. Can they endure a night of frenzied animalistic sex.

A New Kind of Chastity [Bondage] - I'd be dominant - M/M only

A young man's strict parents discover his porn collection and believe that he is addicted to masturbation. They ask their priest for advise and he suggests a rather archaic solution, fitting him with a chastity belt that will prevent masturbation and sex until he's twenty-one. The parents agree and arrange for the belt to be locked with the priest holding the key for safekeeping.

The young man comes to the priest alone and begs him to reconsider and the priest offers him a deal. If the young man will submit sexually to the priest and be his guinea pig for bondage experiments, then sometimes the priest will open the belt and allow him to orgasm.

I would play the priest (the profession isn't intended as political commentary, I just find it kinky) and I'd like this to include bondage, D/s and a strong element of orgasm denial.

Addiction [NC-H or NC-E] - I'd be dominant - Preferably M/M

In a cyberpunk setting, a freelance corporate spy is hired to steal the secrets of a rival corporation but are captured. The corporation maintains a fearsome reputation for inventive punishments to keep would-be spies and sabotuers from accepting contracts against them, but that wasn't enough to dissuade the spy.

The corporation decides on humilation as their punishment and implants the imprisoned spy with some specialized implants that artificially simulate the feelings of an addiction. The only way to keep the cravings and feeling of withdrawal at bay are to be penetrated and to swallow semen. They steal the spy's posessions and hire a hacker to trash their accounts. They dump them peniless on the streets, with the implants to force them to constantly submit themselves to being used and abused by anyone willing they can find.

With the constant distraction of this addiction and the cravings it provokes, will the spy have enough time to find a way to get the implants removed or will they have to become accustomed to their new lifestyle as the cravings become more and more frequent.


I'll update these as I come up with more ideas.

For these scenarios I've listed NC-E as a possibility if anyone would prefer to do these as anthro characters.
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Offline CaehlimTopic starter

Re: Kinks of Caehlim M/M and M/F [mul][NC-H and NC-E]
« Reply #1 on: December 12, 2009, 02:34:12 pm »
A new kind of chastity has been taken.

Offline CaehlimTopic starter

Re: Kinks of Caehlim M/M and M/F [mul][NC-H and NC-E]
« Reply #2 on: December 13, 2009, 12:42:33 am »
Stowaway has been claimed with me playing a dominant role, but I'd still be willing to do this story playing the submissive role instead.