Guitar Hero Hero!

Started by DigitLninja, December 08, 2009, 09:30:53 AM

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I decided that an rp based on this Music Video had to exist.

wanted to see who would be interested in being a Guitar Hero Hero, I don't relay have a story line in my head so feel free to toss out suggestions. All I have so far is that each player would have a GH controller and the energy takes form of various weapons like an ax, sword, whip, ect. I figure 'energy' could be renamed 'star power' and it is gained through rocking out and various other things. When star power is full than you can gain amazing ability's as you see in the end of the video. I figure we can have heroes and villains and youtube videos can be used for songs and such.

Once again any ideas feel free to toss at me ^_^
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