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Author Topic: The Ninja's Requests (seeking female characters) (New game added on 10/23)  (Read 10775 times)

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Offline DigitLninjaTopic starter

I have a few one on one ideas, some of these can be converted to mass rp's if your interested. If you have questions feel free to PM me, and I'm on E most of the day.

Cravings will be marked by ~
Unavailable games will have a striketrough


and more...

I can play regular or original characters

Yu Yu Hakusho
Fullmetal Alchemist
Fate Stay Night
Dragon Ball Z
Outlaw Star
Shaman King

and more...

I can play regular or original characters

Kingdom Hearts
Final Fantasy 8
The World Ends With You
Megaman: X Zero or ZX
Tales of Symphonia / The Abyss
Legend of Zelda: OoT MM and/or TP
Monster Rancher
Wild Arms
Chrono Trigger
Soul Calibur
Star Wars: KotOR
Mass Effect
Super Smash Brothers

and more....

I can play regular or original characters

Batman Beyond
Green Lantern
~Teen Titans~
Xmen Evolution
Iron Man
~Sonic The Hedgehog / Sonic Universe~

and more...


~Glory Hole~ ( M/F, Sex, multiple male, one too two females, possible multiple species (anthro), ect.)

You and possibly a friend of yours enter a bathroom and after a few moments are presented with a cock or two of any size and/or shape, to do with as you please.

~Digimon: Blood Feud~ ( M/F, Digimon, Digimon partners, Possible Group, possible everything, ect.)

There is an inevitability that comes with having a childhood friend who protects you, encourages you, and loves you through your entire life, and that is the possibility of that friendship becoming something more. After the Digidestened succeeded in bringing peace to both worlds every human was born with a Digimon partner and Digivice of there own. After a time rumors of breeding between Tamers and Digimon partners became more common but the governments of both worlds could see the dangerous repercussions that could occur if this were allowed to continue. As such laws prohibiting these relationships were enacted, but as always love finds a way.

Within a few years women and men and Digimon where being punished severely for giving birth to hybrids, half Digimon half human children, most of them looked like normal humans but as they aged they soon discovered they had the ability to Digivolve, this new form of Digivolution became known as Blood Trait Digivolution, and they allowed the Children to become powerful Mega level Digimon at a whim. One of these children's forms is that of a chosen Digimon a prophesied hero who would lead the battle against the darkest villain of the digital world. For it is said that the Crest of Darkness has been found, and a threat greater than any ever known will emerge from the human world.


~Cravings!!!~ ( M/F, Possible everything, ect.)

Female Mouse anthro, Female Insect anthro, Female Avian Anthro. PLEASE!!! I really want to do a game involving one or more of these.

~Maid in Heaven~ ( M/F, Employer/Servant, Exhibitionism, Cosplay, Mansion, Teasing, Possible M/F/F Possible Anthro, ect.)

The owner of a beautiful mansion finds himself in need of a cleaning staff so he brings on a cleaning staff, with one or two females who the master requests wear the full 'maid' uniform, the girl/s decide to have fun with teasing him till eventually he takes action.

~At the Library~ ( M/F, Teacher/Student, Exhibitionism, 'Forbidden Fruit', Possible College, Possible High School, Possible Anthro, ect.)

A (Teacher / Visiting College Prof.) has found himself a student that he really looks up to, she is hard working and straight A's but is constantly over stressing herself and due to this she spends days, sometimes weeks out sick just trying to please her superiors. As such her (Teacher / Visiting College Prof.) has followed her to the local library in hopes of finding a way to release some of that tension. After talking with her about it for a while she asks him to leave, and he does so, but then he returns, hiding under the table and begins to lick and kiss his way up her thigh.

~Princess and the Forest Guardian 2.0~ (realistic fantasy/anthro/past/romance m/f rp)

Below is the story for Princess and the Forest Guardian, where a princess learns that the legend of the forest is true. In this version of the story The old Guard Captain has retired due to a mishap in which the Queen was killed. As such the new Guard Captain and 'Right Hand to the King' (your character) finds herself being challenged by someone who clams to be the legendary 'Forest Guardian' as he doesn't believe she can handle the job.

~Mass Effect: Specter Case Files~ (Alien/Romance/Action/ect. m/f rp)

A Quarian Female (your character) finds herself in trouble as a Turian Specter is now hunting her despite the fact that she has done nothing to provoke the council. The truth is that a few months back she preformed a hacking job under duress (aka at gun point) for a human and as it turns out she downloaded the personnel file of the Turian now hunting her. The Quarian's life is at stake now and she doesn't know why. Takes place before the 'Human Shepard' appears.

Trading room floor ( M/F, Business man/women, exhibitionism, In Clothing, Possible Anthro, ect.)

Two co-workers are down on the trading room floor in the stock exchange and one of them decides to lift his co-workers skirt and give her a bit of a distraction as she bid's for purchases. Open for discussion with that happens after.

Dragon Age: Arms of Desire ( M/F, Demon, medieval/fantasy, illusion, ect.)

A Desire demon finds herself a prime man to snare into her web, a Rouge of considerable talent, looks, and energy for the taking all alone in a shack on the outskirts of the Brecilian Forest. The Demon quickly ensnares her pray within an illusion to his tastes and begins the long process of granting him what he desires most. As the illusion goes on she comes closer and closer to draining him of the energy she craves only to find that the Rouge's desire has shifted entirely to something new. Before long she not only is forced to change tactics within the illusion but actually change the entire illusion to a new reality. After several failed attempts to gain this Rouge's energy she begins to have a fear, one that she ignores. Which one of them is really in control here? she would ask herself only to brush the feeling aside and continue forward.

Alien Impregnation ( M/F, one shot, Sci Fi, Non Con, possible OVI, ect.)

A young woman sets up a date with her boyfriend and after an hour of waiting she decides she has been stood up, unfortunately she is confronted by an alien who immediately restrains her and begins stimulating her sexually, with the intention of impregnating her... for SCIENCE!

Better Sex Through the Force ( M/F, one shot, Sci Fi / Star Wars, Non Con, ect.)

A Young Jedi who has been seduced by the sins of the flesh stands in a crowded market place, he is virtually invisible as he seeks out a female within the crowd, with plans to use his powers to pleasure them both.

Sister in Heat ( M/F, Anthro, Incest, possible Non Con and/or Con, Bro/Sis, secret love, school/home/public scenes, ect.)

An Anthro brother and sister are of age and doing there best to not cause trouble for the other, the elder (we can decide who) is going to a local college and living at home, while the younger is close to graduation from high school. They are both getting along well till the female begins to enter her heat and finds her brother irresistible...

Tribal Capture ( MMMMM/F, Non Con, Bondage, possible Anthro, possible Impregnation, ect.)

A researcher in the jungle is captured by a local tribe, as part of a spiritual ceremony she is tied and used sexually by every male of age.

~Kingdom of the Cats~ ( M/F, Modern Day, Anthro, Neko, Battle for the Throne, Possible Harem, Multiple Characters, ect.)

Up above I have a game called the Other Brothers where my Fox/Bat/Flying Fox Fursona's brothers story's are told. One of those brother, Zack / Wolvesbain was captured by a clan of Feline anthros and through battle he ended up as the king. This story is what happened to Zack as time passes considering he can't die of old age and retains his throne through battle. His queen is also chosen through battle every few years, but he also has a harem of female cats at his beckon call. The Feline Kingdom under Zack's rule, has relocated from the mountain region where it was discovered by the Fox anthro to an island several miles off the cost of Australia. Being modern times all the modern day technologies have been provided to the cats, however they still hunt, fish, and battle each other for various reasons to determine the outcome. Any human who stumbles upon the uncharted island is quickly subdued and returned to the mainlands thinking it was all a dream, various governments are also involved in keeping the cat's location secret, removing them from satellite pictures and what not. We can discuss more in PM.

~Strip Yu-Gi-Oh!~ ( M/F, Possible everything, ect.)

8000 life points, Eight items of clothing, you do the math.

The World Ends With You: Chronicles of the Dead ( M/F, Location: Shibuya, action, adventure, mystery, romance, ect.)

Our characters wake up in the middle of the scramble, as they stand up they find themselves starring at a table with two people sitting at it, both sipping coffee and smiling, waving them over.

"Hello, and welcome to the game, My name is Joshua, and this is my companion Sanae Hanekoma."

"Pleasure to meet you. Let me be the first to inform you both that you are indeed dead, and we have removes some parts of your memory for this game, we also have several pins for you to try out that will give you the special powers you will need to survive. Now I recommend you partner up and we will begin explaining how things work around here..."

Ring for Service ( M/F, exhibitionism, group sex, possible non-con, ect.)

Upon arrival one night at the Five Ring hotel an attractive young woman finds the front counter devoid of life, there are several guests simply waiting around in the front area, some of them wearing masks as if they are preparing for a masquerade.

Following the advice of the name of the hotel the young female rings the bell exactly five times and suddenly the room goes silent and she finds herself being molested by a handsome young man.

~What to do with Freedom~ ( M/F, ex-slave, military, rehabilitation, possible furry, ect.)

A military Sniper and his team, has managed to take down a slave ring and each one of them is given a home in several different locations through the nation to rehabilitate these love slaves till they are able to function in society again. This proves to be the hard part of the mission as these slave girls know only know how to serve a master's needs. The Sniper soon finds himself trying to keep his own sexual desires locked away so he doesn't indulge himself and keeps her on the track to a better life.

Harem Wars (fantasy/past or present game m/f or mass rp)

Every five years A tournament is held among the top slave owners of the world known as Harem Wars. These Slavers bring their top female fighters and send them into Colosseum matches and various challenges for a top prize of 75 million in gold pieces. The desert town where this competition is held has it's own open slave market for those masters who wish to purchase a slave strictly for the competition as well.

Basic idea is that I would be a master and I could ether purchase your character or have her in my employ for the competition. Details can be worked out in PM.

~Naruto: Forgotten Class~ (Original characters only can be m/f or mass)

Out of twenty-six potential ninja candidates only nine were chosen to become Genin. This is the story of some of those who where left back for a year as they are finally chosen to become ninja.

Princess and the Forest Guardian (realistic fantasy/anthro/past/romance m/f rp)

Nearing the end of the dark ages and the beginning of the renaissance a kingdom is in turmoil over a potential war. The Princess of the kingdom is far too interested in the legend of the Forest Guardian to worry about this potential threat to her family, until a royal ball is thrown and an assassin kills the queen, and kidnaps the princess. Thankfully the kidnapper takes the princess into the forest where beasts and demons live and the Forest Guardian is supposed to be the law.

This game has potential to go far, I would be playing the Guardian who is an anthro, I also plan on playing the King and the kidnapper who would be human. details can be discussed through PM's

Mech Wars (future/fantasy/anime crossover m/f but better as a mass)

The Federation of Blades Has begun and interplanetary conquest In hopes of clamming all potential Mecha fuel for themselves. A bounty hunter from a hidden planet made entirely of this mecha fuel is working for both the Federation and the Resistance In hopes of leading them away from his planet. A female pilot (you can choose your side) discovers that the bounty hunter is playing both sides and he has no choice but to kill her, or convert her to his side. Any mech that you would like to play your welcome to use.

This rp needs some tweaks so feel free to PM me some ideas.

Con Romance (Present Day/Realistic m/f)

The 47th annual International Anime Convention (aka IAC) has officially begun. Two people who have never met before find themselves bumping into each other more often than not. Does there interests allow them to bloom into romance or will a jealous Ex get in the way?

Invasion of Anthro Planet(Present day/fantasy/anthro/alien m/f possible mass)

Anthro planet has been thrown into a state of chaos, in the last few weeks the aliens have landed and began to wage war with the inhabitants of this planet for some unknown reason. They have the upper hand due to there ability to assimilate and jam any and all technology leaving the Anthros with only there claws and teeth against platoons armed with any and all weapons imaginable. Needless to say any Anthros attempting to fight back end up slaughtered as these beings slowly take the planet over. One of these Fur's, at great risk to his own live, infiltrates enemy territory and has discovered that the secret to the alien's ability's as something to do with 'The Sword of the Interface'. In his mind he begins to form a plan of attack in hopes that this sword will at least allow him to defend his friends, family, and pregnant girlfriend. It's unfortunate that the would be heroes pregnant girlfriend happens to be part of the advanced party for the Aliens, sent to get information...

Viral (future/fantasy/interplanetary m/f)

After thousands of years of hard work and dedication universal peace is finally established between the active planets of our galaxy. People are generally happy, and crimes across the galaxy are lowering. Unfortunately several unexplained deaths begin to pop up on random planets. One of the best detectives on our planet (your character) is sent by the government to investigate the situation only to find that it may have something to do with a computer virus. Having no real hacking experience the detective is forced to call on one of the most dangerous hackers of the galaxy in maximum security prison. He agrees to help but only for full immunity for his previous crimes.

Hostage Situation (preset day/fantasy/kidnapping m/f)

A hostage situation is taking place in the penthouse suit of the Madison Tower Hotel. A female executive who was here on a business trip has been strapped into what can only be described as an orgasm bomb. This bomb has a robotic vibrator pushed into the female and every time she has an orgasm the counter goes down and the vibrators increase in intensity. Any attempt to remove her from the bomb will cause a detonation and there are only forty counts left.

Orgasm Subway Train (Present day/non-consensual m/f)

On a pack subway car it's hard for people to notice when things happen, even rape... (need I say more?)

Mind Games (Present day/non-consensual m/f)

Your character makes there way through a public location like they always do when you spot a man you have never noticed before. Strange things begin to happen including memory loss, clothing loss, and sex in plain sight of everyone...

Inter-species Breeding (Present day/futuristic/non-consensual m/f)

A race of humanoid aliens have discovered the planet earth and have used there scout ships to take on several human females and males for an inter-species breeding project. Once the humans are brought aboard the colony ship they are striped of any items or clothing they may have, fitted with a form fitting suit and an electronic collar with various features and codded to the DNA of a single alien aboard the ship. The ship is large enough that any chance for the human sex pets to interact with other humans is slim to none as they must try to live as experiments.

Future Glimpse (Present day/futuristic/furry(optional)/slave m/f)

The evolutionary chain proceeds as follows: Single Celled Organisms, Multi-celled Organisms, fish, amphibians, Dinosaurs, Mammals, Man. The next logical step is Woman. In the year 2548 the Gender Wars began and ended with Men giving into the demands of Women. Any male who did not comply was quickly eliminated while the males who cooperated where placed in Breeding encampments. Every major city or town has a Breeding Dome or BD on the outskirts where any female could go to have anything from a one night stand to a relationship, even purchasing a male to take home for a large some of money.

The BD is a large facility with everything a male could want, government payed for and free lodging, food, entertainment, ect. and in exchange they are used for breeding, females can select the male they want, the room they want, any toys or equipment, condoms or not, role play scenarios and what not. Every few months an orgy is set up and any woman impregnated with a male is to place it within the caring BD nursery so that males can continue to survive, there is also a retirement center for older gentlemen.

Despite the new roles of males some still become high power government officials and business owners but they make considerably less than a female counterpart. The structure of a family has become all female with a male purchased from the BD. Most of the world is a peaceful place, that doesn't mean that fight's don't break out or disagreements don't happen but many issues have been solved and put aside.

Breeding the Horses (Present day/furry/Large Manhood/(possible) Prostitution/Relationship m/f)

A Horse Anthro is waiting in a room for his stripper/hooker/Girl friend/Lover/ect. Your character can be any species you chose from. After a wild night of passion we can proceed from there.

~The Scarlet Vixen~ (Present day/furry/maid/Relationship/Whore house/(possible)Group m/f)

The local Bordello recently hired a new maid (your character) to help with the house cleaning. After a few days the job was going well when the male owner of the house, a well built Fox anthro with bat wings suddenly approaches the new girl and has his way with her, even knowing that she signed on to be nothing more than a maid and not a prostitute. After the sex the owner of the house informs the maid that he had owned the house for fifteen years and this was the first time he has ever slept with anyone within it's walls, including his 'wife'.

As it turns out his marriage was a formality so the female would remain part of the house to train the male and female prostitutes for the house while he used his government influences and battle skills to stop any threat to the house. However through all of this, and all of the rumors and the lies he had managed to remain pent up for years but something about this new maid caught his interest to the point he couldn't resist.

Dragon Slayers (Medieval/ (possible)Human/Furry/separate cultures/separate kingdoms/ect.  m/f)

Two warriors have joined forces to slay dragons across the land to prevent them from harming people. The have both given years to the job bot only recently have started to work together, and before long a romance begins to develop as they hunt. However both are known for remaining away from towns to hunt, but when they enter a town tensions between them start to run high.

~Slaves of the 25th Century~ (Future/Slave/Bondage/Virtual Reality (possible)Human/Furry/Alien  m/f)

A powerful government official has just purchased a new sexual slave for himself online. He has been told that the female is well trained but he has every intention of retraining her for his own purposes. However this slave girl has her own agenda, she is part of an organization (we can discuss what kind) who needs to collect this government officials seed for (discuss reason). With the intense Virtual Reality sexual training and the charms of this government official it's becoming harder for her to finish her mission.

~The Female King~ (Medieval/Romance/War)

In a kingdom known for it's powerful warriors the king has recently died, after much debate and no options left the new king is named, A female. Everyone agrees that 'King' is only a title and therefor a female can be made king, but this makes the kingdom look weak. Due to this fact the female king is forced to train her men to be ruthless and skilled on the battle field and before long she proves herself by winning every battle against her kingdom. After a few years of proving herself an Assassins guild takes notice of her armies abilities and chose to offer aid. The leader of the Assassin Guild begins to spend time with the female king and slowly a romance begins.

Traditional Farm (Modern/Exhibitionism/Bestiality possible Romance M/F M/FF)

In the small town where there is little to nothing to do the biggest event is the traditional 'unspoken' coming of age test for all females who have reached the coveted eighteen years old. According to any male or female who knows of the tradition a young woman at the age of eighteen is required to sneak onto Mr. Gerald's farm and spend the night in his barn. Now Mr. Gerald isn't a bad man, he's only about twenty-nine years old and he's really nice, but the story goes that if he finds you in his barn he goes crazy and locks you in the cellar with some mutated animal. Most females are frightened enough to think twice but they always end up at the barn on the night of the eighteenth birthday. Mr. Gerald is payed quite handsomely for recording everything he and his dogs do with the girls.

~Zero G~ (M/F)

I don't necessarily have a story line for this one, but I wanted a futuristic starship romance/adventure where the opening scene is a zero gravity love making session. I like the idea of it being two military people, and perhaps they aren't a couple so much and releasing stress before a mission. This can be land fall for battle, or use of mecha or some other military based mission, from sniper to melee combat.

Zoids: Champion's Run ( possible Romance M/F)

Planet Z is in a time of peace, Zoids and Zoid pilots mostly fight in the Zoid Battle Tournament put on by the Zoid Commission, earning money from wins and losing rank for losses. To earn a place in the Grand Championship your team must reach Rank A before the date of the Championship. Various statistics for each team are taken and the judge for each battle is dropped from an orbiting Judge Satellite that hold several thousand pods containing Judge Robots. Various battle settings can take place depending on the battle number, for example 0001 is a head to head battle between two opposing teams. Zoid teams usually consist of three pilots each with a financial backer though sometimes the financial backer chooses to participate as well.

Those Zoid Pilots who don't take part on the tournament tend to use Zoids for construction or protection, or become repair experts, weapons sales, and/or other legitimate Zoid related jobs. On the other hand several Zoid Pilots chose to take on an illegitimate job such as becoming thieves, or forming gangs that take what they want. The Zoid Defense Force is around to make sure these people come to justice but they also monitor all Zoid Battles of the Zoid Tournament and see that no illegal battles take place. With these security measures in place the tournaments have been relatively clean since the days of S Rank pilot Bit Cloud. Now it's time for a new generation to take it's place in the sun.

~Memoirs or Renamon~ ( Multiple Characters Bondage/toys/cannon characters/possible Romance M/F MM/F MM/FF ect.)

Based on a story I wrote that can be found: Here
Be sure to read both chapters. Need someone willing to play Renemon, Rika and possibly Juri from Digimon Season 3 I will be taking Takato, Henry and possibly Rio.

~Assassin's Creed~ ( possible Multiple Characters/Prostitution/possible Romance ect. M/F ect.)

I just finished playing Assassin's Creed 2 and I have a craving for an rp... I have no real idea for a story line just yet but the basic idea is that I am an assassin killing people and ether female prostitutes or a dead mans wife or something... we can discuss ideas.

Wall ( short term/sex/detailed ect. M/F F/F ect.)

An rp where a female is placed in a device or trapped under something that effectively puts a wall around her so she can't see what's happening to her lower half. It's purely a sex based game for now but any ideas are welcome.

Knights Favor ( Long term/story based/romance/medieval/knight ect. M/F ect.)

A lone Knight rides into the village where Knights and Knighthood were established only to find the village deserted. He had been on a pilgrimage to find this place as he had earned a prize for his deeds known as a Knights Favor, what he doesn't know is that the village has been blessed with enough magic to transcend time and space and his gift had been delivered the moment he arrived. After a short search he finds a female in peasant clothing who informs him that she will be joining him from now on and despite his protest of this he has no choice but to lead her to a village with some people at the very least. Before they even reach the next village she decides to show her devotion to him in any and all ways.

~The Other Brothers~ ( Long term/romance/medieval/furry ect. M/F ect.)

The character used for The Forest Guardian game seen above is one of three brothers all transformed by some conflicting magic cast in a wizards duel. The three boys where transformed into Anthro's and are now forced to live as outcasts.

The first brother, Alex, had taken a new name for himself as Bloodlust. The black fur is regularly stained with the blood of the people he has chosen to murder that day. After several years of terrorizing the country side he eventually returns to his home to take the life of his weakling hero of a brother who has taken the glory of the Forest Guardian. Before long he leaves again and becomes a bounty hunter for the highest bidder.

The Third brother and the youngest known as Evan, had a deathly fear of all canines, and now that he was one he hated himself the most. His fear of dogs led him to become suicidal as he left the middle brother in the forest and disappeared into the high mountains. Despite his efforts a few years passed and Evan was still alive, taking the name of Wolvesbain for himself as he wandered the mountains barley surviving. In what he hoped to be his last days of life he was captured by a clan of Feline anthro's and was unfortunately kept alive. Wolvesbain was soon put into fighting tournaments but as usual he did the bare minimum to keep himself alive and it ended up getting him the win. Hearing of a slave dog who was unbeatable in the ring his toughest opponent arrived and Wolvesbain finally had a challenge that took his mind off of his situation. When the battle was over the female lay on the ground and Wolvesbain was informed that he had just beaten the ruler of the clan and as par the tradition he was made the new king of these people, with the former king as his captain of the guard and potential mate, this also gave Wolvesbain a reason to keep living.

One or both of these characters are open for a game, we can discuss what animals they are and further details of the story before we start, as well as the full story of the three brothers.

Public Pool ( Consensual/one shot ect. M/F ect.)

The local pool was a hang out for most people with ids in the small town of Vestid. It was rare to see anyone between the ages of 13 and 34 among the patrons of the pool but for some reason that summer two teens around the age of twenty began to frequent the pool they where always seen entering together, never seen swimming in the pool and always seen leaving around three hours later. It never occurred to anyone to look in the private little corner behind the super expensive vending machines where there was a nice little private area with a black cloth door set up.

~Detention~ ( Teacher/student -multiple characters- (optional- furry) M/F ect.)

After your characters first day of class she is surprised to discover all of the best students seem to be receiving detention slips. Two - three girls with the highest scores and perfect attendance, along with nice attitudes for the teacher in question are always receiving slips to stay after school. Through curiosity or even her receiving a slip herself she does what she can to enter the detention class herself only to find that it's a special 'sexual education' class where the teacher is the 'training dummy' and the girls learn how to please a man, and how a man can please them right back.

~In the Kitchen (AKA Cookies and MILF)~ ( Mother/female cook, Male friend/husband, apron only, kitchen (optional- furry, incest) M/F ect.)

a woman is cooking while wearing nothing but an apron and soon finds herself being sexed up.
Insperation 1
Insperation 2 NSFW

Picture Inspired Game:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
You would play the dragon in the picture and I would play the potential buyer.

A princess is captured and the king grant's her as a gift to the guards men in the village square.

I could be a stow away, a challenging captain, or maybe a captive prince the ladies use while out at sea for long voyages... or three.

Design your basement and we start living.

More to come!
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Offline Famine

Re: The Ninja's Requests (seeking females)
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2009, 08:58:04 PM »
Hey I am up for any one you want to do, just let me know which one. The Anthro's look like a lot of fun as well. Lemme know if you still want somebody.

Offline DigitLninjaTopic starter

Re: The Ninja's Requests (seeking females)
« Reply #2 on: December 07, 2009, 09:12:21 AM »
A quick update, Lately I have been craving a Misty from Pokemon based rp. So if you have any ideas for a story line than toss it out to me! ^_^

Offline DigitLninjaTopic starter

Re: The Ninja's Requests (seeking female characters)
« Reply #3 on: December 26, 2009, 05:41:22 PM »
new rp up and running

Offline DigitLninjaTopic starter

Re: The Ninja's Requests (seeking female characters) (New game 01/08)
« Reply #4 on: January 08, 2010, 07:14:15 AM »
got a new game I would like to try

Offline DigitLninjaTopic starter

Re: The Ninja's Requests (seeking female characters) (New game 01/08)
« Reply #5 on: February 08, 2010, 08:17:25 PM »
Update, princess and the forest guardian is available for play again.

Offline joker123

Re: The Ninja's Requests (seeking female characters) (New game 01/08)
« Reply #6 on: February 08, 2010, 08:32:15 PM »
Sent you a PM

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Re: The Ninja's Requests (seeking female characters) (New game 01/08)
« Reply #7 on: February 11, 2010, 05:47:18 PM »

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Re: The Ninja's Requests (seeking female characters) (New game 02/11)
« Reply #8 on: February 11, 2010, 06:28:53 PM »
added a new game

Offline Ramael

Re: The Ninja's Requests (seeking female characters) (New game 02/11)
« Reply #9 on: February 13, 2010, 10:24:43 AM »
What's the state of this? Is there a ninja group RP going?

Offline DigitLninjaTopic starter

Re: The Ninja's Requests (seeking female characters) (New game 02/11)
« Reply #10 on: February 13, 2010, 10:35:15 AM »
uh not to my knowledge... just my one on one page.

Offline DigitLninjaTopic starter

Re: The Ninja's Requests (seeking female characters) (New game added 02/11)
« Reply #11 on: February 13, 2010, 05:24:49 PM »
once again princess and the forest guardian is off the table

Offline Watari

Re: The Ninja's Requests (seeking female characters) (New game added 02/11)
« Reply #12 on: February 14, 2010, 08:10:25 AM »
Both Harem Wars and Orgasm Subway Train sound like fun times! PM me if you're still interested!

Offline DigitLninjaTopic starter

Re: The Ninja's Requests (seeking female characters) (New game added 02/11)
« Reply #13 on: February 26, 2010, 08:47:40 AM »
One game added and one game lost.

Online Doomsday

Re: The Ninja's Requests (seeking female characters) (New game added 02/26)
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Some of your game ideas with breeding quite intrigue me. Let's play the Quick Answer game :P

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Re: The Ninja's Requests (seeking female characters) (New game added 02/26)
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bump for anti-boredom

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Re: The Ninja's Requests (seeking female characters) (New game added 04/25)
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brand new game up ^^

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added a new game today.

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Heya, Up to take part in most of them except the anime based ones..

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added Dragon Slayers game to the list.

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Added a new game Slaves of the 25th Century to the list... really want to try it out ^_^

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The Horse prostitution might be interesting?

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It's hard to go wrong with Naruto, if you know anything about the series at least. That being said, the forgotten class sounds like fun.

I would just need to know what kinds of things I can get away, if the thread is still open.

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I think you and i have tried to strike up something before, as i remember speaking to you on aim. Definitely interested in the interspecies breeding scenario.

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Re: The Ninja's Requests (seeking female characters) (New game added on 07/18)
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new game.