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Author Topic: Give Me Something To Rave About... [Various]  (Read 1215 times)

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Offline ReyneTopic starter

Give Me Something To Rave About... [Various]
« on: December 07, 2009, 08:33:34 AM »
Hey guys, decided to revamp some ideas and pitch a few particular plots that I'm interested in as well as general pairings.


*-Wouldn't mind trying.
**-Particular Interest
***-Would love to

Genres I'm Craving:

Rockstar/Body guard****
Band member/Band member***
Band member/Other*
Engaged Girl/Best Man***
Engaged Girl/Fiancé****
Old High School Love/Famous Hollywood Producer***
Gymnast/Male Gymnast***
Guardian Angel/Human****
Arranged Marriage****
Forbidden Love****

Plots I'm Craving:

****Twisted Art[based on the manga, MARS. with OCs]Raped by her mothers second husband, a young woman lives in fear of men until she meets Him.. He is the college slack off, always playing hooky and trying to get away from his rich, controlling family. Living on the edge, he one day bumps into a classmate. After a few conversations she gets him to model for her. Will a love grow between them? Or will the artist reject him due to her fear of men?

***Falling in love with Danger

A hit man is after an important target, a woman. A woman who can turn anything around, however,  he saves her from his own tap and if badly burned and comes to her aid when someone else try's to hold her hostage. Will they fall in love with the pain they suffered through? This women can be a president or someone famous. Have fun.

****The Beast:
Borrowed, possibly NC-H, VAN
A young girl, princess of a struggling nation, is forced by her father to travel across the world to marry a widowed king ten years her senior. When she arrives she is hurried to a quiet ceremony where she is hidden under a veil and is told to repeat her vows without even seeing her husband. She is then told as she is prepared for her wedding night that something terrible happened to her husband on the night of his wife's murder and since then no one has laid eyes on him. Can this princess muster up her strength and face her husband or is she doomed to dark nights of unseen pleasure and long days of loneliness?

****A Second Chance[Needs a Male as a supernatural creature your choice]

The lovers, at first, had all ways been close. One was of supernatural upbringing, powerful and glorious, the other a woman, gorgeous and delicate. It had been a torrid relationship, passion and love in everything they did but as the years grew on and the man's possessiveness grew to downright abrasive jealousy and anger, controlling every part of her life, the woman could no longer handle it. She ran away one night...only to have a group of bandits rape and kill her.

So now, in a century of Modern Age and Love, He is alone, trying to maintain what little happiness he was capable of finding he suddenly found her. The woman that he had messed up with all those years ago...his second chance at love.

****What's Love Got Do With It?[Will need a male for this]

For years he's been living off of the money from Sugar Mama's. Women with money who he's won over by his good looks and charm, his seductive words and vulnerable position. Posing as a poor boy who needs to be taken care of from a gorgeous woman of rich upstanding. Then he meets Her. A gold mine. A woman in her middle ages who is a widow, stocked up with cash...but also good looks and an amazing personality to boot. Will his scam fall through when he falls in love with her? Or will he leave her nearly bankrupt like all the rest?

****Best Friends: [Male Role Needed, can be either friend]
They've known each other since grade school, best friends and inseparable they've been through it all. However once High School arrives their friendship is tested. One has taken the route of a bookworm, all ways studying, all ways reading, all ways trying to get good grades. The other had taken the path of the rebel. Popular and good looking with charm to boot, they've neglected studying and instead spend their time being a host. One fatal part has the rebel bringing the book worm along...only to have the nerdy friend be overwhelmed by the drinking and the sex and the chaos...and confronts their best friend. Only to have an argument that shatters their friendship forever.
Five years after graduation and the two still aren't talking until they happen to meet at a local coffee shop just downtown from the new apartments they've moved in. Both of them have changed...but have they changed enough to still be friends?

***Vampire/Human:[Modern or Medieval] [Male vampire needed]

It was ten years to the day that the human girl can remembered being trapped in her basement as she listened to the screams of her family. That night had held so much turmoil she was surprised that she wasn't scarred for life because of it. It was the anger of the Weres that had landed her into the life of an orphan. That had ruined her family and the entire town her father was mayor of. It was chaos that tore her life apart...and yet it was chaos that also brought the pieces together. The weres had caught her scent of the trembling eight year old child below. They were moving to come in and kill her too...when a man appeared. So wonderful and majestic he came and saved her from the beasts who were wanting to rip her throat out. Yet what she didn't know was the man who saved her...was a vampire. Ten years she lived with the dark knight, acting as his piece to the human world. He was all ways caring, all ways sweet. Yet during this time the girl had developed romantic feelings though she had a sad feeling that he would never return them.
On her eighteenth birthday she is faced with a decision. Leave and carry on life as a human or go and follow the path of the vampires. She only had two weeks to decide as the royal family of vampires watched her closely. She could have everything she want in the dark life but what would her caregiver think?

****Beauty and the Beast[Need the Beast]

Much like the old fairy tale classic this roleplay would have the same basics of the tale. However it would be placed in Modern Day Boston where witch craft and magic reign free. A rich son of a high standing CEO would be turned by an old woman seeking shelter, offing her finest rose in return. The son would refuse her and even after his second chance he says no. The woman turns into a gorgeous enchantress and places a curse on the son who at the time is only eighteen.

He's been placed in his own house deep in the downtown area of Boston. Slums and ghettos are all around and no one tries to bother the "man" that never comes outside. Even the maids and butlers and bodyguards he had have all been turned from their human forms and forced to stay with him.

It's not until a gorgeous girl finds him two years later with only a few weeks shy of his twenty-first birthday, the deadline to find true love in order to be turned back into his human form. The girl has been looking for her old, senile father who has turned up as a poor man trying to sell his best around turn.

She learns that the beast has taken her father hostage since he saw his true form and will only be released due to the girl showing up and hope being found.

Now as the beast's prisoner, the beauty will be at his mercy and maybe, possibly, find a way into his heart.

****Love knows No boundaries

For years the two have been good friends, from high school to college they've gone through it all. Their parents have all ways been supportive of their friendship even if they were of different races. Yet when the two realize after a night of partying at a college club and a little too much to drink that their friendship is much more then that, the heated desire for each other falls into secret love.
Their families don't like the fact that two differently colored people are going out, in fact, they hate it! Neither are supportive and both wish to have grandchildren of the same color. But these two realize that despite their obstacles and the chances they've tried to go and find someone else of their own color and type that no matter what they're still drawn to that person. It's love at its finest and no matter what, they're meant for eachother. Despite the gripings of their families. At least their friends support them. [I'm willing to play either a white or mexican girl. The other can be a male of any race, I don't mind at all, just PM me.]

***It's Been So Long

It's been sixty years since she had last saw him. Him being the first love of an old life she regretted everyday. All of her family and friends have died, to be called a lonely old woman would describe her perfectly. But in all her years even when she dealt with an abusive father, a bleak career, a life that had nothing but wrongs and bitterness the one thing she regretted most was never running away with Him. The man she had never moved on from and whose only desire was to protect her.

But one day just like any other day in her small white house, He comes to her. Only thing is he doesn't look a day over twenty, as beautiful and majestic as before. It would seem he was actually a vampire and still in love with her. Not everyone gets a second chance. But she has to decide, immortality with her lover, or the death she had always longed for.

***I'm All Yours
She was young and careless and adventures. She loved reading, music and traveling. She was self efficient, she didn’t require anyone else.

She traveled most of the world from Europe to Asia but always desired to witness the silent beauty of Arabian Desert. She could hear it was calling her name, she couldn’t wait any longer.

Certainly the self efficient girl didn’t require a guide but it was not Europe or Asia. Pretty white girls were favorites in those areas and behind those tall walls nothing was unfair. The alone girl was kidnapped, tortured and was sent to a slave market.

But fortunately a gentle man bought her and desired to help her. She had to stay in his palace for few days while he arranged her departure. What happens though as he nurses her back to health while the calvary takes their sweet time arriving and both find foreign feelings creeping up on them?


Anime Roleplays I could go for:

Inuyasha- I like to play Original Characters but also, I can play Sango, Rin, Kagura, and Kikyou. ***

Ouran Highschool Host Club- An OC as well as Haruhi****

Naruto- OC, Hinata, Ten-Ten, Tsunade, Temari, and Ino.**

Dragon Ball Z-  An OC,Videl, Botan, Chi-Chi**

Vampire Knight- An OC or Yuki.***

Chobits- An OC ***

Love Hina- An OC*

Wolf's Rain- OC*

Fruits Basket- OC, Tohru, Risa,...pretty much any girl.***

Other Ideas I Would Like to Try:

Disney Based Plots (can have a twist or not)****
X-Men ***
Lord of the Rings**
Final Fantasy***
Saints Row****
Harvest Moon**
Kingdom Hearts*

That's all for now ;D

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Offline Moonsword

Re: All I Want For a Good roleplay. [Various]
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2009, 08:35:45 AM »
Be careful, you just might find yourself in another roleplay with me if you're not careful, Reyney dear. *grins*

Offline ReyneTopic starter

Re: All I Want For a Good roleplay. [Various]
« Reply #2 on: December 15, 2009, 10:07:37 AM »
I am currently looking for a good roleplay.
Please let me know if you find anything!

Offline Orpheus

Re: All I Want For a Good roleplay. [Various]
« Reply #3 on: December 15, 2009, 01:53:38 PM »
I'm interested in your royalty/commoner, knight/princess, and engaged girl/best man genres. If you want to work out a story for one of these or already have one, pm me.

Offline Misery

Re: All I Want For a Good roleplay. [Various]
« Reply #4 on: December 15, 2009, 10:32:09 PM »
If still available, I like your bookworm / rebel plot.

Offline maniac

Re: All I Want For a Good roleplay. [Various]
« Reply #5 on: December 15, 2009, 10:44:52 PM »
I had a naruoto or a twisted disney plot in mind heh.

Offline ReyneTopic starter

Re: All I Want For a Good roleplay. [Various]
« Reply #6 on: December 17, 2009, 05:21:59 PM »
Well guys with Christmas Break starting tomorrow I'm going to have a bit of Free Time on my hands, lol.
So with this time I would very much like to seek out new role plays.
If none of these ideas appeal to you let me know and we can work something out or you can suggest some too. :)

Offline BigBadWolf

Re: All I Want For a Good roleplay. [Various]
« Reply #7 on: December 22, 2009, 05:40:03 AM »
I've PM-ed you about some of your pairings.

Offline ReyneTopic starter

Re: Give Me Something To Rave About... [Various]
« Reply #8 on: December 28, 2009, 03:43:24 PM »
I am currently looking for a few roleplays. Don't be shy you guys!

Offline Kenshin

Re: Give Me Something To Rave About... [Various]
« Reply #9 on: December 28, 2009, 07:05:17 PM »
Arranged Marriage****
Forbidden Love****

These three rp's seem appealing.

You still looking for partners?

Offline ReyneTopic starter

Re: Give Me Something To Rave About... [Various]
« Reply #10 on: January 01, 2010, 05:31:38 AM »
Let's ring in the new year with some awesome role plays!
Suggestions are always welcome.

Offline Goss

Re: Give Me Something To Rave About... [Various]
« Reply #11 on: January 02, 2010, 12:58:01 AM »
"Falling in love with Danger" looks like something that may interest me, though I would need more details about it.

Offline yuna0417

Re: Give Me Something To Rave About... [Various]
« Reply #12 on: January 05, 2010, 11:24:38 AM »
Hi, a little new here but very interested in some of what you have listed here.