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Started by Nachtmahr, December 04, 2009, 03:28:29 PM

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Hello there, dear reader.
Please read this, before looking through the plot below.

Basically this idea is meant only for those with a very open mind, or those who are looking to expand their horizon. It's a very fantasy heavy story, inspired by many different artists, writers and producers. All in all, this will be a very long-term, unpredictable roleplay, based on the idea that anything might happen, and nothing is truly impossible.

You will get to make up a character of your liking, and what happens to him/her on their quest through this epic and awesome world will be mostly of my design. Try to think of it as an open-ended adventure, allowing you to roam free and form the plot by yourself, whether you have some adventure laid out for you, or if you were just the milkmaid, suddenly thrown into events completely out of her control.

I will shift between many different characters, some significant, perhaps forming long-term relations to your character, some of them insignificant and some of them just short-term encounters.

Of course I will listen to you and what you want, and we can agree on some things, rules and regulations and such, but mainly I want to keep this as open as possible. That goes for everything from environment to story and erotic elements, I love openminded people, and would like to have any partner for this keep their mind as open as possible.

Please only contact me via PM.

The Plot

In very basic terms, you decide on a character. This character can be of any age, gender, religion/political/sexual orientation that you would like, and have any personality. It might be a classic human, a cyborg, an alien, a furry, a futa, god knows what. Actually, you could be a god. At any rate, there are going to be very few regulations when it comes to your character, if there will be any at all.

And then we move on to the next bit, the world.

I wont regulate your character, on the other side, you wont get much of a say in what world you're in. You will be asked to come up with a few suggestions, a few themes and settings, and some things that you will under -no- circumstances play, but in general the world is mine to do with as I like. You may interact with the world around you in any way. I will introduce characters and settings to you, and you will have the ability to interact with people, or the world around you, in any way you desire. In a sense, everything that goes on around you all comes down to you. Certain situations will be left completely open, in other cases you might get (Like in classic roleplaying) a few choices to choose between, each of them with a typically open-ended or unpredictable effect on the world around you. Say you decide to kill a member of an evil cult; The rest of the cult would probably dislike you greatly after that.

I will be taking note of what your character is like, and I will make my characters attitude towards yours fit with his/her/it's reputation, so that you will get a fitting response. Basicly, if you're known for being a maniacal mass-murderer, you won't get chatted up by young girls at night, and if you're known as the guy who takes in homeless kittens, you wont suddenly burn in hellfire. Basicly, you also have a lot of options when it comes to manipulating the world, and the characters in it, so I wont be in total control of everything that goes on. (Where would the fun be in that, after all?)

Anything can, and quite possibly will, happen. We will agree on the setting of the opening post, and we will discuss rules and boundaries, but in reality this idea is based on you being very open to anything that might happen. Your character might have different tastes, and walk away if he's chatted up by a man and such, but the main thing for you to remember is; It might happen, and the fun part of this roleplay really dies out of you refuse to interact with anything i might throw at you.

The point of this is; Stay open and embrace the unexpected. You will always have your free will to design a character that you desire, and walk away from something that you don't want to take part of. This RP can only work out through coordination and mutual joy. You might enter different worlds, be plunged into a war of good and evil, be enslaved or even seek work as a servant all by yourself. This is a very good opportunity of those of you out there who really wants a roleplay, but aren't quite sure what they want to write about, because I will handle that.

It's also great for those of you out there who, like me, loose a bit of interest in what would otherwise be a brilliant idea, simply because that everything is so planned and prepared, that you already know what will happen when, where and how.

And last, but not least; It's great for everyone who just wants to experience and open-ended roleplay in which you can do completely as you'd like, against a very open-minded partner with enough fantasy to throw some interesting, exciting, spooky and erotic things at you.

A Roleplay with no plot, sounds fun, eh?
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