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Author Topic: [Blog Series]Miss Marguerite & The City - Day 97  (Read 821 times)

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[Blog Series]Miss Marguerite & The City - Day 97
« on: November 21, 2009, 11:45:54 PM »
November 21st [97] - Viva La...What?

Things have been up and down. It has been a while since I last wrote but here are a few updates in a few words or less. Ha, moi writing a few words is almost like...let us not go down that route.

School: School is going well for the most part. Finals are around the corner and with only three weeks or so left in the semester I am just buckling down to get ready. I went to visit a Peer Advisor about picking out classes for my next semester and talked about where I wanted to go with psychology. I want to counsel and I do not want to go into research psychology where all I am doing is writing research papers and never interacting with individuals. Next semester I planned to take another two human sexuality classes and two psychology core courses. I just want to get the times down so I am not waking up at six in the freaking morning as I have the past few months. I want to sleep in until at least eight in the morning and not have to change in the living room.

Work: Work is going well too because I am working with children on my vanilla time while I keep the clients with my Dominatrix job on the down low. Like always, I am safe and careful but I also managed to tell a close friend about my profession. I was a bit unsure to let her in on this part of myself, the part where I have clients who have BDSM fantasies ranging from dressing up in woman's underwear to roleplaying the act of a puppy who made a number one on the hotel carpet. The friends I have made, some know I hold a part of myself away from them because I like to gauge their reactions. I know one friend is more vanilla and she and I butt heads when it comes to certain topics. Remember the few topics never to bring up on a date? Politics, religion, ex-lovers and so on? Well, she managed to bring in the topic of marriage and from there we did not speak for a day or so.

This other close friend I jokingly place her under the category of vanilla with Rainbow sprinkles on top with a side of fudge. She and I were hanging out at my place and the subject went onto jobs. Before the conversation, we talked about sex in the aspects of pornography, vibrators and of course sexual partners. She let me know she only had two sexual partners for the past five years and when it was my turn, I did not hesitate. Want to know how many partners including one night stands, threesomes, etc? 35. Thirty-five in the past six years and if one were to go mathematical on the thirty-five divided by six, it would seven men/women a year. However, sometimes those partners made repeat performances and others stuck around for the long haul until I went onto the next person. I am not ashamed of my sexuality and what I have done because it has given me the experience in handling future partners and clients.

When I let her know that some of the partners were former submissives, the wheels in her head started to turn. She asked what did it mean for I to have submissives. I let her know about my lifestyle and the part-time work as a Dominatrix. She was fascinated and asked all sorts of questions and it was heart warming to see her want to know more about my life and what I do with it. At one point, I had to let her know being a Dominatrix was not the equivalent as being a high class hooker. I never had sexual intercourse with my clients nor did I ever let them penetrate moi. Of course, I did give them toys to penetrate themselves but never did we have any bump and grind. At the end I was glad to have taught someone else about the BDSM community and the differences between lifestyle versus Professional. I do straddle both lines but I make sure to keep myself safe while on the job.

Love life: All over the place. New males and females go in and out of my life. Elevator Man did not last long. I was not feeling him as must as he must have felt for moi. I do care about him and we do hang out from time to time but he is a vanilla boy. I would scare the pants off of him and ride him until the cows came home but he might run away as far away from moi after he saw my kinky side. If he is ever curious about the kink side, I would gladly show him the ways but there is a new male on the horizon for moi. Former boxer, Irish-Catholic and cocky as hell. He reminds me of an ex-lover but I gave him a chance and ride this past Thursday. Same Thursday I went to an art gallery with my good friend, S, and later met Mr. Boxer at a hotel. I left with smudged make up, a nice feeling over myself and I left him with scratches on his back and a satisfied smirk on his pretty mug.

Well, I think we have the bulk of what has gone on with work, love life, school though with familia things are going splendid. Thanksgiving is around the corner and just waiting for the dramatics over who gets the wishbone to start.

Miss Marguerite & The City

P.S. I love comments

Offline cere

Re: [Blog Series]Miss Marguerite & The City - Day 97
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2009, 02:03:24 PM »
Very entertaining blog M - a day in the life!  :o  It's absolutely fascinating to see how you balance your different activities.  No matter how you look at it, it would have to be a stressful existence having all that hidden baggage...but having said that, you seem to cope pretty well it seems. ~claps~ 

It comes to mind that a Domx must have her ups and downs (ok bad pun I know!)...and the downs must be really awful.  I envision some clients having severe issues...maybe I'm wrong and it's not like you deal not only with your stress but theirs as well. (Nurse...bring me a bedpan!)  You seem to have some inner resilience going on there and you have one confidante at least which must be a great relief sometimes. 

Personally, I think I prefer to leave all the RL stuff alone but I get my more extreme heady kicks from reading/writing...the fictional scenario seems to work so far...but sometimes, like all thinking people, I do take pause and wonder... ;)