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Author Topic: Superheros, supervillains, and you. Oh my!  (Read 713 times)

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Offline BrandonTopic starter

Superheros, supervillains, and you. Oh my!
« on: May 01, 2006, 01:08:29 AM »
In a world populated by super humans and supernatural beings a group of them have banded together to form the league of merit. The groups goal being to enslave humanity in the promotion of Super human supremacy. To combat them, other super human’s from all walks of life have stepped forward to form a global band of hero’s called the champions of Justice.

Now as countries and super beings choose sides between the two organizations the tensions escalate slowly but surely. As conflicts continue that tension will only grow until everything breaks into all out open war between the two groups and the countries that support them. Yet problems beyond these are forming as well. Beyond the boundries of earth an ever present force looms toward our world, ready to lay waste to the entire planet and even beyond the planes of understanding beings created of pure faith prepare to assault and destroy anything that stands in the way of their goals.

So one must ask, where do you fit in? Are you a super hero of the world? A super villain? A simple League security force or law enforcement officer? Or something else entirely? Remember that every intreuge foiled or fathomed, every life taken or saved, every truimph and treachery could very well effect the outcome of the future. Who are you, how do you fit in to this story, and how will you help shape it?

Come and join us at champions of justice to find out…


Champions of justice is a 100% freeform game. Conflict outcomes are decided by the players and failing that by the GMs of the game. The ‘stakes’ of a fight do not include the death or capture of PC’s without the PC’s players consent so keep that in mind as well. Anyway, we are currently looking for more players that want to come into our little semi-perverted world of intreuge and conflict.

Regarding characters we will take nearly all forms of characters but to assist you and our current players more here is a list of what we could use outright.

1. League leaders/officers
2. Champion leaders/officers
3. Magic users/supernatural beings to join the ranks of the Platinum demon. Contact me for questions/concerns and further details.

All character submissions should go to Bishrook aka fate sisters. PM me if you like with them and theyll get forwarded to her. and heres a link to the game if you want to check it out before hand
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Offline Bishrook aka Fate sisters

Re: Superheros, supervillains, and you. Oh my!
« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2006, 01:47:30 AM »
There are some roles I would like  players to consider filling.

But before I go on I want to say something.
You don’t have to fill any of the roles we are displaying.
You can fill almost any role in either organization you want. You can work with the organization but not be part of it.
You can also in the course of play switch sides either openly or in secret.

These are roles I would like to have you consider.
A master wizard for the Champion side

A brilliant Detective on NYC who assists the champion teams (probably human but not necessarily so)

  A Human ‘Mad’ scientist (either side)

I’d like to have a chief of staff for the champion side. The chief operates  or remotely commands  Storm troopers (Red Shirts) and  plays a part in developing champions strategy