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Author Topic: Killing Kind: full for now, but if you've ever been invited to join, u still can  (Read 1323 times)

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Offline rick957Topic starter

Updated Feb. 23rd, 2010
Killing Kind is a group roleplay about a retiring crimelord, the cutthroat mercenaries who want his job, and the daring double agents who want to catch them all.  Kind of a James Bond thing with amped-up violence, explicit sex, and a bit of black humor. 

The game is focused on strong characterization and intricate plotlines.  Sex is not central to the game, although sex scenes are highly encouraged, as long as they don't last forever. 

Participants can enter and depart the game at any time.  Depending on the current plot, new players may be asked to try out a short-term cameo role first.  As long as your writing meshes well with the group, you'll be invited to join long-term. 

Strong writers are always welcome.  One-liners and hasty, careless contributions are frowned upon. 

Here are the links:
Game Thread:

You're welcome to read as much of the thread as you want -- there's some great writing in there from players past and present -- but you won't need to know very much to join.

PM me or post here if you're interested.  I'll look at your past writing and get in touch as soon as possible. 

Thanks for stopping by, I hope to hear from you.  :)
-- Rick

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Offline Gravik

I quickly skimmed through the game thread and it looks like it could be interesting. I'm interested. So just shoot me a PM to let me know.

Offline PeacethatPowerbrings

I'm definately interested in this. If you still need someone, just give me a shout.

Offline Niki315

I'm willing to be put on the waiting list or whatever ^^ That is, if you'd have me. I'm not even sure I'm good enough..

Online Remiel

Re: Killing Kind: Spiking your eggnog with arsenic and adrenaline [MUL]
« Reply #4 on: December 08, 2009, 11:55:42 AM »
Good to see this is still going.  Hopefully, time permitting, I'll PM you soon about maybe playing a villain / temporary character.

Offline rick957Topic starter

Re: "Killing Kind" : an espionage thriller : active and recruiting [MUL]
« Reply #5 on: February 11, 2010, 03:09:15 AM »
Update bump.  There are six players involved in the game now, and fresh faces are always welcome. 

Several people have expressed interest in the past and then disappeared before joining; if you are one of those people, feel free to contact me again, I'd still love to have you. :)  Past players are always welcome to give us another shot, too.
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Offline rick957Topic starter

Re: "Killing Kind" : an espionage thriller : active and recruiting [MUL]
« Reply #6 on: February 12, 2010, 07:38:44 AM »
The Cast (so far) ...

Chelemar as Anne Reneaux aka Lily Hawk

Larrinia as Maximilian Komerov

Rachubka as Torrie Adams aka Katerina Bykovsky

RedEve as Tatiana Bohuslava aka The White Lily

Rick957 as The Man Behind the Curtain, et al.

Shihong as Garrett Tillinghast aka The Bright Bomber

Shihong as ? ? ?

Inactive -- Status Unknown ...

Dark Clown as Daniel Hurst

Enmuro as Aleksandr "Sasha" Baiyi

Salomé as Nova Fuchs aka Bianca Mancini

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Offline rick957Topic starter

Re: "Killing Kind," a spy thriller -- next act starting soon ... [MUL]
« Reply #7 on: February 23, 2010, 07:15:18 AM »
A Primer on Killing Kind
(or, Everything you need to know in order to play, in case ya don't feel like doing all that other f*@!$#in reading  :) )

Here's some background info and character suggestions for anyone thinking about joining the game.

The backdrop ...

The game opened in mid-October, shortly after Constantin Grushenkov, aka The Shark, informed the international criminal community of his intention to retire as leader of the enforcement wing of the Bratva, which is the gang at the head of the globally-active Russian Mafiya.  The power and prestige of his position attracted scores of elite freelance mercenaries to undertake a worldwide competition, composed of a series of criminal missions meant to test the suitability of applicants for his job.

The applicants were organized into five teams and ordered to meet at urban locations around the world.  Our story focuses on the Delta Team, who assembled at a Berlin nightclub to receive preliminary instructions and have their identities verified by a Bratva representative.  Little did they realize that a recent security breach led to news of the Grushenkov competition being leaked to all the major government intelligence agencies, which have planted double agents in the competition to thwart the criminal missions and root out the elusive Shark.  The BND, Germany's federal intelligence agency, replaced the captured Bratva representative with a hastily-hired lookalike, in an attempt to learn the secret details of the Delta Team's first assignment. 

The latest ...

After a number of unexpected arrests, the Delta Team has been reduced to a pair of mercenaries:  Katerina Bykovsky (actually MI6 double agent Torrie Adams) and Tatiana Bohuslava, aka The White Lily.  The latter was contacted privately by a Bratva emissary, who informed her of the BND undercover operation and gave her a secret personal assignment:  to allow the Bratva imposter to acquire a set of fake mission plans for his BND bosses, and then dispose of him and retrieve the real plans herself.  The plans were transmitted from Grushenkov's base in Moscow to a Bratva money-laundering front in Berlin, a real estate agency occupying one of the smaller offices in a large office building.  The BND have already setup surveillance and assault units in vacated offices on the same floor.

The exposure of their double agent will bring the full fury of the BND (led by an old foe of Grushenkov's named Von Hartmann) down on the heads of the two mercenaries.  The Bratva has given the task of rescuing them to a pair of latecomers to the Grushenkov competition:  eccentric demolitionist Garrett Tillinghast, who has some connection to a mysterious third party with an as-yet-unrevealed interest in the competition; and run-down veteran operative Max Komerov, who has some personal history with the Shark, but whose loyalties and motives in entering the contest remain unclear.  This unlikely duo must find a way to rescue the other two operatives from the BND and get them to a Bratva-designated safehouse, a private residence belonging to an elderly, retired freelance agent, the German Sommerfeld. 

To repay an old debt owed to the Bratva, Sommerfeld agreed to take the Delta Team into his home, where he lives with his granddaughter Selene.  After a short rest there, the mercenaries are to embark on their first mission, a human trafficking operation in Brussels.  The Bratva has engaged the services of an outside fashion-industry consultant to assist in the selection of human slaves with the right qualifications to do some modelling work apart from their illicit sex-industry duties.  The consultant happens to be a CIA double agent, Anne Reneaux aka Lily Hawk, who has a personal axe to grind with the Bratva and intends to infiltrate the Delta Team.

The future ...

The remaining discussion covers various roles available to new players on a short- or long-term basis.  The possibilities for participation are only limited by our imaginations, so this is meant to get your creative juices flowing about ways to join our little thrill-ride.  I'll be mostly just posing questions; your preferences and creative decisions will determine the actual nature of your participation. 

First, here are some personal suggestions about ways to make your character as interesting and well-developed as possible.  I'm no literary expert, this is just stuff I've been taught or try to do myself.  IMHO, it's extremely important to give characters observable actions and physical description, rather than saying too much about their thoughts and feelings using abstract terms.  Knowing the motivations for their behavior also helps in figuring out what their actions would be in any given scenario.  What does your character want from the other characters, and what's her plan to get it?  What might stop her from getting what she wants?  What does your character feel in each scene with the other characters, and how does that come out in visible ways?  Does your character have any personal quirks -- distinctive mannerisms or habits, favorite verbal expressions?  Above all, I try to get inside my characters' heads and experience each moment of each scene from their perspective, and then describe many of their sense perceptions in detail -- sights, sounds, smells, and tactile sensations.

All the long-term characters in the game are either mercenaries hoping to succeed Grushenkov, or double agents masquerading as mercs, although some have more complex or uncertain motives for their actions.  I think the easiest way to put together a character for yourself would be to use the other players' character sheets as a starting point and come up with similar ideas of your own. 

Here are some questions you might consider.  First, are you a "good guy" or "bad guy," or something other?  What's your personal interest in winning (or undermining) the competition -- is it about power, or wealth, or something else?  What's your character's ethnic background, and how important a factor is that in your portrayal of the character?  What adventures or experiences helped you acquire the necessary skills to do your job?  Have you crossed paths with any of the other characters or NPCs before, and if so, what was the nature of the relationship?  Who are your most important friends, family members, or closest professional colleagues, and how are they involved in your current activities?  Etc. etc. etc.

Short-term characters can appear for as little as a single scene, but they could turn up again at later points in the story or even be converted into longer-term characters.  Here are some current opportunities for short-term participation.

Selene, granddaughter of the grizzled old crank Sommerfeld, has only a picture and brief description so far.  As an atypical, civilian (non-mercenary) character, she could make for some interesting interaction with her current houseguests.  I picture her as someone who's had a sheltered, difficult adolescence.  Did her parents die, or abandon her, or -- ?  Sommerfeld has had a hardscrabble life as a freelance espionage agent, so I expect he dotes on her and wants to shelter her from life's ugliness.  Does she reciprocate his affection, or resent his protectiveness?  What does she know about his past?  She's already shown her curiosity in the visitors, but what does she make of them?  Is she attracted to any of them?  Is she sexually experienced, or naive?  We know she can physically defend herself if necessary; who taught her, and what other unexpected skills might she have?

Other character opportunities ...  We're in the middle of a scene right now in which a whole crapload of BND agents are closely observing the mercenaries' activities, and things are about to get hairy and build to a confrontation.  It would be fascinating to hear about the scene from the perspective of a BND agent, to learn what their operation looks like from the inside.  Your character could be a close associate of Von Hartmann, the bad-ass BND field commander; or you could be a member of the quasi-military assault team, which is led by somebody named Lieutenant Grimm.  (He's an undeveloped NPC so far, free for the taking if anybody wants to play him.  I kinda like his name. :) )  You could be some kind of technical specialist.  Questions to consider:  what's your relationship like with your superior(s)? with your peers?  What's your opinion of their abilities?  Are you attracted to any of them?  What's your take on Grushenkov, the competition business, and the events taking place in the office building, as they occur?  What are your impressions of the Delta Team mercenaries, of the BND double agent Ernst, or of anyone else who shows up?

Finally, all the current long-term characters could use occasional scenes that show them interacting with people close to them, either in the present or in the past; such scenes can add real depth and personality to the characters.  Each of the mercenaries and double agents have close friends, lovers, family members, professional colleagues, maybe people they've wronged in the past ... Trying such a role would require some coordination with one of the current players, to decide the nature of the relationship between your character and theirs, and to agree on the general direction of the scene(s).  I can check with the writers first (if you want) to make sure they're interested in collaborating, but I expect they'd welcome the opportunity for fresh interactions.

A scene involving such characters could be anything from a simple phone call with some provocative dialog, to a private face-to-face meeting in some interesting location, to a flashback scene in any setting you can imagine, maybe someplace really off-beat or surprising.  Erotic scenes, violent scenes, disturbing scenes, emotionally-charged scenes -- all are welcome.  The more history you can hint at between your character and the other writer's character, the better.  And, the more specific or unusual those hints can be, the better; for example, is there a physical object or gesture that you can describe to tell readers something about the characters' relationship?

Okay, give yourself a prize and shoot me a PM if you actually read this far down the page.  :)  Please get in touch if anything above motivated you to join our little storytelling orgy, in any capacity, with any sort of character.  Thanks for reading.

-- Rick
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Offline BlackFistKronos

I am very much interested to join in (in fact, just finished watching both "Boondock Saints" movies), if there is room. Please PM me if there is any availability.

Offline rick957Topic starter

Sent ya a PM.  :) 

Roles like the ones outlined above are always available, for anyone who thinks they'll fit in well with the other players.  (You should be able to write at a roughly-similar level of detail and complexity to what's already in the thread, although your posts needn't always be super-long.)