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Would It be Possible

Started by Talia, October 29, 2009, 09:40:19 AM

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I would like to stay on "E". I'm just not mentally settled enough to write, deal with my health, and life changes, that I maybe going to make. If I can, I would like to write on the chat boards...and if possible, on good days, I can do a post in one of stories, when my brain is not so cluttered. It just might not in the timely matter my partners would like.

I don't want to lose my account, if at all possible.
Please let me know.

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Your account will stay active unless for some reason your email happens to bounce, and then it would just be a matter of correcting that. *smile* Don't worry - play when and how you can, and don't stress about it.
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Hi Laurrel

I am sorry to hear that as I was looking forward to our game. By all means stay and lurk and please if you want a game in the future then please let me know.


*leaving big hugs for the darling Laurrel*  glad you are staying to play with me the E community.   ;)

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It's good that you're staying and playing when you can.  You're fun in the game threads and would have been missed.

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Also you can try the IRC, we are all friendly there and like to discuss about a lot of stuff. Also, I'm glad that you want to stay but... at least can this guy leave already?