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Author Topic: Various Sides of Sasha [MUL] F/F , M/F  (Read 1283 times)

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Offline SashaTopic starter

Various Sides of Sasha [MUL] F/F , M/F
« on: October 29, 2009, 09:20:54 am »
 This will probably be a work in process forgive me up front and I shall love you forever. I am new here and tend to have a teasing playful attitude ..and really enjoy being able to fit well together with my partners in crime. To me ..role playing is just building a delightful story that can surprise and open up a creative flow into an amazing adventure of fun and teasing excitement. Make me squirm in my chair and laugh ..and feel sad ...and give me the ability to get into the character and I will enjoy the whole experience.

 I don't need to clear everything upfront with a role playing partner though a few conversations to see if we are compatible before playing is warrented I think . Gives a general outline and eliminates personality conflicts.

My offs are pretty much set in stone On's do not have to be in every story I do ...and if one of them is a please don't RP that , no issue. Just inform me and I will try to remember it . If I do post and go somewhere your not comfortable with ...just ask me to change it. I am easy to get along with long as it don't get to the point your telling me what to RP .

< Please send me message if you like to discuss any of the ideas below ..I apolygise to anyone who posted here and was overlooked . A faster responce will be given if you send me a Private Message. Thank-you . >

All stories can be moved to a small group role play and I am willing with the right partner to play a male role instead of the female character.I have no issue with my writing partner playing the opposite sex.  Even to play two characters to achieve the game or story if needed.

Stories wanted to play out ….

 Want to play out the following Monster girls .

 Living in an Aquatic world ..the young one resides having been separated from the others ...or she could live with a few sisters . Attacking Pirate ships as the mysterious fog sends travelers their way every so often . Maybe its a pirate ship that got blown off course and sent to this mystical place . Or a space shuttle that brushed up on the edge of an island . Male characters willing to submit themselves to the tendrils and be taken advantage of regularly only need to apply . Though a interesting male character that rules over the three girls sounds good as well .

Dark Angel [EX]Playing a character here that enjoys the kinky nature of herself to the extreme ..the corruption of a man to turn him into a one that desires pleasuring and being pleasured as the only thing he cares about is just that. Making him beg and plead for more no matter what she does to him and obeys and does whatever she asks of him . As a counterpart would accept a woman to corrupt as well . Or have the angel a captured servant to another character that controls her to an extent maybe he is teaching her and sending her out to corrupt and bring him he conquests to share.

Female Character Wanted : 

 The Proper Whore < Female Character wanted > [MUL ] Needed a dominate female to help train a young woman in the ways of how to please herself and others. Basically taking a virgin character and opening up her horizons. Your character could be the owner of the whore house..Make the setting back in the Wild West. Or the owner of modeling house.

 Could open up to include a male character to be used as the test subject. Or maybe He actually controls both women.

Male Character Wanted : 

  The Modern Gypsy 

 Katrina ..was one of those young girls that had been taken from Russia though instead of ending up in a human slavery camp she was given to an older man that over sees the industry . She had become his ward and the man cherished her , teaching her for years the art of foreplay ...oral sex was all she had known up to this point . Katrina is now turning of proper age and her owner has pampered her long enough now to finish the task of making her his proper whore complete . Maybe even take in another young one to just please him orally . Maybe he has a more mature lover that shares his bed at the mansion as well . Or maybe his son joins in his perversion as he shares his pet with him . Or even others of his household if she does not do as told . Or maybe his pet needs to learn control ..most likely needs to be punished . Her room is a hidden section in the large estate it has a beautiful bedroom and the other half is a dungeon area where she is sometimes taken depending on his mood .


Stories in Process :   Might give you some ideas of my interests .

  The Cabin ( Bondage - Human Solos) Need a Male Character - Light Bondage, Extreme scenario ..never played a master/slave and find the idea exciting in some respects. My idea for this basically is a young couple , engaged or just married ..standard relationship up to this point. He plans out a two week long trip for them to spend at his secluded cabin, could be honeymoon ..vacation. Upon the arrival at the cabin ... he explains to her that here things will be a bit different. Then shows the darker , kinkier ..twisted side of himself and trains her to fullfill his needs.

 Where to start the story can be discussed far it goes can be decided ..I am willing to be flexable. Though if I decide this type of thing is not for me ..after the two week trip is over might file for a divorce or leave him. I am looking for someone to guide me through this a bit and I will play out the story to be fair. < Taken by Tonalberry >

 The Bad Seed ( NC- Human Freeform)  - Needed Male Character to play Uncle , Father , Step Father. Concept a 16-17 year old girl basically a rebel that just loves to tease and push the issue. Anal Virginity , limited sexual partners ...can be non-consensual. She finds herself masterbating so she can be seen , teases and taunts the other driving them wild ...until the line finally gets crossed. Lots of spankings she is a bad girl. < taken by Ebb>

The Dragon's Lair (NC-Exotic Freeform Solo) ….

 A young maiden finds herself captured by her Father's enemy, as he holds her in a caved fortress that is guarded by a dragon. The girl being but a child when taken is now reaching her 18th birthday and has blossomed into a beautiful woman. That has an innocence to it that attracts the Evil Lord's attentions. The decision is made in his mind that she will be his ..completely …wanting her to give herself freely over to him and submit all to him before he makes her his Queen.  < The Evil Lord does not have to be Human > ( Taken by Daimon )

The Quiet One (NC-Human FreeForms) ….Amanda <16-17 > has always been shy and kept to herself for the most part interested in her painting and sculpting.Anything dealing with art excites her. The girl was home schooled due more from the antics of her brother when he was in the public school system.  They were raised together by a single parent their mother though her brother is several years older than she is < 26-27 > and served time in the service after graduating from high school ..Maybe it was demanded by the courts. The mother was in a car accident and the family fortune was split between the two of them. Since Amanda is still a minor …her brother steps up to take over custody of it. He was all ready to fight this obligation till he laid eyes on his beautiful young sister maybe he could use this to his advantage. Finding out she was still a virgin just fueled the fire more.( Would like for the older brother to have a dark side to his personality ) < Taken by Plot Hooks >

 Mommy needs Punished( EX -Extreme ). - < Male Character wanted > MILF type setting ..woman in late 30's ..has a husband , drunk most of the time ..passes out , sex ain't never been worth much. Maybe she get caught masterbating by her son's friend < 16, 17 , 18 > and he decides to help out. Once the taboo has been broken the relationship can go a number of different ways. Could be Non-consensual ..move into light bondage , extreme.  Could even add in the Son , Step Son  into the mix do a 3-some.  < Taken by Ty5550 >

The Innkeepers daughter … setting to be back in the pioneering days of old. A young woman finds herself stepping up and filling in duties required to run the Inn. <17-18 >  The town is one of the few in the area and most travelers pass through one night a man shows up that is rather intriguing to her and she attempts to flirt with him . Poorly it seems cause he is oblivious to her attempts. The father catches her doing this act ..and decides he needs to put a stop to the girls ideas of leaving him . Realizing as he watches her how so like her mother ..she truly is and how developed she has become. Thoughts begin to form in his mind causing an arousal that he has not had in a long time. The Traveler however has other ideas about the young lady. <Taken by Nim>

The Fancy Dress - Changed to Fantasy realm the uncle being a mage ..added the mother being captive. The two sisters are being transported to their uncles care due to the death of their father. They have arrived earlier than planned but are shown to their rooms . One of the servants lets it slip about the party this night . Only The Uncle < could be a mage, vampire , other > is having an Orgy party which the two girls have sneaked to the railing to watch . This seems to turn the two young ladies on . The owner of the estate finds the two girls and invites them down to join the party . Both girls can be virgins ..< 16-17 > ...( Taken by Antone)

The Dorm Room - Wanted a Female Character ...two girls in college bunk up together ..bisexual style relationship ..maybe they find they enjoy each others company , go out party .. end up getting a bit to close one night . One partner could be more dominate and know what she wants ..and bring the other girl to a curious state. Could be non-consensual ..can discuss how far it goes. Could be opened up to a small group , add a male partner into the mix ( Taken by Zarazel)

Dark Elf   < being discussed with Ace Flyer >
 Story to be she is a young one that is just about to be released out to learn to put her skills to use . So if another female would like to play her mother that would be great as well . I would accept a male character as the Father ...or a human counterpart that she comes across . Pm to Discuss .
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Online Doomsday

Re: Various Sides of Sasha [MUL]
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2009, 09:23:40 am »
I'd like to play Mommy Needs Punished or The Bad Seed. I haven't played a younger male/older female game in a long time so the first one might be more interesting.

Offline Wolfy

Re: Various Sides of Sasha [MUL]
« Reply #2 on: October 29, 2009, 09:39:18 am »
I think I'd be up for "The Dorm Room" and "The Proper Whore" if you want to add in a male o3o maybe up for a mage/student rp too.

Offline Sand of gaara

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Re: Various Sides of Sasha [MUL]
« Reply #3 on: October 29, 2009, 10:21:29 am »
Mommy needs Punished, sounds like an interesting plot am wondering who would be playing the dominant role the mother or the son.

Offline Tonalberry

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Re: Various Sides of Sasha [MUL]
« Reply #4 on: October 29, 2009, 10:28:31 am »
The Cabin sounds like a good story idea to me, followed by the other two, if you don't mind doing multiple stories of the same idea.

Offline SashaTopic starter

Re: Various Sides of Sasha [MUL] Looking for Female to Join
« Reply #5 on: November 27, 2009, 09:10:57 pm »

 updated ...added a few story options .

Offline Gnerdygirl

Re: Various Sides of Sasha [MUL] F/F , M/F
« Reply #6 on: November 28, 2009, 03:07:40 pm »
The Fancy Dress sounds interesting. I'd be up for playing a female character. PM me and we can talk more? :)

Offline Daimon de Broken Hearted

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Re: Various Sides of Sasha [MUL] F/F , M/F
« Reply #7 on: November 29, 2009, 06:12:30 am »
Dragons lair sounds good.

Offline SashaTopic starter

Re: Various Sides of Sasha [MUL] F/F , M/F
« Reply #8 on: April 02, 2010, 12:52:15 am »

 revised and added new ideas ...