XBOX Live Gold membership... Vanished

Started by Doomsday, October 20, 2009, 02:23:34 AM

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I bought a 12+1 month card back in May/June. More recently I had problems recovering my gamertag from XBOX Live, and I was without it for more than 2 months. I recently was able to recover it successfully from Live but my Gold membership, which logically should run until June/July of 2010, was gone.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? How improbable is it to expect those greedy bastards at Microsoft to give me my Gold back? I bet they keep records of who had XBOX Live, how much they had and when they had it.


They must have records, how else does the system work. Try sending them an e-mail with all the supporting information and evidence you have.


Yes, I did that yesterday and today I got an email back. They linked me to the billing website, and it says my Gold membership was canceled... I do not remember canceling it >:|

So I sent them an Email back and am now awaiting their squirmy bullshit excuse for stealing my money.


Trying calling 1 800 4MY XBOX instead of emailing because you may get more satisfaction from an actual agent then zipping off emails back and forth.

The agents who work support do take notes of each individual call issued to them, and it is stored in a data base so that all Xbox agents can pull up your file(s) and view the issues for each time you called. You can explain your loss and recovery of your gamertag, and of your Gold Live Membership, and if it is a billing issue, the agent will connect you to billing. If  your Live account was canceled, they should be able to give you a date, and even a reason of why it was canceled. If you are not satisfied with the results, politely ask them to escalate it, and do try to be patient with them on the phone.

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Yeah, I got an email back basically telling me to call their support line. Will do... Hopefully sometime in the next week. I don't get many chances to hook up to live, because I have to unhook my modem and rehook it to my Xbox :o