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Author Topic: An idea for a Black Dagger Brotherhood RPG  (Read 566 times)

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Offline AshleebabeTopic starter

An idea for a Black Dagger Brotherhood RPG
« on: September 29, 2009, 12:43:50 am »
Please feel free to contact me if this opening post would entice you.

“Mother, Father has threatened me with Seclusion if I try and make an attempt to leave the compound again.” Ehlena bellowed to her mother allowed knowing the answer before she arrived. She was the only daughter of an aristocratic family. Her mother, Sarina, and her father, Nicolai were powerful figures in the Glymera . She was considered a princess but she refused to embrace the title. Growing up on the compound was interesting indeed. She inherited her mother looks in some ways. Her small but elegant figure and her father jade green eyes. She was blessed with perfect sight which she was grateful for. She had long black hair which held a wave to it. She dressed in what most women of the Glymera dressed. Satin gowns of high value and pinned up hair. Most of the brothers knew her as their little sister and treated her as such. Nalla was her only companion and her father was just as bad.

“Your father just wants you to be safe. You have not been through the transition and there are a lot of males who would love to help you through it. Can you blame him for being a little on edge with you leaving?” Sarina said with an exasperated sigh. Nicolai had been gunning for Seclusion for months. He rather have his precious daughter hidden from danger. The Scribe Virgin even offered her a place among the chosen, as was her right, but Ehlena declined it. She thirsted for adventure. Her mother would catch her slipping on sweats and hoping to train with the boys. She would get caught because of her scent but it never really mattered.

Ehlena sighed heavily as she shook her head. “Have you worked on him letting me move out into that apartment after my transition? V told me he would hook me up with all of my protection. I mean I can fight and with the technological back-up I will be fine.” She pleaded but again, her mother’s answer was predictable.

“I have to see about that.” Ehlena groaned and shook her head.

“I am heading to my room.” She stated as a fact as she moved to the suite that was designated as hers since her birth. She made sure her guard was gone while she moved about her room and grabbed her emergency bag. She shimmered down the terrace and into the gardens. She knew how to sneak out since she had done it for so long. She knew where V kept the cameras and she learned how to avoid them. She made her way to her getaway car that was a few feet away from the guarded walls. She jumped in and made her way into town and to Zero Sum. She slipped on her red-head wig and her sunglasses. Ehlena slipped on jeans and a t-shirt. She would not be recognized by sight.

Xhex was at the door and allowed her to come into the raging club. She immediately ordered a drink and downed the shot instantly. She did this a few times. The men tonight were grabby and she had to stay clear of the overly drunkards. Somehow, she was knocked and her glasses slipped off. She scurried to grab them and slip them back on. A man near her, however, was too wasted to notice her until she moved. He started to work his pathetic game in hopes of getting her into bed. She shook her head and moved away from him but it was no use.

He tugged at her hair and the wig slipped off. Boy was she embarrassed. People stopped to look at the scene as her long hair unfurled and fell down her back. She was trapped and most of the vampires in the bar knew her father or knew her.

“Haven’t you ever had one of those nights where you wanted to pretend you were someone else?” She joked trying to divert the attention from her. She took her wig but it was not use to hide her identity now. She was found out for good.