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Author Topic: Lit. Sub F Looking for Lit Dom. Males: Craving ANYTHING {Back from Break}  (Read 18840 times)

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Welcome to My Wonderful World of Paranormal Oddities and Romantic Interludes...

Please do not be intimidated by the size of this thread. I have been on here for many years and have constantly added and re-added several things!

I. About Me!

I am an active member on and have been for about seven years. I have a laptop and tablet at my home and a reliable computer at work as well. I also use my cell phone to post often. I have been on every end of the spectra and returned, finding my own desires and personal preference. That being said, I will divulge a little about me. I am a 27 year old Construction Admin/Accounting Clerk at one company and Data Entry/Graphic designer at an aviation book publishing company.

I enjoy reading the tales I have written and those of other talented writers that hail through the halls of the E! If we talked in the passed and I said I was not interested, please contact me again. My tolerance does change and you may surprised how a few months change my overall view on a subject.

::Table of Contents::
I. Introduction and About Me
II. My Overall Expectations
III. Original Plots and Pairings
IV. Book-related Plots, Parings, and Authors
V. Movie-Related Plots and General Movie Ideas
VI. Songs that Inspire Me!
VII. Writing Sample
VIII. Updates
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My Overall Expectations
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2012, 11:33:22 PM »
II. My Overall Expectations

- If you want to do any Book-related plots, I  cannot stress this enough - know the series we are playing

- I play only female roles, my males turn out too horrible to function. I will play them if they are a unimportant character.

- COMMUNICATION IS KEY - Please keep that in mind if you are unable to post within a reasonable time frame as long we have prior discussions beforehand. I understand completely that things come up but common courtesy is greatly appreciated! 

- I am a  Submissive

- BE DESCRIPTIVE: I can let a lot of things slide if you are able to string sentences together well enough but without a good descriptive post...Let's just say I would make myself disappear. Quality is always better than Quantity.

- Chemistry: If I feel there is something not quite comfortable within our game discussion, regardless if I approached you first or vice versa, I will let you know before we even start the game. It would not be fair for either us if we did not click well. Please do not take it too personally, I love everyone on here. We just may not be compatible for a game.

- Posting: Please be able to try and post once every few days. I hate having to go back and reread a whole thread just to remember what our RP was about.

- If I tend to ramble please let me know. I am not a monster here I won't bite... hard! So if there is conflict or questions, my PM box is always open.

- Please do not request me to get on an IM client to discuss our RPs. It is not my method of contact!

- Please look at my Likes and Dislikes I tend to look at them a lot when beginning a new story as well as previous writings. I know I am no Charles Dickens but I like to get a feel for how a person flows in a story. (Plus I am really bored)

- I have a laptop, a tablet, and a cell phone. I can post usually within an hour after a reply if I am able and love to keep a good flow. It does not mean you have to do the same!

- Do not be afraid of asking me ideas or wanting me to elaborate on anything. I have these Ideas here for a reference not a guide. Nothing has to be followed to the T.

- My contact info is strictly here on E in the PMs. If you have comments or anything of the like, PM to me. I do not have any of the following IM agents so please do not ask me to provide the information. YIM, AOL, MSN. Also I would like to keep any E-mail based Rps in the PMs on the forums. Thank you!!

- Keep in contact with me if you have questions of general comments on the RP. I have lost a few games where people have gone on a huge off the wall path. 

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Original Plots and Pairings
« Reply #2 on: January 12, 2012, 11:47:59 PM »
III. Original Plots and Pairings

[These are rough ideas on where I envision my ideas to go. All are open to brainstorming and mixing of the plots. Do not be afraid of asking for something different than listed]

Obsession - M/F CLOSED unless there is a twist brought in
"She is there; I can see her sitting on the bench as she does daily. She has no idea that I am her admire, no idea that I want her so fiercely that it burns too deep within my soul. I send her all that she desires and she had returned it all. Does she not want me to love her? I need to have her, keep her safe within my own home. I am rich enough that I can have her there well taken care of. She would want for nothing anymore.

I see her in my dreams, both waking and at night. I need her to know how much she means to me. I need to show her that I am her man. My rules will be strict, but she will    know it is for her own good. Tonight is the night that she will come to me."

This story is about one man's obsession and the girl who gets placed into his care. He manipulates her father to send to his building as his personal assistant, maneuvers her  into his home, and slowly begins to seduce her. He is the young entrepreneur of a multimillion company but has issues with women.

She is young, fresh out of college student who needs to start her life within the real world. I would like for this to be a dark romance with obsession. Drugging her into staying the night or cause her apartment to be condemned or burned down making her go to his place. She will eventually have to come to crave her independence from him, making him go mad over it.

I would like a Dominant Male who is comfortable playing a young, jealous, controlling and rich business man who is obsessed with a woman he saw from afar. He would be around 28 and she is to be about 23.

King's War Prize - M/F CLOSED (Unless something new to add)
The tyrant was ruling over her people with cruel games and unwanted taxes. Her people were starving and she could do nothing but watch because the tyrant was her uncle.
She was not allowed to rule because she was unwed and her uncle made sure to keep her that way. She could no longer watch her kingdom suffer. When her uncle was deep in his cups each night, she and some of her father’s advisers were beginning to devise a plan to usurp the regent. There was a king, a warrior known for his ruthlessness in battle. The men offered to plea for his help but the princess thought she would have to go and plead for her own people. She was tired of not being able to fight back.

In the cover of night, she fled for the encampment that was rumored to be the warrior’s army. Dressed in all black, she was immediately met with swords and was escorted to the king himself. She only removed her hood when she spoke and looked him in his eyes.

“I need your help. My uncle needs to be removed from his place on throne. He is making my people suffer when he only wishes. Name your price, it is yours.”

“You.” Was his reply.

The king had been following the conflict in her kingdom since her father died. He also in need of a wife to produce an heir. He was a warrior not a gentleman but this woman was beautiful and her kingdom needed help.

An arranged Affair - OPEN - CRAVING M/F
An Arranged Affair:

A child of common birth and raised away from the demanding courts, a little girl grew to know nothing of the cruelness of court nor what would be asked of her once aged. She was a lovely child with a traumatic past and aged into a quiet woman. But one thing she did not wish to happen to her, marriage. She feared the mere concept of it. She finally came of age and was sent to court. And into the lion's den.

A man who came to see if there was a woman worth his grain came to court. He wanted a woman who would calm his rage and nuture his people but he seemed to find only the same women that were offered everywhere else, desperate and heavily decorated. He one day found the silent little woman and thought about her as a maid or a servant. She was not overly painted or dressed to ornately, creating an air of calm and serenity about her. He had to know more.

This would be a marriage of reluctance on her part and dark on his side. He has to find this silent creature and claim her as his. This man can be human or otherworldly creature. Please feel free to add other ideas in the mix, I would love to hear them.

The Chieftain's Wife - OPEN M/F
The Chieftain's Wife - NEW

Charlotte was labeled as a witch for her healing skills. She never understood the dangers of the world when her father fell ill and her half brother came into the role of Chieftain. Upon his deathbed, he pleaded for a tournament to be held to claim the hand of the woman that the neighboring clans had deemed “Witch.”

Charlotte had tried to save her father’s life but he refused wishing to see her mother once more. She was to be veiled and seated as the prize. She wanted to please her father but it seemed that her brother was praying for her to suffer. Her made moves to pair her with the elder Chieftains who were notorious for their whoring but it was her father who sent for the men who were worthy of protecting his daughter.

You would play the Chieftain who only was answering the call due to a debt. She would not know him but he would win her dowry and her hand in marriage. She would be asked to dance with the winner of each round at the banquet before she retires.

The battle hardened warrior Chieftain and the healer would be wed at the end of the tournament. What happens when the warrior falls in love with a woman he only deemed to protect? When they reach they home and a plot is hatched to kill her for her inheritance, can he save her in time?

The King and His Maid - Updated and OPEN M/F
The King and His Maid M/F

A king had ruled other his lands for a few years, always waiting, always watching for the right woman to make his queen. Sadly the only woman who would be perfect for him was his sweet young maid. She had earned her place in the household at a tender age of 8 and worked for ten years. She bloomed into a  woman. He treated him like a man and not a king.

Little did he know the secrets that she had. His maid was a princess in disguise, hiding from a war torn country and a stepmother only wanting to gain political power with her title, the maid stayed silent and eager to help the household. However when her father comes to collect his daughter and return her to her rightful place, the truth comes out.

The King however cannot and will not let her go. What lengths will he go to keep and claim her as his bride?

NOTE: This does not have to have her being a princess but a commoner if you would like a twist on it.

The Vampire's Bride - Updated and OPEN - CRAVING M/F
The Vampire's Bride

Cursed by a hateful and rejected witch, the jilted woman cast a powerful spell upon the vampire to only be awakened by his true love. He fought to free himself from the wicked enchantment but failed, succumbing to the deep slumber for centuries. His minions, his followers, and his kingdom still follow every whim he would desire were he conscious to instruct it. He was a harsh cruel man with little known feelings humans had.

Until she awoke him...

Being dragged from her home in the light of moon, the girl was offered to the still decayed corpse. Her wrist being cut and blood flowing freely over the lips of the unknown being The creature shifted and moves to latch onto her neck feeding greedily. When the haze clears from his vision and the king realizes what he had did and who had awakened him, he flies in a vicious rage.

The spell echoed in his mind as his scattered thoughts began to become whole once more. He had three full moons to make her love or else he would perish from the beloved kingdom he ruled over. How does he convince a human of all beings to love him. She was beneath him and yet he could not deny the pull of this woman.

What will he do if another dares to get in his way?

[I have not had this game in a while but I would like to see a bit of brainstorming on this particular idea]

Dragon Kings - OPEN - CRAVING M/F

Males who shift from human to dragons who discover their mate being a human. A birthmark is the tell sign that indicates the female is compatible to be their mate. I love this idea overall and would love to have a strong dominant male to play the dragon king

Original Pairings - Updated
Original Pairings:

BOLD is what I play

Vampire X Human (Traditional vampires only, [i.e. No Sparkling EMO vamps])
King X Commoner
King X Foreign Princess

General Inspirations - Updated
General Cravings:

(Things that get my motor running!)

Scottish Setting in the 1500-1700s
Celtic Traditions
THOR [Honesty I have a thing for Chris Hemsworth and long hair. Oh and Tom Hiddleston too)
Book-related plots
Dark, possessive and dangerous Male Characters are a must!
MFM relationships
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Book Inspired Plots, Pairings and Authors
« Reply #3 on: January 12, 2012, 11:54:47 PM »
IV. Book-Related Plots, Pairings, and Authors

NOTE: These are idea based off of books not a verbatim story from anything in the series. As long as you have a general idea of the characteristics the authors portray in their literary works, then that is all I can ask of you.

Black Dagger Brotherhood OPEN
J.R. Ward's- Black Dagger Brotherhood Series

Lover Be Free - M/F Open

“Mother, Father has threatened me with Seclusion if I try and make an attempt to leave the compound again.” Ehlena bellowed to her mother allowed knowing the answer before she arrived. She was the only daughter of an aristocratic family. Her mother, Sarina, and her father, Nikolai were powerful figures in the Glymera . She was considered a princess but she refused to embrace the title. Growing up on the compound was interesting indeed. She inherited her mother looks in some ways. Her small but elegant figure and her father jade green eyes. She was blessed with perfect sight which she was grateful for. She had long black hair which held a wave to it. She dressed in what most women of the Glymera dressed. Satin gowns of high value and pinned up hair. Most of the brothers knew her as their little sister and treated her as such. Nalla was her only companion and her father was just as bad.

“Your father just wants you to be safe. You have not been through the transition and there are a lot of males who would love to help you through it. Can you blame him for being a little on edge with you leaving?” Sarina said with an exasperated sigh. Nikolai had been gunning for Seclusion for months. He rather have his precious daughter hidden from danger. The Scribe Virgin even offered her a place among the chosen, as was her right, but Ehlena declined it. She thirsted for adventure. Her mother would catch her slipping on sweats and hoping to train with the boys. She would get caught because of her scent but it never really mattered.

Ehlena sighed heavily as she shook her head. “Have you worked on him letting me move out into that apartment after my transition? V told me he would hook me up with all of my protection. I mean I can fight and with the technological back-up I will be fine.” She pleaded but again, her mother’s answer was predictable.

“I have to see about that.” Ehlena groaned and shook her head.

“I am heading to my room.” She stated as a fact as she moved to the suite that was designated as hers since her birth. She made sure her guard was gone while she moved about her room and grabbed her emergency bag. She shimmered down the terrace and into the gardens. She knew how to sneak out since she had done it for so long. She knew where V kept the cameras and she learned how to avoid them. She made her way to her getaway car that was a few feet away from the guarded walls. She jumped in and made her way into town and to Zero Sum. She slipped on her red-head wig and her sunglasses. Ehlena slipped on jeans and a t-shirt. She would not be recognized by sight.

Xhex was at the door and allowed her to come into the raging club. She immediately ordered a drink and downed the shot instantly. She did this a few times. The men tonight were grabby and she had to stay clear of the overly drunkards. Somehow, she was knocked and her glasses slipped off. She scurried to grab them and slip them back on. A man near her, however, was too wasted to notice her until she moved. He started to work his pathetic game in hopes of getting her into bed. She shook her head and moved away from him but it was no use.

He tugged at her hair and the wig slipped off. Boy was she embarrassed. People stopped to look at the scene as her long hair unfurled and fell down her back. She was trapped and most of the vampires in the bar knew her father or knew her.

“Haven’t you ever had one of those nights where you wanted to pretend you were someone else?” She joked trying to divert the attention from her. She took her wig but it was not use to hide her identity now. She was found out for good.

Lover Be Mine - Black Dagger Brotherhood - M/F OPEN

I had the weirdest dream last night and for the life of me, I cannot figure how it was triggered. I hadn't even read the books in about 6 months and yet...

Jocelyn walked through the deserted streets, very little light illuminating her way. She had taken this walk so many times before that it was nothing new. Yet tonight, something was different. She shook off her unnerving feelings and quickened her pace to her apartment. Just two more blocks, she thought as she was already eager to fish her keys out of her purse.

The restaurant was swamped that night and there were hardly enough waitresses and servers to handle the turnover. Joce's feet ached and a bath was calling her name. One more block now, a sigh escaped her lips. But her mind still grasped that something was not right. A man came out of the shadows, he was tall and massive. His muscles were huge, making Arnold Schwarzenegger look like a weakling in his prime. He had a slight tan to his skin, his hair shoulder length and flowing in the slight breeze. His eyes were the most unique blue she had even seen. they They Almost seemed to glow when they made contact with hers. Her heart rate jumped and she wanted to run but she was frozen in that spot. He smiled, his fangs elongated in his mouth and he finally spoke.

"I have been looking for you, woman. Its time I take you home." The voice was from her dreams, her erotic fantasies and so was this man. The world was spinning around her as he approached her. She had been so careful to hide herself from him. He finally found her. Her Hellren was there to take her back with him.

Lover Unwanted - Black Dagger Brotherhood - M/F OPEN

"My dearest chosen. I have selected you a fine male to be bound to. He is strong and a Warrior of Worth." The Scribe stated to the young woman who knelt before her. Why would she need to be mated now. Had she not served the Scribe well these many years, a tear welled in her eyes.

"Do not cry child mine. I have great need of you. This male is whom you belong with and I do not make these decisions lightly. You were of the human world and I need you to return. You need to save his soul by giving him yours, your heart as well. I see the longing in your eyes when the children are born and I see the pain when a male selects his female. I wish the same for you."

"Thank you Blessed Scribe," she whispered as she made her way to the gardens and to the gates. With one sad look at her world, she went to embrace and relearn the ways of humans.

Being taken to the mansion by the king himself, she marveled at all she had missed of the human world. The moon shining and the scents made her smile. The smile would be short-lived.

For standing in the entryway was a very pissed off looking Brother who was staring daggers at her. This was her supposed Male of Worth. He did not want her as much as she did not want him.
Lover Rewarded - Black Dagger Brotherhood - M/F OPEN

This idea has been used, however I have not had a recent role play with it.

A human, born and raised in Caldwell, was walking home from her job late at night. No one thought it was unsafe for she had walked the path many times before. But she felt lie she was being followed. Before she made it to the apartment complex she had been aiming for, she flung back. all she saw were pale hair and pale faces, and knives in the dimly lit alleyway. She screamed but something connected to her face to make her see stars.

Brothers on patrol heard the noise and scuffle. The lessers beating a prostitute, how rich they remarked as they eagerly dispatched of the men. One of the Brother's stopped and looked the girl over. Jesus she is a pre-trans and she is injured. A scent assailed him and he stopped, and she was the one he knew he had been waiting for.

She had been his destiny....
Possible Pairings: [BOLD is what I play]

Wrath x OC
Rhage x OC
Phury x OC
Qhuinn x OC
John Matthew x OC
Butch x OC
Tohr x OC

I am willing to play a cannon female but it must be a really good plot for me to consider it.

Immortals After Dark Series Kresley Cole
IMMORTALS AFTER DARK Series - Kresely Coles

[BOLD is what I play]

Lykae/Lycan x Valkyrie
Vampire x Valkyrie
Demon x Valkyrie
Lyake/Lycan x Witch
Demon x Witch/Sorceress
Vampire x Witch

List of Authors who inspire me. Ideas can come from their stories
Here is a list of the authors whose literature inspires me:

Karen Marie Mooning
Susan Sizemore - Vampires (Paranormal Romance)
J.R. Ward - Vampires (Paranormal Romance)
Jane Austen - Classic British Literature
Lynn Veihl - Vampires (Paranormal Romance)
Lara Aiden - Vampires (Paranormal Romance)
Kresley Cole -  (Paranormal Romance)
Phillipa Gregory - Fictional Literature
Christine Feehan - Vampires (Paranormal Romance)
Maya Banks - Contemporary Dominant Romances
Alyssa Day - (Paranormal Romance)
Allie MacKay - Historical Romances
Mimi Jean Pamfiloff - Vampires (Paranormal Romance and Contemporary Romance)
Lynsay Sands - Vampires (Paranormal Romance)
Donna Grant - (Paranormal Romance and Historical Romance)
Lara Adrian - Vampires (Paranormal Romance)
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Movie-Related Plots and General Movies
« Reply #4 on: January 21, 2012, 11:59:01 PM »
V. Movie-Related Plots and General Movies

NOTE: I have been called a 'Movie Junkie' and used to have several ideas related to mostly movies or TV shows.

[These are rough ideas on where I envision my ideas to go. All are open to brainstorming and mixing of the plots. Do not be afraid of asking for something different than listed]

Phantom of the Opera
Phantom of the Opera

[2004 version but have read the original novel as well as Susan Kay and other versions]

A disfigured musical genius, hidden away in the Paris Opera House, terrorizes the opera company for the unwitting benefit of a young protegee whom he trains and loves

Original Idea based off of Phantom of the Opera **Currently Craving**
Christine's Daughter

Twenty years have passed since the infamous chandelier crashed, ruining the infamous Parsian Opera House. Christine Daae had long since married her beloved Raoul and had a child, a daughter. However, unbeknownst to Raoul, she still wrote to her Angel. He had meant so much to her as a child and even now as an adult. Many letters and sketching had been written back and forth through the years but the Phantom noticed something odd over the past year of correspondence.

There was fear in Christine's words.

Her daughter, Marguerite, had been suited by a man named Andrew. Her was the Duke of Devonshire and he was not used to hearing 'No,' as an answer. Marguerite had grown into a much desire woman and had many men courting her for her affections but she never had once terrify her. Marguerite did not like his constant affections and one night, he nearly forced himself upon her. He wished to impregnate her and guarantee her compliance. Luckily Raoul had went in search of the two and forbade the boy to return. Then the threats began to come.

Eric, the Phantom, had agreed to let the young woman come to his estate so he may protect her as a favor to Christine. But he did not imagine was her beauty or her witty nature. Her voice was beyond anything Christine could even fathom. He had to protect her from both himself and the boy who led her to his arms. What happens when she falls for the man her mother had always spoke of.

[I wish for him to be not an old fart. Like he made a deal with the devil to stay at a certain age but his face was forever cursed]



Twisted Fairytale Ideas
Twisted Disney/Fairytales

I love to put an adult spin on classic tales. So here are a few of my favorites:

Snow White
Cinderella/Ever After
Sleeping Beauty
Anastasia (The Lost Russian Princess)

Movies that could be made into plots
Movies that I love to TRY and place in a plot:
The Other Boleyn Girl
The Count of Monte Cristo
Pride and Prejudice
The Mummy Trilogy
The Avengers
Captain America
The Duchess
Marie Antoinette

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Songs that Inspire Me
« Reply #5 on: January 27, 2012, 12:25:48 AM »
VI. Songs that Inspire Me

Please Note that these are songs that help my muse compose a plot. These are not songs to be used as RPs unless you have a really good idea.

It Will Rain - Bruno Mars

A Thousand Years - Christina Perri

Jar of Hearts - Christina Perri

The One that Got Away - Katy Perry

Sleeping at Last - Turning Page
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VII: Writing Sample
« Reply #6 on: November 22, 2012, 04:03:23 AM »

I usually am very against this but I feel that maybe showing a glimpse of my tone and voice of my characters will help people make their decision on if they are interested in pursuing a conversation or possible game with me. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to PM me. I love hearing from people!

Beauty and her Beast Sample

“I wish for you to be careful and do not wander too far into the woods Charlotte. I would hate for you to get lost after the sun has set. Is there nothing I can do to change your mind about reading by the small creek?” The elderly man addressed his daughter in naïve hopes of her coming to her senses and remaining within sight of their home but he knew it was a false longing that he doubted would come true. His only child, a lovely red haired creature of both mind and beauty, often was far too adventurous for her own good. She was a woman of a merchant after all, not some penniless orphan. He had lost his wife many years ago when his little Charlotte was scarcely a slip of a girl. Ever since then, she was his only family and he seemed to place her above everything else in his world. Her education was the best he could give to her, by both experience and tutoring. But it was her gentle nature and kind heart that she had inherited from her late mother.

Charlotte placed a delicate fair hand on her father’s slumped shoulders as he finished his suggestion on her staying within the boundary of their home. She shook her head and offered him a soft, demure smile. “Papa, I shall be fine. I am not a little girl anymore. I know how to find my home if I get lost in the woods or something happens to me. I hope your trip will be plentiful and I will see you at the end of the next week. I have packed your bags well and made sure that our horses have been well fed and brushed. There is a basket of treats, sweet breads and pasties, and a bottle of wine with bread cheese and salted beef. I want you to make sure you are well taken care of while you are out of my care. Madame Nichols is expecting you by sunset tomorrow evening so she may see to your living quarters whilst you are in town. Papa, I will be fine. You must get going before we both decide to hide in our home and read by the fire,” she added a small giggle in hopes to ease his stressful expression. The man simple sighed and nodded as he slipped on his deep gray traveling cloak as he heard the teams of horses pause in front of the house with the coach hitched to the pair of fine stallions. The driver waved to her, the local farm boy had been paid a nice sum to drive her father to the neighboring village once her was safely deposited within the confines of Madame Nichols home.

Its helped that the farm boy was the Madame’s nephew and the lad was sweet on Charlotte. Pity that the fair maiden never saw him as anything more than an acquaintance. Collecting her father’s basket from the table and a smaller one to the driver, she followed her father outside into the morning sunshine. The elder man hobbled and grunted towards the coach, irritated in leaving his precious jewel of a daughter alone for over a week but she was more than capable enough to handle the absence of her only family. It would give her time to catch up on her reading and some of her more neglected and tedious hobbies. There was a large pile of mending that needed to be seen to and short jaunts into their local village to see to their new goods. She handed the driver his basket as the sun seemed to catch her long red wavy locks, causing them to glow as if they were on fire. Her skin was free from the unsightly freckles that many had been plagued with though her skin was fair and flawless. She was blessed to have wide blue-violet eyes that twinkled with happiness over most circumstances. Her figure was encased in a soft, yellow gown which seemed to capture the womanly curve of her breasts and her small waist. She was a petite creature in height but she was fair from being seen as a child because of it.

Giving her father a firm hug and a chaste kiss on his weathered cheek, she shut the door to the coach before stepping back and watching the team of horses take her father away. She waved until they were out of view before Charlotte turned her heels and entered the home for a brief minute to collect her own basket for her day within the cool shade of the forest. There was a small creek was a area she often brought a picnic to relax and read. She was addicted to the written word, often having a book in her hand or nearby whenever the moment seemed to allow it. Her father had been so proud of her interest in the world of literary art. Venturing into the dark woods, it was a small jaunt to the secluded creek that seemed to claim her interest. Spreading out a worn and patched quilt, she laid out her spread of soft cheeses and breads. She never was a fan of any wine of ale so she opted for freshly squeezed fruit juices that the vendors boasted about in the marketplace the small village has from time to time.

Opening her cracked and worn out tome, she allowed the filtered sunlight through the canopies of trees be her light. Losing herself in the world of fantasy and romance, Charlotte lost track of everything surrounding her. Such a foolish and unwise action to do alone in the woods after her father begged her to stay within their little estate. It seemed like the time was irrelevant as she continued to read and partake in some of the offerings that she had laid out. The sun slowly began to inch lower into the horizon before the night replaced the glow of the autumn sun. There was hardly a slither of moonlight to guide her path as she quickly collected her belongings and folded the quilt. The creatures within the woods would soon be out and looking for any prey they could sink their sharp teeth into.

Wolves were the most fiendish of the lot and it was the first few howls that made her heart leap into her throat. Poor Charlotte was too scared to think straight as she walked down what she thought was her normal route to the house she had claimed as her home. She had taken a wrong turn which caused her to be the one things she was terrified to be: lost.

Quickening her pace, Charlotte tried to retrace her steps only to feel the branches snag the bottom hem of her gown. The stitches were pulled in her hasty movements and her slippers were having difficulties staying upon her small feet. A light sheen of sweat coated her skin but she tried to remain both calm and logical when it came to getting out of the forest. The howls of the wolves made her pause in her movements, hoping to find the direction they called from. Charlotte only heard the growling and grunting growing nearer to her. She dropped her basket in fear as she lifted the hem of her skirts in hopes of running but where was she to run. Her heart was racing and her breathing quickened as she looked for any kind of weapon.

A snap of a twig drew her attention away from her search of finding a weapon. Three large wolves were closing in on her and she was back up against a large oak due to her lack of direction. Charlotte began silently praying that she would make it out of this predicament but she know that was foolish. Who was going to save her from the creatures that threatened to kill her. A large branch came into view out of the corner of her eye and she dove for it. At the same time, one of the hungry fiends launched itself at her.

Teeth ripped and tugged at her forearm before Charlotte managed to kicked the wolf off of her. Blood poured down the remaining part of her uninjured forearm and fingers. The pain caused her to grit her teeth bit her grip only tightened on the thick branch within her small hands.

One of the other wolves grew brave and went in for a piece of her but she deflected it with a swing of her makeshift weapon. Foolish girl, it only angered the beast once it rose and regrouped with its pack mates. Charlotte slowly took a careful step backwards before she stumbled into a clearing within the woods. She had never been this far into the forests and yet she needed to focus on the current moment.

Two wolves circled her as the third came up from behind and latched on her calf. Her scream was loud and piercing throughout the darkness of the virgin night air. Kicking the beast off and limping away, she gripped the branch as the strength was waning. Her adrenaline, however, was racing through her veins, allowing her to stay upright. Charlotte’s once yellow gown was stained with her own blood and shredded in various sections which the wolves seemed to be thrilled upon seeing. Their fresh kill was mere minutes away and yet her will to live was still allowing her to remain upright. One of the wolves lunged at her once more ad she whacked him with the branch. A yelp sounded once she connected as the other two went in to defend their fallen brother.

She screamed again and took her branch and tried to run but the gash on her calf was causing her far too much pain. Charlotte was losing far too much blood as she stumbled over her skirts and fell to the ground. One of wolves nipped at her waist before she scream one last time before surrendering to the darkness of the night and the pain of her body. Her last thoughts were the father she was leaving behind and the long life she had yet to live.

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I'm interested. I am well versed in the BDB, but I'm also open for a couple of your other rp ideas. Feel free to drop me a note.

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Craving some Outlander.

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Closed "Obsession" and "King's War Prize"

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Now that the Valentine's Day fever is over, I am craving a bit of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett. I would love to see a darker Darcy and a independent Lizzie that Darcy will ultimate seduce to his way of thinking. He would stop at no means to secure Miss Bennett to his home and ultimately to his bed. But what happens when it no longer can remove his heart from the situation and tries to convince his Lizzie to marry him?

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Updated for May!

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Would you want to restart one of ours?

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I am game to restart ours. Shoot me a PM so we can discuss the details

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So due to high levels of insomnia tonight. I got dressed and went to see The Legend of Tarzan and I am totally inspired to do a game surrounding it

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Update for March

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Updated for April!

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Bumping for May!

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Craving something from the Kresley Cole world. Immortals After Dark series with Lykae, Vampires, Demons and the lot

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Took some time off away from writing and ready to delve back in

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Back from Hiatus again!

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