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Author Topic: Mage Academy at Shadowfel: Act Two [NC-H]  (Read 1800 times)

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Mage Academy at Shadowfel: Act Two [NC-H]
« on: September 19, 2009, 02:38:24 AM »
~~~Mage Academy At Shadowfel: City of Summoners~~~
IC Thread
OOC Thread
Character and Summons Thread

The Plot
The Mage Academy at Shadowfel lies in chaos after an attack by their countries enemy. Now the students from the evil academy are sent out searching for lost lore to help reestablish the school's strength. This takes the novices and teachers to a military occupied city where they will have to contend with a violent climate full of secrets and dire plots. On top of that, the students are only just beginning their training in Summoning magic. Where that forbidden magic will lead the students is anyone's guess.

Joining the Fun

This act will open with the students and teachers gathering to report on their findings from an initial survey of the city. As background the Arkylian military, which players are a part of, is abusing the cities populace and small pockets of resistance are starting to crop up. What your character discovers is up to you. My suggestion is to make your findings interesting and not be afraid to take prisoners :). This is everyone's plot.

Roles I'm looking for people to play:
-Magic Instructors
-Spirits (human like creatures that students and teachers can attempt to bind and summon. these will mostly be NPC but all players are welcome to create and play spirits as well so long as they clear it with me first)
-Prisoners or captured rebels

Character sheet

Physical Description:
Grade/Rank:  [novice, appprentice, adept(ranks 4->1), master (multiple ranks) ] Teachers should be adept 3
(probably a TA) and up, students are rank 4 adept and below.
Age:  [No one under 19 admitted to the mage academy]
Primary School of Magic*:[/b]
Secondary School of Magic*:[/b]
Bread and Butter Spell:[/b] (what one spell are they far and away best at)
Summoner Affinity**:[/b] (Tamer or Spirit Summoner. See below for more details)

Teachers Only
Subjects Taught:

Students Only
Favored Subjects:

Spirits Only
Traits looked for in a Summoner:

*Teachers tend to be highly specialized in their primary school of magic so there are no limits on what kind of
magic you select. A teacher's secondary school is usually the elemental or enchantment school they specialized in as
students. Elemental subtypes or enchantment magic should be the primary schools for those playing students, with
their secondary being the magic they hope to specialize in (usually that of their favorite teachers).

Here's the story as it stands (with thanks to the act one players who helped in its creation, you know who ya are).

The Story so far...
Mage Academy at Shadowfel
The Continent-Kingdom of Avialus splintered over a century ago. Now the once radiant civilizations it encompassed
have grown apart and distrustful of one another. War sweeps unchecked across the land and spares nether servant nor
master. In this twilight of man one nation state, Arkylia, has grown particularly twisted and ruthless. The
Arkylians are born and raised to act without mercy while spurning all question of morality and ethics. The most
feared of the Arkylian are mages, singular beings of power who use magic to fulfill their every whim.

The mage academy at Shadowfel was one of the most feared and respected centers of power in all Avialus. From this hidden sanctuary mages provided a strong advantage in Arkylia's wars against the northern countries. A month ago this edge was shattered by the death of the school's Masters. Now the leaderless school has fallen under the control of the Arkylian military. Using its newfound authority the military has begun dispatching teams of students and teachers to the Arkylian occupied northern city of Arjul. There the students are tasked with finding lost knowledge of the ancient summoner tribes said to be buried somewhere beneath the city. The mage students are encouraged to help suppress the cities residents in any way possible while they go about their assignment.

Summary of Act 1: End of the Masters (1 month prior to beginning of events in Act Two)

What began as a day of trials for the mage students of Shadowfel ended in near disaster. Witches infiltrated the exam's test subjects with the goal of destroying the school. The impressive actions of several students barely prevented the witches from completing their mission. Unfortunately the witches managed to summon two demons who possessed a student and a teacher. Using their hosts the demons broke into the schools council room and killed the schools masters in one attack before vanishing. With the school leaderless Arkylia's ruling class has decided to place the remaining students under the command of the Arkylian army. The military has seen to it that all students have at least rudimentary training in summoning magic.
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Re: Mage Academy at Shadowfel: Act Two [NC-H]
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2009, 09:46:28 AM »
Name: Amber
Physical Description:
Personality: She is firey at times and very cold hearted she hates anyone that trys to tell her what to do and will try to kill them if they do.
History: Amber grew up being home schooled since her parents were scared of what may happen if she went to a public school they both had attended the acadamy and didn't want anyone to find out about who and what they were and the public schools would not be able to teach her what they could. This was her first year at the acadamybefore all hell broke lose. She never thought that is would happen to her but she actually has feeling for one man and that was her teacher Argus. From that spun the dark web that destroyed the school and allowed her to be possessed by a succubus. She will not let any man touch her except for him if he wishes, any other man that trys becomes a limp body. Her powers have manifested even more to the point that if she wants she draw all the water out of the enemies body and leave them a shriveling husk she has only done this once though. She uses it as a last resort she still drains the water out of the bodies but not completely not unless you get stupid and try to rape her as one guard soon found out.
Grade: Apprentince
Age: 19
Primary School of Magic*: Water
Secondary School of Magic*: Nature
Bread and Butter Spell: Hurricane Smash
Summoner Affinity**:  She is looking for a succubus type spirit close to the one that possessed her.
At the moment she has one that deals in shadow and poison magic. 

Students Only
Favored Subjects: Telepathy
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Re: Mage Academy at Shadowfel: Act Two [NC-H]
« Reply #2 on: September 19, 2009, 07:21:01 PM »
Good to have you back for act 2 Treena. here's my updated char

Name: Argus Evenrift
Physical Description:
Doesn't wear shoes or socks, cuts his hair himself (poorly).
Brown eyes and black hair. 5'8"
Grade: Adept 3
Age: 31
Primary School of Magic*: Contact Telepathy
Secondary School of Magic*: Ice
Bread and Butter Spell:
Psycho Icicle
Argus can rapidly freeze water in the body of anyone he is in skin to skin contact with. Massive internal injuries result with a single touch of his finger. The nature of this spell means he can prolong his opponents death for an excruciatingly long time. He uses his ability at close range telepathy to read pain signals from his opponents body and direct his attacks accordingly.
Summoning Affinity:Tamer

Subjects Taught:
Basic Ice Spells
Intro to Summoning
Seminar on Telepathy
Wilderness Survival

Personality: Argus is a sadist pure and simple. He enjoys causing pain, while having no control over anything in his life. His students describe him as demanding and unpredictable, assigning more work than can ever be completed in the time given. His is the chaotic evil presence that many Arkylian's aspire to. Oddly enough he believes in absolute equality in relationships with other which gives him an odd sense of humility that doesn't mesh with the rest of his personality.
Argus was a teacher holding unlimited promise back before the chaos brought about by the witches. When he failed to protect the school and became possessed by the demon Vargus he lost any hope of progression to the next level of adept. Luckily he isn't the kind of guy to let that bother him, especially  since he can still become a full teacher at his current rank.
Soon after recovering from the battle he took a leave of absence to train a new student, Runa, who has some connections with his past. Rested and mostly healed from his injuries he has recently arrived at Arjul to help his other students in their mission. Its been weeks since he's seen Amber, a student who he still has strong feelings for. These feelings are usually kept masked behind the special attentions he gives to her as his most promising student.
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Re: Mage Academy at Shadowfel: Act Two [NC-H]
« Reply #3 on: September 19, 2009, 11:40:09 PM »
Name: Runa
Physical Description:

Personality: Strong, sexy. saucy, bit of confidant smart ass, mostly keeping to herself realizing long ago getting close to people just gets you hurt. Usually staying clam and cool, mocking at time but be careful if you get on her bad side. She doesn't mind getting messy and you don't really need all your body parts to live.....But if you got close to her you may find more....

History: Runa history is a short and dark one, most of her memories filled with darkness and shadow. Most of which she has locked away for her own sanity. She was brought to the academy after being drugged at a bar....her mind slipping a bit she took out several guards before the drug took hold. She still doesn't know who drugged her and why. But she was trialed and she was given a choice go to the academy or have her powers bond. She chose the school...and so it seemed she was meant to finding out part of her past. And the connection she had to Argus Evenrift....he has since taken her in and started training her. Her wounds that she had been healing from now mostly healed, they both made their way to Arjul to meet the other studants.
Grade/Rank:Adept 3 TA in training
Primary School of Magic*: Shadow magic (teleportation through the shadows, being able to make it solid to bend it to her will, make seem liquid basically any form she needs it to be.)
 Blood magic ( she has only mastered a few main spells as of yet, boiling of ones blood, sealing spells locking of rooms books...., leech where the subjects blood seeps out of their body. She has an old tome that she came into possion of that as all of the old blood magic spells of the high mages. She has yet to be able to unlock them all. ((She used her blood magic to seal her mind from telepathy's having run into them before, she doesn't like people trying to poke around in her head. Also placed a seal around a set of memories trying to keep the at bay but that out is braking down.   A seal on her nervesystem letting her control her pain, and pleasure impulses. She can take it away completely or bring it to unbelievable new heights. One on her heart protecting it from physical and what she thinks is emotion harm. and one on her womb keeping her from getting pregnant or getting nasty diseases. All of which are just small tweaks of the same spell, that she can use on other players if she really wanted to. ))
Secondary School of Magic*: Ice
Bread and Butter Spell:
Dark Void the ability to control a black hole. for her shadow...but for her blood magic it is her sealing spell.
Summoner Affinity*: True summoner  (Tamer or True Summoner. See below for more details)

Students Only
Favored Subjects: Mental telepathy so she can learn to us her powers better, herbalism for entertainment... and of coarse  her runic studies anything to further her skill

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Re: Mage Academy at Shadowfel: Act Two [NC-H]
« Reply #4 on: September 20, 2009, 08:16:49 PM »
Still looking for players so I made the intro a little more reader friendly. Lets try for one or two more players and then start things off *rubs hands together in GM like manner*

Offline Farabor

Re: Mage Academy at Shadowfel: Act Two [NC-H, Looking for Players]
« Reply #5 on: September 23, 2009, 07:12:36 PM »
So,   blame Treena for poking me into here.   Here's what I've come up with, let me know if anything should change/adjust/I should get out of the pool.

Character sheet

Name: Malek Jasper

Physical Description: Standing perhaps 5'6",  one almost never sees this youth's face or eyes....which is probably good,  his dark eyes, rather than having black pupils, smolder with dark red flames.  His clothing is usually dark, and fits loosely over his slender frame.

Personality:  Very quiet and reserved,  Malek has made no friends in his brief time at the academy, but no enemies either.   He keeps most of his focus on keeping control over his powers,  for when he lapses, bad things tend to happen....

History: The third son of a minor landed lord,  he was always quite studious,  never much being involved in the usual physical play of his peers.    It wasn't until he was almost of age when the magic came to him,   the power of his maternal grandfather, which skipped an entire generation.  This, unfortunately, left him ill prepared to control the fires, both literal and emotional, that raged with his hormonal shifts.    After almost burning down the family home,  he was packed away and sent to the Academy.   Remedial lessons in control have taught him how to clamp down on the fires,  though more advanced active uses he hasn't gotten to learn yet...
Grade/Rank:  Raw strength: Adept 2.  Control/finesse:  novice
Age:  19
Primary School of Magic*: Fire
Secondary School of Magic*: Emotion control (Currently only the pure 'hot' emotions of anger/rage)
Bread and Butter Spell:  Unleash Flames:  Not so much of a spell as a release of control,  should he let go,   things tend to ignite very quickly....
Summoner Affinity**: ?

Students Only
Favored Subjects:  Too new to tell.

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Re: Mage Academy at Shadowfel: Act Two [NC-H, Looking for Players]
« Reply #6 on: September 24, 2009, 12:57:24 AM »
hehe, glad she did. Your char looks good, and don't worry about the summoning affinity for now anyway (I must have nuked the explanation when I rearranged things). Also,  remember that in this setting ice beats fire  (jk).

The four of us should be enough to get started so I'll send out links to all the threads in the next day or so. Looking forward to act 2. I have some fun things planned but we'll see where it goes :).

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Re: Mage Academy at Shadowfel: Act Two [NC-H, Looking for Players]
« Reply #7 on: September 25, 2009, 06:24:27 AM »
Woot can't wait!

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Re: Mage Academy at Shadowfel: Act Two [NC-H]
« Reply #8 on: September 28, 2009, 06:54:07 PM »
Still room for more students, prisoners/rebels?

Offline Eclipsed Northern Star

Re: Mage Academy at Shadowfel: Act Two [NC-H]
« Reply #9 on: October 02, 2009, 10:39:19 AM »
Name: Eclipse
Physical Description:
Personality: Eclipse is a soft spoken girl as long as she is not upset. When she is upset you see a more of a calm anger that would shock you to see when she speaks about violent acts in such a calm way. True to her name piss her off and she is an eclipse of her sweet person she normally can be.
History:  Eclipse was born two years before Amber her baby sister. She was raised and her parents were worried when Amber was able to go to the academy yet their eldest was not yet showing signs of her magic. Over the last 20 years Eclipse had been trying to find her own gifts with magic she could feel within herself. She finally showed her gift with light and fire. She started after her sister so though she is older she is lower in the grades.
Grade/Rank:  novice
Age: 21
Primary School of Magic*: Light
Secondary School of Magic*: Fire
Bread and Butter Spell:
Summoner Affinity**:
Favorite Subjects:
Just started not sure yet
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