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Author Topic: Urban's 1 on 1 Ideas, With Pictures, Marked taken Ones, Improved Storylines.  (Read 10749 times)

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Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Here are some of My current ideas, I’m very much in a sci-fi mood so most of them have something to do with sci-fi, It should be noted that I don’t care about the sex of the player, and there are only a few roles where I request a certain sex for the character. If a specific sex is not requested I’m open to just about anything so don’t be shy. Leave a note on here, or pm me (preferably both but either or will do.)


Basically this is a story about a man who has the ability to do something super human, this could be anything from telepathy, to simple hypnosis, to flight, to being able to turn invisible. And it basically deals with the idea that, if you woke up with the ability to do something extraordinary you probably wouldn’t go out and be a hero, you’d look out for number 1 yourself. So I’m seeking to right a rp about what one would do with such powers.

Notes:  I’d be looking for someone willing to play those he encounters and interacts with. Or you can play the person with the powers ;) just sell me your idea.

2.   TakenAbductionTaken

A  woman is abducted by aliens, for the purposes of testing the human species, and possibly turning her into a pet/play toy.

Notes: Would include a very strong Sci-Fi element, as well as obviously a NC element.  I’d be looking for a strong willed partner on this one.

3.   The Hunt

It is the future, the year 2292, the world has changed quite a bit since our time. Now ruled over by a single nation, that during our time was known as the Peoples Republic of China now simply know as ‘the party’. But their rule is not absolute there are still remnants of the Allied Nations, the last force to oppose The Party, scattered throughout the globe. This is the story of one such freedom fighter, and how she must live constantly on the run from the ruthless forces perusing her. 

Notes: Looking for a female character player’s sex as always doesn’t matter. I’m planning on portraying the intelligence agent perusing her. The story would follow her misadventures and her doing anything it takes to keep from being captured after some attack (to be discussed between me and you ;) fails and she needs to run)

4.   There Is Only War:
Something Warhammer 40k ish, yes I know it makes me a nerd, but its good fiction and I love good fiction, I believe that there could be a lot of fun in a WH 40K story line if it’s done well.  I’m not a HUGE expert on the subject but I know enough to not need to be told any info. If it interests you but you don't know much on the subject here is the link to the 40 k wikki  it has EVERYTHING lol and its how I know what I do. Characters/Situations would be discussed once you’ve expressed interest. Possible pairings as well as settings are as follows.

Commissar/Dark Eldar

A commissar, captured by the Dark Eldar, she takes him as her pet/play thing intent on enjoying watching him experience very sensation possible, from pleasure to pain. He intends to escape...

Chaos Marine/Cultist(Female):

Blessed by the Dark Gods with a new mutation…the organs necessary to truly enjoy a woman, our Chaos Lord seeks to find a pet that will suit his tastes will he find her?? or will he simply find a toy to discard once it no longer amuses him? 


David….Guardsman 1569077 a member of the First Squad, Fourth Platoon, Third Company, Of the Yuketobonian ‘Lucky’ 7th was at peace with the world, at least as much as he could be considering that he was on the front line of a warzone…fighting day and night against the planetary defense forces of planet KGI-506, a until recently peaceful forge world that had for some reason decided to go Tau. That was until she arrived….He had know her back on Yuketobonia…they were cadets together…they’d been lovers…..she’d shown more promise than he had and had been selected for the Commissariat training program, he’d been placed in the 7th,  Sure he’d risen to the rank of Lieutenant and had command of his Squad but….that didn’t make him feel any better….She was his platoons new Commissar..He wondered if she remembered him?

Tau Fire Warrior(Female)/Imperial Guardsman or Human Auxiliaries

At war with The Tau, Guardsman Atradies never saw what was coming, he never expected to be cut off from his platoon, He never expected the Necron's to awaken and arise from under the ground, but most of all he never expected to be saved by a Xenos...

Kasrkin/Sister Of Battle:

Trapped on a planet ruled by a Chaos Cult, they must now rely on one another, coming from two very different worlds, with two very different attitudes about the Empire and what it means to serve The Emperor they must learn to accept one another or die trying.

5.   Corruption:
I know it’s gonna make me sound evil but I saw the idea some time ago and it’s stuck with me so I figure why not see if anyone catches on. Basically I’m thinking corruption of a traditionally non sexual character perhaps something from Disney, or a Super Hero/Heroine. Basically taking a sweet story and making it a bit more gritty/x-rated I’ve got a few characters in mind (see list below) and would love to discuss what could be done with them below is a list of those characters that would interest me, I AM open to suggestions ;).

Corruptible Characters(Settings)

TakenJasmine (Aladdin part 1.) Taken

Ariel (Little Mermaid)

Alice (Alice in wonderland)

Cinderella (Cinderella)

Snow White (Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs)

TakenMulan ( Mulan)Taken

TakenKim Possible( Kim Possible)Taken

Wonder Woman (DC comics)

Bat Girl (DC comics)

Super Girl (DC Comics)

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Offline Fireeyes

Hi there.  Love your ideas.  If your still looking for someone on Abduction my characters are strong willed and  I would love to play the part for you.  Let me know.

Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Mild Bump for changes.

Offline Clio

Ariel! Ariel! Ariel!

I love the little mermaid, and she's SO my princess! I'd love to do that with you.

Also, Alice is great. Whichever one you want. *smiles* If you want them.