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Author Topic: Orochimaru seeks to charm. [Up to date as of 12/8/2012]  (Read 16311 times)

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Orochimaru seeks to charm. [Up to date as of 12/8/2012]
« on: September 12, 2009, 09:15:51 pm »
Welcome and thank you for time on these ideas. Feel free to ask me questions about them. Send me a PM labeled RP if it's about what’s below or your questions. I am a flexible guy. I am a gentleman, but I do have a very dirty mind. So if it's a raunchy sex RP, fine, dandy, great. I'll see what I can offer. Also, I am willing to discuss any changes you may want to make to existing ideas. So please, do not be shy. Details are all negotiable. PM me if you’re interested in anything. Always willing to listen to ideas if you have them.

However, if you disappear for more than 1 month without notice; I will consider the RP dropped.

Here are my on/offs and a few pet peeves. I am generally flexible though. ^^
So, please read and understand.

Idea 1: Godannar RP

The virus that originally came from the alien threats known as the Mimetic beasts, that laid waste to Japan in 2042 had mutated over the course of 20 years. It is now, 2242. Most of those who had been infected with this hormone stimulated virus had mutated into humanoid monsters of an aggressive nature. Those who have not been mutated either have immunity or the virus is dormant. This virus is known as “insania” and was originally spread by contact with the Mimetic beasts. Originally, the virus had the effect of transforming human males into Mimetic beasts; females were somehow immune, unless they naturally generate large amounts of male hormones. The virus is stimulated by human hormones, especially those released in great quantities during combat. However they no longer transformed into the beasts, but something far more hideous. The world is still infected and infested…

This RP can take two routes. Your character, a super sexy female could be sexual battles only to be fucked by one of more mutants or develops an normal relationship with a human. Very blunt and watered down. She’ll also operate a robot like in the actual anime. I can explain in more detail when we talk, or could be more story based and her partner, maybe love interest live out their lives.

Godannar is famous for its fanservice: 'up skirt' shots, bouncing breasts, and the scantily clad female pilots. Below are images that are from the anime or other to show what’s to be expected.

Idea 2: Insidious Nightshift Nurse [Extreme]

Idea 2 Inspirational Image: (NSFW)

This nurse, an attractive and intelligent nurse has a bit of an... issue. She loves making her patients her experiments and does random tests with the drugs and equipment she has around her. She has an evil mind and loves the sick stuff. Yet, her boss eventually finds out it's her, and approaches her...

Well, we shall see what happens, right?

Idea 3: Tags needs to be discussed
My idea comes from the picture. Where Rouge the bat is somehow turned into a human... retains her powers of course. As for how, well, the white chaos emerald she had just stolen was not an emerald at all, but a diamond that was used in an experiment by Eggman, but was lost. This had unknown powers at the time and when she stole it, a power surge happened. Forcing her into a dimensional rift and thrown into the human world. Were my character lives and will find her.

Idea 4:Bayonetta

This idea is not based on the game directly. I am open if you want to use a original character or a Bayonetta look alike to Bayonetta herself. I never played the game. Even though I really want to, I do not own a PS3 sadly. From what I gather, she is resurrected or revived from the bottom of the sea. She is employed to retrieve artifacts, but she has no memories of her past. So a journey for two things, along the way she fights angels or angel-like beings. Poor info probably, but feel free to add to my knowledge. My idea is either she is revived or a long many years after her adventure. She comes to America were those angels come back, however, they are different. They are like machines, but still alive. These angels are harder to kill and even with her skill and magic, she gets almost defeated/killed. Till a mercenary steps in and, even though he’s still human, somehow takes them out. So, it’s an old age style with fantasy and futuristic stuff. I am blunt to not really ruin things, but he protects her till she heals and from there they start their adventure and maybe a romance develops between them.

Idea 5:
Two things.
1. It's inspired from an anime
2. Female student can be played by a female or male. I do not care.

So, as I said, it's inspired by an anime..manga to called, GTO or Great Teacher Onizuka. Onizuka being 22. Now, long story short. I want to have a sort of relationship. My character being...different like Onizuka and your character to be like Urumi Kanzaki. Down to her cruelty or how cruel she can be and her  heterochromatic. To get a picture of how I want things to start and end, I'll just past Urumis role in the anime/manga. Though, I do not care if you use any bit of her past. It's a free for all after all, BUT I would prefer High School 16-18 years old. I do want the intellect as well to remain the same.

From wiki "The antithesis to the "dumb blonde" stereotype, Urumi Kanzaki is a prodigy, with an IQ over 200. She is also a heterochromatic, possessing different colored eyes: one brown and one blue.[1] However, she is psychologically disturbed, having her fair share of hate toward teachers. Her genius is displayed repeatedly by such abstract actions as the detonation of time bombs (i.e. firecrackers in disposable boxes) and making a harmless snake look like a cobra using paper cutouts. Her intellect is also shown through actions, such as shouting curse words in French and being able to speak fluent Mandarin. On the trip in Okinawa, Yoshito Kikuchi noted that she can speak 5 languages, but ironically, she doesn't understand what her Gundam otaku roommates say.

Her hatred for teachers stems from her time in elementary school. Urumi's teacher, Ms. Fujimori, while initially welcoming and receptive, wasn't able to handle her intellect properly, since she went to a second-rate college, and it was her first year teaching. Urumi's constant requests for the teacher's time, both inside and outside of school, as well as the fact that the lessons she wanted to learn from the teacher included extremely advanced, college-level subjects (such as differential calculus) eventually made the teacher snap. When Urumi interrupted Ms. Fujimori's lecture to correct her in front of the whole class, the teacher then told Urumi's secret to her class. While it isn't stated explicitly, it can be deduced that her intelligence is derived from her biological father, when Urumi tells Eikichi Onizuka that her mother had selected a sperm-donor, based on his intellect and nothing more. It is even suggested that her mother took the sperm from an American scientific genius (this information can be gleaned from a scene where Urumi and her mother visited some friends in the United States, and Urumi was led into a dark storage room by a doctor, who explains to her that her father is actually just a bottle of donated sperm); this also explains Urumi's natural, blond hair. Naturally, this caused a great deal of psychological trauma to Urumi, and quite an understandable hatred of teachers. It is still unclear what happened to Ms. Fujimori, as her last appearances in the storyline was begging Onizuka to help Urumi before something terrible happens to her.

She is later found by Miyabi in a small apartment, and hired to torture Onizuka. Formerly a student at Holy Forest for a while, but stopped attending regularly after some time, she begins almost immediately, as she frames him for lechery and sends him to jail overnight, only to appear in class and on his homeroom roster the morning after. Onizuka's frustration with her vastly increases, when Vice-Principal Uchiyamada strictly advises him that he cannot inflict physical harm on her due, to her educational potential. Urumi is eventually able to turn Onizuka into her slave (more-or-less, her "genie") by threatening to have him arrested, after she fakes her death when he accidentally pushes her off a building.

However, all this changes when she encounters her Ms. Fujimori again, awakening her deepest hatred and causing her to direct her wrath at the student body. Onizuka responds by bringing his biker gang to school and "kidnaps" her from class. He is finally able to get through to her by almost killing the two of them by jumping over - and nearly falling into - a gap at a suspension bridge, despite her attempts to convince him that she is not afraid of anything, including death. Onizuka makes her see past her trauma, however bad, just isn't worth messing up the present with (in the manga, he does this by having his biker friends share their life experiences with her). Inspired, she allies with Onizuka, and helps with his troubles.

Despite her switch in allegiance, Urumi continues her feud with Miyabi, until Miyabi reveals her origins to the student body. Urumi retaliates by setting up a web page, where she promises to post pictures of Miyabi in her bathroom (Urumi had earlier placed a hidden camera), after a countdown timer reaches zero. However, the site reveals only a single photograph of Urumi, Miyabi, and Tomoko Nomura during their younger years. Urumi never had any intention of ruining Miyabi; she just wanted to scare her. Urumi attempts suicide at an indoor skiing arena by freezing to death, but Onizuka rescues her. It is after this incident that Urumi considers Onizuka to be her "favorite".

She grows extremely infatuated with Onizuka, to the point of wanting to elope with Onizuka. Urumi takes a more stereotypical role of a character that prefers the use of violence, in response to jealousy - she is often seen beating Onizuka mercilessly every time he tries to fulfill his pervertedness. Urumi states Onizuka should wait for her hormones to start kicking in, because she's sure that she would have a bouncing body by then. Like Noboru Yoshikawa, her loyalty to Onizuka is extremely strong, to the point that she would consider suicide, if he were to die, knowing that her own life is worthless without him around. "

So, that will sum up what I am looking for. I know I did not describe much, but we can discuss more in PMs and I would prefer you PMed instead of posting here. Please and thank you. ^^ and for the record, I will be dominant. Plus, minusing the control things Urumi has done. I do not think I missed anything, but alas, feel free to ask questions.

 Idea 6: Bleach: Rangiku’s Punishment

It’s a short rp. Raunchy too. Those who have seen the anime enough know that Rangiku will use her looks if she can and is a drinker. So, what happens when she gets in trouble with the local bar and no one to bail her out? That’s what we are going to find out. ^^ So, anything can happen here from non con to extreme. Bondage, bestiality, whatever is hot to you.

Idea 7: Zoids [No knowledge of zoids needed at all]

The first one is just a story about two Zoid pilots who by chance meet in battle and again after the competion on a mission to hunt down a wild Zoid. Your character, the female pilot, will be there first, but is over powered and her zoid is damaged, <y character gets there before the strike that would end her and her zoid and successfuly captures the zoid so he can use it later. He takes her and her zoid onto his Whale King and offers medical attention, repairs to her zoid, food and a ride. this is where things would kick off and she can stay with him, if she does, she eventually learns he is sort of...obsessed with reviving the ancient Guylos Empire. She too, could be facinated by this...obsession or already have a secret of her own about it. From their, things could kick off even more as their relationship grows and they plot to bring their dreams to realization.

Favorite females I prefer for you, but NOT mandatory. You CAN choose your own. These are images mind you, personality, fetishes and past are all up to you and your zoid.

Zoids: New Century Zero RP [one on one]

Stigma Stoller X Pierce

During the Royal cup, Stoller, Sanders and Peirce are seen watching the battles and the Blitz Team. The Blitz Team ultimately won the Royal Cup because of Bit Cloud and the Liger Zero. Stoller went to be a legit warrior to battle Bit in an official battle before the royal cup. Pierce left the backdraft organization as she did not see the fun in battling unsanctioned battles anymore. Stoller still has the Elephander and Peirce still has her Storm Sworder. This is a Pierce X Stoller RP. It’ll start after the Royal cup was one, in the café were the two and Sanders are having a drink in the Zoids Pilot Café in the main hub for Zoids pilots. Sanders will leave to journey and become a better pilot. So, this will leave Peirce and Stoller to themselves. This RP can go anywhere, but the main plot is how they battle together if they team up and their relationship.

Idea 8:Demon Islands

An idea I had for her was that she is the queen of the thunder demons. She rules an island of all female thunder demons. The neighboring, is where my character, the raven king and enemy to the thunder demon tribe. The ravens are all males. This is to eventually force the king and queen to talk... overcome problems. So on.  Might change the demon species of the males though, but that's the jist of everything.

 Idea 9:Twisted situation

This one can be fairly short or longer. Basically, there is a rich man who owns a mansion. He could have more maids, but has the one. A gorgeous and well defined in body. The relationship she has with the head of the house is more than what it seems. She is his willing sex slave at night that he puts a collar with a chain leading from it and orders various acts of her. However, one day, a man appears to be the master’s nephew. However, things go downhill for the maid as the master is mysteriously murdered. Then, not only a few days after his arrive, the nephew finds out what degrading things she did and mentally torments her any and all chances he gets. Eventually telling her that he killed his uncle and how he did so. Then would add in to how she has no life without her ‘master’ around, but would sexually harass her at this point. He would spare her from nothing. There is a catch, you would think she could leave, but she went into maid service because the man practically saved the family members of her family, she did so out of gratitude and debt repayment and the cousin of his is still her former master’s family. How this could end up is undecided, but I kind of like the idea she can’t takes it anymore and begs him to stop and negotiates what she will become just to stop the mental torment.

Idea 10: H.OT.D. or highschool of the dead

This idea is a simple fandom plot taking place after Manga chapter 29. The plot involves fan pairings with Kohta Hirano [me =3]

Kohta X Saya Takagi
Kohta X Saeko Busujima
Kohta X Rei Miyamoto
Kohta X Shizuka Marikawa
Kohta X Rika Minami

Idea 11: The Vacation [FutaXfemale]

My character is a futa, who is taking a break from college and goes to hang out on the beach. She puts on her favorite swimsuit, spreads on the suntan oil and tries to relax. Well, with all the sensual female bodies glistening in the sun with seductive curves and skimpy bikinis, she cannot resist getting horny. Trying in vain to tuck away her growing cock, she runs to the changing cabanas to hide her big dick. The catch, someone has watched the entire scene which would be your character.

Idea 12:METROID Opposite Echoes

An idea that has been started several times, but never finished. My character is a male version of Samus Aran, who my partner will be, with her best abilities technology wise, but is everything Samus Aran stands to fight against. He was created by the space pirates and now are unleashing him against her… There are many dilemmas. The first being the federation wants to capture him and study him. Second, he is terrorizing places, in order of where she has been planet wise… with the exception of Zebes… as it exploded a long while back. He is also overpowering her too easily and yet he is not killing her… He does not even laugh sadistically when fighting her, but he has been asking her odd questions. Does darkness have light?

As a side note, this can have all the tentacle, alien, creature smut added in seeing as all the planet hopping there is. All I ask is, when you take it, please finish it till the ed.

Idea 13:Odd interracial

I am looking for someone to play the bad girl, quite literally. She is the leader of a large gang, she loves violence, blood and the like. She gets off and horny on it. She is also sex driven. What people don’t know is that she can be submissive too, but she always shows she is dominant, bossing her subordinates around and always taking control of the guys she screws. So, I am asking for a switch.

This is the woman I would like you to be, except she has tight leather pants or miniskirt if you want.

What’s the catch? The odd pairing of a seemingly timid glasses wearing, pudgy and not ugly nerd. What she will find out eventually that, she is heavily sexually attracted to him and his…. Other side.

None of our characters will die, but there will be blood, there will be people being killed, or just flat out tortured in very….inhuman ways. So, this will be extreme. This is also a basic idea and other thoughts are welcomed to be brought up. Oh and another, I would LOVE a CONSTANT poster.

Idea 14: His master [MxM]

For years now, humans have been at war with elven kind. The non-warriors are taken and enslaved Your character will be one of the captured elves. Even for males, he is feminine and absolutely breathe taking. Silky smooth skin and yet elegantly curvaceous form that still somehow manages to show the male type of body. I will be playing the human man that buys him, spending every last cent he has to by him and as your character will soon learn, to free him, but not before making sure he is well taken care of and maybe… a bond will be made and more.

Elf I would like the person to play.

Idea 15: White Wings of Love and Black Wings of Despair

My character will be a mercenary knight and your character will be a Daeva, an angelic warrior who has lost her memories. It starts out that my character, a human finds her and brings her back to consciousness. This will start a love story between them as they travel to see if they can restore her memories. The one thing she has not forgotten is how to fight. After a long while and several trials, she eventually regains her memory and the duty she was tasked, but this means she is to leave the man she loves… Plus, she will live for eons while he will die in a few short years…

Years will pass and she is still fighting in a place called the abyss and rumors have spread of a new enemy that has appeared amongst the ranks of the enemy army that is wiping out platoon after platoon, but she will discover that it is the man she loves with black feathered angel wings. His skin purple, that of the enemy, his eyes scarred with pain and his face twisted with anger. Will she be able to save him or will she have to kill him and her heart?

Daeva I would like to have my partner play as.

Idea 16: Forbidden Mix

For this, am thinking more of that my character is a knight of a kingdom of light and yours is of course a dark elf, banned from mingling with the people of said kingdom and she is a dark mage. She 'convinces' him as he was making a special trip, but should they conceive. Neither side as elves ban half elves, how could they stay together. So, starts off as a to get what she wants, but she falls for the guy kind of thing. Still really working out all the details.

The Dark Elf I would just my partner to be.

Idea 17:The Model Sister

Before I go into details, this can be sister, cousin, or even mother for the female. There is room for negotiations.

Anyways, my character has a sister who works as a model. She's moved out of the house and living in some fancy condo. Of which, she is willingly letting her brother move in so he can go to college for his tech degree. The difference is, he the opposite in looks. However, his intellect and soft, caring nature more then make up for it. As they grew up, they never seemed to like each other, but that changed for his sister when he saved her... almost at the cost of his life from her about to be raped by her boyfriend and friends. She never admitted to it. He simply said, among other things he said to her boyfriend at the time, 'Woman are not to be treated like that.' It was that event that she fell for him, but never wanted to believe she could love her own blood brother more then family. It became easier when they were separated, but a chance to have him with her. She just seemed to jump at the chance.

Anime List:
Ah! My Goddess
Black Lagoon
Cowboy Bebop
Death Note
Elfen Lied
Fate/stay Night
FullMetal Alchemist
Ghost in a Shell
Golden Boy
Great Teacher Onizuka
Hand Maid May
High School of the Dead
Jungle de Ikou!
Kiss X sis
Love Hina
Mew Mew Power!
Mobile Fighter G Gundam
Naruto Shippuden
Onegai Teacher
Onegai Twins
Outlaw Star
Queen's Blade
Sailor Moon
School Days
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
Yu-Hi-Oh! 5D's
Zoids-New Century Zero/Chaotic Century/Fuzors

Dare Devil
Ghostbusters 1 and 2
Justuce League
Teen Titans
Totally Spies
Wonder Woman
X-men 1,2, 3 and Wolverine
X-men (90's cartoon)

Hentai shows:
Angel Blade
Beat Angel Escalayer
Bible black
Cafe Junkie
Cosplay Junkie
Dark Love
Elf Hime Nina
Fighting of Ecstasy
G-Spot Express
HHH Triple Ecchi
Himekishi Lilia
Inyouchuu Shoku
It’s a Family Affair
Kangoku Senkan
Kansen Inyoku no Rensa
Kanojo Kanojo Kanojo
Kunoichi Sakuya
Legend of the Wolf Woman
Like Mother, Like daughter
Lingeries Office
Love Selection
Makai Kishi Ingrid
Mezzo Forte
Mizugi Kanojo
Princess Knight Catue
Project Boobs
Saimin Ryoujoku Gakuen
Sextra Credit
Shoujo Senki Brain Jacker
Sora no Iro Mizo no Iro
Strange type of woman
Taimanin Asagi
Tentacle and Witches
Tokubetsu Byoutou
Women at work

Video Games:
Castlevania 2 Simon's Quest
Castlevania 3 Dracula's Curse
Castlevania Aria of Sorrow
Castlevania Circle of the Moon
Castlevania Harmony of Dissonence
Castlevania Judgment
Deus Ex
Deus Ex Human Revolution
F.E.A.R. 2 Project Origin
F.E.A.R. 3
Fire Emblem Sword of Seals
Fire Emblem Blazing Sword
Fire Emblem Sacred Stones
Fire Emblem Path of Radiance
Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn
Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy X/XII
Half Life
Half Life Blue Shift
Half Life Opposing Forces
Legend of Zelda
Left 4 Dead
Left 4 Dead 2
Mario Bros Series
Ninja Gaiden
Tales of the Abyss
Tales of Symphonia
Tales of Symphonia 2 Dawn of a New World
Tales of Vesperia
Tomb Raider
Street Fighter

Odd pairing/pairings
demonessXdemon hunter
biker babeXnerd
older womanXyounger man
Bad boyXschool slut
older womanXyounger man
Female prison warrenXmale prisoner
I can do MxM stuff.

Image Gallery
This section is to use sexy images to get a plot or interest going were the above plots do not.
Anime/video game style images






























Real life images





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Re: Looking for a female for my ideas. (update)
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2009, 04:06:27 pm »
One and two interest me sweetie!So,do we want to get together and hash out what we want to do or have we decided on the second one?

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Re: Looking for a female for my ideas. (update)
« Reply #2 on: September 30, 2009, 11:56:09 am »
i would love to play samus
pm me

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Re: Orochimaru seeks to charm. [updated as of 9/19/2010] Idea 5 is new
« Reply #3 on: September 19, 2010, 10:29:47 pm »
I'd love to do Idea 3 !  :D

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I like the Idea 5 x'D usually to be dominated by the I got some stuff to discuss I will PPM you.

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Re: Orochimaru seeks to charm. [updated as of 12/23/2010]
« Reply #5 on: December 24, 2010, 07:43:10 am »
I am interested in idea 1 if that is still open. Thanks.

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Re: Orochimaru seeks to charm. [Up to date as of 9/2/2012]
« Reply #6 on: December 08, 2012, 09:47:02 pm »
Since it looks like my edit is being cut. New idea.

Idea 17:The Model Sister

Before I go into details, this can be sister, cousin, or even mother for the female. There is room for negotiations.

Anyways, my character has a sister who works as a model. She's moved out of the house and living in some fancy condo. Of which, she is willingly letting her brother move in so he can go to college for his tech degree. The difference is, he the opposite in looks. However, his intellect and soft, caring nature more then make up for it. As they grew up, they never seemed to like each other, but that changed for his sister when he saved her... almost at the cost of his life from her about to be raped by her boyfriend and friends. She never admitted to it. He simply said, among other things he said to her boyfriend at the time, 'Woman are not to be treated like that.' It was that event that she fell for him, but never wanted to believe she could love her own blood brother more then family. It became easier when they were separated, but a chance to have him with her. She just seemed to jump at the chance.