MUL For Males (sci-fi, historical, psychopathic, sex slavery, supernatural)

Started by Sonne, August 24, 2009, 09:13:36 PM

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Herein are a few of my recent role-play ideas. I am new to adult role-playing, so I will like a partner that is willing to teach me a few things.


To My Beloved ~ Set in 18th century Venice, it is a tale of an unhappily married noble's obsession with a castrato and her struggle to escape from her abusive husband. She believes that the castrato could 'set her free' from her misery but she is frightened of getting too close to him. In secret, she writes love letters to him in hopes that one day he will answer her. That day came abruptly.

Magnolia Rising ~ In the late 1800's a mad scientist creates a human plant, but everything he feeds it does not nurture it. He goes to great lengths to find food for it, then realizes that human blood and semen are that only things that can keep his Magnolia alive.


Waiting ~ In world ruled by cannibals, a fisherman and woman escape to the seas.

Salvage ~ An extraterrestrial sent to destroy humanity is nursed back to health by a human woman. He soon discovers that humans are more like his kind than any other species in the universe.


Blood to Barter ~ A mobster is ordered to watch over his boss's daughter while he's away on business matters. Little does he know that the boss's good little girl isn't so good. In fact, she likes to see blood, and the screams of the person it belongs to.

Driven ~ Follows the trail of an undercover hit-man and the novice who cared to give him a ride.


The Necromancer's Wife ~ Story of a widows attempt to re-enter the world of dating. Her blind date soon becomes possessed by the widows late husband. His soul and the soul of her deceased husband rely on her decision, will she marry them?

Mein Herz ist Schwer ~ A manipulative rich girl's attempt to seduce her piano teacher fails, and instead of getting what she wants she learns of his dark secret. Then the tables turn on her and she becomes an object of his manipulation.

Sex Slavery

To Shepherd ~ In the darkest depths of post-apocalyptic society, a brother and sister try to escape sex slavery. Desperate, they try to buy their way out by becoming murderers in snuff films shot by their master.

Martyr ~ Story of a stripper who tries to make a clinically depressed woman happy. She wants him to help her die, but he refuses. So they made a deal. If he could not make her happy before the end of the month, she would kill herself.

Anyone interested? I know the plots are in rough draft form now, but if you are interested in the concept then we can work on it together.


I assume "To Shepherd" would have a bit (or perhaps more) of an incest angle to it?  If so, I'm in.
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Yes, it shall. I will post the thread in the extreme solos section whenever you're ready. . .

Thank you for joining me.


No need to thank me for joining an interesting Roleplay, and I'm ready when you are.
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I will love you forever if you give me something Mass Effecty


I might be interested in some of them. Can we talk and work some stuff out?