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Author Topic: American History X  (Read 619 times)

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Offline WhiteyChanTopic starter

American History X
« on: January 24, 2010, 11:34:55 AM »
Well, to be more specific...

American History XXX

This RP is for a group of 3-4 people (including myself). I want it to be of a high standard, unlike other roleplays I do - this particular one is going to be very intense, and I want it to be as good as it can possibly be. This doesn't exactly mean I want a wall of text for every post, but at least a couple of paragraphs with good grammar and spelling. I will look through your other stories, if you are interested in taking part in this roleplay, to see if you match the standard I want for this. Just letting you know that now, so you aren't disappointed if I give a place to someone else over you.


Based loosely on the film, "American History X" (Kaye, 1998), it follows the last few days of Michael Kenton, an ex-convict and second in command of a local anti-gay gang. Jailed for the assault of a homosexual man who accidentally hit on him in a bar, Michael is forced into a situation in the prison where he and another gay guy slowly become friends. As he spends more and more time with this man, Michael realises that their differences aren't so great, and that being gay isn't really so bad. Outside of prison, the gang leader and Michael's girlfriend find themselves in each others arms - for comfort, for love or just for sex, who knows. He'll never find out about it, so, it doesn't matter, right? That's what they tell themselves anyway.

Two years or so later, Michael is released from prison early on the grounds of good behaviour. The other man, John, had been released previously, only having spent a year in prison. The two meet up for the first time outside of the prison, and their friendship continues to grow - but secretly. Connections made in his previous life prove too strong to break, and Michael returns to his position as second in command of the gang, his hatred of homosexuality gone.

Over time, John and Michael begin to form a deeper relationship than just friendship. At the same time, the gang leader and Michael's girlfriend begin to see a divide forming between themselves and Michael, a divide that pushes them even closer together. Eventually, they and the gang discover the new side of Michael and, feeling betrayed and horrified that one of their own would turn to the enemy's side, they set about putting an end to this, once and for all.

Warning - story will contain:
STRONG Homophobia
Death (non-sexual).

Due to this, the story will be classified as Extreme.


Most of the story will be told by means of flashbacks - any time before, during or after Michael's prison sentence will be shown through flashbacks. The present day is the time from when the gang discover Michael's homosexuality through to Michael's death - a period of roughly 3 days. Anyone put off by this non-linear time scale should not bother to ask to join.

I will be looking to work very closely with the final group of people I choose for this - expect PMs discussing posts, plot points, character details etc on a regular basis. Of course, any details will be discussed by all involved in this so as to make it most enjoyable for all, and not just me going "YOU! WRITE THIS!".

The main characters in the story are Michael, John, the gang leader and Michael's girlfriend (who is also in the gang). Most of the main story though will revolve around Michael and John, but there is a separate side plot for the gang leader and girlfriend, so that the players do not feel left out or whatever. If there is not enough interest in this story to have multiple people, I will reduce it to a one-one roleplay and forget about the side plot - the two of us will play every character in this situation. I don't want this to happen, though, as I think it'll be easier to do it as a group, and the end result will also be of a higher quality. 

All names are up to the player's choice (within reason - this story is set in the deep south of America, somewhere like Alabama or Louisiana, so choose reasonably within this parameter).

Some players (including me) may have to play some smaller, side characters eg thugs/random gang members, depending on the situation.

Finally, I do not care about the genders of the players, only their ability to portray the characters.

Looking for:

Michael Kenton: Taken by me
John: Taken by Ryven
Gang leader: Taken by Will
Michael's girlfriend: Taken by Marguerite
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