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Started by Kiah, August 16, 2009, 06:21:25 PM

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Hello All-

I'm a new member and a bit shakey about how all this works, because I'm still new and my approval is so new its still got that new car smell on it.

I'd love to start RPing with someone one-on-one.  I'll be busy filling out my Do's and Don'ts list and filling out a signature - that sort of thing.

I like all kinds of things - the stranger the better.  I wouldn't mind some shapeshifter RP, bondage, heavy or light rape, any of that.  I like the Play By Post format so that would be great to start here and perhaps expand out later.   I don't mind groups, but I figured perhaps one-on-one would be best.  PM me if you have a story or would like a thread.

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Adamska James

Well definitely a warm welcome to you.
I'd love to offer my services as a writer and roleplayer if you need them any time. Feel free to ask.

Good luck with Elliquiy,
Adamska James
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Hey, I'm new as well! I'd love to RP with you at some time, send me a PM or something if you want, and we can get a story up and do it. I mean, do the story, bad choice of words there, lol


You mentioned being interested in a shapeshifter roleplay.  I've currently got a plot for that posted.  It's a Loki/Valkyrie plot, and Loki is a shapeshifter.  Take a look and let me know if you're interested.



Feel free to let me know if this post still applies currently. Id love to hear some of your ideas for rps!