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May 26, 2018, 03:18:52 AM

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Author Topic: Blood Bowl Game [EX]  (Read 424 times)

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Offline bathozTopic starter

Blood Bowl Game [EX]
« on: February 18, 2010, 11:08:50 AM »
Right, driving home I had an idea that made me very happy in my pants. This is it.

Set in the Warhammer fantasy universe, specifically the slight variant of the universe that houses the bloody great (great, bloody) sport of Blood Bowl. Blood Bowl is an almalgam of American Football and the blood and thunder of the Warhammer universe. Except without all that nonsense stopping every time anyone falls over. It's eleven a side, full contact, with very few rules. Basically: don't kick the guy when he's down. No chainsaws (or deathrollers). Not that it stop people from cheating, it's just... sometimes the ref has enough backbone to send them off.

The teams are usually formed along racial lines. There are human teams and orc teams; goblins, skaven, chaos, all sorts of elves and even the undead take part. Teams roam around the old world, taking part in local tournaments. One off matches, and leagues. There are the big, famous tournaments, each with their own character (from the capitalist Orc glitz of the Spike! Championship, to the crazy, crazy weirdness of the Chaos Cup or the biggest prize in blood bowl, the Blood Bowl. (Now in it's 51st edition!).

Here are the rules (not that I'll be using them).
And here is a recent youtube trailer for the computer game (though footage after 1:15 is only interesting if you actually want the game).

Right. That's blood bowl, but what am I doing here? Why am I not in a game store actually playing the game instead of on Elliquiy with you bunch of deviants?

Blood Bowl is essentially a male sport - it rewards being big and tough over most other skills (though elves would disagree). There are exceptions (there's an Amazon team, but they're crazy. And the Dark Elves allow Witch elves on their team, but they're crazy), but for the most part - everyone is male. I want to play female elf who plays Blood Bowl professionally.

She'd have been a former cheerleader for a High Elf side who could no longer field 11 players, so drafted her to stand in the back field and make up numbers. Except it turned out she could throw the ball... really well. And, sorta, cope with the rough and tumble of the sport.

Being signed up to a contract to a be a real blood bowl player was a dream for Cassiel, and she was very successful (and lucky) for a few games with the rather minor league team. Until news of a woman playing Blood Bowl reached the ears of the management of the Chaos All Stars - a very famous, rich and unusual team - who paid her side a large sum to get her in trade.

What makes the Chaos All Stars unusual, is unlike most sides, they have players from every race. Orcs, humans, dwarves, minotaurs. You name it. They didn't call a specific stadium their own - though they always traveled north for the Chaos cup - and are popular all around the Old world. The odd ball nature of their team overcoming racial boundaries. The problem is that they're currently suffering a little - bad results and poor play means that less people are interesting in paying to host the team, or inviting them to their tournaments.

The story will follow Cassiel after being transfered, having to prove herself to her teammates, force her way into the team, and the trials and tribulations that brings. The sporting management of the Chaos All Stars will initially as a glorified cheerleader - a publicity grab. They won't care if she's getting raped on the practice ground, or after the game. Or during the game (it's technically playing the man on the ground, but what ref is going to call that?)

Yeah. Right. Enough rambling. If you're interested, give me a yell. For the record, if it's not obvious, I'm interested in playing Cassiel.