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Started by Katyusha, August 05, 2009, 02:02:12 AM

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Having been away for a long time now, I recently picked up a girlfriend, and she decided that she liked my various sexual fantasies and that she would like to watch me finger myself roleplay with people online.  With this in mind, I am constructing a more detailed request thread with a variety of options in the hope of enticing lovely girls and boys into hot, sweaty internet sexors.  Via the magic of super lesbianism, I will give an overview of my various preferences in part so if you want to make a suggestion outside of my various plot ideas you can do so.  I will also tag each plot idea for quick and easy understanding of what I'd like in a given roleplay, as well as giving an overview of what the idea would be about, as well as the roles we'd play.  Also the exact details can change according to how you feel about a particular fetish or idea; I'm open to discussion.  But if I dont' mention it chances are I'm not into it or I forgot.

Katya's Most Excellent Sexual Fetishes:

Height and height differences:  I'm a very small girl in real life.  I'm five feet tall (152cm) and weigh a hundred and ten pounds (50kg).  I like this a lot.  Generally speaking I will always play a very small girl, though I will adjust this where appropriate depending on my particularly role.  Comparitively my girlfriend is like six feet, two inches.  If we cuddle while standing up my face goes into her boobs by default and I can easily suck on her nipples.  Anyway, dating a girl that much taller than me has give me a taste for being smaller than my lovers.  I don't necessarily need it all the time (ie. I get it every night), but sometimes I feel like being really tiny.  But Generally speaking if I don't mention this I wouldn't want the difference to be more than six inches.

Big boobs: In the real world I have really big breasts.  You wouldn't even believe me if I gave you my three sizes.  My girlfriend also has really big breasts, but she's way tall so the impact is lessened.  Anyway, even though they're very heavy and my bras are all expensive custom bullshit, I love my boobs.  Generally speaking this will almost certainly be present in all my roleplay ideas, because I just like having big boobs, and I like to play with big boobs too.  This isn't a hard and fast rule and I like flat chested girls a lot too, so unless the idea itself asks for you to have big boobs, don't feel pressured.  Also, I can be fluid too.  If you don't like my F cups, I can probably go smaller if you ask nicely ... though good luck getting me to go below a D.  However, I won't go much bigger that that.  Maybe a G ... again, if you want it and you ask nicely. :-)

Big dicks: I really am a size queen.  I won't tell you stories because you'll think I'm lying, but suffice to say I really like big, beautiful cocks.  If there is a cock in my idea, then it absolutely must be very large - I start at ten inches and will go up to fifteen if I'm feeling particularly naughty.  They've gotta be thick, too.  In real life these sorts of cocks are difficult to suck and fuck, but the internet is a magical place where the laws of human anatomy are more fluid so it's no big deal.  If even ten inches is too much for you, then I'm open to discussion on nine inches, but anything smaller than that is a no go.

Cum:  About the best thing about a boy is that he can ejaculate.  I love thick, creamy cum and want lots of it.  On my face, in my mouth, glazing my boobs or belly, filling my pussy or ass ... take your pick.  I don't just want huge cocks, I want huge cocks that pump out huge loads of cream and can do it regularly.  Magic of the internet and all.  Maybe not everyone is comfortable with this, especially other girls, so I'm open to discussion on this.  Still, I'm willing to take a load, no matter the size, just about anywhere (so long as I'm allowed to close my eyes).

Futa:  This is something in the real world I can't get, so a majority of my ideas relate to chicks with dicks.  I have a preference for girls over boys when it comes to sex, but a part of me always misses their dicks, so this is the best of both worlds.  I don't really mind who's playing opposite me, but I have to amdit I'm fascinated by other girls who enjoy futa, so if you are such a girl, please come chat.  I am open to both playing a futa and playing against a futa (or both of us, you dig).

Incest, twincest:  Being an only child and being surrounded by friends with hot elder siblings, this is probably my oldest fetish.  For the most part I only really like sibling pairings, like two sisters, a sister and a brother or two brothers, but cousins is a possibility.  Though as we'll see below I like age differences, parent/child stuff seems a little too exploitative, so it's not my bag.  I also think twincest is the hottest thing alive, and a couple of roleplays I've done in the past have had me playing as twins for hot threesome stuff.

Age and virginity:  I'm in my early twenties, but I miss being sixteen.  So I tend to want to play as a horny sixteen year old, often going after someone who is older.  I don't mean way older or anything, just sort of teenagers and people in their twenties.  So I liked schoolgirl on teacher plots, even if they're really, really conventional.  I also have a thing for 'technical virgin' stuff, with characters haven't actually had sex, but their first time is just plain great, and everyone involved is kind of naturally talented and adventurous.  Because when I lost my virginity is was freaking amazing, not some sort of painful, awkward experience.  This one is way more fluid than others: if you dont' like the idea of doing a sixteen year old, we can revamp it to an 18 year old.

I'm bisexual, yo:  If you didn't pick up on it yet lol.  I'm open to both girl-girl and girl-boy pairings, and I have no problem with boy-boy (or futa on boy action), though I don't think I'd play a purely boy-boy scenario.

Oral, anal and double penetration:  I love love love given and receiving oral sex.  If I have a big cock in my mouth or my tongue buried in a sweet, smooth pussy, I'm in heaven.  I also enjoy well lubricated anal sex, especially because the internet removes all the ickyness that tages along.  I won't tag anything with this, I'm just mentioning it so if you want to do anal, we can do anal.  This means I'm into double penetration.

Big butt:  This one is all my girlfriend.  I have something of a complex about my ass, but she loves it and has demanded it be present.  So expect a big round one: orders from the boss.

Katya's Maybe Pretty Cool Ideas:

Happy Birthday
Het, big dick, big boobs, cum, age difference, big butt

A teacher is turning twenty four, and her friends have gotten her a gorgeous male stripper, known for both the size of his dick and how wild parties he attends can get.  Getting increasingly tipsy and increasingly horny, the pressure from her firends to really 'play' with the stripper is sounding more and more enticing but there's a slight problem: the stripper is one of her homeroom students from the school she's just started at.

Me:  Katyusha Russo.  A newly hired teacher, and virgin at twenty four, Miss Russo is fawned over by the female student populace for her delicate innocent looks and long golden hair ... and drooled over by the male populace for her massive rack.  A little lonely and a little unloved and A LOT horny, she secretly harbours little crushes for some of the boys in her class, despite them being eight years her junior ... but being shy and responsible would never do anything about that.  Things change on the night of her birthday, when her friends hire her a 'present' in the form of an 'underground' stripper who has been making the rounds at all female birthday parties and hens' nights.  turns out the stripper is one of the boys she's been crushing on, and here he is, naked in fronto f her while her friends are trying to get her to start playing with that huge, half-stiff cock ... and she can't really deny that she wants to.

You:  Sixteen, hot and extremely athletic.  You might not be very tall, only 5'6", but you make up for it with your sleek, muscular body and massive cock.  Living alone with your only living relative overseas constantly on business, you took up a part time job to make considerable amounts of pocket money.  This job is lying about your age and going along to parties to strip for older women, a job which became a lot more fun when you realised that in these sorts of situations these wome are more than happy to jerk you off, and blow you, and even spread their legs for sex right in front of their friends.  It's a dream job for any teenaged boy, but things get a lot more complex and interesting when you find yourself dancing for your homeroom teacher.

College Rules
Futa, twincest, big dick, big boobs, cum, age difference, big butt, height, double penetration

A pair of tiny, cuddly, fraternal twins are visiting the local university, and meet a shy second year who may in fact be the girl of their dreams.  Discovering that she has no boyfriend and seems kind of lonely, they start hanging out with her ... and offering themselves as sex toys.  The twins are gorgeous, but the college girl harbours a secret: girl she might be, but she's also hung like a horse.

Me: The sixteen year old Russo twins, Katya and Yuri.  They might be fraternal and different genders, but they're almost identical.  The only reason you can tell the very, very femine Yuri apart from his sister is that he trades her F cup boobs for a very prominent bulge in his tight little shorts.  Having grown up with her twin brothers ten inch cock, Katya has acquired a taste for the larger things in life, and Yuri himself has a craving for a cock even bigger than his own.  The twins are virgins, and not quite willing to go all the way with each other, but they've had plenty of practice with other stuff together.  Visiting a top univesity on a class trip, they find themselves meeing a gorgeous older girl in a faculty their interested in, but they find themselves more interested in her.

You: A nineteen year old university student of elegant beauty.  Tall, but not excessively so, leggy, well endowed breast wise and extremely well endowed between the legs.  Unique within the university, but despite being beautiful, very shy due to being a girl with a dick.  Being afraid to approach other people, you're still very much a virgin, and you put up a barrier to keep other people from finding out about your terrible secret.  The Russo twins don't have much concept of 'personal space', however, and keep visiting every day in a strange attempt to seduce her.  The problem is, you can't help but find the cute, doll-like twins very attractive, and it's hard to deny your aching cock and pussy the pelasure of these strange, sensual teenagers.  And if Katya is willing to suck Yuri's cock, then maybe they'll be fine with you?

Warmth in the Snow
Futa, big dick, big boobs, cum, big butt

A remote boarding school in the Alps for young ladies with rich parents wanting to refine their manners.  Two girls sharing a room and sharing a secret.  Lots and lots of very taboo sex.

Me:  White haired, brown skinned, violet eyed and full chested, sixteen year old Milieuve Shyamalan fon Rosen (or just Mili because really) is an exotic looking cutie.  The girls of Saint Solback Finishing School find her mysterious, but she doesn't want much to do with anyone.  This is because she possesses a penis large enough to put any of the male staff to shame, and a secret desire to use it on every pretty girl in the school.  Shamed by her dark lust, she suppresses it and seems cold.  But now she's sharing a room with someone very beautiful, and it's hard to hide both the cock and her desire.

You: Even if you're not quite the most beautiful girl in the school, you're getting pretty close.  In the same grade as Mili, she is assigned to the other bed in your dormitory room.  This is problem, because you harbour something a secret yourself.  Note that this secret could be either a strong desire for fetish sex and lots of taboo materials relating to futa, or you could be a well hung futa yourself.  I'm open to either, and I'm willing to do this idea more than once with different people depending on preferences.  In any case, at first things are going quite well, but then you discover that there's mroe to your new room mate then meets the eye.

Probably more in future.  If you're interested, mention it here and send me a PM.  Or just send a PM if you're shy. ;)

Prefect Mos

Ive been all over a lot of games latley... but im all over this.. it fills a good void ive been having... smiles.


Then by all means, drop me a message with your preferences, and I'll get back to you. :-)


Well, I am reliably informed that this thread has not been posted in for at least 120 days.  However, I have totally revamped the opening post, so I am sure I want to bump this one up. ;D


Okay, all I did was have a shower and I had even more ideas:

Oh Big Brother, Where Art Thou?
Het, incest, big dick, big boobs, cum, height, big butt

There's an old saying about the cats being away, and for this brother and sister it's true.  She's taking the opportunity to stay out late and party, and he's taking the opportunity to watch porn in HD on the big screen.  So far this hasn't lead to any trouble, but then a mistake of timing leads to these mice playing a lot harder than they had planned.

Me:  Katya, a small sexy sixteen year old sister with big tits.  With her parents away in another country for the next couple of months, she's been living the dream of lots of late night parties, and happily exploring her sexuality.  However, the boys she's been hangingo ut with haven't been satisfying.  The orgasms are few, and not great.  She's been getting lots of practice with her hands and mouth, but none of the dicks have been inspiring enough to put inside her tight, virginal pussy.  After an especially unsatisfying night of lots of premature guys, she comes home early to find her brother naked on the living room couch, jerking himself off to porn.  And the thing is, his cock is massive, throbbing and sexy.  And herp ussy is sill aching for sex ...

You: A couple of years older, a lot taller and very muscular.  You've been having some girl troubles: sure, they want you bad, and are initially excited when they hear about the size of your dick.  But when they actually see your monster cock they chicken out.  So far, you haven't been able to go all the way, and have been working off a big case of blue balls by wanking your huge rod every night to porn in the lounge room.  This hasn't been all that satisfying either, and it gets awkward when your little sister walks in on you while you're mid-jerk.  But she quickly shifts from shocked to interested, and is offering to go down on you.  Sure, she's your sister, but she's hot, tight and ready to fuck ... and so are you.

Money Money Money
Futa, twincest, big dick, big boobs, cum, age difference, big butt

A pair of orpahned twins have taken up lingerie modelling to pay all their bills, and they've been taken over by greed.  When they get the job opportunity of a lifetime, the money involved is just the tip of the iceberg, when they are introduced to thier benefactor's unusual sexual side.

Me:  At sixteen, Elliot and Harriet Russo might seem a little young to be lingerie models, but with bodies as hot as theirs and with boobs that size, no one can deny their popularity.  While they first took up modelling to support themselves, it's a profitable job and now they're loaded and very greedy.  They'll do just about anything if you offer them enough money, including raunchy photoshoots in lacy, see-through bras and panties that borders on incestuous softcore porn.  They get an offer to coem work directly for the world's top designer, and outrageously beautiful owman to which both the twins are attracted to.  She starts showering them in highly expensive gifts, but in return the stuff they're doing get more and more extreme, until before long she's dangling something other than diamond jewelery and five thousand dollar shoes in front of their faces, and they can't say no.

You:  Twenty six and gorgeous, considered a genius when it comes to lingeries design.  In ten years you've made yourself a billionaire, living vicariously through models because your condition makes it difficult to parade yourself around in nothing but a bra and panties.  After all, despite being all woman, you're equipped with a dick that would make porn stars jealous.  You've gone through a few toys in your time, but hearing about the twin models taking the world by storm rekindles a desire for an old fantasy.  Having two gorgeous, nubile teens servicing your massive cock while you're all wearing items of your lingeries sounds like fun, doesn't it?  And who doesn't like doting on cuties before fucking them senseless?


Hello! Saw your post and I'm intrigued to ask if you'd like to Roleplay? :)


Hey, I'm intersted in the Big Brother and little sister rp.
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It seems someone has already expressed interest in your `Oh Big Brother, Where Art Thou?` story, but I have to throw my hat into the ring as well. I have to say I've always had a fascination with twincest, both the taboo and the idea of two people being so intimate even before they have sex, and if you were still up for a game, one that is maybe an adaptation/extension of the idea, I think premise of `Oh Big Brother` with it not just being one, but twin younger sisters who discover their brother's endowment, it could make for some good times. I was going to PM you, but your current status seems to block them.


Is your school Idea open still, I'm pretty fancy to that one.
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