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Started by Stan', July 16, 2009, 01:25:26 PM

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It's best to take a look at my O/O as well.
It's got links to some of my RPs, so you can
get some idea of my style of writing.
I've tried fuedal (I have one going just now,
in fact, but it's hard to post to).  So I'm not
taking anymore on at the moment.
I have a habit of setting my stories around
some kind of conflict, whether it be a fictional
civil one, or historical war.  The story itself
doesn't need to be about the fighting, but its
a nice way to kickstart things off, and
introduce my character(s).
I have bits and pieces of story ideas I can
share.  I'm more in to short stories that have
an end, rather than ones that go on forever
and eventually die because there is no
proper direction or finish line.

(1) An Air Hostess believes herself to be the
only survivor of a plane crash.  However, she
soon realises the jungle isn't just full of wildlife
and that a gang of pirates are watching her.
She is caught and taken as their prisoner.
They have their fun with her, and tie the woman
up as a sacrifice, believing that is how they will
get off the island.  But out of the jungle comes
one other man who survived the crash, and
tells her he'll get her off the island.  But with
the pirates on their tails, can they find a boat
and make it to shore?

(2) Prisoner of War.  A young woman has spent
the last few years being shipped from camp to
camp, and is notoriously difficult to handle.
Either she's a soldier, or was in a city that was
invaded and she refused to co-operate.  However
when she arrives, the man in charge takes an
interest in her, and soon bribes her with nice
meals and an easier time if she spies on her fellow
prisoners and does him certain favours as well.
Think Castle Colditz (although doesn't necessarily
need to be set in World War 2).  Does she cave
in to his demands, or stand firm and hope to
survive until the camp is liberated?

(3) A midnight cafĂ©.  Two strangers share a coffee
before the pair get on separate trains.  Both are in
fact famous in their professions (a dancer and actor,
maybe?) although for once they can hide from the
limelight and pretend they are normal people.
It's a simple story.  Quick, fast paced dialogue as
they attempt to keep their identities hidden.  What
one will break first, and what train will they be
getting on at the end of the night?

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I quite like your first idea. :)
"I don't have a dirty mind, I have a sexy imagination."
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