Intersex [VAN]

Started by Haibane, July 16, 2009, 10:22:52 AM

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For a long while now I've had a yearning to play an intersexed character, and to play a 1-on-1 opposite another intersexed character. The basic premise behind the game would be that these two people met on a web community that was set up for such people to meet and be able to relax and share their issues, problems, hopes and dreams.

The two become friends and after exchanging photos and having conversations via webcam, agree to meet.

We'd start at the meeting and initially there would be a story of growing friendship but ultimately there would be a sexual encounter. There may be love, there may not, it depends on whether you'd wish to take that route in an RP.

I'm looking for a female playing partner mainly though I might accept a male if I think he can deliver the role well.

This would be a moderately serious game and would not involve futa-style silliness. I would like to have the game set in Europe somewhere, so some familiarity with a European country that meshes with my geographic knowledge would be a big help; Britain, France, the Low Countries, any European Mediterranean country, Tunisia, Morocco...

Check my O/Os please, I'll be writing in the first person, if you do as well, that would be lovely but you don't have to.

Please PM me if interested.


Several enquiries but still waiting for the right person to play with on this one.