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Author Topic: Marlow heading in to the Heart of Darkness (Ideas, Updated Oct13-The Dreaming)  (Read 1296 times)

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Offline MarlowTopic starter

Hi. Just want to say that to start, I write male and female characters; I enjoy F/F, and M/F, although I am not against M/M (You'll just need to convince me quite thoroughly, I've never done it before); I do not care if you are Male, Female, or Liege or Champion, nor do I care what gender you decide to write. What can I say, I'm an equal opportunity writer. I'll list my general interests first, and then any specific ideas.
General Interests
VampireSuperheroesSteampunkStar WarsMedieval FantasyOccult
However, other things interest me as well.

It's fun being on top... MUL or M/F
There's no illusions about it. Kings City is run by it's underbelly. The gangs rule the streets, corporate towers, and city hall virtually unopposed. In Kings City, the only real threat to a gang is another gang. For the most part, the gangs aren't stupid. They know that when their violence spills in to the public eye, they have to pay. And so their wars are fought in secrecy, in the slums, alleys, warehouses, and night clubs that dot the industrial megacity. It's a time of great prosperity for the gangs, some elevated to a sort of pseudo-celebrity.

Three gangs reign supreme in Kings City; la Cráneos Felices, Yorick's Cartel, and the Youngbloods. Virtually every other gang pays tribute of some kind to one of these three. Combined, they control the city. The Craneos have a stranglehold on City Hall, while the Cartel controls the major industry in the city, and the Youngbloods, as underappreciated as they are, control the streets. Naturally, they have the most fun.

My character is Deacon 'Kilgore' Greenspring, the top lieutenant in the Youngbloods and half-brother to John 'Def Con' Greenspring. Your character would be a new recruit to Deacon's crew, whom he takes a liking to. A mix of hyper-violent gang business and sexuality would be the major defining aspect of this game. Often time, they'll be intertwined as Deacon and your character learn more about each others habits and acts on them.

If there is multiple interest in this idea, I'll be willing to open it up to a small group of no more than four people (myself and three others).

The Sky's the Limits... MUL (M,F,F) or M/F
The Empire holds dominion over countless Sky-Lands (massive floating continents where the civilized live), keeping their citizens in line with a mix of ingenious social betterment programs and harsh military law. They're enemies are legion, but unorganized. The central skylands are bonified fortress', impenetrable and densely populated. However, the outer lands are near lawless, rife with criminals of the most aeronautic kind; Sky Pirates. They serve a constant source of annoyance for the Empire, but are virtually impossible to get rid of. So, the Empire lets them roam free in the outer ring, so long as they stay clear from the inner skylands.

Of course that doesn't stop many daring pirates raiding deep in to Empire control. There is even rumour of a Pirate Nation below, in the savage lands that the skylands were ripped from eons ago. We play two intrepid young Sky Pirates looking for glory, adventure, and gratification. Through a series of very poor misfortune, we happen upon a stowaway, a young woman far to well dressed for the harsh skyland we picked her up on. That's because she is the runaway princess of the Empire, and we find we have the ire of the entire Empire as they hunt us down, and we must find refuge on the run.

This game is rather silly. I'd be playing one of the pirates, with room for the second pirate (a M/F relationship, but I can play either one) and the princess, if anyone so chooses. I expect a lighthearted game with much room for more intimate encounters, as well as simply having fun in a cliche environment of fantasy, airships, and pirates.

Ever wonder where demons come from? MUL
Forget what you know about 'Hell'. Done? Good. Forget what you know about demons. Done? Good. Listen now. A demon is a being perverted by its own sins, shaped from its inner demons. They aren't born in hell, not originally. When they die, and they have been deemed unworthy to rest in the Great Halls, they are sent to the Demon Realm. Mirroring the physical earth in many ways, the Demon realm is where they are reborn as creatures of their sins.

There are five nations in Hell; the City of Dis, Stygia, Malebolge, Cocytus, and Minasaurus. These five nations compose the realm of the demons. They function in warped visions of the real world, with bureaucracies and cities and entertainment. Really, it isn't nearly as bad as people believe. The ones who created your vision of Hell thought it was punishment for sins committed, and used it as a deterrent to acting upon those sins. Quite the contrary, actually. Hell is a place for sinners to live the rest of eternity with others as warped as them. They act upon their desires, without reproach or punishment. It is simply a place to keep the evil, instinctual humans, away from those of purity.

That is not to say Hell is great. The High Demon's rule is absolute, and severe punishment is brought about those who disobey the overlords. One may not be able to die in Hell, but their body can be destroyed, their trapped soul left to roam the land for eternity as a lone specter. However, for those who learn to adapt, a life to their enjoyment can be found.

The Demons fall in to three categories: the Ragis, who have succumbed to violent instincts, the Indul, who have succumbed to self indulgence, and the Jackals, who have succumbed to the darkest instincts humans can have. Initially, a new arrival to Hell looks exactly like they did in the prime of their life, before they begin seeking out the pleasures they desire, gradually changing to display these desires (a glutton will become morbidly obese, while a wrathful man will become violent, bulky, and powerful).

I am these demons already succumbed to their desires, and you are new citizens of Hell. Initially, a friendly demon will approach your group, aiding you, teaching you how to survive, while at the same time trying to manipulate you in to succumbing. It is to be noted that if one can last 1 year without falling completely, they are granted a spot in the Great Halls. Of course, this is impossible, as Hell itself compels its denizens to act.

This story is designed for the players all to have entered for the cardinal sin of Lust. It's focus is the breaking of the men and women until they two become demons driven by their needs. It'll be pretty intense. Feats normally impossible in the real world are perfectly feasible in Hell (example, taking a two foot cock fully, without dying, or producing enough cum to fill a bath tub). Also, if there are any male characters involved, domination from a dickgirl will be part of their corruption. So a forewarning to any who enter. However, there will be absolutely NO scat or urine play and NO intense guro. Anything beside that will be very much a possibility in this game. As per usual, a PM or a post will suffice. Also, if you know anyone who would be interested, PM them, and we'll see if we can get a small group together.

If not, then I will simply take the people I have, and let them, if they desire, make multiple characters.

The Power of Lust   MUL
An ancient, unholy union, a Demon pact is the binding of a mortal’s soul to a Demon of their choosing. The mortal is granted powers given to them by the Demon in exchange for service. This most often results in the untimely end of the mortal, who, having been unable to uphold their side of the pact, have their souls claimed by their former masters. It is a common misconception that all pacts end in the loss of your soul. It is not true, it is the failure to sustain your pact that ends in your damnation in hell.

The Demons plans on Earth would be fruitless if all of their servants eventually failed them. A demon can have any number of servants at a time, but the average number is around 1000. Out of that, roughly 50 will prove themselves strong of will and faith in their master to be released from servitude, finding a spot in Hell’s hierarchy after their death.

There are countless legions of Demons, but only a finite number can be considered powerful enough to shape events on Heaven-guarded Earth. One such entity are the twin Demons Lilin and Lilitu, also known as the Lilith Demons ((show in picture)), and consort to the Lust Demon Asmodeus. Demons find their power through worship, just as gods do. The Lilith Demons find worship through the Sin of lust. As such, their servitors are granted marginal power over the lusts of mortals. In its most literal sense this only pertains to carnal pleasure. However, the lust of power, wealth, and other personal gains also are claimed by these vassals of the Lilith Demons power.

We are the consorts of these two Demons. A close knit group of friends who fell in with the Occult at some point in our lives, gravitating to each other until a real breakthrough was discovered: The Demon Pact. We, as a group, chose the most desirable of these Demons as our masters; The Lilith Demons answered our calls.

Gifted with the power of human lust, we began to shape our lives to our own liking. The Lilith Demons demanded tribute often, and as was shown time and time again as our group was slowly cleansed of the unworthy. Out of the ten friends who were drawn to the White Grimoire less than five remain. However, these young men and women have proven themselves incredibly faithful to the Lilith Demons.

They are on the very verge of securing a position at their Masters Lilin and Lilitu’s side. However, civil war is brewing in Hell, the Demons forming in to two factions; the Loyalists, who follow the rightful ruler of Hell, Lucifer Morning Star, and the Bailists, who follow the rebel king Bael. It is with their Lord and Master, Lucifer Morning Star, that the Lilith Demons side with.

It is now war on Hell and Earth, and we are the foot soldiers and generals alike for the war on Earth.

This is a heavy mix of sex, warlocks, and war. So be prepared to indulge thoroughly in the three. As per usual, PM or post with interest.

The Dreaming Escape (Sexland Edition) MUL
The Dreaming is the metaphysical world, created when the first dream was swept in to the mind of a sleeping creature. Ever since then, it has evolved and changed with the evolution of man. Most recently, it has undergone dramatic changes with the rapid evolution of human society.

Nothing ever is destroyed in the Dreaming, it only adapts. There are the remnants of ancient, colossal Greek temples that have been refitted for casinos, strip-clubs, bars, and lounges. The native denizens of the Dreaming, the Dreamkin, manage and organize the Dreaming for the ease of the human visitors and their own ease. Thus, there are countless lands, both named and nameless, that have been created over millennia. Some have been centers of the Dreaming for aeons, while others are fleeting settlements, before being consumed by the Escape -the ethereal extension of thought that the Dreaming floats in- to be rediscovered later. These lost lands serve the adventurous, looking for treasure and fame, for the unchecked growth of Dream warps and turns the once sculpted lands wild.

The denizens, as stated above, are the Dreamkin, and serve as shapers and caretakers for the Dreaming lands. The most heavily trafficked lands can resemble the great cities of antiquity, from Athens to Rome, or the far-flung fancies of the future. Most often, however, they blend together, creating spectacular sights and sounds only a dream could create.

Now the Dreaming is in danger of collapse. There is an evil creeping in from the Escape. It has brewed and gathered followers in the darkest and most deprave depths of the Escape; the dreams of serial killers, rapists, and the criminally insane. There the evil has nursed on the degenerate thoughts of the sick and twisted, and now it hopes to launch its assault on the Dreaming, which is the anchor to the material world; the ultimate goal of this evil.

It has found the most successful way to enter unnoticed in to the dreaming. It uses the lust of the humans, and thus, the Dreamkin, to infect the Dreaming with the evil. It sends followers, disguised, to infiltrate the hierarchy of the Dreamkin Nobles. The infection is almost complete, and the evil now seeks to infect the rare few humans who are graced with stepping in to the Dreaming. All of this has happened without so much as a curious glance from the Dreamkin. This evil is truly insidious.

Our characters are those few rare humans who can step in to the dreaming. Only 1000 at a time, and whenever one of the gifted dies in the real world, they are replaces by new ones. We are all new to the Dreaming, and so we would not notice anything out of the ordinary. Truly, nothing much has changed overtly about the Dreaming. It is the attitudes and subtle details that show of the infection. Where one would have to go to the land of Desire to find fleshy pleasure, now it can be found anywhere. Where once the horrors of Fangaria were confined to that desolate land, they are creeping in to the lands of the civilized.

This story is designed to function best with a small group of humans, no more than three, with myself playing important Dreamkin and the Evil’s servants. Slowly, the humans will discover the presence of the Evil and will learn to fight it, all the while struggling to keep from succumbing to the seduction of the Evil. That being said, a little bit of corruption and seduction will be part of it. All in all, this is a fun story, with a plot but with a healthy dose of sex. It, for me, is an attempt to balance between the two extremes of smut-play and long engrossing romance/intrigue with the ‘adult’ part of the roleplay being sparse. This is an idea that attempts to balance sex and story and merge the two.

Feel free to post here with interest in any of my ideas. They don't have to be one of my plots, but any of my interests as well. I think you can see what I generally like.
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Offline precious

pirates <3.  but which part are you looking to fill?  damsel?  one of the pirates? 

Offline MarlowTopic starter

pirates <3.  but which part are you looking to fill?  damsel?  one of the pirates?
Ah, sorry. I'd be one of the pirates, either gender, depending on the person I'm playing with's desire. I'd say the princess would be an NPC unless say a third person wanted to join. The original idea was to have the two characters be the unlucky pirate duo.

Offline MarlowTopic starter

-Update- New idea, "Ever wonder where demons come from?"

Offline PeacethatPowerbrings

I'd definately be up for "The Sky's the Limit" if you still need someone, or to play the princess, if you need or want someone, though if thats not possible, I'd be more than willing to work something else out as well.

You can PM me to let me know.

Hope to hear from you.


Offline MarlowTopic starter

-updated with a new idea. To sum it up: Demons, Sex, and a Demonic War. I am currently most interested in writing this one.-

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i would be interested in the power of lust plot, really like the idea

Offline syrorder

I'm pretty interested in the Power of Lust as well; I'm also wondering idly if there are any specific thoughts with regards to superhero things, as that's definitely an interest of mine too.

Offline MarlowTopic starter

My Superhero RPs tend to me more silly than serious. A lot of classic plot ideas but sexed up. I also tend to stay away from writing pre-existing characters and universes. I will RP in Marvel or DC, but I won't take on the role of one of their heroes. I'd make my own.

As it is, I'm not very interested in a Superhero RP, but my current RP desired change often enough.

Offline syrorder

Ah, okay; understood.  Well, my interest regarding the Power of Lust still, of course, stands. :)

Offline MarlowTopic starter

Update. Currently, The Dreaming Escape is my most desired game.

Offline Caeli

As always, I love your ideas, Marlow - they're wonderfully creative and take place in the most awesome settings! It's really too bad I don't have enough time for my current roleplays, let alone more. :-)

Offline MarlowTopic starter

As always, I love your ideas, Marlow - they're wonderfully creative and take place in the most awesome settings! It's really too bad I don't have enough time for my current roleplays, let alone more. :-)
It's really a shame. I get my muse back right when you get booted from the warm glow of the computer screen to foray in to the world of RL.  ;D

Offline Caeli

It's really a shame. I get my muse back right when you get booted from the warm glow of the computer screen to foray in to the world of RL.  ;D

*chuckles and hugs* I'm sorry for that. :-) But, I do wish you only the best of luck in finding more partners for your roleplays.