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blue envy

Various things to Note:
- I play women and men though my women tend to be stronger while the men, while not weak, might be easier to push.
- Post length depends on partner and the line - three or more paragraphs is average.
- Give me something, I'll at least consider it. 

--Okay, I'm on the Harry Potter kick too, I admit it so here's some pairs I'd consider dying for in no particular order (Trio-era, Marauder, and Next-Gen included).  Promise there are pairs missing so ask if curious and I tend to play the character to the left.
Draco/Harry, Hermione/Draco, Hermione/Pansy, Ginny/Draco, Draco/Lucius, Harry/Snape, Sirius/Lucius, Scorpius/James

Strange ties:
The Hawthorne family has lived in England for generations, the community regarded them as sketchy characters (rumored to be dabbling in witchcraft) however as time progressed that label became a distant memory. That is until the birth of Sindelle and, later, her brother. The manor the family resided in was shut off from friends and a darkness settled in on it. Strange, haunting things happen in the house and the children, now reaching adulthood are to blame. They have a bizarrely intimate, love-hate relationship where jealousy and control are the main concerns of both when they interact. Since the peculiar deaths of their parents they are both trying to gain control of the family estate for their own strange purposes.

History lessons:
Ella had always been an attentive student but adjusting to college life and being forced to live, for the first time, on her own has her a little distracted.  Half way through the semester she gets a recent test back only to discover her grades have slipped to a disgusting low.  For some reason her professor takes an interest in her and gives her the option of private lessons that are quite out of the ordinary or to fail the class completely.

Library Rules:
Taylor was a librarian, not a meek librarian but a spoiled vicious girl with a short temper.  She’d broken a particular boy’s heart one too many times and now that he’s older he seeks her out, intent on teaching her that not everything is always going to go her way and sometimes she’s the one that gets hurt.

The Red Queen has made the practice of magic punishable by death in her war-torn country.  In the outskirts of the city are rebels, lying in wait for the chance to rise up against her mad tyranny.  The rebel leader has fashioned a plan to get into the castle to kill the woman.  Upon first meeting his plans change but what will become of the queen and the country now?  Will there be peace, will the queen outwit her captor, or will he destroy her in the end?

Keria escaped the confines of an unhappy existence.  Her escape from it however, landed her in a greater deal of trouble with nature than she'd intended.  The wolves she's encountered surrounded and the limited knowledge of the stolen sword wasn't going to save her.  The wild creatures she had encountered happened to be werewolves and one decided to take an interest in her and claim her.  Now does she run or stay from this new life?

Since they had arrived on the quiet suburban street they had been friends. They shared everything, told each other everything – almost. Since their later years in high school they had developed feelings for each other beyond friendship. Both are convinced the other only wants a platonic relationship and has never admitted vocally what they think. However, she’s finally returned from college. Their closeness had faded a little from the distance but it was far from extinguished. Now they have a chance to further their relationship but do they want to take a risk in confessing buried feelings? …and why does life always get in the way? Needless to say, not all scars are visible; some are simply traced into the heart.
(Note: Honest to goodness romance sort of thing.)

Rubies and Sapphires:
To save his people against a losing battle, the dying king agrees to an arranged marriage for his daughter with the enemy: the vampires.  Both prince and princess are spoiled and proud and even their initial meeting is thinly veiled hatred.  They are more likely to tear down the the kingdom their parents have created if they don't find common ground and stop trying to destroy one another.

Return to the Labyrinth:
It has been some years since Sarah made her way to the center of the Labyrinth in the heart of the Goblin City.  Slowly, her memory of the fantasy faded and it all seemed more and more like a dream.  Poor Sarah is about to get a wake up call from her subconscious as during one frightful nightmare she starts awake, wishing to take her away in place of her brother. 
Time in the Labyrinth may unlock magic of her own and she may get the upper hand if Jareth isn't careful.

Between Right and Temptation:
Instead of condemning the villains of the world and even the unfortunates as her mother was known to do with the severest of tones Claire took the gentler path, determined to save everyone from their sins in a way that didn't maim their being. She is fully convinced and has been since she can remember that there is good in everyone and persistence and kindness will pull it out of them and lead them towards a better path.  Unfortunately, some people are in a position to take advantage of that innocence.  With a little manipulation or force Claire may be in trouble... or will she be saved by someone her family detests but she's seen good in?

Irresistible Poison:
Lina’s moved into a new neighborhood recently, a less than friendly neighborhood but nothing that she wasn’t used to.  However, there’s something off about the boy from school and he’s accidentally attracted Lina’s interest whether from morbid curiosity or naïve interest.  The reason for his fascination with chemicals, specifically poisons, becomes increasing apparent as more of the neighbors wind up in unfortunate circumstances.  Lina, however, might be his first infatuation that doesn’t meet an untimely demise.
(Note: Hannibal-esque character.)

Dangerous Game:
Diya has been hunted for decades. She has narrowly escaped many disastrous situation but it was no slayer that hunted her. Having met him as a mortal and again after his turning his interest in her is lovingly destructive. They are drawn together for a time and pushed apart again. It is difficult for the two to tolerate each other but their toxic relationship is addicting. Diya is typically the one to flee but she's become stronger in her age and one day will beat him at the game they play.

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I'm interested in the History Lesson.

PM and we can talk if you are interested and it is still available
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blue envy

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I'm interested in 'Strange Ties' I'll send you a PM!
I'm back!
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blue envy

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blue envy

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hi. I'd be interested in the Iris and Rubies and Sapphires rp.

blue envy

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blue envy

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If you're still looking for someone to play a Harry Potter story, I'd definitely be interested.
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