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Started by Brandon, July 02, 2009, 12:43:26 AM

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Hello and welcome. For those that dont know me Im Brandon, I tend to be selective with the people I play with but Im always open to new games for the right players. Before you read on I want you to understand that the following Roleplay ideas are not for everyone. They require people that can run characters with the initiative to try and solve the mystery before them. If you cant be bothered to write up a detailed character outline, to discuss plot ideas, or to write detailed paragraphs in your resopnses then you are probably not the person to play in these games but that doesnt mean that I dont have other ideas that you might find interesting.

If you are interested, PM me with a response to the game but be aware that I do not take players on a first come first serve basis. Show me that youll be a good fit for the game by telling me why youre intrigued and what interests you about it.

So without further ado, here are the mysteries of various settings that are available.

1. Nocturnal reverie (Currently taken by Lilias)

Deep in the wilderness of Romania there is a castle that is still owned and occupied by a wealthy lord. In the relitivly nearby town of Elba (some 20 or 30 miles away) a young woman comes across a job opportunity of a lifetime as the lord decides to hire a maid to help clean his castle. After their initial meeting and her tour of the estate he offers her a place to stay while she works there. On her first night there she accidently knocks over a suit of armor and opens a hidden passageway. Curious she decides to enter and from her first footstep inside everything seems like a daydream.

She wakes in her room as the rays of mornings light cast over her bed from the open window with only fragments of her memories after entering the hidden passageway. A few of those fragments are of the master binding and taking her in the night but also of something darker and more sinister that she cant quite put her finger on. Wanting to know the truth she decides to continue exploring the castle while she does her work as the maid, trying to find what the truth behind the master is.

Notes: This is likely the most popular game idea Ive ever placed on Elliquiy, Ive literally had dozens of submissions in the past and yet found no one to get past that first night. I will be playing the master and need a female role to be curious and inquisitive. She needs to be willing to look into the mysteries surronding the mansion and master plus have the resolve to keep looking when strange things happen. The story has a large hint of the supernatural within it that includes the master and goes back several hundred years into the history of the castle

Since several people always contact me about this game (and most of them have left me fairly jaded about people requesting it) players should go out of their way when sending me that private messege. Take some time to write something like why the story intrigues you, why you think youre the best person for it, what you want to experience in the game, and what you will bring to it. If you do that I can consider you a serious applicant and if you cant, I already know that you are not the right person for Nocturnal reverie

2. Mystery of Sliepner

In the distant future mankind has traversed the stars and colonized much of the galaxy. However goverments tend to keep military and police forces in their home systems which has created huge areas in space where Pirates are free to do as they please and private citizens without a goverment over them have become outlaws.

Risa Starwing and her partner/lover were just two ordinary women trying to make a living in space. Their choice of business was selling solutions to almost any problem that an outlaw had. What they didnt bargain on was coming into possession of a starship that became a complete mystery. Its not a model that is built by any military, company, or pirate group but they soon find out that several goverments want the ship for an unknown reason. What is the secret behind Sliepner and why does everyone want to get their hands on it?

Notes: In case you didnt notice I prefer this one to be a female/female duo and would prefer Risa (my character) to be the submissive one (if not a willing slave to her lover) in their relationship. Risa is an expert on technology and probably the brains of the duo as well. A partner with a domineering personality and experience in security/military/front line situations would be ideal. Moral choice is a big thing in this story as many uncomfortable situations will come up, having to choose between the easy way out and keeping ones consience clear wont be easy

3. The hand of time

The village had been plagued by an ancient dragon for centures taking a maiden from it every year to devour. However when Yuki's turn neared she chose to fight rather then be a willing meal. A year before she and her little sister journeyed into the fobidden shrines and took hold of an ancient blade known as the hand of time. With it Yuki was able to kill the dragon but she paid two prices. The first was the lose of an eye to the dragons claws and the other was that she was imprisoned. Frozen in time for ten years

When the seal was finally broken Yuki's heart began to beat again and she returned to the village but her memories were all gone, except for the battle with the dragon and the face of her sister. Things grow even more complicated when one night Yuki sneaks into her sisters bed and it turns into a night of forbidden passion. Yet it is not till monsters begin appearing near the village the the question must be asked, what is the hand of time, what really happened to Yuki, and how is this all connected?

Notes: Not as well written as my previous two, I know, but interesting all the same. It was inspired by the picture above. Obviously this is an incest roleplay (something new for me) and Im looking for a player that will fit as someone with the drive to try and find the answers to the questions above. Agian Moral choice will play a big part in this story
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