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Author Topic: The Legend of Cherry Hall [MUL but consensual, Freeform]  (Read 792 times)

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The Legend of Cherry Hall [MUL but consensual, Freeform]
« on: June 26, 2009, 02:22:29 PM »
When Cherry Dormitory Hall of Freedom University went Coed in the late 1950's, it was the first in the state to do so. While the technology in the building has advanced, the over floorplan has gone unchanged since then. 6 floors, the bottom three housing male students while the top three housed female students with 4 RAs on each floor. This policy has gone untouched for so long it's almost considered sacrosanct with one exception. Since the rooms of RA's are all off in a corner of each floor and separated from the rest, having an RA of the opposite gender of the floor is rare and treated with care but allowed and considered better then short-staffing the floor in question.

But Cherry Hall is known for something else as well among the student body. For decades it's been known as a residence hall that just beneath the normal looking surface has a reputation of being debauched even by college student standards. A hotbed of rumors and stories, Cherry Hall is the kind of place rumored to lose a brick every time a virgin graduates- and then is noted to not be missing any.

This year proves to be no exception, if anything it's starting with even more gusto then normal.

[I decided to try something vanilla compared to my other games, hoping for multiple takers. The basic idea is that your characters will be students living in the notorious Cherry Dormitory Hall. The tone will be light and similiar to the average sex comedy with a little more emphasis on the sex then normal. Keep it light but raunchy. I'm hoping for more females then males, otherwise I'll accept all takers.

Edit:- Reading this over I don't seem to give the impression of that I have a plot in mind. I do admit it's fluid at the moment and liable to change depending on what people bring. In short, I'm not lazy, just willing to accept RPer input. There will be a definite "secrets and lies" theme going, that I will share right now.

If you want in, apply with a short character write-up along the lines of the following template. If there's an asterick (*), this means that feild is required- otherwise your call. By Rumor I mean that the characters have to be somehow connected to the buildings reputation for debauchery, rumors, and secrets. Keep the tone in mind when you think of it. A male student who slips drugs into girl's drinks is too dark, but if the male student is rumored to be pledging with a frat and will be let in if he can seduce 10 virgins into letting him pop their cherries before the end of the school year is okay.

Name*:Derrick Archer
Major: Theater
Job:RA of 6th Floor
Description*: Caucasian with Brown hair, blue eyes, dresses a bit on the conservative side of trendy. Definitely on the cute side of normal, with a physique suggesting he would be a trained acrobat if he was about 6 inches shorter. Not quite movie star quality but certainly "Man-Candy".
Personality*: More comfortable on stage then off but overall a decent, friendly person. Exudes confidence, but seems to have been raised with something approaching chivalry and tact. Knows enough about theater techwork that he is usually the first called upon for repair work when something breaks on the 6th floor. A rabid reader, usually poetry or fiction.
Bio: Seemingly born with an intense passion for reading, the call of the stage and performance followed not long after. On stage is where he feels the most comfortable but has taken "all the world is a stage, the men and women merely players" to heart. To his personal embarrassment he discovered in his late teens that his biological father was not his mother's husband, but a Chippendale dancer she had a meaningless fling with the night before the wedding. Now he studies at Freedom University for a BA in Theater, not sure where he'll go from there.
Rumor*: While he's so far managed to keep under wraps that his biological father was a Chippendale dancer, he's had less success with a certain other aspect of his anatomy. Rumor has it that the male RA is very well hung- the exact size in the rumor varies from source to source but averages out to just shy of a foot if this is accurate.]

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Offline Haibane

Forgive this Englishwoman's ignorance, but what is an RA?

Online TheVillainTopic starter

It means either Resident Assisstant or Resident Advisor depending on the college. They kind of act like mid-level landlords for the college, laisons between the college and the students on matters like maintenance or if there is an incident that isn't serious enough to require police but still needs handled they are the first line.

Here's what wiki has to say.

Offline Haibane

Thanks. I'm moderately interested then.

Have you a mental image of the hall of residence block layout? How many students per floor? Is it single rooms with a communal kitchen and recreation area or are the rooms shared (say 2 people)? En-suite showers or a shower block? I do tend to like to visualize my way around locations ;)

I'm also a fan of drawing up building plans and finding external photos if you are interested in such details.

Online TheVillainTopic starter

Yes I do have a mental image of the layout in fact. Looking like a blocky number eight laid out on it's side there are two square wings with a joining hallway/staircase hub in between. The rooms are all ment for two students except for the RA rooms, one in each far corner. Each room has a small kitchen area and a small connecting room with basic toiletries. The rooms themselves make up the outer wall of the blocks except for the wall along the stairs. The inner walls along the blocks have more rooms along the north-south oriented walls. The east-west oriented walls however have doors that open to a pair of larger rooms that fill the rest of the inner block and cleave the rest of the space directly in two. The half further away from the staircase is a communal rec room, the half closer to the stairs is a block of communal but stalled showers with curtains for a little privacy. RA rooms do have their own showers but they tend to be smaller and have lower priority on the repair schedule, it's not uncommon to see RA's use the shower block showers- usually in mixed gender situations the RA goes to a floor that houses their own gender but nobody keeps track of that. Cherry Dormitory Hall in it's entirety has a capacity of just over 800 students.

As for sketching plans, you are welcome too- the programs I have access to wouldn't do a good job.

And as for your interest, I appreciate that. I'd like to get more people interested and I am also considering ways to turn this into a one-on-one if that doesn't happen.

Offline Haibane

Group games are my preference. Being bi some girl-girl fun would fit in with the other plans you have too for Cherry Dorm, hence my asking about single or shared rooms.

800 students in the whole 6-floor block, yes? That's 66 twin rooms per floor. A pretty big place! Perhaps you could PM me a rough sketch of some kind, I'm part-way there to seeing the floor plan you are describing but not entirely.

A communal kitchen and dining area would be rather fun from a character interaction perspective.

Online TheVillainTopic starter

Yes it is a big place. And I think I'll agree with you on the communal dining room as well. I made a rough sketch but photobucket is fighting me so I'm not sure when I can send it. I can say that side action is not only allowed, but it's encouraged. I can even be sold on more guys as long as female rpers out number males. Boyfriends of other characters, residents of lower floors, etc.

Assuming of course we can get more people to sign up. I'd prefer this to be a group thing as well, just acknowledging that there are ways to make this 1-on-1 if I have too.

Edit:- And just so were clear, this is set in the real world. Want to make a Wiccan, no problem. Want to make a Wiccan whose magic actually works, no dice.
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Offline Haibane

Real world is good for me. I don't do anything that's not real world. Well, some, but I have to be very drawn by some other strong factors and pure fantasy is not for me at all.

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Re: The Legend of Cherry Hall [MUL but consensual, Freeform]
« Reply #8 on: June 27, 2009, 01:29:38 PM »
Alright, I decided to shake things up a bit to add more RPer input and substance. If you've looked through this ad before it's very different now.

Offline Ramster

Re: The Legend of Cherry Hall [MUL but consensual, Freeform]
« Reply #9 on: July 01, 2009, 11:06:18 PM »
Sounds like a fun idea! It reminds me of a game I played with Haibane and others a while back involving a Japanese school that had comically gone co-ed. I immediately feel the urge to pull a certain thick-accented Brazilian student from my character files!

I'm very interested, and will be watching this space to see who else wants to join in.

Offline Ixy

Re: The Legend of Cherry Hall [MUL but consensual, Freeform]
« Reply #10 on: July 01, 2009, 11:13:37 PM »
I, too, am insterested.  Trying to get a third game going, but nothing's taking yet.  I'll keep an eye on this thread as well.

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Re: The Legend of Cherry Hall [MUL but consensual, Freeform]
« Reply #11 on: July 01, 2009, 11:49:45 PM »
Wow, to be honest I'd given up on this game.

Tell you what though, if more people show up it's on.