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Author Topic: Stories Silk Satine Seeks and Sighs for (taken)  (Read 773 times)

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Stories Silk Satine Seeks and Sighs for (taken)
« on: June 25, 2009, 12:55:24 pm »

I thought I would try posting my first Roleplay Wanted thread.  These two ideas have been rattling around in my brain and are awaiting an outlet for expression.  :-)

These are merely outlines; more often than not my stories go in directions that I would never have foreseen.  That is one of the things I love about roleplay--- being able to work with my co-writers to shape the story into something that we could both share and enjoy. :)  I welcome ideas and find delight in surprising twists.  Please PM me with your ideas if you are interested. : )

Note: I prefer my co-writers to be male, and to play male characters.  I also welcome infusions of humor in any story to balance out some of the seemingly serious themes.

Story ideas:

Heart’s DesireTAKEN

1.   A shy, reserved woman who was born with a heart defect finally receives a heart transplant--- but the phenomenon of experiencing the donor’s personality haunts her. More than that, she experiences the donor’s past life and memories at unexpected moments, and her own personality changes as this strong, new heart beats its own life into her.

At night, she has nightmares involving murders.  Was one of them the donor’s murder? Or were they murders that the donor witnessed?  Evie needs to find out, if she wants to live in peace again…

Your character can be any of the following:
1.   A psychiatrist that Evie sees in her quest to rid herself of the nightmares
2.   A policeman she tries to get information from about the donor
3.   The donor’s husband, now a widower, who may or may not be involved in the murders
4.   Or whoever you think you could play in this story setting

       This story will have dark, sexy undertones, since the heart donor’s life as lived out in my character permeates her personality, and will show that the donor had led the rather wild, adventurous life of a seductress in secret, replete with bondage and experimentation (how extreme depends on what I and my writing partner agree to).  So lots of sex makes sense, although it depends on your character, and his interactions with mine, and where the story leads us. :)

I would like to think that the centerpiece of the story is the unraveling of the truth as our characters pursue it, and if romance and love are found along the way, then all the better. 

The Dragon’s Heart  TAKEN

Continuing my current obsession with the heart, this dragon twist on the Beauty and the Beast story takes place both in a modern and a fantasy world.  I love Dragons so I thought I’d indulge in a fantasy about one. :)

She had been born with that peculiar, shimmering vision, one that earned her, quite justly, the label of incurable dreamer at best, and mentally ‘away with the fairies’ at worst.  No one knew… no one wanted to believe… that she stood astride the two worlds since she was a babe.  She grew up being part of both worlds, and yet not quite fully engaged in either, especially that dimension that we all like to label fantasy… being mostly present in the modern world, but with a foot in the other, she grew up familiar with elves, fairies, goblins, knights in shining armor, princesses in distress, dragons, and the darker side of fantasy, but had never interacted with them, seeing and hearing without being seen or heard. 

Until the day that the dragon saw her.

He was a dragon like no other. He was magic.  He was fire.  He was life.  He was love. He saw her, saw right into her… saw the very heart of her.  And he saw emptiness that he knew only he could fill.  Come with him, he said.  Abandon that other world, all those people that didn’t believe her.  He believed in her.   With him, they would journey through the skies of her new world, and show her things she had never dreamed of.

To prove his love, he cut out his heart out and offered it to her.  He could live without his heart for 1000 days, so he gave her 1000 days to make her decision… hoping it would take her only one.

But her fear of this unknown world… fear of the same rejection that she experienced in her ‘real’ life… made her spurn his offer in a moment of utter terror and panic.  Live with a dragon?  It was madness!

For the first time she made a mighty effort to pull away from the nether world… leaving the Dragon to hold his literally broken heart.  His last words to her were sad but strong.  “I will wait for you for 1000 days.  If you do not come, this heart will wither… because there is no reason for me to return it to my body.without you here.”

The shock and trauma of pulling her out of that world affected her memories of it, wiping out most everything she knew from her mind.  For three years, some might say a miracle happened in her life.  She started living as she was supposed to live it in this world, her mind now fully engaged in ‘reality’, dreams of her other reality fading.  Some say she truly ‘woke’.  She went to school, became a nurse, and started working in a hospital.

At the hospital, one of her new patients is a mysterious man with an equally mysterious heart condition.  He is hospitalized one day for tests … and this one day that she spends at his bedside and under his intense gaze tugs at her once-buried awareness of that other world as the life of the dragon’s heart approaches its end…

Well, this is sort of a starting point… it could go anywhere.  Eventually I was thinking that there would be a transition to the fantasy world, and elements of NC, rape, kidnapping, bondage are welcome but not necessary.  :)

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