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Bear with me. I had a 1x1 thread before, but I lost it so I'm making a new one to keep bookmarked and edit constantly...

This thread is constantly under construction/editing, so why not bookmark it and check back frequently if you don't see anything you like right now? This isn't going to be a huge thread, I'll only have 2-4 requests up at a time...

Notations Before We Begin:

  • I don't have a preference about Lords or Ladies. If you play a male or female character well, I'll play with you. I don't care what you really are. I'm not dating you, I'm writing with you.
  • I also don't have a preference of Source or Original, I'm just listing ideas here that I have had and might enjoy playing.
  • Don't forget to check my on/off list as well, since not everything there is here and you might be inspired to send me your own ideas. I usually tend to be a curious person and just may accept as long as you don't have anything from my offs.


Stab me if you must, but I've become obsessed with the song 'Love Story' by Taylor Swift and honestly can see a story in it, which, duh, is the point of the song, but still. I'd love to play this out as something sweet and light following the scenes told about in the song:

- Meeting as young adults at a fancy party and becoming attracted before the parents find out who the boy is, or perhaps it's the boy's place and the girl is the 'Romeo'?
- Things going horribly wrong somehow and they're forced apart by friends and family
- Constantly meeting in secret, eventually found out and the girl is labeled a 'slut' for it ("I was the Scarlet Letter")
- Where it goes from that is up to our discussions. <3 This can be modern (preferred) or fantasy-based.

Heated Winds[Rape/NC Bondage][Humiliation/BDSM][FXM] - Temari's 19 and still hasn't publicly acknowledged she's even dating Shikamaru, even if the whole of their two countries suspects it. Private long distance sex life aside, she's attracting public suitors because of her station as the family of a Kage and a skilled (not to mention beautiful) ninja in her own right. However, she consistently and aggressively turns down every man who goes near her, no matter how highly ranked they are. She's even gone as far as to strike a persistent man in public and snarl in his face... He refuses to take no for an answer and puts a secret bounty on her head to capture her alive and bring her to him...

I'd like to play Temari for this, obviously, since she's one of my favorites from the series. I view her as a dominant minded, independent-by-forced-choice sort of woman and I have a nasty streak of liking to play that sort of personality being broken to submission. Obviously, it's not going to happen overnight, so I expect this to be a long game... We can discuss what you want to do, or it can just be a total surprise, as long as there's no snuff or scatplay, I'm generally open to it.
- Claimed by rafufu, working out final details <3

Original Fiction/Fantasy

Battle of Wits [Exotic/Multi][NC/Rape?] - I'm craving something involving a member of the Unseelie Court taking advantage of some hapless mortal. I'd not mind playing either side of that little game and I don't care what gender either side is. I'd just like a few extreme kinks to be involved. We can discuss what you're comfortable with. - Requested by Kyrsa and working out details with her <3

Special Requests

Name: Kyrana Kiri
Species: Sucubus, unless the setting calls for something mortal
Age: 17-23 depending on the setting requested
Hair: Black
Eyes: Purple
Special Notes: Manipulates the wind with ki and has a rapport with canines, usually wolves
Personality: Dominant-Submissive, depending on her companion at the time. If she happens to be played with a person who's that much more than her (not sure how to phrase it better than that..) then she'll begrudgingly allow them to be Alpha in the pack, but she's not gonna be happy about it publicly, privately may be an entirely different matter. Sexually, she's very much a passive-aggressive person. She gets what she wants by making you think it's what you want.
Sexuality: Mainly straight, but she'll settle for a female partner if she's out of other options. She also happens to be a zoophile, meaning she enjoys sex with animals
Appropriate Game Type: Just about anything will work for her as she's adaptable, she can be in a high school, in a gang, a medieval-era princess, or a post-apocalyptic survivor

(Form borrowed with permission from Violence)

Ideas to Use Kyra In

The Bitch's Dog[FxF][Beastiality][MultiRacial-NC][Rape][Bon] - Kyra has a reputation as a bit of a slut, and she gets jealous taunts about it from the other girls. She tends to take it in stride, with even a bit of smug pride in knowing she's under so much skin so easily. One day, however, she's in a rotten and vicious mood, and a girl decides to pick a very bad time to confront the local bitch-in-heat... So Kyra decides to make the poor thing her playtoy.

I expect a snobbish priss of a girl being played here that puts up one hell of a fight throughout most of the 'fun'. It's just not going to have the same feel if she ends up having kinks that match what she's put through.

Don't Call Me Princess [NC/Rape][Exotic or Human] -  A semi-medieval offkilter setting, Kyra's the daughter of a man who runs a country with no undergovernment save members of his family/clan, making her technically a princess. She hates the life and goes out of her way to cause trouble for both herself and others, going out of her way to lose bodyguards and pester them. She'd rather be a free roaming adventurer with no ties to anyone or anything, and has secretly taught herself the use of a staff weapon, sneaking off and picking fights or spying on people at random. This time, she's chosen her target poorly and gotten herself taken captive by an enemy of her home... leaving her at his mercy, and it's not a gentle one.

Kyra's just a human in this scenario, but the enemy doesn't necessarily have to be. She can hate him and fight every move he makes or end up falling for him in some way, it's entirely up to the path of the story.
- Claimed Twice over for FxF and FxM by maniac and KingMob
Ever wonder what seahorse tastes like?

I'm sick of playing by the rules of someone else's game...

Some things I cannot change, but till I try I'll never know.


June 4th, 7:15 PST - One story claimed, I'll remove it once the plot is cemented and I'm playing it. Another story has been added.

Jun 5th - More stories claimed, wow, I'm popular, thanks guys!!
Ever wonder what seahorse tastes like?

I'm sick of playing by the rules of someone else's game...

Some things I cannot change, but till I try I'll never know.


Jun 16th - Added a new one, hope it gets picked up <3
Ever wonder what seahorse tastes like?

I'm sick of playing by the rules of someone else's game...

Some things I cannot change, but till I try I'll never know.


The Scenario "The Bitches Dog" sounds like it'd be rather fun to play, if you're still looking for partners for it.


Kyrana Kiri seems fun to use in an rp. If you're still taking other plots with that one, give me a poke.