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Started by xxbutterfiywings, May 13, 2009, 03:08:53 PM

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*Update: If you do decide to play one of these story lines with me, please be able to post at least 3 or more paragraphs. I don't mean to be picky but i do love plot and details. So if you don't like plot and romance, please don't PM me.

Sooo... lately i've been craving to play some story lines revolving around Harry Potter, Twilight and X-men Universes. I have a few ideas for each universe, and i'll list them here. But then I also just have couples i've been dying to play. So please please please, if you want to play anyone of these, drop me a PM. I will love you to death ^.-

Btw, all storylines are light/vanilla and will involve lots of romance and plot/character development :)

The characters I will play are in bold type.

Harry Potter

1.) Sirius Black/ Elizabeth Becker (my own character): Basically what happens in this storyline is that Elizabeth ends up being sent to the Marauders Era after she receives a bump on the head. She knows nothing about the wizarding world and Sirius is the one who finds her and introduces her to the Marauders, magical world, etc.

2.) Sirius Black/ Lily Evans: I've always wondered what it would be like if Lily and Sirius had an affair... this could be alternate universe or something. But It's just always been a craving of mine for those two to go at it... lol :-D

3.) Draco Malfoy/ Harry Potter: Yes this is M/M. I love these two together. Of course it would start out with Draco being a complete and total git, but then he also has a soft side deep deep down :)

4.) Severus Snape/ Lily Evans: I also love the idea of these two together. I'd love to see how they would've interacted if Lily went for Sev instead of James. :)

5.) Remus Lupin / Nymphadora Tonks: Any ideas for this would be greatly appreciated :) I'd love to play these two right after Sirius dies...

6.) Sirius Black/ Remus Lupin: *____* I'd adore you if we could play this pair!! lol

These are all the pairings I have for this universe so far... but don't hesitate to ask about other pairings or suggest other ideas!


1.) Jacob Black / Bella Swan: I want to see these two get together! :) :)

2.) Edward Cullen / Riley Walters: Basically I want my own version of twilight except without Bella... lol :-D

3.) Jasper Cullen / Alice Cullen: These two are sooo adorable and I would love to play out how they got together and how they eventually came to the Cullen family :)


1.) Bobby / Rogue: I know these two don't end up together in the comics... but I thought there story together in the movie was quite cute :)

2.) Logan / Kayla: Ever since I saw X-men Origins I have a new appreciation for this man... I would love to play his girlfriend from the movie. There's always twists in X-men and I think it would be amazing if she comes back to life somehow and she tries to get Logan to remember everything...

And that's all I have for ideas right about now... Please let me know if you're interested! Just shoot me a PM if you have a pairing that isn't listed here!

I also have a love for anime/manga's.

Anime/Manga's I Adore:

1.) Fruits Basket
2.) Fushigi Yuugi
3.) Hana Kimi
4.) Inuyasha
5.) Full-Metal Alchemist.

and a whole lot more!

Lol. believe me, just ask if you have questions :) 


Got a few people for some of the ideas! If anyone else is interested, there's still a lot to choose from! :)


Added an update... please read if interested in my story lines.


Modified a bit. Still looking for players! :)