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Started by Sho, May 10, 2009, 01:38:49 AM

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Fame is the ultimate achievement for some people. Some people will literally sell their souls in order to see their faces on a billboard. Some people, like Paxton. Pax, according to his record label. Pax did everything he needed to climb to the top of the charts and stick his claws there. Even though he felt like he had given up his soul, which, he effectively had, in order to do it. His record label owns everything about him - name, body, and general likeness - but the fame is enough to keep Pax warm at night. That's what he tells himself, at least.

That's until he meets his newest photographer. It's that photographer's uncanny ability to catch him in more intimate moments - really smiling, stuffing a burger in his face...just being himself. It's through the lens of the camera that the public and Pax himself are able to find something real. His respect is fully for his photographer - for the fact that the other man is fully confident in himself - and that turns into something more intimate. The photographer, on his part, becomes obsessed, utterly engulfed in the enigma that Pax has built for himself, and trying to break it apart with his camera.

I'm looking for someone to play the photographer in this. Or an executive at the company (his manager, or something). Really, any roles are open...except, I'd like to play Pax. Also, I'm looking for someone who would be dominant in the relationship, sexually, at least.