Girl goes metal

Started by cherry0pie0babe, May 02, 2009, 02:49:12 PM

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Okay  heirs my idea its a classic opposites thing!

My character is a regular girl who works at a bank as a loan officer, basically a job she hates but she keeps it because of the regular problems like food rent all that shit! she's a closet photographer and all that hidden talent she does nothing with.

she goes with a friend to one of those death meatal local shows and sees a band play, she takes pictures and all that and the guy Ch (who any guy who is interested in playing) is the lead singer of this death metal band and he see's her take the photos. now he knows her friend and through some doing meets up with her at a coffee shop she frequents a week later.

okay he's like totally different from any guy she has meat or even knows, he is confident, dark, slightly twisted in the Gothic death metal way of course, extremely sexual and all around different. i mean he wears the face paint and all of it! (weather or not he looks like that on the daylie is your choice of corse) anyway he likes her for god know why and they form a relationship, but there  are obstacles and such with his world and hers but that can be worked out in the story as it comes up...hum...O and she is totally Vanilla when it comes to sex and he opens her up to other things!! interested?


Sounds interesting......My interest is a little peaked!
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did you want to give it a go?


hum...okay guess not still open people!


Definitely interested, I listen to a whole lot of DM so I can fill the role nicely. But what did you want the main male to be 'in to'?